New Years, New Mantras, and what’s next for HTHG.

7U6A2400Hi my fellow babes. I have been thinking a lot about intention lately, and the sort of energy I want to put out into the world. And my hopes for what comes back around.

For the last 4 years I have adopted a personal mantra at the beginning of every new year. This happened very organically, without me actually deciding that this would be my New Years ‘thing.’ I think it was a coping mechanism that I needed to get myself through my Saturn Returns.

7U6A2446My mantras are like little hands that I grab onto when I fell like I am losing perspective, or losing grasp, or losing myself, or losing my mind. The last 4 years have been insane. Ly awesome. and Insanely trying.

When I turned 26, I was opening a shop with my bff on a shoestring the week the economy tanked. My mantra was MIW ‘make it work’. (Thank you, Tim Gunn from project runway.)

When I was 27, my mantra was PMA ‘positive mental attitude’. That helped get me through breaking up with my oldest daughters dad.

When I was 28, my mantra was ‘keep your eye on the prize.’ This gave me the sanity to pull myself and my family through huge changes. New man. New home. New baby. New passions and new inspiration. The prize was that we all made it to the next year together.

7U6A2819This last year has been my year of ‘Take your time to do it right.’ This came from a life’s worth of going with the flow and winging it and piecing things together and being creative and clever. These are all good skills to have, but as I get older and venture into new endeavors, I realize I need more than that. I need forethought. I need to plan things out. I need careful consideration and thoughtfulness. And also, my partner is a Virgo. He appreciates it;) Love ya J.

When it comes to my art (by art I mean all forms of creative expression) I have had a tendency to do what I like to call “creative puking.” It sounds terrible, but it comes out of my inability to harness my own creative flow. It means ideas and thoughts flowing out erratically and obsessively.

I have a physical need to get ideas out of my head and into the world. This year has been about learning to take time to nurture my thoughts and ideas and let them marinate before putting them out there. What have I gained from this? The knowledge that there is no way in high hell that I will ever be able to get it all out. So I might as well spend a bit more time polishing the good ones.

This brings me to my blogging experience. For me, HTHG has served exactly the purpose that I intended it to. It has been a source of information, creation, personal growth, community, independence, and expression. It has allowed me to share all of my ideas about the one thing I know more about than anything in the world. Hair.

Somewhere along the line, I made the goal of working on the blog as a legitimate unpaid more-than part time job until I felt like the framework was there so that I could take it to the next level. I wanted to create a complete resource of my own personal content that would both tell a story and empower a reader with knowledge, tools, and independent thought, enough to inspire them to question their own ideas about beauty and identity. And hopefully help them love and accept themselves more through loving their hair. This will inevitably lead to something good for all of us.

This year, I am turning 30 and it feels big. It feels like a milestone. It feels like a year to be marked with my most heartfelt intentions. It feels like a year that deserves several mantras. I can’t wait to know what my Mantras are for my 30th year, 2014. I promise to share them when they come to me;)

With the New Year, I am excited to switch gears with HTHG and explore what comes next. I feel as if the framework has been laid, and I am ready for the next level. What will the future of HTHG look like? Quality guest posts. I want you all to share your thoughts and tricks with each other on HTHG. Better photo shoots. More inspired content. More quality, less quantity in general. I won’t be posting nearly as often, but will be spending more time developing each post. There will be no more DIY hair Friday on HTHG but you can look forward to plenty of inspired DIY hairstyles coming at you less frequently but with more thought and precision.

At HTHG in 2014, I will be focusing more energy into building ShamPHree into a brand and a beauty revolution. More beauty, independence, and experimentation. Thank you for being here, and please help spread the word.

DSC03876As I write I realize some HTHG New Year intentions that I would like to share. I intend to focus my intentions on continuing to build positive community. On supporting myself and my family. On giving creative ideas time and space to marinate. On quality. On photography. On Freeing the world of Shams (#shamphree.) On my hobby hashtag, #filthandbeauty. On learning, listening, and growing. On raising and nurturing a family. On practicing what I preach. We will see what else presents itself.

IMG_7216Here is the card I drew from my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
to represent and guide me through this New Year. Sound cheesy? It is. But I totally use my Goddess cards any time I need a little guidance. They are also like little hands that I hold to help get me through. I learned the power of the cards from my mama.

Okay now. Enough about me. I want to know your mantras. I want to know what your intentions are for the year. Are you going to take a big jump into new territory? are you going to leave behind a habit that no longer feeds you? Are you going to be more bold and more daring? Or maybe less? More listening less talking? Now is the time to put those intentions out into the world. Please do share. You have all built this with me. collective intention is powerful.

Happy New Year,


#bethehair interview 5! Jenny AKA Girl Friday.

-1People, meet the fantastic Jenny MacLeod. I am excited to share that she is my 5th HTHG #bethehair interview.

