Snake twist bun

I went back and remade the snake twist into a nifty little photo tutorial for you….. This is one of HTHG viewers favorite DIY hairstyles. It is so elegant and unique and easy to do.

When I wear this style, I feel like a million bucks. You will too. Try it out, practice it a couple times, and then wear it for a day and see how pretty you feel. It’s like a drug.

Check it out…..



As always, start with a texture spray to help hold the style in place. If you no-poo, you don’t need any products;)

1. Start a twist that goes from the temple area on one side across the back of the head.

2. When you get to near to the other side, begin to turn your twist around and direct it back in the other direction.

3.Twist the rest of the hair in as you work your way to the nape on the opposite side from your twist turn-around.

4. Continue twisting all the way down the free ends of the hair.

5. Wrap the free end hair into a loose bun.

6. Pin it to secure

Don’t forget to let down your lady parts!

To simplify this for my visual learners, Here is a how-to video of this style, the Snake twist bun.




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