3 perfectly awesome DIY bride hairstyles.

A couple months back, I spent an afternoon experimenting with topsy-tail hairstyles.

I re-discovered the instant beauty and faux-complicated look of them. The possibilities are endless!

Topsy-tail hairstyles are cool because you can do ’em on even short-ish hair (These first 2 styles can be done leaving the back half down if the hair isn’t long enough!) They are perfect for medium length hair, and great for finer hair that needs a little boost because the softness of the look adds fullness to the over all effect. Even coarse and curly ladies should try them for a very soft and full romantic wedding hairstyle.

Here are 3 perfect DIY bridal hairstyles inspired by the topsy-tail.

This look can be achieved with 4 small clear elastics, a bobby pin, and a flower to top it off. Here is the tutorial for this easy DIY bride hairstyle!







This one is cool because it blends the softness of a twist with the intricacy of a braid. Here is the tutorial for this gorgeous DIY hairstyle.






Lastly, this topsy-tail hairstyle combines twisty-ness with whimsical buns for a boho-chic hairstyle that would look fantastic with a flowered crown!!

Here is a tutorial for this easy twisted bun hairstyle.

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