Jenny is my cross the street neighbor, and my Girl Friday. Heard the term? The definition of Girl Friday is “a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose; “my invaluable assistant”; “they hired additional help to finish the work”

Jenny is a lovely friend who showed up in my life at the perfect time. I was looking for emotional and practical support to launch and grow my creative business of one (How-to Hair Girl/ShamPHree)  She happened to be starting a business called girlFriday, a consulting company for businesses of one. We took each other on as friends and neighbors and “work associates” with tidbits of whiskey, yoga, and laughter. Together, we have knocked some serious shit out.

-4To me Jenny is an inspiration as a mother and CEO of her household, A business woman, a DIY home construction and repair-er, -2an empowered figure-outer of anything, a master organizer and prepairer of things, a hard working urban homesteading wo-5man who knows how to treat and love herself at the end of the day.

If you are trying to start a business and don’t know where to begin, Please seek out Jenny McLeod at girlFriday. I promise you will not be disappointed. She has been my right hand woman for all of my ShamPHree product development ( Coming soon!!!! I promise!!) When we started, it took some convincing to get her to go ShamPHree herself…..But now look at her gorgeous hair:)

Here is her interview.

Jenny, AKA girlFriday!


1. what do you call yourself? Example……..Wilderbabe hairdresser mama, Jewelry

designer, an asshole with a sour grimace. WTF.

A new-fashioned Girl Friday.

2. If you could manifest your destiny, what would your life look like in 3 years.

A double-short latte every morning, and a cocktail most afternoons. Enough yoga

and walking to maintain my health. I’d work part-time. (About 10 hours a week,

40 weeks out of the year.) Painting, writing and letterpress projects. Game time

with kids, projects and travel with my husband, and dinners with friends. Four get-
aways with lady friends each year. And more food from the garden. A small home, a

modest, lovely life with enough money to buy books freely for gifts.

3. where do you go to get inspired to create?

Experiencing any form of excellence starts the process: a marathon runner cross

the finish line, a perfectly decorated hotel room, or hearing a scientist share a new

breakthrough, I think, “That is amazing, I want to participate in that. I need to go

home and do my work.” And then, a conversation over coffee helps me to develop

the ideas further into a form I can act on.

4. where do you get free. (at the river, in the mountains, at the beach)

I’m still working on figuring that out. I can think of two clues: A) I love being in

weather where I can’t feel the difference between the air and my skin, ie Hawaii at

80 degrees. B) A day at home, with no plans, no need to drive, and nobody needs


5. What is your go-to DIY project this year?

Building my own consulting business my way. I read books about theory, then

construct my own methods. I say it’s DIY because I’m not following anyone’s

program or advice. I’m trusting my instincts and following the needs of my clients.

Oh, and also, we’re remodeling our house and I need to do more electrical work


6. What are your top 3 beauty products.

Day-to-day is so basic: Clairsonic, hydrogen-peroxide for teeth whitening, good face


For dressing up: curling iron, mascara, and gold glitter eye-shadow

7. Zombie apocolypse, you can take 5 things with you. What do you bring?

Black yoga pants, flask w/bourbon, leatherman tool, a gallon of matches, and my

favorite spatula (in case we get to start a new life somewhere).

8. What is your hair MO or philosophy?

I don’t want to do any work, but I want my hair to look healthy, relaxed and full. I

also want it to flatter my face and body. This is a lot to ask!

Before ShamPHree: it looked great around lunch time, then got limp for the


Now, after ShamPHree: it looks a little different all the time. It’s fun to feel like I’m

getting to know my hair! It has more texture, which I like. Now I’m experimenting

with different cuts. Somehow I feel calmer, and even more relaxed about it.

Best of all: I don’t have to keep searching for the perfect conditioner.

9. What woman in history do you most admire?

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.04.12 PMNur Jahan, from 17th century India. She was the twentieth wife of an emperor and

with patience, skill and strategy, worked her way into becoming an Empress. The

first woman to rule, and the only one with her image on Mughal coins. It is reported

that she hunted with her husband and even killed a tiger. Fierce, beautiful, effective:

she started in the lowest rank and allowed herself to envision more, and do the


A babe that rocks her hair so hard it hurts.

gwenDon’t speak. I know just what your sayin. So please stop explainin. Don’t tell me, cuz it hurts. Gwen rocks her hair so hard it physically hurts.

Gwen Stefani wins the HTHG lifetime achievement award for the category ‘has the most fun with her hair.’

Here is to many years of Gwen’s hair, and many more to come. Thanks for the great tunes, the transformations, the inspiration, and most importantly, the hair.

Which Gwen hairstyle do you like best? I have to say, I loved her blue hair back when she was all into wearing bindi’s and being just a girl in the world. I loved her music in the Sublime days, and the Harajuku days. I loved her style in her long-beach chola days of dark lip liner and gold chains. Love me some Gwen.

xo, HTHG

#DIYhair Friday ends with a bang! Beauty and the braids.

7U6A4871Hi friends! This tutorial officially wraps up almost 2 solid years of DIY hair Fridays on HTHG. Don’t worry, though because I will still be sharing plenty of DIY hair tutorials, I will just be taking more time to develop each post SO the quantity is going down but the quality is going up.

