#DIYhair Friday…….Half-up braided flower.

IMG_0841This sweet little braided flower is a little whisper of pretty on an otherwise gray day. I did this to my hair on my first rainy day back in Seattle and it helped;) It is just a simple dutch braid across the top of the head, then the end of the braid is gently wrapped into a spiral-y bun on the side.

Because it is just a half up look, you can experiment with the rest of the hair as well. Wear it down, or in a bun, or make another braid if you want!

Here is how to do it.


1. Take all the hair from one side and brush it over to the other side in to begin with.

2. Start your braid at the temple of the non hair side.

3. Dutch braid across the top of the head.

4. Continue almost to the opposite temple. Braid all the way to the ends.

5. Now starting at the end of the braid, wind it gently back towards the crown all the way to the base of the braid. Pin your little flower bun flat to the head, doing your best to hide the pins.

Now gaze out the window at the rain. Have a lovely weekend.


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