Braid Wreath with Holly

7U6A8883Hey babes. To all who celebrate the season, merry everything! Here is a pretty braided bun with holly from the Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles series.

This is a very easy hairstyle that is festive and lovely and perfect for any merry eve. All you need is a couple of clear elastics, a 10 bobby pins, and some Holly cut from your neighbors bush, with a 2 inch stem, and several red berries if possible:)

holley Begin by parting the hair down the center, and making a braid on each side, as close to the middle part as possible.

Criss-cross the braids at the base, and stick in a discreet bobby pin to secure them.

Now wrap on e braid up and around so as to make a half of a circle.

Pin it into place as much as you need to so that it lays flat on the head.

Take the other braid and wrap it up and around in the opposite direction to complete the braid wreath.

Pin it into place.

Tuck the ends of the braids underneath each other to hide them, and pin them securely.

Now stick that holly directly into the base of the braid wreath, and pin it if needed. Don’t poke yourself!

Enjoy your day, thanks for being her, much love to you and yours:)

xo, HTHG

Rebekah Brooks, Free Your Pits crew.

IMG_6118hey ladies! I just wanted to let you know that your positivity and love is much appreciated here in Texas <3 i’m in an area that is very conservative and not usually too open-minded to someone choosing to rock the hairy life. it makes me so happy when I find a community of kind and body-friendly people spreading the love and understanding! i’d love to be a part of your awesome page 🙂 thanks again, keep up the good work!

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New Years Day Pit-In at Vain!

7U6A0826Hi babes. We had a really fun practice Free Your Pits Movement Pit-In Event last weekend, and we are really excited to announce the real deal, the worlds first official Pit In which you are ALL invited to.

The New Years Day Pit In will take place at VAIN Downtown, on January 1st 2015 from 1-4! We will be hanging out, dying armpit hair, celebrating new beginnings, taking pictures, and selling Free Your Pits Tee-shirts!!!!

7U6A0553You are all invited to stop by and say hello and check out the scene. We may talk you into dying your pits the color of your choice and making a donation to Lambert House. We want you to be a part of the movement with us, and spread the positive message, so bring your friends and ring in a new year of personal expression, positive choice, and vivid color with us!

xoxoxox, HTHG

Solstice Berry Crown.

DSC06874Happy Winter Solstice! Now is the time to drink mulled wine, laugh with loved ones, celebrate the sacred winter months where all appears to be quiet and dead, until you look a bit closer. It is time to set intentions and goals for the year.

I’m working on this goal setting myself, having reached some personal goals in the recent months. I admit that I feel a bit of inertia now, without a clear picture of what specifically to work towards. Sometimes the universe tells us in so many words to take a little break to honor the process.

Now is the time for wreaths of red berries around your head to adorn you and protect you. A simple twisted crown is perfect, with berries foraged from the alley and stuck into the crown by their stems. You will need some texture spray, a couple of bobby pins, and berries. If you are not familiar with twisting, and pinning twists, check out this video to help you.

From the Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles Series, I bring you the……

Solstice Berry Crown

Begin by flipping your hair upside down and spritzing it with your texture spray.

corrina1 and 2. Make a center part. On one side of the part, begin a twist that starts in the front and continues back and around the head. You will add in hair from the bottom side as you twist upward.

3. Continue the twist around the other side, gathering all the hair into the twist as you go.

4. and 5. Once you reach the other side, and all the hair has been twisted in, continue twisting down the free end as you wrap the end around the top, continuing the crown.

6. Tuck the very end into the twist, and pin it into place. Add a couple more pins around the twist discreetly, where it feels loose.

7 and 8. Gently pull out on the twisted crown to loosen it up. It doesn’t need to be tight.

Now stick in your berries, a small clump at a time, stem first. Add in a couple of leaves too:)

Jenna Williams, Free Your Pits crew.

My friend and I took part in No-Shave November or Movember, whatever you want to call it, in support of prostate cancer. But honestly. we also did it–just to see if we could do it. When I googled, “women and movember,” I found a lot of angry articles. I didn’t realize Movember only encourages men to grow their hair. They call us…”mo sistas.” They tell us to rally the men in our lives
or fundraise. No Shave November is much more accepting of the lady hair. Anyway, so we found this picture of a beard growing over the course of a month (apparently a Movember illustration) and my best friend mirrored her own take on Movember with a beautiful bush. Here is what she created.1424549_10205703045760442_7402472124278652055_n

It was tough the first couple of weeks. One of our other friends also did it but caved when she went on a date with a dude. I was determined to do it and to finish strong. On the last day of November, I posted a picture of myself to all of my social media. Now, I’m not one of those people who is only friends with my current, like-minded peers. I’m friends with assholes from high school, republicans from my hometown, my religious friends from college, and a very small smattering of people who think the same way I do.
I posted the picture, fearing the comment section; and, surprisingly, it was all positive. Mostly from girls, but nevertheless, it was awesome that people were proud or excited or inspired. Even though I definitely got unfriended by more than a few people that day, I think I got the #freeyourpits message across.
Since November, I’ve kept all my body hair. My best friend (the artist) has shaved hers but misses it. And our other friend wants to try again! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who shaves and who doesn’t. It’s all about choice…and respect of that choice. Thank you for spreading this message. It’s awesome to see I’m not alone and feel empowered about my personal choices. It’s so much more than a hairy armpit. It’s freedom, choice, power, money, breaking of norms.
Much love and respect,
Jenna Williams

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