#DIYhair Friday….Knotty girl half-up hairstyle.

DSC02929Happy DIY hair Friday! Today, I present to you the Knotty girl half-up hairstyle! This is the easiest DIY hairstyle ever invented. If you are looking for a simple way to wear a half up look or get your hair out of your face, this is your 30 second hair fix. It is a tiny knot, secured with a pin.

The Knotty girl half up hairstyle is perfect for any hair type ( It looks amazing in naturally curly hair.) The hair needs to be shoulder length or longer to be able to make a complete knot.

Here is how to do it!

Knotty girl half-up hairstyle


1. Start by sectioning off the sides of the hair, from the top of the head to behind each ear. Take both side sections and twist them in each hand.

2. Bring the behind your head and tie them together.

3. Pull the ends tightly.

4. Tie them together again to make a knot.

5. Use a small bobby pin to discreetly pin the knot into the head, through the base and up towards the top of the head.

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Now have a knotty weekend;)


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