Cyndi Lauper Waterfall Braid for Curly Hair

7U6A6182Hi dears. Do you remember when we talked about the waterfall braid last year? Waterfall braids are french braids that you only add hair to from one side, instead of both. And on the other side, each time you overlap, you drop your strand and grab a new one from right under it. Check out this tutorial for clarity. audy

I love this hairstyle because I really dig the asymmetrical vibe, but it is still soft and not too severe. This hairstyle looks so cool on curly, big hair so I say, let it be wild. 7U6A6147

To get the look, you will need 2 bobby pins and your braiding fingers.

Begin like you are doing a french braid, with 2 small pieces of hair at the front of your hairline. Overlap them a few times.

Now, do a waterfall braid straight down the back of your head, adding to one side, and dropping and swapping your sections on the other side. If you need extra waterfall braid clarity, check this.

When you reach the back hairline, use your bobby pins to secure the base of the braid to the head. Let the ends hang free, and sweep all the hair on one side over one shoulder and rock it like Cyndi Lauper.

xoxo, HTHG

Mayapple Boutique Shoot, More Crimped Hair Magic.

throwsHello darlings. How are you all?  I have been in Fayetteville AR, spending time with friends and family, shooting photos, and cutting some shaggy, long overdue hair at Mayapple Salon and Boutique.

7U6A9724One of the highlights of my whirlwind trip was styling hair for a shoot with 4 lovely women for the Mayapple Boutique lookbook and an editorial spread in the Fayetteville Free Weekly…….I had the pleasure of working beside my salon business partner, the talented Melissa Arens, hair and wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, and fellow mother of daughters who happens to be a longtime favorite photoshoot collaborator of mine:)

7U6A0585 Together, we worked with models Sarah Levine, Nicolette Gawthrop, and Mel’s daughter, Cloey Grote, all in Nikki Jacoby jewelry and HTHG hairstyles, featuring… guessed it. The Crimper. 7U6A9571

For this shoot, I employed my little Mini Crimper
and worked it hard. I crimped Nico’s pre-flatironed hair, piece by piece from root to ends leaving her bangs un-crimped.

7U6A0178On Cloey, I worked through her pre-flatironed hair in small random sections on the surface, lightly spraying the pieces and then crimping them here and there to create geometrics and angles. It looked so cool!! I love crimping so, so hard.

7U6A9919_2-2After crimping Sarah’s hair, I did the Viking Hair for the Modern Lady hairstyle which turned out perfectly cool.

Then we braced ourselves and our hair for the insane monsoon of rain that was coming down and made our way to a muddy bike tunnel which underpasses 6th street and connects a fantastic bike trail that runs the entire length of Fayetteville, AR.

7U6A0403Shooting photos in tunnels is the shit. I could have stayed there all day just playing around and dancing and taking pictures. Can you tell I nerd out for photo ops like this?

popNext up? A quick change, easy beehives, dramatic makeup and a blue wall.

What could be better? What a great day.

I had so much fun editing these photos with Picmonkey, btw. See the new Picmonkey sidebar ad to your right? It is there because I could not run HTHG without Picmonkey photo-editing…. It is a super affordable program for monkeys like me who don’t have the time to mess with photoshop. They make it simple and fun to edit and collage, and I am proud to be partnering with them. Check em out!

And FYI, be on the lookout for the new Mayapple Boutique online……Coming soon, stocked with Nikki Jacoby jewelry, hand picked vintage and American made apparel. xoxoxo, HTHG


The Side-Puff, a quick curly do.

Hi curly and natural textured babes. Here is yet another little quickie hairstyle to rock when you are feeling otherwise hair un-inspired.

This hairstyle works for all types of curls and textured hair types, and can be done on hair that is about 4 inches and longer.

lizYou will need 5 large bobby pins for this hairstyle, and about 2 minutes of time. Do you have your twisting fingers ready?

Begin by taking a rough section of hair on the top of the head. Holding it by the ends, give it a twist, a full rotation and a half, and then hold it against the head. Pin it securely into place at the back of the head.

Now take a largish section of hair from one side (the opposite side that you want your puff on.) Twist it back and pull it across the back of the head, towards the other side. Hold the twist against the head and pin it into place, leaving the ends of it free to curl.

On the other side, just tuck your hair behind your ear, or pin it back if you want. Arrange all the hair on that side into a nice round puff. Add a flower if you want:)


xo, HTHG


Riot Grrrl Red, DIY

Raise your hand if the Riot Grrrl chapter of the 1980’s and 1990’s shaped you into the human you are today? Hand raised high.

