Fierce Braids 3, The Blood Eagle Braid.

7U6A2286bloodeagleHi babes. Welcome to the 3rd installation of the HTHG Fierce Braids
Series. This hairstyle is a modern and fierce take on a classic french braid, but with a herringbone/fishtail technique.


I called it the Blood Eagle Braid because it resembles a rib-cage, and that makes me think of a particularly gruesome episode of Vikings that made me almost have to stop watching the show forever.


So, channeling our inner imaginary Fierce Norse Warrioress, let’s break down the Blood Eagle Braid. This one works best on long hair, but can definitely be done on medium length hair. Some texture spray will help you control the braid, and as always with herringbone braids, the smaller sections you use for your overlaps, the cooler it will look in the end (and the longer it will take to do!)


Begin by sectioning out a bit of hair along the front hairline to start your braid. Split it in half, and start a fishtail braid by taking a bit of hair from one side, and overlapping it to the other side, then doing the same thing on the other side. Make sure to keep a firm grip on each side as you work.. (here for more in depth how-to of a fishtail braid:)


When your fishtail braid is a few inches long, add in hair to either side of the braid, as you would with a french braid. Maintain your 2 braid sections, now made bigger by the addition of hair from either side. Begin fishtail braiding again with your bigger sections.


After the second segment of your braid gets to be a few inches long, add more hair to each side again, and then continue fishtail braiding with your now-even-larger sections.


Continue your fishtail braid for a few inches, then add more hair to either side. Continue with this pattern until you have added all the hair in, and you reach the nape of the neck. Then continue fishtail braiding halfway down the ponytail.


Gather the ends into a small elastic, and then take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Pull the end through the elastic, behind the braid.


Do you feel like a queen? I certainly hope so.

BTW, herringbone=fishtail. Also, I almost called this braid the Herring-Boner because it looks so cool, it gives me a non-sexual female braid-boner.

xoxox, HTHG

I’mWithTheBand Turban Obsession, and Giveaway!

7U6A8260Hi babes! I found another up-and-coming brand that I am obsessing over. My favorite natural makeup company Naked Eye Beauty’s Jen raved about her I’mWithTheBand Turban on Instagram, so I had to check em out. I got myself an I’mWithTheBand Turban, and I now wear it ALL the time.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.54.54 PMHere are the LA babes who started the company. They are committed to using beautiful and great quality fabrics. They design headbands and turbans that can be worn any time, even during a workout. Their garments  are 100% American made, and affordable enough that you probably should have a nice collection of em;) 7U6A8266


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.01.06 PMI love my turban. I got a tie-dyed velvet one. I have small-head issue, and I love that the turban is thick and not too tight. It has loft, you know what I mean?

I feel totally like a Biba model with my turban on, even when I am wearing my Nirvana Nevermind kitty cat t-shirt.

And when I am having a bad hair day or my bangs are revolting and having a mutiny, my Turban is there to save me. Thank goodness!

Now that you know about my I’mWithTheBand Turban, don’t you want to try one? Guess what?! HTHG and IWTB have partnered on a giveaway, and we will be offering one tie-dyed velvet Turban to one of you lucky ladies.

Here is how to enter the giveaway………..Like or share this post and like IWTB on Facebook. Leave a comment in the comment section and tell us your favorite color. We will announce a winner in a week!

xoxoxoxo, HGHT and IWTB


The Buzz Around the Hive.

Over at HTHG, we live for themed beehives.

This post is just a little sneak peek of the Ultimate Beehive Tutorial, which is coming in early Summer.

Here are a couple practice hives that we have had the pleasure of doing in the last few months. Just and FYI, these hives are build to last a week or more, with the help of a silk scarf for sleeping in;)

IMG_3469IMG_4221IMG_4212IMG_4222IMG_3054IMG_4224IMG_4216And here is Holley’s hair after the hive has been dismantled:)

Practice up on your back-combing and start collecting hair for your hair rat, babes, because The Buzz Around the Hive is Getting Bigger.

