Jewel Encrusted Hair Color, by Tanya Ramirez

jeweled hairHi babes! Happy FRIDAY!

Today, I am sharing hair color inspiration from Tanya Ramirez of Untamed Instincts.

This look is all about creating a ‘jewel-encrusted’ effect with faceted hair colors hand-painted for multi-tonal dimension. Check out the video to learn how to master this technique, and marvel at the sparkling, colorful results. I can’t WAIT to try this trick. Who wants to let me experiment on their hair????

Tanya, we salute you and thank you for sharing your skill and creativity with us. Keep kicking ass and hair.


I recommend checking out more of Tanya’s work ASAP whether you are a stylist of a DIY hair enthusiast. She is a talented creative woman and a great teacher. And if you are in the LA area, visit Tanya to unleash your spirit and discover the transformative power of hair that tells your story. Get untamed!

Tanya is located at:
Untamed Instincts Hair
Salon Republic
West Hollywood, California.

Learn more about Tanya’s work here.

Follow Tanya:




xo, HTHG



The Floral Afro, and More Wedding-Hair Inspo for Natural-Textured Babes.

7U6A4471The Floral Afro is going to be major this Summer. That is our official prediction:)7U6A44137U6A4580

About that Floral Afro, and more floral-inspired DIY hair styles for natural-textured hair including the Floral Fro-hawk 7U6A4236

7U6A4320and a charming vintage inspired floral ‘do……..HTHG for Offbeatbride, check it here!

Feminist Society of Pensacola Pit-in!

Hey babes. Here is an awesome submission from Emily, and the front lines of the Free Your Pits Movement! This brings  me a massive smile and then a hearty fist in the air for the progression of personal empowerment through style expression and the normalization of our natural body hair.

We bow to the women of Pensacola who are with us in spirit, and in hairy pits;)

Pensacola Feminist Society Pit-in!


My name is Emily and I live in Florida. I got my first crush on lady pit hair when I saw it on my two beautiful, artistic roommates several years ago. At the time I didn’t think I could “pull it off” because I wasn’t enough of a bohemian babe. Later I got over those feelings and grew it out for the first time while participating in a V-Day/Vagina Monologues event in 2014, spurred on by the solidarity of being surrounded with such a fun, creative, powerful group of feminist women. Since then the love affair has been off and on, depending on what effort I felt like putting into my pits, but when I discovered the Free Your Pits Movement my immediate reaction was: YES! THIS!Kara1ed

Around the same time I was mentally preparing to rally some friends to get in on this pit-dying party with me, a friend named Kara contacted me about a feminist organization she and some other women were working to establish. We set dates for both our first Feminist Society of Pensacola council meeting and, a couple months later, our Pit-In.

Mary EditThe Society and the Pit-In became linked, and several council members decided to go for it. In the late winter months we were growing our pit hair out and at the same time we were having long meetings voting on mission statements and bylaws, and preparing for an open meeting to invite the public to join our group as a force for good and for equality in our community.

We bonded over many bottles of wine throughout those long meetings and we discussed our collective mixed bag of feelings about body hair, body acceptance and the conversations and commentary this experiment spurred from others. To me, that’s one of the most interesting parts of Free Your Pits–the way it can get people talking and reveal curiosity, camaraderie, or, of course, whether someone happens to be a body-shaming jerk! Happily, our experience and the built-in support system we had in our group garnered much more positive reactions than negative.Claire1ed

On Pit-In day, it was more of all that positive stuff! We sipped mimosas on my porch, chatted, took photos, laughed a lot, and dyed our pits teal. We chose teal because it’s the color representing Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the following weekend we took our colorful pits to volunteer at a 5K event that benefitted a local resource center for victims of sexual assault.

The whole experience was a blast and a bonding moment–both between each other and our respective selves. Our Pit-In was fun and defiant and silly and communal. Though the aqua hue of my pit hair may have faded, my love for body hair freedom is just blossoming to life!

Emily, and the ladies of the Feminist Society of Pensacola, thank you for sharing your story. We salute you and we hope to share a Pit-in with you sometime, especially if it is on the porch of a southern state, where we especially need more empowerment and awareness.

