Color Inspo, HTHG style.

Hi babes. Since I started blogging 4 years ago, I have never had less than 3 post scheduled into the future. You see, I never stop having ideas for posts. In fact, most posts turn into 3 and before you know it I am completely drowning in content that I am wanting to share with you. I told my friend Jayne today that I might be a little bit obsessive about getting ideas out of my head and into the blog.

Today, I write to you from absolutely real time, no posts ahead of me…. just here and now. sharing photos from the last few weeks because I find myself for the first time EVER without any scheduled posts. Maybe this is a psychological breakthrough for me, as I begin teaching for the first time and start to come out of my shell a bit into real time, introversion aside, just sharing in real time, face to face with other artists and stylists.

Did I tell you I am teaching a workshop on the Colorprint technique tomorrow at Edo salon in San Francisco? I am so excited and just a little nervous. I am hoping that this will be the first workshop of many, so please wish me luck and hold courageous space for me in your hearts tomorrow.

Color inspiration from the last few weeks are………CB021E87-56DD-40F6-A745-233FE1828312

Plants and flowers from the San Juan Islands. I made a mandala (hashtag search #filthandbeautymandala on instagram  for more:)

IMG_3547Magnolias against a blue sky. Duh.IMG_3518

The incredible print patterns on Kehinde Wiley’s paintings.IMG_3538

The Seattle Gumwall. Everyone bitched and moaned when the city decided to clean the gum off (apparently they do it every few years) but the gum is back with a vengeance.IMG_3744

Spring flowers on a walk around the neighborhood. 5 year old Selah and I make floral designs together on Tuesdays.IMG_3816

The Brugmansia plant in my friend Brette’s back yard in San Francisco.

IMG_3822The epic amount of Manic Panic hair color that spilled in my suitcase on my way to San Francisco. Yes, that’s right. Every single one of them unscrewed themselves and spilled, causing a veritable rainbow of mess. #chargeittothegame

Love y’all,  thanks for reading! HTHG


Colorprint Turquoise and Malachite

IMG_2565While painting an impressionist garden in Bridget Collins hair the other day, we chatted about all  the possibilities of drawing inspiration from natures most colorful corners to paint into hair. She suggested Malachite, with it’s stunning veins of dark and green. Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.23.23 PMWe talked about moths, specifically the Luna Moth. My mind was so full of ideas and colors by the time she left the house, I couldn’t wait to start painting.

IMG_2562A few days later, I finally found the time to play with Colorprint again, It was a rainy Thursday and I was home with little Selah who just turned 5. We got out her paints and my paints and painted side by side….. I painted hair, she painted a birdhouse.Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.53.21 PM

My inspiration ( and challenge)  for the day was malachite and raw turquoise. Here is how it went.IMG_2534IMG_2535IMG_2529IMG_2530FullSizeRender

Amethyst Braids

DSC08134While experimenting with some braids and flowers, something told me to break through to another medium. I reached for an Amethyst to finish of a look, not knowing if it was going to work out. I had to create a bit of a hair bezel to secure it, but it wasn’t out of the question. The hairstyle, complete with the crystal, ended up gorgeous. So I added some flowers and plants just for good measure.jules

Remember the rib-cage braid, where we dropped a piece of hair out of every overlap from one side of each braid? This hairstyle uses that same technique, accept that we are working with a french braid, and dropping a piece of hair from each side every overlap our middle braid.

So with a french braid down the center of the head (untidy partings are fine) drop half of each overlap section as you braid in hair from either side. Continue this all the way to the base of the neck, and then continue a regular 3 strand braid down to the ends, securing with a clear elastic.

Now, do a french braid on either side, not dropping anything, just braiding in the dropped sections from your first braid. Continue your braids to the ends, and secure them.jules2

Next, wind each braid into a bun, and pin them securely, hiding the tails.jules3

Now, decorate your buns! I used lilies, waxflowers, and pussywillows. For the Amethyst, I made a nice hollow spot on top of the bun, nestled the crystal into it, and then manipulated the edges of the braid using tension and pins to bezel it into place.DSC08103

Wearable, as long as you don’t tip your head too far forward or backward. I am determined to find a way to make this even more secure and wearable, so expect to see more hair crystals in the near future:)

xo, HTHG


Double Fishtail Rainbow Wrap

DSC00066Hello dears! I’ve got a cheerful little wrapped braid hairstyle to share today, inspired by the colors and textures of Spring! This hairstyle is quite easy for medium-long haired people, and it just requires skills in the fishtail braid, and some bobby pins to pin them into placeDSC00049


Begin by sectioning out a circle of hair in the back of the head, and doing a fishtail braid. Secure the ends with a clear elastic.DSC00006

Now, with all the hair left hanging, make another fishtail braid.DSC00010

Now take your top braid, and wind it up and around, into a bun. Tuck the ends behind the bun to hide them, and then pin it into place.DSC00017

Now, wind the lower braid up and around your bun, tucking the ends underneath, and pinning the braid into place from several angles to secure itDSC00073

Garnish with flowers and a twist of color…….Love her color job? Compliments of the HTHG Color Print technique, my new favorite way to color hair.

xo, HTHG

Winged Braids Hairstyle

DSC08203Had to almost call this braid the Made in Guam Braid because of Megan’s delightful neck tattoo. I truly couldn’t help myself.DSC08164

This romantic low ‘up-do’ was created using a braid technique that I have been experimenting with recently, where you take a basic 3 strand braid, and every other time you overlap a strand, you separate out half of it, and let it drop out, picking it up every other overlap from that same side. So you create little wings down the sides of your braid. As you braid in each wing (dropped strand) you can pull it out a bit wider to widen the loop. megan1Are you with me? This one is a little advanced.

This hairstyle is made of 5 winged braids. I separated the hair into 5 vertical sections, smallest 2 sections from the hairline to behind each ear,  2 medium sections from behind each ear to the back of the occipital bone wide, 5th section the entire back of the headmegan2

Then to create the low bun, I gently wrapped the largest braid into a soft bun at the nape of her neck, using large pins to pin it into place. I tucked the end of the braid against the head, behind the bun to hide it.

Then, I draped each of the 2 medium sized braids up and over the bun, overlapping them and then wrapping the ends one at a time around the bun, pinning them into place as I wrapped, and then tucking the ends in to hide them.

With the 2 small braids, I draped them softly back and overlapped them in the same manner, gently wrapping the ends and pinning/hiding them. The whole thing is done very loose with no tension so that the whole thing is both soft, yet pinned securely. DSC08193

Then, I added succulents, pussywillows, and lilies, and eucalyptus.

Let’s get the hell out of Winter and into Spring. This is how I cope.

xo, HTHG



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