Dreads: A marriage of hair.

7U6A1234 7U6A1325 7U6A1351 7U6A1352 7U6A1283 7U6A1311Hey babes. Here are some photos of some lovely friends of ours who came to visit. They both have incredibly long dread locks, and I had a fun time shooting photos of them with their dreads all intertwined and wild. IT was a marriage of hair. More on dreads, coming soon.

xoxo, HTHG

The Side-Roll

7U6A6205Hello! Today, I am excited to introduce you to a vintage hairstyle made intentionally wonky. I am a fan of imperfection and asymmetry, so this is the HTHG version of a classic roll.

You can see a hairstyle like this one demonstrated on Youtube with a lot of preparation and involvement, and a lot of hairspray…..This here version is less fussy and way quicker. And you have my permission to not try and perfect it, but to practice it until you can at least get it securely in your hair, and then let it deconstruct itself a bit over the course of the day. It is a hairstyle that looks lovely when rough and lived in:)

This particular side roll was demonstrated on the stunningly lovely young Cameron, who has the look of a Viking Shield Maiden no matter what she does. Her hair is thick and fine, which is the hardest sort of hair to secure in a hairstyle like this. My secret weapon? Masterbraider, Duh!

When in doubt of your hair staying where you want it to, a pre-misting with Masterbraider texture spray is a must! why? because it has enough salt in it to give a whale a stroke. And it will make your hair into a material that moves like wool and can be molded into anything. master

This hairstyle is best done on medium-long hair. To begin with, prep dry hair with texture spray. Flip your head upside down and spritz it evenly all over.

Do some light back combing around the crown of the head to create a little volume and texture.

Create a grid of criss-crossed pins across the back of the head, slightly at a diagonal. It should begin roughly at one side of the nape of the neck, and end behind the opposite ear. This will be the scaffolding to hold up your roll;) Each pin should slightly overlap the last one so that your criss-cross is continuous.

Now, bring all the hair over one shoulder and gather it into a ponytail band, at the ends. The band should be about 3 inches from the very ends of the hair.

Begin to roll the ponytail upwards, tucking the ends in as you roll. Use both hands to carefully roll the ponytail all the way to the head. The roll should lay roughly on top of your criss-cross pins.

Now use as many bobby pins as you need to to secure the roll to the criss-cross pins. I suggest pushing your pins downwards through the hair on the head and through the inner edge of the roll, into the criss-cross pins….this will keep your pins hidden while securing your roll. It may feel like you have a ton of pins in your hair, that is okay! You need that scaffolding strong!

7U6A6010Use a few large bobbies to secure the sides of the roll…..I suggest pushing them against the head and straight into the roll horizontally from each side, grabbing the inside of the roll and attaching it to the head. see how that works in the picture above?

7U6A6006Here is another finished look of the roll, along with Birch’s Knotted Fishtail Bun from the same shoot.

Here is the Knotted Fishtail Bun decorated with flowers and berries.7U6A6143

You can decorate your roll with flowers or plants if you want! I totally think you should.

PS. Cats love this hairstyle too.


xoxo, HTHG

Match Your Brows to Your Hair Color with Genevieve Schatz!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.50.09 PMHey babes. Thanks to the Free Your Pits Movement, and a couple gals named Genevieve Schatz and Chloe Mackey, all body hair is fair game for coloring in 2015.

Here is another awesome post from Genevieve Schatz rocker babe/indie frontwoman and killer of the style game, on coloring your brows to match your hair.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.59.21 AM

When I got hip to the world of colorful eyebrows I felt like my face became the most upgraded canvas for self-expression ever! Eyebrows are one of my favorite ways to communicate- they really set the tone. A furrowed brow, an inquiring brow, a concerned brow, a relieved brow- these are all beautiful and deserve to be any color you’d like them to be!

 How to Dye Your Eyebrows to Match Your Hair

  1. The best way to match your brows to your hair color is to bleach your brows.

*Note: if you have not been educated on how to do this safely, PLEASE for the LOVE of the world and yourself and your delicate eyes and skin, go see a professional stylist.

