The Ponytail Facelift

I have been on a bit of a ponytail kick lately. It’s probably because this is the first time in my life that my hair is long enough to make a real ponytail that swings and moves. What a feeling. Why did it take me so long to grow out my hair?

It might also be because I just bought a really cute vintage 50’s cardigan with blue roses and pearl buttons and it makes me absolutely feel like Sandy from Grease, so I then have to wear a pencil skirt and a ponytail.

It dawned on me that I have a ponytail trick that is so instinctual that I almost forgot to share it. This little trick I like to call the Ponytail Facelift. It came from years of having shortish hair and trying to make tiny ponytails appear fuller. It really works. It’s also great if you have a small and flat head like HTHG, because It creates lift in the crown and a bit more volume all around. It bulks up your ponytail, creates volume and texture, and adds a little rough-and-tumble for a perky power-ponytail.

This first ponytail makes me feel sad. It has no joy in it. It is limp and sits on my shoulders like a limp handshake.

The second one literally bounces when I walk like it has it’s own bubbly personality. I want to dance and sing look at me, I’m Sandra Dee or that other one about making out under the dock. I love Grease. I need to watch it again soon.

Here is how to make a perfect ponytail by giving your ponytail a facelift. XOXO, HTHG.

P.S. I will soon be posting my favorite ponytails and how to get ’em. Most of them will begin with a ponytail facelift;)


2 thoughts on “The Ponytail Facelift

  1. Hi, Sounds good:) Well, I tried the ponytail haircut not too long ago so I’m thinking I’ll wait a while before I try again. I would like to try it the next time I need to get a haircut. Right now I’m just curious to see what the new cuts are and how you do it:D

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