Big girls+Short hair=Hot!

Who says that big girls can’t have short hair?  Not HTHG. This is such a huge and disappointing fallacy. To prove it, check out Fat girls+short hair=yes  a great blog by the fantastic big girl with short hair, Erin D.

Erin is a gorgeous and vivacious woman who looks great with short hair and wants to spread the hair love. I commend her for creating a place for big girls with awesome short hair cuts to share photos and style ideas.

Erin was one of my original Vain clients, who got hooked on my haircuts when I helped her find her natural curl. She went very short a while ago and came to me to shape her up to start growing out a couple months ago. Here is her post from that last cut. Check it out if you want to follow her grow-out process.

Today, she came in and brought her friend Abby, and I trimmed em up. Erin’s hair was needing some layering and texturizing to bring out her curl, and Abby was ready for a new look. She is a DIY haircutter which I just love, but every once in a while a DIY hair cut needs a professional shaping;)

Can I just say…..I think these women look marvelous. Have you ever let your body shape or image keep you from the perfect haircut? I can’t tell you how many times I hear ‘I’ll go short when I lose 10 pounds’

I have an idea. Go out on a limb and cut your hair short if you are a big girl. Then send Erin a photo for fat girls+short hair=yes and share your new look and sense of freedom with the world.

And if you need any short hair ideas or references, check out this post about choosing which short haircut is right for you.


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