5 DIY haircuts to try today!

Ever thought about cutting your own hair? Have you tried it? It is really fun and liberating but it can also be intimidating and a flat out mess. Enter, the Ponytail Cut. The beauty of the ponytail cut is that it brings all the hair to one place for you to cut, keeping it neat and straight forward. And, depending on where the ponytail is on the head, you can created many different shapes and effects with the cut.

For a beginner hair DIY-er, definitely start with a ponytail cut. For more on Ponytail Cutting and Coloring for the beginner DIY-er, check out this category.…..

On that note, Lovely people, I present to you 5 DIY haircuts to try today.

A practical yet creative hair solution for the brave and bold. 5 strategically placed ponytails cut off to create 5 different awesome haircuts.

I started with my fantastically brave and excited model, Meleah. Her hair was unbelievably long, and she had been cutting it herself using HTHG’s perfect layers DIY haircut. Her hair is thick and straight, but these haircuts can be used on any hair type.

*The amount of hair cut off the ends of the ponytail determines the length that the cut will be. We removed about 3 inches with each ponytail cut. If you want the same effect but with shorter length, remove more from the ponytail.

Cutting off a ponytail is not as easy as just a snip! you will need a sharp pair of shears like these affordable, quality ones.If you plan on becoming the full time master of your own

cut and color, it is also worth having a CreaClip, which is the genius tool  kit for perfect DIY bangs and layers for the whole family.

You will want to familiarize yourself with the point cutting technique to remove the hair a little bit at a time to soften and blend the ends of the hair.

Here is a map of the head to refer to, before you get started.

Are you ready? Let’s break it down!

DIY haircut #1. Long Layers!


For this one, you will put the hair in a  ponytail, centered at the middle of the top  of the head. Make sure it is smooth and tight.

Looking in a mirror, hold the ponytail straight up! Cut across the ends. Let hair down and check out your blended, even, pretty long layers.

  DIY haircut #2. Long layers with a little boost in the back.


Perfect for those who have a flat back of the head and want a little boost. This haircut is great for adding a little extra shape and body to long hair.

Put the hair in a ponytail in the middle of the crown of the head, and cut across the ends to whatever length you want. Let the hair down and shake it out!

DIY haircut #3. Long layers with pretty face framing.


This one is great for girls who like having a little something around the face. It creates perfectly uniform layers throughout the hair, but softens the face with shorter blended face framing layers.

Brush the hair straight forwards and put it in a ponytail right at the front of the top of the head, almost at the hairline.

Cut the ends off the ponytail. Let it down and marvel at your swinging layered haircut that accentuates your best features!

DIY haircut #4. Perfectly impractical asymmetrical layers.


This is the haircut for the hipster fashionista who wants to keep her length but still make a bold statement. May I suggest this haircut with some color faded dip dye and a deep side part?

Make a ponytail at the front of the top of the head, off center. Like 3 inches above the ear (Parietal ridge) on the side that you part on. Cut the ends off. Let your hair down and check out your awesome layer-y asymmetrical part, with heavy face framing, and a shy side. It almost looks undercut but it’s not.

Killer hair cut. My personal favorite from this series.

DIY haircut #5. Mid-length layered bob.


The Shlob, if you will. But a longer version of it. This haircut involves 2 ponytail cuts.

Make a ponytail right at the nape.

Cut it off to the length that the ends will barely rest on your neck.

Let it down, and cut the dropout off the bottom to straignten up the line.

Now put all the hair in a ponytail at the center of the crown. Cut the ends off. This will add layers and tons of texture an movement to the bob.

This haircut happens to look amazing with bangs too. If you are feeling inspired, try Zooey bangs or asymmetrical choppys.

I double doggy dare you to try one of these. You really can’t mess em up if you follow the directions, and they look totally salon-quality.

While we are on the subject of DIY hair…..

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.36.33 PMI use DIY haircut #3 regularly. I also use this DIY color technique to ombre my ends and this one to highlight around my face.

For more DIY hair cutting techniques and coloring techniques, check out the HTHG video shop.



