Free Your Hair Earth Collection Teaser

Babes! This Summer has been so wonderful. One of my favorite parts of it has been the work I have done to develop the Free Your Hair Earth Collection, a new collection of 100% plant based, sustainably harvested, small batch made-with-love hair care products, which will be for sale here at HTHG and in selected boutiques and salons around the country!IMG_5155

The development of this lovely line of conscious hair care has involved planting seeds, harvesting herbs and flowers, sourcing oils, dying fabrics with natural pigments, picking flowers, making flower mandalas, mixing plant and earth-based powders, testing recipes, blending essential oils, shooting inspirational photos with some of my favorite women, laughing my ass off, crying (once when the spout got knocked off of our test oil infusion, draining the entire gallon of plant vibes and liquid gold into the dirt, ) and harnessing the power of the sun’s natural light to infuse our signature plant blend in organic oil, for the high-vibe Free Your Hair Infusion which goes into 3 of our 4 products.

IMG_5387Here is a little run-down of the herbs and flowers in the Free Your Hair Infusion and why we love them.

Rosemary is a very effective herb in fighting dandruff and ailments of the scalp. It  is used to prevent hair loss and premature graying. It has strong detoxifying qualities for both the hair and skin. It is great for removing buildup from hair.

Calendula is a fantastic natural anti-oxidant that protects the hair and skin against environmental stresses. It is a natural sunscreen and helps with cuticle sealing. It also has potent healing and soothing abilities, so it is perfect for skin and scalp conditions. It is best used on hair that is over-exposed to the elements and dried out ( Parched Summer ends!)

IMG_5491Dried Rosebuds Are a natural gentle balancer for the hair and skin. They add moisture and shine, smell fantastic, and are very beneficial to finer hair types. Women with hormonal issues can benefit from rosebud infusions internally and externally. Plus, they add a lovely scent and pink hue to all infusions.

Chamomile has been used for centuries to lighten the hair and add golden highlights. It  boosts body and leaves a lovely shine. It is best used to add body and tone to lighter, finer hair types.

IMG_5914 Lavender Is a healing and stimulating tonic for the hair and skin. It is used to invigorate the scalp and add fullness to fine hair. The scent of lavender is used to help with anxiety and insomnia.

 Horsetail is perhaps the most powerful of beauty herbs. It has the highest silica content of any plant in the plant kingdom. Silica is a building block of collagen, a protein found in hair and skin. It strengthens the hair and plumps the skin when used as a topical tea, oil, or vinegar infusion or when made as a tea to drink. It’s effects are fast and visible. It coats the hair with a protective layer and adds both thickness and integrity.

Burdock root is full of Vitamin A and fatty acids that are essential to healthy cell production. It has long been used to hold in moisture and help sluggish hair grow faster.

Borage has very high levels of GLA, gamma linolenic acid, an important essential fatty acid which aids in healthy hair and skin growth.

Nettles are a powerful circulation booster for the skin of the scalp…..It helps to treat and prevent hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema while stimulating healthy new growth.

These wonderful plants are wild-crafted by myself and my family, when available, or sourced locally and harvested sustainably. The oils and butters in our products are 100% fair trade, organic, and sustainable. We are taking enormous care and pride in the entire process of creating this line, and we cant WAIT to get them into your hair.

The Free Your Hair Earth Collection will be made in batches of 30 items pr batch, and we expect they will sell out quite fast so be sure to follow us on Instagram to get our official release notice so you can get your orders in! You can follow the process by searching the hashtag #freeyourhairearthcollection.

Stay tuned for the first  batch, coming this Fall on HTHG.

Queer-ish Faux-mullet Viking -esque Braids

julsJules was in a hair pickle. She was feeling very depressed about how thick and long her hair is, how sweaty it made her in the Summer heat, and how it made her feel like a ‘desperate, horse-obsessed 7th grader.’

She was preparing to leave for a 7 week stint in Europe as an assistant guide for Rick Steves. She almost shaved the sides Skrillex-style, and then thought for a minute that she would have me pixie the sides and top and give her a legit Euro-mullet. She wanted a hairstyle that made her look slightly more queer. We settled on braids that gave her the mullet effect, with a fierce Queer Viking Maiden vibe.