You have an event? Got a theme in mind? We can and will create your custom beehive. Email us at for inquiries.

xoxo, HTHG

5 Killer Hairstyles to try.

Guest Blog Alert! In the mood to try something new? Here are 5 Killer Hairstyles to try! Thanks to Karishma Sehgal for curating this list for us!

It’s true that your locks speak volumes about your personality. While long and straight hair is associated with femininity and beauty, short hair is associated with power and prestige. Hair is a medium of self expression that can work wonders to give your look a facelift! With the concept of power dressing gaining ground and women getting more empowered than ever, many edgy and bold hairstyles have paved their way into the beauty circuit. Seen everywhere from fashion show ramps to boardrooms, these hairstyles are gaining popularity among women from all walks of life. Here is a list of 5 cosmo hairstyles that you must try this year:

  1. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.30.01 PMBlunt Bobs – Bobs came into being way back in the 1920’s and if trend forecasts are anything to go by, they are here to stay! This season, blunt bobs have made a comeback with Coco Rocha’s look topping the charts. This hairstyle works best for those with fine, straight hair. Other hair types can also pull off this look but with greater maintenance and upkeep. You can work this trend along with straight or side swept bangs, depending on what suits your face shape.
  2.  Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.30.36 PMPixie With An Edge – Pixies have been making waves for the last few years and have had many women boldly embrace this trend. This year, hairstylists have introduced a funky twist to the good ol’ pixie. The latest trend is that of pixies that are angled, razored and big on the crown. Depending on your style and will to experiment, you can ask your hairstylist to give you a pixie that can take you from looking like a rocker chick to a corporate hottie!
  3.  Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.31.16 PMWavy Lob – Kim Kardashian walked into the Grammy’s with her wavy lob this year and left everyone awestruck! The wavy lob has been making many headlines this season with some of the biggest names in tinseltown working this effortless yet chic hairdo! Those of you with medium length hair can easily try out this fun hairstyle at home. If you have straight hair, you can get light curls using a curling iron or by braiding your hair overnight. Work some sea salt spray on your hair and ruffle it with your fingers. Follow it up with light brushing and you’re set!
  4. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.31.44 PMSlick Bun – If you are someone who doesn’t like going too audacious with your hairstyle but still want to make heads turn, a slick bun can be your go-to hairdo! Spotted at many international Spring/Summer 2015 fashion shows like that of Carolina Hererra’s this year, slick buns work just as well for a day look as they work for an evening updo. Whether your hair is short or long, wavy or straight, you can always try out a bun that will work perfectly for you. To get a flawlessly slick bun, dab on light oil onto your towel dried hair. Let it dry and fasten it in a tight, high ponytail. Wrap your ponytail in a bun and secure it with bobby pins. If there are any flyaways falling on your face, pin them up to the bun.
  5. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.33.22 PMWet Look Midi – When Rosie Huntignton walked the ramp for Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 sporting wet tresses, stylistas world over knew that a new trend was born. Following the out-of-the-bed hair trend of last year, this year out-of-the-water hair has taken the cake for being one of the edgiest looks of the season. This hairstyle works especially well for mid length hair of any texture. You can wear this look for a formal night event or even a dinner date with your love. To perfect this look, comb your hair at the back and spray it with high shine hair lacquer. It’s as easy as it can get!

These super chic hairstyles are sure to add the needed touch of magic to your stunning outfit, kickass wit and powerful aura. Which of these hairdos is your favorite? Share your pick with us in the comments section below!

Author Bio : Karishma Sehgal

 Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.26.40 PMBeing an ardent fashion, beauty and lifestyle enthusiast, I have contributed to a number of popular lifestyle magazines and blogs. My writings are mostly targeted towards young women on a budget who enjoy the art of looking good. Follow me on on my brand new blog and Twitter!!

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