If you are in the Pensacola area and want to connect with the Feminist Society of Pensacola, here is their




xoxoxoxoxox, HTHG

Nikki Lane and a Night of Country Lady Hair

Babes. I have to share with you some photos from a night of beehivin’, partyin’, and dancin’ that recently happened. I will go ahead and call it Nikki Lane and the Country Lady Hair night.

7U6A3536Have y’all heard Nikki Lane? She is a country lady badass, the second coming of Loretta Lynn if you ask me. I first heard her when my friend Holley send me a link to her singing a song called “Look Away” on a porch in some southern state, and it became my go-to song to sing to my babies, or around a fire on a whiskey-fueled full moon night.

When Holley, AKA Missbeehivin’who is a friend of Nikki’s through the country music scene, asked me if I could do Nikki’s hair before her show at the Tractor Tavern last weekend, I said “hell yes, and let’s make it official by giving everyone beehives!.” And so, it was beehives all around.

And that is how Country Lady Hair Night came to be.

7U6A2862Now I’m no dummy. I knew that a night making everyone else beautiful would leave me no time of my own to gussy up, so I got ready early, at my new collective studio space that I share with Nikki Jacoby, Holley, and Alexa. I am affectionately calling it the babe cave. #babecave;)

7U6A5936I made sure to wear my grape head piece, which is a big cluster of vintage wax-covered blown glass grapes that I clip to my head, only on the most special occasions. I am in love with it. Big fan of fake fruit here.

7U6A2913First hairstyle of the night, the gorgeous and talented Kaylee Smyth of The Western Shore who opened that night for Nikki Lane.

Kaylee and her husband Charlie are Seattle natives and band-mates, now living (and rocking) gigging, and touring from their Nashville home-base. Listen to The Western Shore here and dig their dreamy country lover sound.

Kalee had an incredible DIY haircut, a high shag with lot’s of texture which was just perfect for her thick, wild waves. I did some light texturizing in the back, and trimmed her bangs. 7U6A3112Then, she got sprinkled with 3rd Day Bangs for extra texture and oil absorption, back-combed and spit curled.


Next up was Nikki Jacoby, who looked charming in her beehive and diagonal roll in the back, and of course, spit curls. I’m still not over those;)

7U6A29977U6A3016Holley came next. She is the queen off the beehive, which is why we call her Missbeehivin’. You can even follow her beehives on Instagram7U6A30647U6A31417U6A3194

Jules and Dawn were next. Where are their hives? I guess that my camera-woman Nikki J must have gotten busy with something else. Here is a group shot from later, so you can see Dawn and Jule’s hives too.7U6A3691

Sarah-Ann Caldwell would not let me give her a beehive, and I was only offended for a moment. She wore my squash-blossom necklace instead.

7U6A3314Then, it was time to hit the Tractor Tavern to find Nikki Lane and help her get fancied up. Holley and Nikki J and I packed ourselves like sardines into Nikki L’s dressing room with a bottle of Tequila and some Ginger Beer. (Nikki’s delicious drink of choice.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.31.37 PMNikki said she wanted her hair to look like Bridget Bardot. She had the perfect silk blouse and black ribbon bow to wear, and tousled Bridget hair seemed like the perfect choice for the night’s sultry surly country vibe.

I sprayed her down with Masterbraider, sprinkled some 3rd Day Bangs into her roots and brushed it through with my mini-bore bristle brush to create a nice texture base to work with. Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.32.11 PM

We chatted about the Mason Pearson brush, and how everyone needs one because there is nothing better. As we talked, she shopped on Amazon for her first Mason Pearson Pocket Brush. 