Jules has great hair for styling because it is so thick and never too clean….(She is a ShamPHree babe, ) She and her magnificent hair brought us the Wino braid, the Viking braid, and also the Perfect 60’s Beehive and the Superbowl Hairnucopia.

Here is how we did it. Begin by checking out this post for a run-through of how to do cornrows.






We started by sectioning off the entire top of the head, wrapping it into a tight bun and clipping it out of the way. Then, I sectioned off the back of the head as well, so her entire mohawk strip down the center of her head was left out of the braids.

I made the temple’s the point to begin each parting for each of three small french braids, which radiated back, halfway to the back of her head.

The first sub-section braid parting was below the top section of the head, and I made sure to tightly bun and clip all the hair beneath it so as to have a well-defined bit of hair to braid. I started a small french braid at her temple, adding in tiny bits of hair from either side as I worked my way back, guiding the braid down the sub-section. When I reached the large back section of head and all the hair from my small side subsection was braided in, I continued the braid down the free ends of her hair, securing the tail with a clear elastic.

I made a second braid parting starting at the temple, and dividing the remaining side section of hair, straight back radially below the first braid. I clipped off all the hair below it to isolate the sub-section, and then I braided the second braid in the same manner as the first.

Then, I began a 3rd braid at the temple, french-braiding the remaining hair into it.

Repeat the 2 braids on the other side of the head.

A fun way to wear this ‘do is to back-comb the hair at the top of the head to get some tousled height, then tie the braids together 2 at a time across the back of the head!

This hairstyle is a great one for road trips and long travel stints because it dramatically cuts down on the amount of hair that hangs in your face, making it easier to get it all back, all while rocking those fierce braided sides. It is possible to DIY, but is a good one to have a braid-friendly pal help you with:)

Happy Summer!

xo, HTHG

Fierce Braids #8……Mad Max Braids

7U6A9144Hey babes. Little post-apocolyptic braid-spiration today, in the form of a pulled-back triple-Ribcage Braid.

This braid is a part of a 3 part progression, so check this post out for the basic technique, and then this post for more clarification:)

Here is the tutorial in a nutshell……

To get the look, part off the top section of your hair in a half circle from one temple to the other. Thoroughly brush out the tangles.

mad maxNow, split the top section into 3 equal sized sections of hair, as if you were going to braid it. Clip off the outside sections so you can easily access the center section. Do a Ribcage Braid down this center section, dropping bits of hair every time you overlap.

Braid halfway to the ends of the hair, then secure the braid with an elastic or a bobby pin so it doesn’t un-ravel.

Now, begin a braid in the second section, beside your first braid. Overlap 3 times, and then begin adding in the dropped sections from your first Ribcage Braid. You will be adding the sections in to the inner side of your braid only, so every OTHER overlap. Continue braiding and adding in your first braid’s dropped sections. Continue braiding halfway down the to the ends.

Now with your final section of hair, begin a 3rd braid, and start adding in the dropped sections from the other side of the first braid, in the same manner as the second braid. Continue braiding and adding, halfway to the ends.

Now gather the ends of your 3 conjoined braids in the back of your head, and pin them together with bobbyy pins, in some kind of cool way like the one show, or you can check this post for more inspired bobby pin geometry.

xo, HTHG


PS. Digging Birch’s vibe? Her overalls are from HTHG favorites Lykke Wullf, shot-gun blown cropped T from Totally Blown, and Moon-Power neck piece by Rainbow Kimono🙂

Let’s Give the Braided Beard a Moment.

You can’t blame the beard for wanting to be included in the fun of body hair color and adornment. Body hair is body hair, after all, and we live in an age of anything goes.

7U6A4324We have watched long bushy beards make their biggest comeback since the pioneer days of trappers and lumberjacks. They radiate from the bottom half of dudes faces, and we wonder why don’t they do something with them. Something besides ‘groom’ them with beard pomade and then get cheese stuck in them.

