Taurus Hairoscope

coverFriends old and new, thanks for visiting us today for the 4nd edition of the Free Your Hair HOROSCOPE honoring the Taurus.

I offer this series to all as an ever-changing and morphing guide for Hair-Centered Radical Self Care, Ritual and Beauty in honor and tribute to each sign as they enter into their place in the Sun Rotation.

With this Hairoscope, we hope to inspire each sign of the zodiac to take some extra time on their birthday month to really love on and care for themselves. Every month, we will pull a card to share from The Moon Deck to inspire your monthly self-care ritual. With the sage advice of The Moon Deck, we will adapt our monthly mantras to bless and honor our own hair. We invite you to share these monthly Hairoscopes with your friends who are of that month’s astrological sign and help them take some time for self love!

For this series, I worked with artist Madison McClain to create our women of the horoscope, and with intuitive writer and healer Aarona Ganesan, co-creator of The Moon Deck, which is the Tarot Deck I use daily to inspire my own personal self-care rituals.

This month, we honor the Taurus

Moon Deck Ritual:

(Words and Rituals adapted from the Moon Deck Guidebook, changed slightly to speak specifically to our hair.)

Hair Brush Mantra:

‘I Trust the Mystery of Life ‘

Although the unknown can sometimes be unsettling, even when we prep and plan the future is unpredictable. When we realize that the mystery is the magic of life, filled with fertile possibility, we can approach it with trust rather than fear. 
Raven has arrived to remind you to trust the mystery, the unknown realm, and the deep inquiry. She is the bird of mysticism and magic, birth and death, shadow and light and the messenger between them all.

Let go and surrender so that your energy can flow more freely and your ability to trust can expand. You don’t have to fix, solve, or have all the answers today. The magical mystery and innocent wonder of life is something to celebrate rather than fear.

Take 5 minutes today to brush this mantra into your hair, repeating it to yourself with every stroke. Be in a comfortable, calm place without distraction. Close your eyes and breath, centering your body as you brush. If you are not a regular hair brusher, here is why we think you should try it, and here is where to get yourself a beautiful hair brush to work into your hair care ritual. If you are more of the combing type, consider a wooden wide toothed comb or your own fingers for a relaxing scalp massage.

Intuitive Hair Style

Your self-care ritual for your birthday month, dear Taurus, is an intuitive hairstyle to help you learn and practice trust in your own ability to create and express from an innate knowing, instead of an external striving.

The only rule for this hairstyle is that you use no mirrors, and you close your eyes and let your hands and your hair lead the way. This is a great practice for letting go of perfectionism, and also for building muscle memory for better braiding. Whatever sort of hairstyle inspires you, whether it is just letting it dry wild and natural, doing an intricate braid, or trying a brand new look that you have always wanted to experiment with, trust yourself to create it using only your intuition and your hands. Rock it with pride!


Hair Advice:

Taurus: You are the queens of grounded practicality, organizing and planning. My advice to you is to Free Your Life by Freeing Your Hair. This month, your birthday month, is for you to let yourself be untamed. Let your hair down, shake your curls out, embrace the big and the mess.

Stop and smell the flowers. Go where the wind blows your hair the wildest. Swim in the ocean and don’t rinse your hair afterward. Make a fire and let the smoke bless your hair, then sleep on it for several days, smelling woodsmoke and remembering the wild cleansing of fire.

Moon Phases in Taurus:

The New Moon and Full Moon are the most potent times for setting new intentions for healthy habits and relationships and creating rituals that are potent in their action. I highly recommend this months Brush Mantra and Intuitive Hair Style be done around both the 26th of April to observe the New Moon, setting an intention of what you are ready to let go of in your life/in your hair/in your relationship to yourself in physical and spiritual form, and around May 10th to observe the Full Moon, setting intention for what you are ready to bring in to your life. What do you want to manifest? Now is the time.

And how do you set an intention? for those who haven’t practiced it……Speak a little prayer to yourself. Honor it with the ritual of Brushing and Intuitive Styling. Hold the prayer in your heart as you practice self love. Make it so!

Please check out The Moon Deck for more musings. Taurus babes, may we suggest you get your own deck as a birthday gift to yourself and make a vow to love yourself and your hair more in this coming year.

What would you like to see woven into our monthly Hairoscope? I would love to hear your feedback! We are excited to watch this series grow and change with your input.

xo, HTHG and The Moon Deck



Peace Braid

Good morning my dears.

It has been a while since I have spoken from the heart here and I want to take a minute today to drop in.

I have been thinking a lot about what is working in the world around us, today. What are the things that we live for, the things that keep us connected and hopeful. Where are the places that don’t require resistance to make great change, and in fact maybe require us to do the opposite of resist: Lean in, move toward, flow.

Finding moments of peace, appreciating the beauty around us in the small things and cultivating the feelings of standing for, and living for something instead of in opposition. There is something very powerful there.

