Introducing the Q-Redew for natural curl magic.

The secret to easy volume and fresh curls is out, peeps. It’s called the Q-Redew.

  ‘What is a Q-Redew?’ you ask, skeptical of yet another hair tool that promises you better hair in minutes. (That is me speaking to myself when first introduced.) You probably know by now that I am a hair product and tool minimalist. Almost even a purist, at this point. But I still never turn down a chance to try something new, especially if it is something as simple and genius as a VAPOR WAND for the hair. I mean COME ON!

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So, I watched a video on Youtube that demonstrated reviving curls in 3 minutes with the Q-Redew after a sweaty yoga class. It got me more interested. I ordered one.

I got it in the mail and waited to try it out on a day that was cold and dry and my hair was flat and static-y. That is pretty much the norm for my hair in the winter. I have very weather sensitive, temperamental hair that can be quite straight and feel almost thinnish when the air is dry, and big and wavy-curly thick and bushy when it gets humid.

I was curious about this curl styling tool. I wanted to see if……..

1. It was easy to use.

2. It would give me volume without frizz.

3. My hair could be tricked out of it’s weather induced state.

4. The effects would last long enough to make it worth the work.

5. It would work for someone not-officially-curly, like myself.

Here is what I found. The Q-Redew is super easy to use. Just plug it in, fill up the little cartridge with water, click it in, press the button, and a gentle stream of vapor comes out within seconds. Scrunch your dry hair with your hand while directing the vapor into your hair.

2 minutes of this, and my hair was FULL of volume. I mean like tropical jungle volume. At this point, I gently twisted pieces of my hair together to encourage more curl and less poof. Still no frizz (I give partial credit for that to my no-poo routine!!:)

At this point, my co-stylists were watching me quizzically. Melissa says “What is that thing?? your hair looks amazing! I need one” and I gave her the rundown. Then, Alexa tried it in her straight hair….Instant volume.

Now, the test of time. I had 5 more hours before my day of hair-doing was over. Time sped by, clients came and went, pile of hair on the floor got bigger and bigger. At the end, I did a little inspection.  My hair was just as awesomely big and lush as it was when I first Q-Redewed. It felt big. It looked big. I had big, wavy, bouncy hair in December. All of my questioned, answered. I am sold.

Another thing I love about it? No-damage whatsoever. My ends dry up and break at the thought of heat styling, generally. And it does to your hair what it would otherwise take an hour and several products to do. The Q-Redew revives luster and fullness and bounce and curl back into dry hair, gently and naturally. I’m totally feeling it.

Another great thing about this tool is it’s post workout handy-ness. Christina at writes about how many of us skip the gym on a good hair day. If you are a wavy or curly haired girl, 3 minutes with the Q-Redew after a workout, and you are back to hair heaven!

For the record, I would especially recommend the Q-Redew for naturally curly hair, naturally wavy hair, weather sensitive hair, dull lifeless dry hair, and those who live in dry climates. Also, if would be great for if your curly or wavy hair is very fine and easily weighed down by products. Basically, I think any hair type would benefit from using it to give the hair a gentle but powerful do’ boost.

Convinced? Click here (Q-Redew ) and get you one of these amazing tools!

xoxo, HTHG


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  1. This seems like an awesome product for my dry natural hair. I liked both pages and shared both posts via my facebook page, NaturalHairDiva. Thanks

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