For your everything guide to DIY hair coloring, check this post!

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Have fun with your hair!

xo, HTHG

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Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 1.08.47 PM

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Duffy’s Brew is a revolutionary emerging product company that uses micro-brews in their very stripped down and simple formulation of hair products.

Why beer?

Beer is very rich in amino acids which have a cuticle mending and sealing effect on damaged hair, and it has been used for years as a hair rinse. Here is more on the subject….

Maybe you remember grandma using beer to make her hair soft and shiny? She was on to something. Now you can get your beer-beautified hair in one perfect package with your shampoo and conditioner!

Duffy’s Brew is a Seattle based vegan company that uses beer brewed from Seattle’s own Elysian Brewing Company along with minimal other high quality ingredients in their products to give your hair a powerful body, shine and conditioning boost. Their motto? Look good doin’ it. THAT is hot. Get ready for this new beauty revolution, thanks to Duffy’s Brew.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 1.11.31 PM

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Love, HTHG


Sunday Crafternoon DIY colored bobbys.

clippysThis little trick goes back to my 6th grade year. I started at a new school that year, and my first friend there was Therese. She asked me if I liked Nirvana or Green Day better ( NIrvana, DUH.) She was really into Gwen Stephani. Her mom bleached her hair white, and she wore a little bindi on her forehead. When Gwen wore a bun to an awards show, T got a bun form and we thought that was the coolest thing ever for a while.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 11.59.12 AM

Then came Hard Candy nail polish. The perfect pastel colors and a little sparkly plastic ring that came with it? God I loved that stuff. It was 12$ though, and I really couldn’t afford it. I stuck with Wet n wild but T let me use her Hard Candy colors. We would bring our nail polish to school and paint our nails with our hands under our desks so our teacher wouldn’t see.

When that got old, we painted our bobby pins. Why not have sparkly and colorful bobbys? In honor of being a 12 year old, I am pulling this little crafty trick out of the back pocket of my JNCO jeans to share with you.

We spend so much time here at HTHG trying to hide our bobbys in our hairstyles. Here is your chance to make a statement with bobby pins, and wear them proudly.

For this little project, you will need some bobbys (I like to use big ones and little ones.) You will need nail polish in whatever colors you desire. I like Sinful Color polish. I get it at Walgreens. Lastly, you will need a piece of card board or card stock.


Pin your bobbys to the cardboard. Apply the polish to the smooth side of the bobby (The wavy side goes against the head) Let it dry, then do another coat. If you want, you can do a sparkly coat too. Let them dry. Now use them to accessorize your hairstyle! I will be doing a couple of DIY Friday tutorials soon that will show you fun ways of wearing your colorful bobby pins.


DIY hair Friday- Retro up-do for my shorties!

shortie prettyHere is  for the shorties! Short hair up-do’s require a mixture of different design elements. This one combines a twist on the side (Amy’s haircut is asymmetrical, so we twisted the short side.)

Then, we made little messy pin-curls on the other side. With short hair, it is hard to make very neat pin-curls, so you have to settle for lot’s of ends sticking out. Once you accept it, you realize it looks even cuter that way. Very retro-natural;)

The front of this hairstyle is lightly back combed and rolled back and pinned into place for a little vintage bang bump.

Then we sprayed it with KM session spray, because without a good hairspray, it can be very hard to hold short hair in place. But it is not necessary. And if you can’t get every hair in place, don’t fret. This hairstyle is made to me retro yet casual for easy wear. Try it this weekend and fool people into thinking that your hair is longer than it really is!

short hair updoHere is the breakdown…..

1. Start a twist on one side and twist it all the way to the back of the head. Criss cross pin it into place.

2. Make a little pin-curl with the ends of the twist, and pin it into place.

3. Make another pin-curl next to it and pin it.

4. Make a third pin-curl, and pin it next to the last one.

5. Working your way up the head on pin-curl side, make another pin-curl and pin it into place.

6. Make one last pin-curl and pin it.

7. Take the bang section and gently back comb it. Smooth the front and roll it back and pin it.

Now spray it thoroughly to set it, and you are done!


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