Sexy secretary in 60 seconds beehive bun.

DSC02764Joanie from Mad Men…..this one is for you, honey. This hairstyle is simple, pretty, sultry, and very 1960’s. It is perfect for channeling your badass sexy secretary self. It is easy as pie and hot as hades. I’m officially adding it to my list of Mad Men hairstyles.

For this look you will just need a couple of bobby pins and a back comb. Here is how to do it.

60 second sexy secretary1. Start by taking a semi-circular section of hair from the top of the head, from temple to temple. Back comb the back side of the section using the tight and right technique.

2. Twist the ends of the section and lay it down on the head.

3. Push the base of the twist in and up, pinning the teeth of the bobby on each side of the twist and sliding the pin up, directly into the twist. This will secure it into the head while adding extra height to the hive.

4. Now take the all the hair that is hanging ( including your twist ends) and twist them together.

5. Wrap the twist into a bun directly under your hive and pin it in discreetly from 2 sides so that it is secure.

Now arrange your lady parts, and make sure the front of the beehive is nice and smooth.

Knock em dead. XO, HTHG

18th century hairstyle…..Scarlet Letter snood braids.

DSC02715Wikipedia describes The Scarlet letter as the ultimate puritanical story of sin, guilt, and persecution. I describe it as the ultimate story of public humiliation, baby daddy drama and haters hatin. Which reminds me of an old quote I always liked from a rapper I can’t quite locate in my brain. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Can anyone tell me who said that? Was it Iced tea? I’m sorry. I have been in the south too long. I meant Ice T?Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 5.20.59 PMScreen Shot 2013-05-26 at 5.21.08 PM

Really, though, hate is a strong word. We should spend more time loving and not judging each other. This hairstyle is in honor of Hester, the lead female character in the historically fictional book The Scarlet letter. She is a strong and dignified woman in a time when being a woman kind of seems like it must have sucked. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how far we have come as women.

This hairstyle is fun because it looks really cool and old fashioned-y. All it is is 2 french braids, but instead of adding hair to both sides back and forth, you just add hair from underneath. And also, you pull the braids away from the head as you braid, to loosen the under-part of the braid, giving it the snood-like look. Do you know what a snood is?Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 5.53.50 PM It is a device that gathers the hair into a hood on the back of the neck to contain it. But it creates a loose and ball-sack like shape that is pretty in a non-ball-sack way.

With this hairstyle, the longer your hair is, the hangy-er the snood part will be.

Here is how to do it.


1. Start by making a part down the back of the head.

2. Begin a french braid on one side. Add hair in from the bottom on the up-braid, and just ovelap the down braid without adding in any hair.

3. Work your way down, adding in small sections from the bottom every other overlap. Hold the braid out and away from your head as you go. When you reach the end, secure with a small elastic.

4. Repeat on the other side.

5. * Because you are only adding hair every other overlap, you should still have more hair to add as you get towards the ends of your hair. This is the trick to getting the snood effect.

6. Now take each braid and pull them straight across to the other side. You will see the snood take shape. Tuck the ends under the opposite braid, behind the top of each ear. Pin them securely and discreetly. Tug at the snood if you need to, to get the shape right.

Here is a video that breaks this hairstyle down.

There you have it. Your perfect hairstyle for all your 18th century costume party needs. And also, you can just rock this hairstyle on a regular day and bring a little Scarlet Letter drama to your world.


Hair plants

IMG_2064Soon after my move to Seattle, I was feeling poor (as in broke) and lonely for house plants and living decor in my house. We had decided to leave our house plants in our house in Arkansas for our renters to enjoy and spare ourselves and our leafy friends the extra hassle of shipping them. I was sad to leave them behind.

Without much money to spend at all, but with a burning will and desire to create living pieces of plant-y art I packed my 2 year old into her car seat and headed towards the Re-store. I can easily get inspired by surrounding myself with other peoples weird discarded junk.

I ended up getting several old light fixture covers. I specifically needed ones with a lip around the edge so that I could wrap wire around them and easily hang them up. I also got 18 gauge wire, and a couple 3 ft long scraps of chain. Then, I headed to the Indoor sun shop for some tillandsia plants.

airTillandsia, also called air plants, are very popular non-parasitic plants that grow without soil and require very little water. This makes them great for low impact house plant-ery and hobby terrarium designers. They look dainty and ornate and other-worldly yet they are very hearty and virtually impossible to kill.

Why am I telling you about air plants? Because they are so freakin cool and because you don’t have to put them in soil, you can do very non traditional things with them like pack a light fixture full of them and hang them from your ceiling and spray them with water now and then or you can glue them to burlap and make a gorgeous wedding crown with them that will live on past your 10th anniversary.

Or you can put them in your hair, which is what I was most excited about.

