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DSC05672I would like to introduce you to Sarah. This lady is like a sister to me. Once, our friend Brette and I took her into the alley and threw eggs at her because she was being bratty. Later on, she pushed me down as I ran to steal second base on the baseball field.

We watched Cable Guy all summer long. We snuck into a Wu Tang show and danced on stage. We faught and made up. We laughed our asses off. We waited tables and barista-ed together. We shared our later childhoods and teenage years. We went through awkward stages. We made fun of our parents. We snuck out of the house.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.40.58 PMNow, Sarah and I live in the same town again. She finished apparel design school a couple years ago, and has a sweet little studio on Capitol Hill where she makes gorgeous custom things under the moniker ‘tenth&olive’. You can check out her designs here.

One thing I truly admire about her and her work is that she gets that fashion should always be functional. Her attention to detail and appreciation for quality work and material blend with her unique style esthetic to create unique and wonderful designs.

She is really clever when it comes to turning fashion into function……Example:

DSC05428Using scarves creatively. Check out these hair tutorials featuring Sarah.

Today, she brings you her own special scarf bun. A unique and totally cute scarf hairstyle idea.


Here is how to get the look.

Scarf bun!

scarf bun


1. You will need  a couple of bobby pins, and a long thin scarf.

2. Twist all the hair into a high bun. Secure with bobbies.

3. Take the scarf and locate the center. Drape the flattened out scarf directly over the top of the bun.

4. Hold the scarf on top of the bun with one hand while you begin to wrap one end of the scarf around the base of the bun.

5. Now keep wrapping both ends in opposite directions around the base of the bun.

6. Tie the ends of the scarf on the side.

7. Pin up any loose hairs.

Now you have an art studio worthy hairstyle ready to wear.



#DIYhair Friday! Hair Sticks.

stixThis one is for you, Alix Brown. Hair sticks are an essential styling tool for effortless and elegant hair styling options. About a year ago, I gave you a hair stick photo tutorial. 7U6A2703

Back then, my hair was shorter and my technique was simpler. Today, I give you Hair Sticks round 2, bigger, better, and more secure. AND, whilst brainstorming this tutorial, I thought it would be fun to do a DIY hair stick craft project……So, coming in late October I will show you how to easily make the scull hair sticks featured in today’s video! I can’t wait! Looking for handmade sticks? Check out this shop!

Enjoy. XO, HTHG

10 tips for growing your Natural Hair long.

Reader Submission!

This post was submitted by a HTHG reader and Salon Owner at Studio 11 Salon in Orlando, Florida. It is her guide to growing out your natural hair. Please also see my guide to growing out short hair for more tips on growing.

10 tips for growing your Natural Hair long

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 4.39.12 PMGrow Your Hair long naturally this year with these helpful tips! I know I know…Waiting for your hair to grow out can often be a tricky phase to deal with! When we’re in between styles, it’s often hard to get excited about our hair. And whether you’re growing your hair out for long locks or simply growing out a fringe, these few tips should really help keep your hair looking healthy.


This step may seem counter-productive; however, going to your hair salon for regular trims is the best way to keep your hair looking healthy. Split ends are not your friend and if you leave them to grow you’ll end up chopping more hair off in the long run.



Getting creative with styling can help create a range of new looks without actually having to head to the salon. If you’re growing out a fringe, try pinning it or braiding it back when it gets to that awkward in-between stage. Changing your part is another simple yet effective styling tip.



Damaged hair is not a good look for anyone. When growing your hair out, keeps it looking its best by using protective styling products, especially if you blow dry or straighten your hair on a regular basis. Hair needs to be strong to grow long, and using protective products will help you reach your goal.



Washing hair every day can strip its natural oils off, making it look tired, dull and dry. When waiting for your hair to grow out, aim to wash your hair every two to three days as this will allow the natural oils to do their work.



Pamper your hair once a week by using a deep conditioning treatment. This will help strengthen hair and hopefully undo any damage that’s been done during the week. This is a both a preventative and restorative measure to keep your hair follicles at their strongest.



Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 4.39.00 PMVigorously brushing your hair can cause breakage – We all know that. That’s why you simply must avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet and opts for a wide toothcomb, instead, to comb through and work out those tangles in a manner than doesn’t scream “hair damage”. Invest in a quality brush as well, to ensure both optimal styling results and stimulate blood circulation around your scalp.



