Two simple boho hair tricks to add to your tool box.









This first little trick is an effortlessly soft and pretty twisted boho crown that is perfect for a romantic wedding or a day at the beach.

You will start with tying something around your head, not too tight. It could be a ribbon, a thin scarf, a DIY headband, or a flowery wreath.

Then starting on one side at the temple, take a small piece of hair and gently wrap it around the headband once. Add a little bit more hair to the first piece and wrap it again. Add a bit more and wrap it a third time. I find that it looks best if you twist the pieces a bit as you wrap.

When you get to the back, start on the other temple and do the same thing. When you reach the back with your second side, take the ends from both sides together and wrap them around a couple times until there are no more ends. Tuck in all necessary bits. Use a pin if you need to secure it more, but no need to fuss. This look is meant to be soft and drape-y.









This next romantic braided boho hairstyle is incredibly easy as well, and looks just lovely when adorned with flowers.

For this one you will make a part in the front, and start on one side in a section that goes from the part in the front to the top of the ear. Make one long braid and secure the end. Do the same thing on the other side. Now join both braids in the back of your head with another elastic. Make sure that the braids are joined securely, but not pulled too tight because they also look best when a little bit drape-y. Now undo the ends of the braids and you’re done!

Now go find your prince, Buttercup!

The whiskey shlob

Oops! I broke my own rule. I’d like to make an amendment. Drinking and cutting hair is usually not a good idea. But sometimes it takes a little something like whiskey to give you the balls to make the chop. And sometimes the next day you are thrilled that you went through with it. But sometimes not. In Kristina’s case, It was the right choice to drink whiskey together and then get a big haircut. And the Whiskey shlob was born. And she looks fantastic. To learn the ins and outs of the shlob haircut, click this link. XO


No-poo take 4

Okay, this is take 4 of my no-poo method journey. I started 2 weeks ago. Last night, I slept with coconut oil in my ends, then I no-poo-ed this morning. My hair air dried and I polished it using HTHG’s organic Liquid gold hair polisher. As I run my fingers through it, It feels fully de-gunked. It took 3 rounds to move the synthetic buildup down to the ends of my hair, and now it’s gone by the 4th time. My hair feels light and bouncy and free. It looks sparkly and clean. It smells fresh. I am totally sold on this.

After today, I will cut down to one no-poo a week. Stay tuned.


Liquid gold hair polisher, a lovely DIY hair product.

As you know by now, I love to use coconut oil in my hair as a treatment, smoother, and moisturizer. Between the no-poo method of cleansing and coconut oil as a conditioner, almost all of my hair needs are met. Sometimes, though, my wild waves are in need of a bit more polish.

A couple months back, HTHG teamed up with Alaffia‘s Shea butter Beautiful Curls line to do a giveaway, and they sent me some samples to try on myself. Now my hair is not as curly as it once was (Pregnancies do weird things to hair!) but the needs of my hair remain the same. My hair needs a lot of moisture in the form of easily absorbable lightweight oil and you can bet I have tried them all.

I started using Beautiful Curls shining oil was really impressed with the way my hair looked and felt with a little Shea butter oil in it. It felt light and healthy and it had a certain sparkly shining-from-within look to it.

So, I got to thinking that maybe
coconut oil

and shea butter
could be the dream team hair polishing combo for dry, coarse, curly, dull, or wavy hair. I experimented and came up with a recipe that made my hair shiny and bouncy and smooth and my hands super soft. Liquid gold, I tell you. For beautiful, natural, sustainable hair……..Ladies and gents, I give to you Liquid gold hair polisher, a lovely DIY hair product.





Liquid Gold Curl Polisher

coconut oil

A teaspoon ofFractionated Coconut Oil is optional, but will add extra shine.

1-3rd shea butter

10 drops of essential oil or blend of oils for scent.

Heat together on low in a pan until it is all melted together. Let it cool, and pour it into a tiny tupperware.

Store it at room temp, and use it any time your hair feels dry or dull or need some smoothing, polishing, and sparkling. Just get a little bit on your finger tips and warm up in the hands, and smooth it on the surface of the hair. Start with just a little bit, and use more as needed. Give it a try, I promise you will love it.

coconut oil

organic shea butter

essential oils here

Now you can purchase Liquid Gold Hair Butter in the ShamPHree shop!


The Ponytail Facelift

I have been on a bit of a ponytail kick lately. It’s probably because this is the first time in my life that my hair is long enough to make a real ponytail that swings and moves. What a feeling. Why did it take me so long to grow out my hair?

It might also be because I just bought a really cute vintage 50’s cardigan with blue roses and pearl buttons and it makes me absolutely feel like Sandy from Grease, so I then have to wear a pencil skirt and a ponytail.

It dawned on me that I have a ponytail trick that is so instinctual that I almost forgot to share it. This little trick I like to call the Ponytail Facelift. It came from years of having shortish hair and trying to make tiny ponytails appear fuller. It really works. It’s also great if you have a small and flat head like HTHG, because It creates lift in the crown and a bit more volume all around. It bulks up your ponytail, creates volume and texture, and adds a little rough-and-tumble for a perky power-ponytail.

This first ponytail makes me feel sad. It has no joy in it. It is limp and sits on my shoulders like a limp handshake.

The second one literally bounces when I walk like it has it’s own bubbly personality. I want to dance and sing look at me, I’m Sandra Dee or that other one about making out under the dock. I love Grease. I need to watch it again soon.

Here is how to make a perfect ponytail by giving your ponytail a facelift. XOXO, HTHG.

P.S. I will soon be posting my favorite ponytails and how to get ’em. Most of them will begin with a ponytail facelift;)


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