Soft side-pompadour sneak peek!

Do you like the looks of this gorgeous soft side-pompadour twist seen on ScarJo and all over fall fashion runways recently? It’s easy to do! Here’s a sneak peak of an upcoming DIY tutorial. XO!

Here is the tutorial for this fabulous cocktail hour look.



DIY dreads, colored with oil pastels.

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Renee does her own dreads. Actually, technically, her dreads do themselves while she does other things like builds rocket stoves and maintains her garden on her off-grid property in the Ozark mountains. She has 3 young and beautiful daughters that help keep her style fresh, by coloring her dreads with oil pastels!

DIY dreads, colored with oil pastels. What a great idea!

She says “My pastel dreads.washes out in one or two washes, I hope.”

Are you interested in dreading your hair? there are many different ways. Here is a post on how to do temporary dreads to give it a try and see if it suits you. For more  general dreading info, check out the Knotty Boy website.

Is this a triumph or disaster?

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I would have to say that this is a triumph of DIY hairstyling. Much love to Jonny. I would have had it bad for him then if I would have known him then. Something about the mystery of one eye covered. Its the Phantom of the Opera of hairstyles!

DIY friday….Sweetheart bun!

Hey gorgeous! You ready for a head-turner?

This beautiful vintage hair look can be seen on Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and more recently, Sarah Jessica Parker. It is very classy and can be very polished, or soften with lots of texture and curls around the  face, as seen on HTHG. The  Sweetheart bun is so very easy to do on medium to long hair.

This style was originally inspired to me by Betty Draper of Mad Men. HTHG’s version is slightly more casual.






You will begin with a ponytail on top of the head. Secure tightly in a folded over pony, so that you have at least a couple inches of tail in the back.




Spread out the folded pony, pulling it gently out from both sides, and slightly forward toward the front to fan it out.






Then, take the tail part from the back, and split it in two, wrapping both peices around the base of the ponytail in opposite directions. Pin the ends to secure.






Now, take both sides of your bun, and gently pin them against your head.

If you have bangs, you can twist them and pin them back, or leave them down.

Please send me your pictures of post them on my Facebook page to share! XO!

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Scarf roll on curly hair- Faux-faux bob

This is a super cute look. The Scarf Roll on curly hair-Fax-faux bob Here is a demo of the scarf roll.

When done on a head of curly hair, it creates a perfect faux-bob! Kinda looks 1920’s flapper-ish.

This look was done using a long thin scarf. I created the roll, then wrapped the scarf around the top of the head, and tied it at the back, above the roll. Try it!


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