How to do Spit Curls/Kiss Curls, DIY.

7U6A0551Hey babes. Hope everyone is having a great day…….Today, I want to share with you all the phenomenal beauty of kiss curls, also called spit-curls (I personally call them spit-curls.)

My first experience with them was in the back of the school bus in the 6th grade. I had just started a new school, and I was terrified and shy. One of the older girls on the bus was named Alateena and she was big and black and beautilful and always had amazing hair that I marveled at. She didn’t appear to know or care that I existed.

One day, to my dismay, Alateena yelled out “Hey white girl! Let me do your hair!” and I scanned the scene to see who she was talking to. I realized she was talking to me. I felt like a million bucks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.57.54 AMSo when the bus driver wasn’t looking, I slid into the seat next to her. She pulled out a comb and a giant tub of Blue Magic Hair Dress and spit-curled the shit out of my hair. This began our morning bus ride hair tradition, which lasted several months, until she got bored of me. I will never forget her long nails, the sticky-stiff feeling of those little flat curls stuck to my head, and the smell of that hair grease.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.05.23 PMWhen I saw that spit curls/kiss curls had made their debut on the runways of Givenchy Fall/Winter for 2015, I knew it was time to help usher in their comeback.

Instead of Blue Magic, I opted for a natural alternative, and I tried doing spit curls with straight up Organic Aloe Vera Gel, and had perfect results.

It is particularly important to use a gel that won’t irritate your skin or clog pores, because you will be applying it directly to your skin when you stick your spit curls/kiss curls to your face. This is another reason why the Aloe Vera gel is a fantastic alternative. If your hair is very course or curly and you need a stronger gel, try making a Flax Seed Hair Gel, following this recipe.

How to do Spit Curls/ Kiss Curls



Get your gel and a fine toothed comb. If you can find a disposable mascara wand, they are nice to work with too…….but not a necessity.

Either on yourself or your model, section out small bits of hair around your hairline, where you want your curls to be. If you are someone with alot of baby hairs around your hairline, consider yourself lucky……These curls are a PERFECT way to style and control baby hairs.

Now before we begin, the trick to good spit curls is to find the perfect balance of slick and sticky in your hair to be able to work with these curls. If you are having trouble guiding the curls or sticking them against your face, add more gel. If they are too sticky and keep pulling, add more water.

7U6A05111. Spray down your baby edge hairs so that they are VERY dripping wet. Get a nice finger-scoop of gel and apply it directly into your roots. Work it down your wet hair bits, all the way to the ends. Now the fine teeth of your comb, or your wand, comb the hairs against your face to stick them down and to remove any tangles that could stop you up. kiss curls

2. Making sure your hair is stuck to your head at the roots, use your comb or wand to bring all the hairs sharply in one direction, stuck against your head. This is wave #1.

3. Use a finger to help secure the curl against the head at the base, while using a finger from the other hand to pull wave #2 into place, against the head.

4. While holding #2 in place with a finger, use your wand or comb to move wave #3 into place against the head.

5. Use your fingers to make sure that #3 is securely stuck to the head. Guide your waves around the brow/ear/ or cheekbone, depending on what area of the face you are working on. You get to put them wherever you want them.

5. Continue working in this way, back and forth making waves down the length of the hair. When you get to the ends, use your finger tips to guide them into a nice little curl. This takes patience and a soft touch, but I KNOW you can do it:)

7. Start your next curl, wherever you want it.

8. Add as many curls as you want, spraying the hair more with water as needed to keep it slick and workable. Curl your ends, then let your curls dry into place. They should stay all day, as long as you don’t mess with them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.40.00 PM







May we suggest finishing off a beehive, finger waves, or any other fancy hairstyle where your baby hairs or hairline is exposed with some spit curls/kiss curls? They look SO CUTE in that little corner right in front of your ears, especially if you are one of those people who feels too exposed or stark with your hair all pulled back. It adds total detail and cute vintage femininity to ANY hairstyle.


Add them to a set of Cornrows for a modern/classy hip hop vibe.

Or, give your dude some and make him feel extra beautiful.



xoxo, HTHG

Love, Hands, Rings.

7U6A8270Hi babes. I have been thinking a lot about hands lately, and how much they do for us. I personally feel like I would be nowhere without mine.

I run my hands absolutely ragged. They are strong and burly and scarred and vein-y and smarter than any other part of me. I just can’t shake my belief that all hands are stunningly beautiful, especially the hands of those of us work really hard with them. Here is one of my favorite photos of hands.7U6A9929 These are the hands of a welder and a machinist.

Those of us who work with our hands to create understand the symbiotic relationship of our brains, hearts, and hands. We build, we destroy, we hold, and we let go.

