Braided beauty

Three french braids, braided together, rolled up and pinned, vintage bow pinned in. Braided beauty, easy as 1-2-3-4!

Want to perfect your french and dutch braiding technique? Check out this post.

Star pattern, medium length haircut

This is a great little cut that I learned in my Vain days. It is a great DIY hair cut for fine to thick straight hair. It’s a nice one for short haired ladies that are wanting to transition beautifully into medium length hair. It is soft and pretty with tons of movement.

The techniques used in this cut are point cutting, texturizing, and feather cutting. Watch this vid to learn it!

Blow out: DIY with Hairdresser on Fire

Full disclosure- Blow drying is not my strong suit. I don’t really enjoy it. I prefer to let hair be in it’s natural state. This could change at any time, just so you know. I might some day learn a trick that I love so much that I become obsessed with blow drying techniques. I am kind of ‘meh’ about all heat styling. Except hot rollers. For some reason I am obsessed with hot rollers.

Anyway, this is not to say that I don’t think that a good blow out looks Fabulous, because there is almost nothing sexier. But I will leave it up to the ones who like it and are good at it, like Reagan at, an awesomely informative and quirky hair blog out of NYC. She demonstrates an easy DIY blow dry technique that is great for wavy to curly hair to create a textured mermaid-y beach look, and a classic  sexy smooth volume DIY blow dry technique.

Thanks, Hairdresser on Fire. Your knowledge and expertise keeps us all warm.


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