I teased her crown, back-combing it tight’n’right at the roots, and smoothed the top down to create the perfect tousled lived-in half-up hive. 7U6A3279We decided on pigtails with the rest of her hair, and so I put in low tails with clear elastics, then I teased them just a little bit, and wrapped a bit of hair around the base of the tails, to hide the elastic. I secured it with a small bobby-pin, under each pig-tail. 7U6A3292

I asked her what her go-to hair routine was for her thick-ass wavy hair and her wild life of touring and playing shows. She said she swears by Caruso Steam Rollers and the 3n hair-color that a stylist sends her to keep her hair nice and dark on the road. Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.33.50 PM

I told her she had incredible hair, and she replied that no hair-lady had ever complained about her hair before. She said it in the most perfectly country way. She reminded me of what I would imagine to be a mix of 1 cup Loretta Lynn with a tablespoon of Calamity Jane and a half-teaspoon Elvis Presley and a dash of Wanda Jackson. She made me want to move to Nashville. 7U6A3596

7U6A36327U6A3655After we finished with hair, Holley did her makeup. Feathered lashes, cat-eye liner and the perfect soft coral-pink lipstick. Then we posed for photos, as the Western Shore began their set.



We spent the next several hours in country music heaven, where the hair was high and the vibes were higher. 7U6A3452We danced, we sang, we marveled at the huge crowd. We watched the girls put on an incredible show. 7U6A3784

Holley got to sing a song on stage with Nikki at the end, which was a nice surprise……..She has such a beautiful voice, that Missbeehivin’IMG_4742

It was a fantastic night, a great time was had by all, and I highly recommend checking out tour dates and getting yourself tickets to see Nikki Lane and the Western Shore when they come through your town. Just make SURE to wear your hair in a Beehive when you go;)

xoxoxox, HTHG

P.s.  I want to do hair in Nashville. Just putting it out there.

Spiritweavers Gathering, Embrace of the Feminine Heart

Hello Dears.

7U6A7132Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a sacred gathering of women in the California Redwoods. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It was a gathering curated and created by Daughterofthesun’s Amy Woodruff, and it was called the Spiritweavers Gathering.7U6A7205

I have been following Daughterofthesun on Instagram for several years now, constantly inspired by the visual journey of her authentic and colorful life, which she seemingly lives with absolute gratitude and love. When she announced the Spiritweavers Gathering, a communal skillshare in the woods featuring many of my favorite artists and craftswomen, I felt instantly called.

Against my own practical, rational mind, I followed my heart and said YES to the opportunity to buy my ticket to the SpiritWeavers Gathering. I have to thank Nikki Jacoby and BeTheFair’s Brette Howard for encouraging me. We walked an unknown, mystical magnetic path, knowing deep down that we needed and deserved this time together, communing with creative and visionary women in nature. 7U6A7277

Here is what I learned, and I will try an keep it concise.

-Our inner voice is our best guide, and much of what we do in our daily life distracts us from listening to it. It is important to do what we can to tune in to it. Without following our inner voice, we spin our wheels without purpose. It is there all the time! Listen to your hearts, babes.

-As women, having time with other women in a safe and supported environment is incredibly healing and rejuvenating.

-Being in nature is essential to getting grounded, and connecting with the elements.

-Being in connection with the elements helps us access deep intuitive wisdom, boundless energy, and endless inspiration.

-Ritual is a beautiful way to worship whatever god or goddess or energy or nothing that you want.

-We are all gifted with unique wisdom, and it is important that we share our gifts with each other.

-We are incredibly fortunate to have everything that we need to survive.

-Having sisters, blood or chosen, is incredibly important. 7U6A8031



I find my mind reeling with so many things to say. I think I will stop here before I get really cosmic on you. The point is, wow. This experience really impacted me, inspired me, uplifted me, and put me on a more clear path in life. And I am so, so grateful.7U6A8089

On that tip, you will notice some changes here at HTHG as I process and fine-tune my message to you all. Please do feel free to let me know what you think, you know I so appreciate your questions and feedback:)

Highlights from the Spiritweaver’s Gathering were these.7U6A7167

I learned to dye silk using natural pigments. We dyed scraps with boiled fennel, blackberries, oak balls, and horsetail. 7U6A7179More on that here!