My hands understand things that my mind can’t even begin to understand, and I suppose that comes from the absolute tactile nature of hairdressing. My hands do all the work, they feel the hair and the head shape, they read between the lines and they pick up on the energy of the person who I am working on.

What made me think of hands today was taking this picture of Nikki Jacoby with her hands in her hair, pinning ivy into her Bearded Lady Braids, and just how lovely and useful hands are and how beautiful they look with rings on.


I  have always worn rings to decorate my hands. Ever since my grandmother gave me her costume jewelry collection when I was nine. I still have a ring collection which I am very proud of. I love big rings, small rings, unusual rings, mostly. My rings off-set and cover the hundreds of tiny scars on my fingers from cutting myself accidentally with shears. (Only happens when I drink too much coffee.)

Anyway, hats off to our hard working hands, rings on to our burly fingers.7U6A9785

Also, excited for Nikki’s new addition of silver and brass rings to her jewelry line. I am obsessed with mine.

xoxo, HTHG

JBF Rolls

7U6A96517U6A9644Hey babes. This is a hair tutorial that came from last months Gender Bender shoot.

It is a soft and lovely mussed upeditorial-vibe double french twist hairstyle, demonstrated by Rain on her pre-crimped, melon-colored hair. #whatababe

Let’s call them JBF rolls.

Here is how to do them.

rain dutch babyBegin by spritzing your hair with a sea-salt texture spray to build body and grip. You don’t have to pre-crimp your hair for these, but it does add a nice poofy textured effect. Here is a crimping tutorial, just in case.

Make a center part.

Starting on one side, take all of the hair at the base of the hairline and begin twisting inwards towards your center part. As you twist it, pull it upward so that it lays against your head.

Use a couple of bobby pins to secure your french twist to your head. Here is a closer look at the mechanics of a french twist, if you need it……….

Either tuck the ends into your roll on top of the head, or leave them out and back-comb them for the look featured below from the front.

Now, do the same thing on the other side, twisting the hair inwards and up, securing it, and either tucking in the ends. Pull out your lady parts, and be sure not to fret if it seems loose or messy. That is the beauty of JBF hair.











The look above has been finished off with some heavy back combing in the ends of the hair that comes out of the top of the rolls, instead of tucking them into the roll. This is a fun and easy alternative, and definitely brings more interest to the look from the front, if you want something bigger and more surreal, and less soft and romantic.7U6A0062 7U6A0041

7U6A9705P.S. Doesn’t Rain make a hot ‘dude’? and also a lovely ‘lady’? Cross-dressing is fun. We at HTHG suggest that you try it. Hope you like the tutorial!

xoxo, HTHG

Lisa Frank Nails and Pickled Radishes.

IMG_4668Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was nice.

I moved into my new studio/creative space that I will be sharing with Nikki, Holley, and Alexa. I plan to style hair, do lot’s of beehives, have meetings, do photo shoots, collaborate, sew, and design with flowers and things at our new space, and I am more than thrilled to finally have a place to create.


Here was my home to-do list for the weekend. I finally got to it on Sunday.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.36.38 PM Selah and I had been playing with stickers, and I found a sheet of tiny Lisa Frank decals, which was all I needed for manicure inspiration. I got out my base coat, top coat, and my Color Prevails sparkly nail polish.

Base coat, sparkles, decal, topcoat. That’s how it went.IMG_4660


I am such a sucker for that Lisa Frank and her perfectly cute designs.

So once my nails were dry, Selah and I picked radishes from the garden for pickling. IMG_4663

She helped me wash the radishes, and then slice them up. We juiced the greens with a lemon and drank it fast as a tonic. ( I am a weekend juicer.) IMG_4669

Then, we stuffed the sliced radishes into a mason jar. Threw some sliced garlic on top. My little keep-it-simple secret? I pour pickle juice from an almost-empty jar of salt-brined Bubbie’s pickles over the top and call it good;)

Here is a Lisa Frank inspired hairstyle.

And here is my Kimchi recipe.

xoxox, HTHG

Crimper Magic

crimp magicHi there. Yesterday at VAIN, some fellow stylists were talking about cool things you can do with a hair crimper. I was inspired.

I grabbed a TIGI Travel Mini-CrimperScreen Shot 2015-04-25 at 3.33.24 PM (my favorite one!) and Megan, who has incredible long silky hair.

I sectioned out a panel of her hair, flat ironed it, sprayed it lightly with KM Session Spray, and started playing around, making diagonal crimps, and then criss-crossing them with more diagonal crimp.

This magic happened. I think there will be more crimping fun in the future around here.

In the meantime, if you don’t already have one, then get yourself a little hair crimper and start playing around.

xoxo, HTHG

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