Here is what I have been up to: Preparing food and eating. Growing a baby. Braiding hair. Growing a baby. Traveling and sharing hair wisdom. Growing a baby. Connecting with communities. Growing a baby. Crying and laughing. Taking walks, loving flowers, bringing in the Spring. Loving my family and being driven mad by them, reading. Growing a baby.

The activism of Fall and Winter has softened into a deep search for the answers to “where is my energy best spent for the common good, and for the good of this small microcosm which is my body, myself, my family, my immediate community, etc.

Reading has felt revolutionary. The People’s History is almost finished, I’m just working my way slowly through the Reagan years. The teachings of Malcom X is really shifting some things for me, having been raised on the peaceful/ non-violent teachings of Dr. MLK. Braiding Sweetgrass blew my heart open. The Power of Habit empowered me with new insight into behavior. Walking the Medicine Wheel really made me think about healing in a different way. There are more: But let’s start with these.

I had the pleasure of spending some time in Portland last weekend, with my dear friend and fellow hair healer Stefani Padilla of La Tierra Sagrada Hair.

We taught a workshop together on Hair Ritual, and we facilitated a Peace Braid Meditation with a circle of women and men, joined in a continuous braid, while invoking and sharing visions of peace and what that means to each of them.

The circle was hosted by Alea Joy of Solabee Flowers, a beautiful bloom shop in PDX. She helped us adorn the Peace Braid with cherry blossoms, roses, cymbidium orchids, daffodils and beautiful botanical greenery. 

The next day, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary party of Solabee in their current location in NE Portland. I braided flowers into people’s hair, and Stef did trims and shared her Hair Medicine while party-goers gazed at beautiful blooms and drank violet champagne cocktails. 

Was just lovely, and so nice to spend some time with a new community. Thanks PDX, for taking good care of me.

I am sending love and peace to all of you who are reading this, and I’m curious: What brings you the most peace right now?


xo, HTHG

Season of the Witch: Natalia Karoway

 Welcome back to our next edition of this series. A few months back, after publishing our first 4 interviews, an outpouring of interest came in from women in this community who wanted to contribute by sharing their words, experience and perspective. Holding a space for these women to tell their stories felt like a real honor to me.

I am continuing to publish the words of some of my favorite Witches that I have personally reached out to, as well as readers of HTHG that I have not yet personally met, because it feels IMPORTANT and I will keep doing it until it leads to something else.

HTHG started out about simply DIY HAIR and has taken us down a portal deeper into identity and empowerment. The question of what it means to be a WITCH is simply a facet and a stop along the journey, a moment to dive into a subject that obviously touches many of us.

The process of producing content that is authentic and meaningful has been very much like following a single firefly deep into a big dark cave. Occasionally, the firefly enters a small chamber, and illuminates every aspect of its surroundings. There, we stop to look around.

Please enjoy this interview with Natalia Karoway on the topic of what it means to be a witch. 

What does the term Witch mean to you?

To me, a witch is someone who is tapped into the magic of existence and is devoted to assisting in the healing of mother earth and all of her children—human, animal, plant and beyond. A witch is deeply connected to the natural world — and she collaborates with the energy of earth and spirit to instigate transformations for herself and for those who call upon her. She is a space holder, knowing that she does not provide “healings” yet she uses her wisdom, power, and magic to set a stage for what is possible around her.

How would one know that one was a witch? 🙂

I think that it is simply a resonance and an alignment with the magical energetics of living in service to the earth and your community. It doesn’t have to be a strict definition. There are many other definitions than my personal thoughts above. I don’t believe you need to be initiated or called upon… but you do need to choose to walk the path and live it in action—not just in a sense of fashion or collecting crystals. I view it as stepping into a position of service.

Talk about intention and manifestation…..How do they work together, Can you recall the first time you experienced their power in action?

I love working with intention and manifestation. I do believe that committed action on an intention absolutely manifests experiences into being. But it’s the action that is critical. It’s not just holding on to a thought. You begin with the vision and foundation for the intention. You can hold it in your heart, write it out, meditate on it and bring it into ceremony. And then you begin to notice… the places where you can take inspired action… the opportunities that arise where you can take the path needed… stoking the fire of the intention, bringing it to life. That’s where I see the magic happening.

I used to work with vision boards a lot and found this process to be incredibly powerful. The action piece was always included after creating my collage of dream photos and words, but when I would look back at them after a year or even a few, I was always pleasantly surprised at how much I had brought into being. Sometimes the photos were just beautiful scenes I found online not even knowing where they may have been snapped, but I found myself visiting some of the exact locations without consciously thinking planning it. It’s really exciting, magical, and mind blowing!!