So, after making my air plant and succulent light fixture planter things, I made some air plant hair clips. I wear them frequently and feel just fantastic with a living and breathing plant on my head, adorning my hair and helping provide me with clean oxygen to breath.

Hair plants

DSC03535For this project you will need some 18 gauge wire, a big bobby pin
and 3-5 small tillandsia like this small pack of air plants.

Here is how to make these beauties…





1. Start by cutting off a 9 inch piece of wire.

2. Loop one end of the wire around the butt of the bobby pin. Twist it together to secure it.

3. Now poke the wire through the base of one of your pants.

4. Gently wrap the wire once through the teeth of the bobby and around the wavy side of the pin.

5. Now poke the wire through the base of a second plant. Wrap the wire through the teeth and around again to secure the second plant.

6. Repeat with a third plant.

7. Now make sure your plants are situated so that they sit in a line on top of your bobby. Bend the wire and manipulate them gently until they lay just right. Wrap the end of the wire several times around the end of the pin to secure the plants, then snip off the end of the wire.

Now try any of HTHG’s DIY hairstyles and finish it off with your hair plants. May I suggest any of the Infinity hairstyles?



#DIYhair Friday- A beautiful Hot Mess of hair.

hot messI was up in my little attic photo-studio office room during an early spring heat wave last month. I was wearing my new soft cotton vintage India dress that I am obsessed with. I was absolutely sweating and sweltering.

Playing with my newly ombre-d hair, I wanted it to look like a messy pile of hair romance with light ends spraying and shooting out of it like fireworks. I wanted a beautiful hot mess of hair.

Here is what I came up with.


This hairstyle has many steps for being such a mess. Don’t be afraid though! It is basically just grab a chunk, twist, bun, pin, and pull the ends out.

Here is how to do it….

1. Take a rough circular section of hair from the top of the back of the head. Split it in half. Take the 2 pieces in each hand and twist them in opposite directions.

2. Criss cross those 2 pieces and wrap them around each other in opposite directions, starting at the base. This will create a little twisty bun. When you have wrapped them around enough that there is 2 inches or so left on the ends, overlap the ends and pin them straight down into the base of your bun.

3. Now make a large section of hair that circles around the first rough circle section.

4. Split it in half, and twist the 2 pieces like you did the first.

5. Criss-cross those pieces in opposite directions and wrap them around the top of your first bun. Keep wrapping till you get to 2 inches from the ends.

6. Overlap the ends and pin them straight into the base. Your bun is getting bigger, twistier, and messier!

7. Now take the rest of the hair and split it in 2 and twist in opposite directions.

8. Criss cross them and wrap them in opposite directions around the twisty bun.

9. Overlap the ends, and pin them into the base of the bun.

!0. Now, the fun part. Find all your little end pieces. Pull at them. Pull them out, pull them apart. Make them into little sprays of hair ends all over the place. This adds some really fun texture and dimension to the do.

This hairstyle definitely calls for some lady part action, so don’t forget to free your lady bits:)

FIY, this DIY hairstyle is similar to the Infinity Twist, so If you like this one, check out that one too!



Month of Mae hair bow giveaway!

PicMonkey CollageA couple of months ago, I got excited about a black hair bow, and all the cute ways to style it. Then, a friend of mine Instagram-ed a cute hair bow photo that was tagged @monthofmae, so of course, I checked them out. I immediately recognized them from last years little craft show in NWA!Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 1.49.46 PM

Month of Mae is a company out of Tulsa, OK that hand-make bow-ties, neck-ties, hair bows, and pocket squares. Their designs are simple, chic, and adorable and they take custom orders which is genius if you are planning a wedding and you want all your bridesmaids to rock hair bows that match your dress and groomsmen with matching bow-ties. YES!!!!!!

HTHGgiveaway-2HTHGgiveawayThey use really fun fabrics that are perfectly hip without being cutesy. They are an adorable boy girl team of kitty cat loving bow-tie wearing, hair bow wearing (SHamPHree-ing!) designers. All you have to do is check out their blog and you will love them too. I am very excited to share them with you guys:)

They were absolutely wonderfully sweet and very excited to share several hair-bows with HTHG to use in a couple tutorials and then giveaway to a very lucky HTHG reader!!!!!!!!

But first, here are 2 bonus photo tutorials of DIY hairstyles that you can easily do with Month of Mae hair bows. I couldn’t help myself. I played with them for hours.


Here is how this giveaway will work………First, share this post on Facebook. Let’s get the word out about this cool independent company, peeps.

THEN, either like Month of Mae and HTHG on Facebook,OR follow @monthofmae and @howtohairgirl on Instagram.

Ready????? GO!

Want to check out some scarf-tastic DIY hairstyles?


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