Beards, on the other hand, are wondering why ladies get to have all the fun of hairstyling. By god if women can dye their armpit hair, in this current social climate of dumping gender norms and leveling the playing field, surely a beard can have a little fun, without stooping to the level of decoration with Christmas balls or the messy impracticality of the floral beard (we wanted that one to work out so bad!)……..Maybe, for the sake of both expression and practicality and neatness, it is time to rock a beard braid, with a little ombre, and maybe a flower stuck in it (if we are lucky.)

Beards, we agree with you on this. It IS your time. We believe that the hair that grows off of the bottom half of your mug is fair game for hair play, and we think that it is high time to help you take your moment in the limelight. Also, we are secretly jealous that you have the ability to grow hair off your face, and we would like to see you take full advantage of that wild hair by doing as many different kinds of braids to it as possible, also by curling it in various ways.

May we suggest you start your beard styling journey with a French braid? And don’t worry…..If you need help, we can braid it for you. But pay attention to how we do it because we think that this trend might just stick around like that cheddar in your mustache. 7U6A4341

Also, Man Braids in general? Major YES, am I right???

xo, HTHG

Hairstyle for the Lady Bartender, and Support a Great Cause.

7U6A3508Hello my dears! So much has happened since I last posted…..Whew! I’m glad I took the month of July of off work, which was a leap of faith and an impractical yet necessary move. I needed some time and space to spend time with my kids, play, travel, create, and incubate ideas.

After the Oregon Country Fair, a story about the Free Your Pits Movement broke in the New York Times, which was super cool and a real honor, and also a major press-navigating lesson for me and I was very grateful to have taken that time off to be able to manage it all, while still relaxing a bit in between phone calls, emails, and interviews.

Now, as I sit on the sleeping porch of a tiny cabin on Vashon Island while my kids wash the dishes and then eat pie out of a pan with a spoon, I have a chance to breath, go through photos, and write the first post and hair tutorial for our 2015 Bethefair series.

This first tutorial is dedicated to the Lady Bartender, who wants a quick dirty hair-style to rock while on the job. This tutorial is demonstrated by Brette Howard, my fair sister, who is among many other things…..A bartender.

Brette Howard is a great bartender. Besides the fact that she is a mega babe, Brette can ‘sell shit to a shitsalesman’ a self-directed quote that I can vouch for. A certain story that resonates is the one where she sold a White Russian made with her own breast milk to a drunk dude in a swank SF bar.

Where does Brette get her skills from? one might ask. The answer is, her father Joe Skyward, legendary LA musician and bartender at the Short Stop in Echo Park. The apple did not fall far from that tree.

Before I share a hair tutorial for the Lady Bartender, a ‘do that Brette invented and regularly rocks on the job, I want to mention something quite dear to my heart on behalf of Brette and her family.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.25.07 PMHer father, Joe, has cancer which has metastasized to many parts of his body, and Brette is busting her ass to raise money to help him pay bills, so that he can take time off to heal and rest and enjoy time with his nearest and dearest.  Please take a minute to visit their Gofundme page, the Joe VS the Volchemo, the Joe Skyward Cancer Fund.

If you are in the Seattle area, consider getting tickets to go see the Sky Cries Mary reunion show at Nuemos, which is a benefit for Joe. We will all be there, dancing and rocking out in honor of the Skyward/Howards and their noble battle of love.

With that said, here is the Braided Hairstyle for the Lady Bartender.

This hairstyle requires longer hair, so if you have it, rock it and if you are growing it out use this hairstyle as inspiration to keep growing:) If you are short-haired, never fear, we’ve got some hair tutorials coming your way.brujablanca

Begin by parting your hair across the back, from the top of one ear to top of the other.

Take all the hair in the top section and twist it together into a bun on top of the head. Secure the bun with bobby pins, (although we recommend using a Nikki Jacoby Hair Comb:)

Now in the bottom section, make a part down the middle, and do a braid on either side. Secure the ends with small elastics.

Now criss-cross the braids across the back, pulling them up and around your bun. Twist them around the bun in opposite directions, then tuck the tails underneath, and pin your braids into the base of your bun.

Now make that money, mama. Sell your breast-milk in a cocktail if you want. Work that hair, feed that family.

xoxo, HTHG




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