These days I work more in ceremony, bringing the intention, amplifying it with prayer, making heartfelt offerings, and then walking through the doors that open afterwards. Ceremony brings the awareness and plants the seeds of opportunity, but we still must walk through that door, answer that phone call, take that left turn.

How do you think that a collection of witches is magnified in power to an individual witch?

As with anything, I see collective energy always surpassing the individual. In the shamanic tradition I’ve studied with, the goal is to always live as a collective entity. The individual path is where we have the most challenges and the most suffering. When we dream together, come together with a common goal, plant that seed, and we all water and nourish it… it does not get more powerful than that!

Where would you direct a woman who is interested in exploring her inner witch for the first time? (books? Plants? etc)

I would first gently nudge her to venture into nature as much as possible. To listen to the forests, the plants, the water, the sky. There’s so much to be discovered in our deep connection with the earth.

I also have loved having teachers on my path. I find nothing more nurturing and fulfilling than being mentored in these realms. Sure there are wonderful books, but there is still much of this magical path that is an oral tradition. Learning from our wise elders has always built the strongest foundation for me and it carries forth a tradition unbroken.

I love the books of Scott Cunningham and my absolute favorite plant book is “Herbal Rituals” by Judith Berger. I also wrote a book called “Living Sacred Ceremony” for those who wish for inspiration in the realm of transformational ceremony practices.

How do the facets of our souls (shadow side, sun-lit side, good, evil) effect the process of owning our power?

Those of us who choose to walk this path must be willing to dance in the shadows. I actually love shadow work. Looking in these dark spaces certainly isn’t the most comfortable, but for me, it is the space in which I have the most growth. When we explore and find some understanding of our shadow self, I believe there is less to fear. And the less fear we have, the more powerful we can become.

Why do you think it is so hard for some of us to own our power, speak to the woman who knows she has it but is afraid to use it.

I think there are so many factors here. First of all, we have a collective wound as women who know our ancestors have literally been burned at the stake for using our power. It’s not something that we want to see happen ever again. There is a still a huge collective of dark masculine who fear the power of the divine feminine and will do anything to keep us from rising. It can be incredibly scary to rise into our full and powerful potential. But I see us as having no choice. Our time is now and if we don’t rise up, we are literally risking the extinction of our entire planet.

So to the women who feel the power within rising and the fear dancing with it, I say you are not alone in this. Find your sisters and rise to power together. We will walk this path side by side.

Tell us a little bit about your personal witch journey. ( if you want:)

My mom lived in Salem during college and took classes with Laurie Cabot, one of our most famous modern witches. So in my early teen years, there were books on the shelf that piqued my curiosity. At around 14 or 15, I visited a local metaphysical shop and I was blown away when the owner popped out, spoke a few words to me, and asked if I was an Aquarius. Um, yes!! I wanted what she had! I grabbed one of Scott Cunningham’s books on Wicca and a deck of tarot cards. The first spell I cast was of course for love. And let me tell you, IT WORKED. It was at that time that I felt connected to a power that I had never experienced or even thought possible. Like woah, you can change things about your life and your path. It was amazing and empowering for a young woman.

But it wasn’t all goodness. There was a darkness, too. And I learned what happens when you harness that power for things that are not so beneficial for all involved. And that’s how I understood which path not to walk and who I actually wanted to be in this world.

I lost the connection for a time in college while pursuing academics and a more traditional job path. But I could’t stay away for long. Once a witch, always a witch. I stepped on to the shamanic path in my 20’s and the herbal path in the more recent years. All the pieces have been coming together and adding up. And I am honored and proud to use my magic and medicine to assist my community.

What is our role now, as witches of the world, and how would you like to see us collectively using our powers to heal?

The role of the witch is growing in these changing times. I think that it is imperative that we step into our communities (and even outside of our communities and comfort zones) to educate and empower each other.

For example, with our recent governmental upheaval, women are fearing the loss of our reproductive rights. Others are worried about losing complete access to healthcare. But who took care of the reproductive health of women before these modern times? The witches—the herbalists + the midwives. Who made medicine when there was no modern healthcare? The witches. And they risked themselves to share their medicine.

We are perhaps coming full circle and returning to times like these. So I see our role becoming crucial and that role is one of empowering our sisters in health sovereignty and sharing our knowledge and medicine far and wide. And I don’t mean to leave out the men or those who don’t identify as women! This is just my present example. There are many places where this same sharing of education, empowerment, and support can be applied. We all have different strengths and bodies of knowledge. We can be pillars in our community so people know who to turn to when they need a specific type of support. So this means being loud and proud of what we have to offer!


Natalia Karoway is a lover and practitioner of shamanism, herbalism, and sacred ceremony. She has trained extensively in Andean shamanism and Western herbalism and merges the wisdom of the two lineages in her offerings. These days, you can find her whipping up plant magic goods for ceremony, healing, and beauty at Sacred Botanica.

Instagram @sacredbotanica