Stuck in hair, stuck in life. A fun summer series!

This summer I will begin my ‘Stuck in hair, Stuck in life’ series. I will be taking people who are bored with their hair, and recreating their looks with drastic cuts and color schemes. I’m so excited for this! I love the idea of peoples hair being a gateway to an identity shift, however small it may be. When you change your look, all the sudden your life looks a little bit fresher.

So for you, my HTHG followers and DIY enthusiasts, I will be posting before and after pictures, a short description of what I did, and how-to videos will be available to my Premium Subscribers.

After the series, I will post short follow up interviews with my fantastic ‘Stuck in hair, Stuck in life’ volunteers, and see just how their new ‘dos effected their lives for the positive.

Stay tuned!!

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