The Easy Streak

This is your basic Streak Technique. For those that want a chunk of color in their hair. In the video, I use bleach to remove the color from the hair so that it can be re-colored with a bright rainbow color. Please note that this technique can certainly be used with any hair dye, darker, lighter, brighter.

I created this video to prepare you for my Feather Color Series that will begin in late May, but encourage anyone who has ever wanted to spice up their hair with a splash of controlled color that looks like it has been professionally done, instead of like you made a mistake while trying to color your own hair:)

There are just a couple key points to bleaching a streak of your hair that are important to remember.

  • Always use foil, to seperate it from the rest of the hair and prevent the color from bleeding over.
  • Separate the hair into workable slices so that it processes evenly.

Have fun! Love, HTHG


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2 thoughts on “The Easy Streak

  1. Hi… I am going to color chunk my son’s hair but he wants his whole head black first then color the chunks of blue. Should I color the whole head first or color the chunks first? His natural color is dark brown. Thanks!:-)

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