How to undercut the side like Skrillex

I love a good undercut. It reminds me of the boy that I fell in love with at the skating rink in the 4th grade. He was the fastest skater there, he had 3 earrings in one ear, and he had an undercut and a ponytail. Meatloaf was playing in the background. I can still smell the waxed floor. Time stood still so many times in the mid 1990’s. Now we can thank Skrillex for bringing it back into style.

Now, even Miley has Skrillex hair.

Now that I have that off my chest, the modern undercut is a great way to make instant asymmetry in hairstyles of all types. I love it with long layers, and also with shorter pixie hairdos. It can be done on either or both sides, or the back. It adds instant edge to any haircut. It’s a bit of a business by day and party by night technique, as it is very versatile and easily covered up for those days at the office where you can’t show your freaky side.

I used this in my recent A-line bob and betty bang transformation, and it was perfect.

Not ready to sacrifice a side of your head to hip urban trends? Try this faux-undercut style to fake the look!

Here is how to get that Skrillex hair.

Try it out! play around.

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