  1. Apply a clear mascara to your brows.
  2. Find your desired color of eye shadow!
  3. Use a clean mascara wand or find a disposable mascara wand (at a makeup counter, sample area of a cosmetic store, or you can purchase some but they are very easy to clean so you only need 1 or 2) and gently roll the brush into the pot of eye shadow allowing it to pick up the pigment.
  4. Apply the eye shadow to your brows, gently brushing the pigment upwards and following the direction of hair growth!

*Note, if you are rocking pink or red or some other color that is hard to find in an eye shadow, go ahead choose a lip liner pencil because they are beautiful, bold and stay on even longer! Just gently fill in your brows in the direction of hair growth.

  1. Use makeup remover to clear away any loose pigment that might have gotten on your cheeks or any runaway liner that made you look like Frankenstein’s cousin. No worries.
  2. Experiment with this, get weird! Its already weird enough that you have felt compelled to change the color of your hair and eyebrows, so own it, will ya?

*Fun note, I went through a hot pink phase recently where I used a bright pink eyeliner on my brows everyday and there were some mornings when I left my apartment looking like a muppet. It was glorious.


All my love,



Glitterbuzz Sparkle Hair

Sparkles are wonderful. There was once a day in my life where my vials of loose colored glitters were as precious to me as almost anything. I used to use them to add some shimmer to my eyeshadow, and as the magical finishing touch to my baby clips and on the toes of my Doc Martens.  The carpet in my room was a mess of glitter, and everything I owned had the telltale trails of my sparkle obsession.

But lets be real. Loose glitter is a mess, and it is impractical. And some people are total glitter haters, and they don’t want you anywhere near them with the stuff, for fear that it will end up all over them.

One of the lamest parts of being a grownup is not having a sparkle covered life. But I miss my glitterbuzz. That being said, I recently stumbled upon some amazing looking ways to incorporate sparkles back into life…..While keeping them relatively mess-free and contained.



Check out these awesome tutorials. This first one is a Glitter Hair Gel that you can use to add some shimmer to your strands.


The second one is this to die for Sparkly Melon Lip Look!


I absolutely love this Sexy Slicked-Back Sparkly Hair Do.

Sparkly Freckles?????? Yes please.

I’m diggin the looks of these Sparkly Golden Lashes (and Brows!).

And lastly, The Glitter Part. I will rock this look one of these days. I first saw it on my co-worker Sarah B. She wore a golden glitter part to this years Vainiversary Holiday Party, with long wavy 70’s hair and I nearly died.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.25.47 PMThe Manic Panic Die Hard Styling Gel in Stiletto is pretty amazing, BTW. It is a silver shimmer/glitter gel that goes on thick and looks like solid sterling when it is in your hair. One of these days I will do a silver curly ombre short hair tutorial with it for ya;)

Stay tuned!


xoxo, HTHG

Words on Beauty, with TT Amen-Asia

Recently, I sent this email out to my VAIN coworkers.

‘I’m working on an article about beauty rules that are meant to be broken and I would love to involve any of you in the conversation, and add your quotes and names…

I’m looking for examples of out-dated beauty rules, or beliefs that people have about ‘beauty‘ or style that don’t serve them. An example I can think of is when a client has always wanted a short haircut but thinks they are ‘too fat faced to pull it off.’ But you know it would look fabulous on them.

Please let me know if you can think of more, and tell me why they are and why they no longer serve.’

I got some great responses. Like Really Great. Here is one of them, from stylist TT Amen-Asia20141205_202426

‘These questions just brought back a flood of childhood memories and self reflection. There are soooo many things with the beauty rules that still go on for African American women, dark-skinned vs. light-skinned, good hair vs. bad hair, relaxers vs. natural…it’s all so old school and convoluted, it makes me want to scream sometimes.

There are 2 major things happening right now, in my opinion, in the Black beauty community, that weren’t happening when I was younger.

1: Seeing more and more women of color in main stream media, Hollywood, print, etc.  The standard of Black beauty when I was growing up was non-existent.  You had to be tall, thin, long hair that blew in the wind, white or light skinned…that is what we saw in the media and that is what we based our standards of beauty on. But now…you have these beautiful Black women playing leading characters in movies and on tv, modeling…embracing their skin in every shade of blackness from darkest dark to albino…it’s beautiful!  And not just in media, women all over the country loving skin their in. 