This is a very exciting step for me, HTHG! I am taking this year, my 30th to narrow my focus and turn this blog into a career. You can expect some great DIY hair content, as well as some beautiful vintage and handmade items in the HTHG boutique, and natural hair and beauty products in the Shamphree shop!

This DIY hair Friday is about the beauty and simplicity of braids, and what we can do with the. Beauty and the Braids is a stunningly elegant and easy to do braided hairstyle. You will need medium to long hair, and curly girls, please don’t hesitate to rock out a beautifully soft curly version of this hairstyle.

7U6A4306And BTW, this hairstyle is perfectly finished off with one of Nikki Jacoby’s lovely hair combs, now available in the HTHG shop. And, I’m throwing in a bonus tutorial to show you yet another fun way to rock her combs. Can you tell that NJ is my favorite designer and my friend-sister yet?

Here is how to do the hair.


Beauty and the Braids

happy new year1. Start by making a diagonal part across the back of the head, from above the ear on the right side, to below the ear on the left. Section off the bottom with a clip.

2. Make a braid with the top section, on the left side.

3. Secure the end.

4. Make another braid on the bottom section.

5. Pull the braids apart to bulk them up.

6. Take the bottom braid and wind it into a bun, spiraling up and inwards, flat against the head. Pin the bun into place securely.

7. Take the top braid and wind it in the same direction around your bun making sure to guide your braid so that it lays flat on the head. This makes it look more intricate.

8. Pin the second braid into place, and be sure both braid tails are tucked in and pinned so that you can’t see them. Add a beautiful comb or brooch or clip to finish your Beauty and the Braids New Years hairdo.

Here is your bonus tutorial:)


Have a fantastic up-coming new year!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, HTHG

My favorite DIY tricks for Naturally Curly hair.

After years of struggling with my multiple-personality hair, I feel like I finally have enough tools in my DIY natural hair tool kit to make it work. I have my ShamPHree routine down, to start with. I regularly trim my ends to keep it healthy. I’ve got my uber-necessary golden child of hair brushes to tame it when I do my no-heat t-shirt smooth-out. And, I have my stash of valuable tricks for the curly hair days…..The humid days, when my hair is telling me that it wants to move freely around my head without too much intervention. These are the days when I pull out my favorite curl tricks.

naturally curly tricks

1. The Pre-free Conditioner. I start my Naturally Curly routine with a pre-poo conditioning treatment. Let’s call it a pre-free though. It sounds better. I like to use my Honey coconut masque. The night before my ShamPHree day, I apply the masque to my dry ends. Ends only! I literally warm the masque in my hands and work it into the last inch of my hair, with my head flipped upside down. Then I put my hair in a loose braid and sleep on it. ShamPHree out in the morning using water that is very warm.

natural curls2. The Faux-Deva set. I love the look of a Deva-curl set.The Deva Curl educators have a formula for how to set curls beautifully using their products. It works wonders for wavy to kinky hair, encouraging pretty, defined, well formed, long lasting curls. Today, I show you the basic curl setting technique, minus the Deva Products. And for the record, I love their products. I use them on my curly clients.  I just don’t use them on my own hair because I’m a product minimalist.  So here it is! I will walk you through it, step by step. You will need a micro-fiber or t-shirt towel.

At the end of your shower, flip your hair upside down and rinse it with light water pressure. Turn off water. Gently wring the hair out of the ends. Carefully insert your fingers into your hair at the scalp, loosening the hair up without bringing your fingers through the ends. Give your head a gentle upside down shake to set your hair free. If you use a certain product in your hair, now is the time to VERY GENTLY spray or scrunch it into hair.

Once you have applied your product ( Have you tried this fabulous natural flax and aloe curl setting gel?!) Take your micro-fiber towel or your t-shirt towel and bring it up towards your scalp, gathering all the ends of the hair into a deep scrunching. Don’t squeeze the hair in the scrunch until your hands are all the way to the scalp. Do this a couple of times.

Now turn your head to one side and repeat the deep scrunch with the hair on the side. Repeat on the other side.

Now softly flip your head backwards and scrunch the back up into the scalp a couple times with your towel. You are set with curls evenly scrunched and activated! Let your hair air dry and don’t touch it until it is fully dry! Once it is dry, scrunch it a bit more and shake it out. Let it be wild. Yay for natural curls!

3. Liquid Gold Curl Butter. When your curls are unruly, dry, or fuzzy, whip up some of this magic and scrunch it in and smooth it through your dry hair.

4. Curl ribboning. Once you have applied a bit of Liquid Gold Curl Butter, use this technique to smooth and define curls. These 2 things together are 2nd and 3rd day curly hair magic:)

5. Protective hairstyles while you sleep. Stretch your curl set out for days with protective night time hairstyles. The Pineapple is the best one for naturally curly air. Get a scrunchy and you are good to go!

There you have it, my curly and wavy sisters and brothers. I Hope you learned a thing or two about natural curl care today on HTHG…..I am constantly still learning new curl tricks. I promise to keep sharing:)

What are your favorite curl tricks? We would all love to know!

Do you need some DIY curly hairstyle inspiration? check out my Curly hair tutorial category! For more on curl care in general, browse through this section.

xox, HTHG

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