When waiting for your hair to grow out, stick to easy and fuss-free hairstyles. Elaborate hairstyles can place undue stress on hair strands causing them to break. Avoid tight buns or ponytails and opt for loose braids or low ponytails.



Exercise can apparently help with hair growth, which gives us all another great reason to finally start working out. It stimulates cell production, it gets blood pumping around the body and we all know that improved oxygen circulation around the scalp can help with both hair health and hair growth.



Our diet can have a direct impact not only on our wellbeing but our looks as well. This is very much the case when it comes to hair growth as well. A diet rich in protein and iron will help build your hair’s strength and encourage better growth.



Hair grows at a fairly set rate, so be realistic when setting goals to grow out your hair. The process takes time and patience and determining a time frame for you to reach your goals is a great way for you to plan the process.

If you’re looking to grow your hair out, hopefully these tips will help get you there. And remember -Waiting for your hair to grow out doesn’t have to be a painful process. What are your best tips for growing your hair out?


This article was provided by Studio 11 Hair Salon. Follow us on Facebook Studio 11 for more pictures and conversations.

DIY ombre and haircut with the CreaClip.

Reader submission!


Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 7.26.42 PM

Here is a great DIY hair story about a bold and brave lady who wanted to update her look and empower herself by cutting her own hair. She canceled her salon appointment, and contacted me. She asked what I thought about a CreaClip and I had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out, the CreaClip is your best DIY hair friend. Find out more about it here! 
Here is what she said…..
“I went for the Schlob #5 but we used the Crea clip too.
1. Low ponytail cut then white Creaclip to even it out
2. Crown ponytail cut then Creaclip to even it again as Hubbie was freakin’ saying it’s all uneven but I later realized it’s the shag layers that he’s freaking over. My hair is super silky-straight after a dye so it’s odd because there’s not a big difference between the bottom and top layer (only 1 inch – I didn’t want a lot of layers…yet)
3. Blue Creaclip for sideswept bangs.
Styled with 3/4 inch curling iron but my hair never holds the curl – going to try your honey spray that you says gives grip. Also getting shea butter to make the coconut oil spray – I need body. The sea salt spray works but it really dries my already dry hair.
I have a feeling it’s a screw-up  due to my hesitation to get layers in the back but frankly I’m very happy with so that’s what counts. I can still ponytail because it’s not really a bob, it’s touching my shoulders – I felt better safe than sorry.

Phase 2, DIY ombre!

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.47.13 AMNext phase, DIY ombre! 

Next, she used my premium DIY ombre video. Here is what she says.

“I’m so so pleased with this Roxie, I used the Feria Ombre for medium to dark hair and your ponytail (teased) on top of the head. I had a facecloth on my head for the bleached ponytail to lie on for 25 minutes.

You are a generous genius! Wish I could meet you in person to thank you.


Here we go…(the back looks dry but it’s not at all, just needs to be curled a bit more). EVERYTHING you’ve taught me has worked beautifully.”

Chinchilla Hair chalk and Astrological readings

DSC04982This year at the OCF, I did a lot of hair. I traded hairstyles for great food. For body oil. For herbs. For drinks. For jewelry. This post is about a little hair chalk adventure/Asrological reading trade that happened at sundown on a dusky Summer Saturday.

I first had to track down my exact birth time to get an accurate reading. (Thanks, mom!) Turns out i’m Capricorn with an Aquarius moon and Scorpio in my 10th house and my theme for my 30’s is seeking truth.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 8.37.50 PMIn exchange, I did her hair with these feathers as an inspiration. It was a very Chinchilla-esque hairstyle.Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 8.20.31 PM

To get this look, I back-combed the hell out of Maria’s thick silver hair, section by section. Then, I took my black hair chalk and chalked the ends of each back-combed section to give it a reverse-ombre silver to black fade. It was all very Chinchilla. MEOW!


For more feather inspired hair, check out my Stripe-y feather color and my mottled feather color post  and feather panels and not your average feather hair extensions! 

Can you tell I love feathery hair?

xoxo, HTHG

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