#DIYhair Friday…..Super classy ponytail.

IMG_0699Okay, I know the topsy-tail is kinda 1991, but it just looks so cool that I had to use the technique in a pretty ponytail. You remember the topsy-tail right? It’s that little trick where you reach through the top of the base of your ponytail and pull the ends through so it makes a pretty twist on both sides. Here is a demo.

This super classy and dynamic ponytail involves 2 topsy tails, and a low side ponytail with a wrapped base. Happy #DIYhair Friday, everyone. Here is how to get this hairstyle.

tops1. Make a circular section at the crown of the head. Put it into a ponytail with a clear elastic.

2. Topsy tail that ponytail.

3. Make another ponytail from behind both ears across the back of the head, leaving underneath hair out. This ponytail should also include the ends of the first pony.

4. Topsy tail that ponytail. Now take a minute to gently pull the sides of both topsy tails a little bit to soften and loosen them. Now gather the rest of all the hair into a low side ponytail.

5. Take a small strip of hair from within the ponytail and wrap it tightly around the base.

6. Use a bobby pin to pin the end of the wrapped piece underneath the ponytail so you can’t see it.

7. Arrange your pretty lady parts around your face.

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