2. The natural hair boom. More and more Black women are embracing their natural curls, some loving it, some not, which has been amazing because this was also unheard of when I was younger or even 10yrs ago.

But on the flip side of this it’s also created more labels and division within the natural hair community.  Team natural vs. Team straight, your hair is not considered natural if you color it or aren’t using a completely all natural homemade hair product. If you have a big ‘fro or TWA, long vs. short and the always good hair vs. nappy hair. 

To many women are still comparing themselves and their hair to their favorite beauty blogger or someone on IG or Facebook. They follow all these people on YouTube in hopes of their hair looking like the other persons, spending endless amounts of money on the products they use, just to be disappointed when it doesn’t look the same. 

It doesn’t look the same because it’s not the same…It’s your hair on your head, not hers/his.  You need to find your own routine, what products work for you, love and nurture it your way, not someone else’s way.That saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ is total malarkey.  Your grass could be just as green if you spend the same amount of time nurturing it your way like your neighbor does their way. 

When I first went natural (or stopped relaxing my hair) was about 13 or 14yrs ago.  There wasn’t all this information that was out now, it was all trial and error for me. And when I did my first set of locs 12yrs ago there were a few people I could ask questions about my loc journey but it was still trial and error on figuring out what worked best for me. I’ll admit I did get pulled in and started comparing my hair to others and wondered why it wasn’t growing as fast as this persons or why my curls didn’t look like that persons. Then I had to take a step back and ask myself ‘why do I care? I didn’t care when I did it 13yrs ago, so why do I care now?’

weaveOnce I stopped doing that and started having fun with my hair again it became easier. In another words, figure out what works best for you and stop comparing yourself and your hair journey to others.  Some other beauty rules:  Being a dark-skinned woman and wearing bright colors or patterns, be it makeup or clothing. 

I feel like any woman, any color, can wear whatever the hell she wants.  You find the right shade that works with your skin tone and rock the hell out of it.  It’s all about confidence…if you think you look good, you feel good and other people will notice that as well. I love wearing bright clothing, it makes me happy! And after years of believing I wouldn’t look good in red lipstick I finally bought my first tube last year and it’s amazing on me.

All women in general being afraid to have fun with their hair.  I’ve had so many women of all ethnicities tell me they could never pull off a short cut, funky colors, certain reds, etc., etc., which is not true.  I tell them, “you can pull off whatever you’re willing to pull off.”  If you want short hair get a short cut, if you don’t like it it’ll grow back.  You want to do a fun color start off with a hidden streak in the back or side of your hair.  You want a red color, we just have to find the right shade of red for you.

My 2 favorite motto’s have always been “Have fun with your hair while you can.  It’s just hair and it will grow back!” and “Don’t be afraid to shake the box up a bit!” The last one meaning, it’s ok to go against the status quo, it’s ok to wear a little color or put patterns together that you wouldn’t have thought of doing before, wear a bright lip or eye color, add a fun print scarf to your all black ensemble, dye your hair bright blue or shave it off.  Just have fun!’

These words are so wonderful. I asked TT if she would let me publish and share them here, and she was down. I decided to also ask her about her current hair routine, and get the scoop on her favorite hair products, while on the topic of her hair. Here is what she said….

‘My current routine is wash about every 3-4wks with either Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash or Dollylocks dreadlock shampoo, then putting in a tiny bit of Dollylocks Tightening Gel all over and re-twisting with a whipped Shea Butter concoction that I’ve made and also applying that to my shaved sides. And about every 3 days I will spray my shaved sides with a leave in conditioner that I made and applying the Shamphree Liquid Gold. 

My previous go to products were Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse, and MoroccanOil Intense Curl Creme.


And a bit of hair knowledge: always moisturize no matter your hair type or texture and in the winter switch to a heavier conditioner.’


Thanks for all of this, TT. To see more of TT’s hair and styling photos, check out her Instagram.

xo, HTHG

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