I learned to infuse honey for beauty and remedy. Thanks to Janelle Campbell, I now have the knowledge to infuse with confidence, as well as 2 of my own small infusions. 7U6A7419

Here is a quick DIY…

Add any medicinal or flavorful herbs or flowers into a jar, and pour honey over them. Cover, and set in a warm place to infuse for 2 weeks, making sure you flip the jar over every few days to mix. If you use fresh herbs, your honey will have a shelf life of 4-6 months, dry herb infusions will last literally for thousands of years.

I made an infusion with calendula, rose, horsetail and lavender to use on my skin as a mask, or mix with water and use as a spray toner or hair conditioner.

I made another one with orange peel, cayanne, and turkey tail mushrooms for a digestive immune booster and tonic for boosting circulation. I will use it by eating a spoonful when I need it.

Check this post out on medicinal herbs for beauty🙂

More on honey infusions here.

7U6A7183Marysia Miernowska from the Gaia School of Healing taught us about the language of medicinal plants using the Wise Woman Tradition. I Highly recommend, if you are interested in the subject, the book Healing Wise (Wise Woman Herbal Series) by Susun Weed.

Brette, Nikki and I took a business 101 course for conscious creators from a thoughtful and savvy entrepenuer named Britt Neubacher who owns Tend Living, a water-wise creative garden/landscaping company in San Diego. In a group of 20 women, we discussed the trials, the blessings, and the frustrations of building conscious businesses.

I learned about wild fermentation from master fermentors Mori Natura and Nastasha McGuirk. The class was really interesting and informative, and also very affirming as I realized that I have been over-thinking my fermented krauts for years now. I have been over-salting and overfussing. Turns out, you can safely ferment literally anything. The key is, you have to use filtered or distilled water, and not too much salt (must be sea salt.)

We foraged wild greens like sorrel, baby pine needles, mugwort, dandelion, and nettles and mixed them with cabbage, carrots, and salt for a perfect fermented tonic kraut. We also sampled homemade fermented krauts, cheeses, breads and kefirs. When I got home, I ordered Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods by Sandor Katz to keep me inspired and educated on journey deeper into fermented foods.

7U6A7191I shared my toothbrush with a banana slug.7U6A78857U6A78787U6A7860

I did some hair, of course;) Felt very called to return next year as a skillsharer and teach braiding and holistic DIY haircare. See you there:)?

Lastly, I had the pleasure of connecting with 5 incredible creative women and their really exciting brands.7U6A8131

April Rose of Rainbow Kimono and Sara Harris of Totally Blown stole my heart, and I returned home with a beautiful ceramic moon phase neck piece and a killer massively distressed crop T shirt which had been totally blown away by a shotgun shell. Read more on these two visionaries in the links above. 7U6A7927 7U6A7918

Bunni and her Daughter Alchemy of Zen Bunni Chocolates were a pleasure to meet. Alchemy is 4 years old, and she let me do her hair on a sunny afternoon by the river. Bunni was kind enough to gift me 5 chocolate bars which were enough to make me fall in love with them, their chocolate, and the story of their tiny rabbit hole biodynamic chocolate shop in Venice, California. Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 3.50.39 PM

Photo by Brette Howard.

I have been taking my Sunpotion Prash on the daily, a spoonful at a time. I feel the lifeforce barreling through me in a way that I have never felt before. I tend to be a cold, damp person and I have been feeling quite a bit of inner heat from it. And it tastes so heavenly. The herbal mix of honey and ghee melt down my throat like fire caramel. I do yoga as it melts in my mouth and it is a total sensory explosion. Check this great company of transformational foods and supplements if you feel the need to help get your energy flowing in the right direction. IMG_4920

I also finally got to meet my insta-friend and favorite natural beauty brand Naked Eye Beauty’s Jen Zillioto in person, which was so awesome, and she was just as lovely and down to earth as I thought she would be. Big shout out to her and her lovingly-naturally-crafted line of skin, hair, and makeup products.

In a nutshell, thanks to vision of Daughterofthesun, the dream building of the Spiritweaver sisters, and the generosity of all the women who came to share and learn, my chakras are open, my roots are deep, and my mind is Totally Blown. Can’t wait for next year. And I wish every one of you sisters who are here today abundant opportunity to root down and commune with your fellow woman. We all deserve it.

xoxo, HTHG

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