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no-poo4 months in, and I love it more every time I do it. I <3 no-poo.

I’ve got my routine worked out, my formula worked out, my bottles and scent worked out, my weekly conditioning treatments worked out, my winter hair revitalizer worked out, and my moisturizing smoothing product worked out. No more shampoo, conditioner or commercial hair products here. My hair is happy, healthy, and in it’s natural, balanced state. I encourage you to consider joining this hair revolution;)

Have a happy, healthy hair year. XO, HTHG

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Are you considering going #shamphree? If you are currently using the nopoo method, what are your thoughts?

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15 thoughts on “Reclaimed hair

  1. I love the no-poo method! (Though I think someone should think of a better name! :D)
    But it’s sooooo cold!! The water in my mixture nearly turns to ice water, and I tend to use a lot because of my thick, long hair.
    So I decided to give it up for the rest of the winter…:(
    Are you having trouble with this, too? If so, how do you deal with it?

    • I love Shamphree too. I think that should be the new No-poo name.
      You asked about dealing with the cold? I guess I kinda learned to embrace it. Maybe do it while you are in a warm shower? I like to do it in the morning and let the cold help me wake up;)

  2. I am very interested in the “shamphree” method and am very grateful for all your helpful posts! I have fine and limp hair, the only way to give it some body thus far would be to put mousse in and blow dry upside down (gives body but admittedly makes my hair look a bit frizzy/fried) so in your opinion would blow drying and mousse while going shamphree be counter productive or would the method solve my limp hair problem anyway? Any thoughts would be appreciated! 🙂

    • Keeping your mousse and blowdry routine might be a bit counter productive to the Shamphree method, but I like to encourage people to experiment till you figure out what is right for your hair. Maybe start with switching to Shamphree, give it a couple weeks for your hair to adjust, then see if you still need the mousse and blowdry. Many fine haired people find that Shamphree gives them more body and bounce and less oil;)

  3. After trying to go no-poo and failing miserably (I have VERY thick hair and the baking soda wouldn’t wash out so it looked like dandruff!) I feel inspired again to give it a go. I think with the spray bottle, coconut oil, and shorter hair combo I may just have success! Thanks for the videos and posts!

    • you are welcome! good luck this time around. The spray bottle or squeeze bottle helps alot with distributing the mixture throughout your hair;)

  4. I have tried the ShamPhree method with great texture results on my super fine, but heavy hair. I just got my hair colored and I’m worried it will strip the color from my hair! Any thoughts? Can I still use it??

  5. Hiya, thanks for sharing your no-poo diaries with us all. I did the shamphree method for about 3 months straight, but had many struggles and was wanting to see if you had any advice for me? I have naturally sensitive skin and have always had dandruff, so alongside tweaking the baking soda/water mix I also tried various essential oils to no avail. My scalp was dry, felt like it was crawling and itchy and even after the three months of enduring this method my scalp didn’t settle down.

    I know my scalp would be better off without all the modern day chemicals, but am so hesitant to try the no-poo method again….

    Thanks for your time, Rowena

    • I have a friend with the same scalp issues and she had a similar experience with ShamPHree. What I would recommend to you is to try ShamPHree with just BS for a while, and then just ACV for a while and see if one or the other helps/hurts your scalp. WHichever one helps, use that one only. It is worth a try:)

  6. i just started this process. my hair actually feels dry, not gunky–kind of like the feeling after you are in saltwater. do you think this means that i need to use less baking soda? (my hair is also currently bleached blonde, not sure if that matters)

  7. thanks, i’ll try dilluting it. and i *did* make the liquid gold yesterday and it seems to help. and it’s called liquid gold, so that’s awesome. 🙂

  8. OH! And another question. I’ve only used a spray bottle for both solutions (I know you also recommended using a squeeze bottle….I like how a spray bottle distributes solutions more evenly) BUT…I’m having a little trouble with the baking soda mix. It seems to get clogged. The sprayer. This has happened in 2 different spray bottles. Any suggestions?

    • I had to stop using spray bottles because of the clogging. I definitely recommend switching to squeeze bottles, and I have a new video coming soon on how to do it:) peri-bottles and paint mixing bottles are great.

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