The Way-too-easy comb braid.

easyI have entirely too many hairstyles to share at the moment. Most of them are braids. If you are getting tired of HTHG braids, stay tuned because I am too and that means I am gearing up to move on to some uncharted hair-ritory (pardon the pun)

But for now, here is another DIY braid for you. This one needs no explaining, just a clear elastic, a comb, and a french braid at an angle. This hairstyle works on hair that is barely shoulder length to mid-back length.

Asymmetrical Shlob.

PicMonkey CollageI am in love with this haircut. This is what I will do when I decide to finally cut my hair. It is so modern and feminine and soft and edgy at the same time. I appreciate a haircut that doesn’t look too perfectly done. They tend to grow out beautifully.

The asymmetrical shlob works best on thicker hair with lots of wave and curl. It is an easy haircut to DIY!

kimmThis haircut that I did on Kim started out with a simple side ponytail, I pulled the holder down to the ends, and cut straight across the ends, removing about an inch and a half of length. This created the shape of the haircut. Then I went through and texturized the ends a bit, and layered her a bit more. This can be done by gathering the hair into an even higher side ponytail near top of the head and cutting off the ends.

Here is Kimmy before and after. What a fox!!!!!DSC01870DSC01891

Dead flower braids for a Lazy Springtime Sunday

DSC01830I lazily braided and pinned my hair into this SUPER easy style a couple weeks ago, and finished it off with a flower (was it a daisy? cant remember. Seems to early in the year for daisies.)

I went about my business, and then rejoiced at the end of the day when I glanced in the mirror and the ‘do still looked great, despite the inevitable wilting that happens to hairstyles after a day of chasing children around.

dead flower braids

Here is how to do it…

1. Start with a center part and 2 regular braids down the back, secured with clear elastics.

2. Pull the braids apart to fluff them up a bit, starting at the ends and working my way up.

3. The braids should be irregular, loose and pretty messy for this casual style.

4. Take one of the braids and cross it over and pin it just under the other one with criss-cross bobby pins. If your hair is longer, roll the tail up a bit and pin it discreetly so that the overlapping braid will cover it.

5. Take the other braid and cross it over to the base of the first braid. Make sure it covers your criss-cross pins. Now, pin the ends under the base of the braid and hide the tail. Add additional pins as needed!

Now tuck a flower behind your ear and wear it until it gets all wilty.

Perfect lazy Sunday hairstyle.


#DIYhair Friday! The Infinity snake-twist bun.

infinity bunsI’ve shown you the Infinity Braid. And the Infinity Twist. Now it’s time for the Infinity snake-twist!

The first thing you need to know how to do is the unicorn horn of braids (snake twist)

Ready? Here is the tutorial.

infinity snake

1. Begin by making 3 vertical sections. One on each side, and one in the back. There should be roughly the same amount of hair in each section.

2. Snake twist each section, and secure the ends with clear elastics.

3. Now wrap the middle twist into a bun. Not too tight, you want to be able to see all the twists. Pin the bun into place, making sure to tuck in and hide the end.

4. Now take one of your side twists and wrap it over the top of the bun and around, pinning it into place. Make sure you pin it anywhere it feels un-secure. Take the other twist, and wrap it underneath the bun and around the other way. Pin it into place, and make sure the tails are tucked in and hidden.

As with most DIY hairstyles, a pretty comb, clip, or brooch is gorgeous to finish the look. Pretty!

Why I love my Natural Hair Powder by Naked Eye Beauty (And how I use it.)

PicMonkey CollageAs you know by now, I was once a hair product junkie and now I am not. Now I do the ShamPHree method, which uses and honors your hair and scalp’s natural production of moisturizing protective oils to coat the hair. I love to use coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize my ends but that is about it.

I love my hair without loading it down the way I used to…..But I have been craving a little extra something lately. I go 4-5 days in between ShamPHree-ing   (No-poo-ing) and usually by day 3 I am wanting something to lift my hair back up, freshen it, add a bit of texture, and make it smell pretty without building it up with plastic-y waxy residue. I have been on the hunt for the Perfect Hair Powder.

I was geeking out the other day on Instagram and a friend of mine posted a photo of her new bottle of hair powder from Naked Eye Beauty. I was instantly intrigued.Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 7.51.32 PM

(Photos NEB models)

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 7.52.46 PMI went to their website and read about the company. They are Vegan and natural L.A. based hair and skin care product line that custom blends hair care products, soaps and scrubs, makeup, and general facial care items that I want to stock my bathroom cabinet with.

I was immediately intrigued by the ingredients that they use in their products, their cool earthy product names and packaging, and the beautifully blended colors they create for their makeup. I eagerly read about their upcoming collaboration with Sisters of the Black Moon, one of my favorite online shop/blogs. It is called The Ether collection –  and it is an Essential Oil Blend, Hair Powder and Body Butter……All scented with a delicious and sexy sounding mix of bitter orange, lavander, llang llang, and amber. I need it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 7.45.33 PM

I excitedly bought the blush and eyeliner, deodorant, and of course the Natural Hair Powder ( I got Blonde for my almost blondish hair.)

It arrived 2 days later on my doorstep and I tore open the package because I just happened to be on day 3 between ShamPHree’s and I was desperate for something to revive my tired hair.

I immediately loved the fresh sage-y lavender smell of the Natural Hair Powder.  I sprinkled it into my roots, brushed it through, and was in love at first dusting. It disappeared into my hair, soaking up oil, giving me lift at my roots, and adding  just enough texture and grit. It even made my hair shiny, which was a very nice surprise!

I ended up stretching out my next ShamPHree to 6 days total, longest ever. Thanks to this fantastic product my hair looked, felt, and smelled great from days 3-6. I couldn’t be happier. I had to share this with you because I love this stuff so much and I even put together a little video to show you how I used my Naked Eye Beauty Natural Hair Powder.

How to use Naked Eye Beauty’s Natural Hair Powder.

Have I convinced you? Click NEB’s cool sidebar ad on the top right of this page->->-> and it will take you to their website where you can access the store to browse and buy.

OOOOOOR…..You can enter our giveaway!!!

I will be giving away a bottle of this magical stuff to a lucky reader! Are you ready for this?!?! Here is how to enter…..Like HTHG and Naked Eye Beauty on Facebook. Follow HTHG and Naked Eye Beauty on Instagram because we both post cool pictures of fun photo shoots that we do and new featured products and posts. Then, comment on this post OR post a photo of your hair today on Instagram and tag it @howtohairgirl. Ready, GO!!!!


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