I met my first Riot sister in the 6th grade, and her name was Therese. She was a Riot Grrrl baby with a weak spot for Gwen Stephani, and I was a Riot Girl Baby with a weak spot for Green Day. We shared our love of chick bands, Hard Candy nail polish, and our Converse sneakers, which turned into Dr. Marten boots by the 7th grade. Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.23.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.10.45 PM

Over the years, T and I went to many rock shows together. We saved up our money and bought albums, and we rocked out to them, feeling the angst of the entire world. I became obsessed with Seattle bands like The Fastbacks and Mia Zapata and the Gits. In my mind, Sub Pop was everything. T was partial to L7, Bikini Kill, and Hole.

This is my Riot Grrrl life anthem song, BTW. Thank you Mia Zapata. RIP forever, I can’t wait to die so I can meet you and fan-girl out on you in a big huge way.


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.24.21 PMPhotos from Wikipedia.

Imagine my delight to get a text from T the other day, she was all like ‘I’m want to dye my hair Riot Grrrl red, and you can post the process on HTHG’

Then I was all like ‘Heck yeah!!!! when do you want to do it?’ assuming I was going to do her hair for her.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.24.56 PMShe was like ‘I’m going to color it myself. And document the process.’ Like a true Riot Grrrl. Because we all know that those DIY Riot Grrrl haircuts and colors are the best ones. Just ask Mia, Kathleen, Courtney, Tobey, Kim, Donita, Stephanie and Roisin.

So, Therese went for it, and she nailed it. #riotgrrrlforever



Here is how T suggests you DIY your hair Riot Grrrl Red.


You will need……IMG_5060 Clips, a color bowl and brush, a processing cap, a comb, gloves, Paul Mitchell The Color in 7OR and 8RO (2 parts to 1 part), 20 volume developer, and Paul Mitchell Veggie color in Neon Red and Orange, (2 parts to 1 part.)


And, you might want to get a soap dispenser shaped like a pine come;) This color is demonstrated on virgin-ish hair, with some highlights here and there. If you are working with previously colored hair, please refer to this guide to DIY color before you begin.IMG_5059

Mix up your color, 2 parts 7 OR, to 1 part 8 RO and equal parts developer. Put on your gloves, and apply the color to your hair roots to ends, working through it in 4 sections to make it easier.IMG_5061 Once you have fully saturated your hair with color, put on your processing cap and allow the color to process according to the directions on your color. When processing is done, shampoo out color and dry hair. NO CONDITIONER!IMG_5062 Conditioning the hair now would just close your cuticle back up so the veggie dye coudn’t get in!

Now mix up your Inkworks/Veggie dye. Therese mixed Inkworks 2 parts red, 1 part orange to get that perfect Riot Grrrl Red. Once the color is applied, put your cap on and process for 30 minutes.

Now rinse well, shampoo, and condition. IMG_5058Feel that old power coming back to you from those Riot Grrrl days. The Riot Grrrl never dies.

If you are a DIY hair-cutter who is curious about DIY home-hair coloring, I highly recommend using DIY hair color by Madison Reed, which Resorcinol-Free.

If you purchase a Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit, you will receive not only the colors of hair colors your choice, but also the necessary tools to apply it. The entire line is designed for the DIY hair colorer! And if you need to tone in between coloring, be sure to check out their Color Reviving Gloss to refresh and revive your hair.

Also, I recommend a shopping stop at Beauty Store Depot for all your other DIY hair cutting and coloring tools to fill your toolkit!

Need a custom DIY hair color consultation to help troubleshoot your hair color at home?

ad$30 buys you a one-on-one online consultation with HTHG regarding your color and how to get it where you want it. Click here.

xoxox, HTHG

A Year of Hair in Motion

Hello darlings. This year at HTHG has been really fun, and I am so thankful to have had the chance to experiment and take this thing in some interesting new directions ( all over the dang place.) Thank you all SO MUCH for hanging in there with me through all of it:)

Photography is very important to me because I my memory is failing me so documentation is a must, I am hellbent on communicating, and I find visual images a very powerful source of inspiration. 2014 and 2015 have been all about learning to find freedom and beauty in everyday things, and figuring out how to capture and communicate those things with my camera.

the Hair in Motion of ‘Hair Shake’  image provides a literal feast of inspiration to me because it communicates the beauty of hair, freedom, and provides a great opportunity for technical-photography building skills…….shutter speed, aperture, lighting, ISO……… all the goods.

With that said, I give you a collection of my favorite HTHG Hair Shakes of this past year. Enjoy!

7U6A1486 7U6A6013 7U6A6767 7U6A8426 7U6A2205 7U6A4129 7U6A4987 7U6A5574 7U6A9298 7U6A76307U6A1369 7U6A3792 7U6A9216 7U6A4979



xoxox, HTHG

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