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7U6A0279Welcome to HTHG blog!

I am a mother, writer, hairstylist, salon owner, beauty alchemist, and photographer. My How-to Hair Girl mantras are Inspire, empower, and inform.

I created How-to Girl to share DIY hairstyle tutorials and at-home beauty solutions to encourage your personal style and sustainable beauty exploration. I believe that everyone has a right to beautiful hair without a lot of fuss…..the key is to stop fighting it!

HTHG is a community that supports you in loving your hair and freeing yourself of unnecessary beauty standards. Free your hair and free your life! Free Your Pits, even! HTHG spearheaded the Free Your Pits Movement to further inspire positive expression through style!

A product minimalist after years as a professional hairstylist and product junkie, I promote and write about my ShamPHree lifestyle (a life of fabulous hair without shampoo;) I find effective natural alternatives to most skin and hair care products in the mainstream beauty market. When you need great tips for natural beauty care and ready-to-wear DIY hairstyles, I am your girl.

Spreading the Love

Over the course of my career I have learned some very telling things about people and the beauty industry. First and foremost, that hair is much more than a cut, color, or style. To many, it is the gateway to their identity. It is their confidence, their hiding place, their security blanket, the bane of their existence. And the way they feel about it is very representative of the way they live their lives. I have a huge belief in the beauty industry on that level. When practiced with love, empowerment, trust, and respect, a beautician can make the world a little bit of a better place, one head of hair at a time.

Secondly, the downside of this industry and the messages that we are told that we should look a certain way, act a certain way, take care of our hair a certain way in order to be “beautiful” instead of celebrating the unique beauty of each individual. These messages over time become belief systems that keep people limited to the power of their own beauty, self esteem, their own voice. It is in helping people break these belief systems that I have seen the greatest power and positive change in people’s lives. This is the inspiration behind HTHG.

I will use for example, my experience with curly hair. This is a niche that people will seek out far and wide. Most of my curly-haired clients have subscribed to the belief that they need to either straighten their hair with heat or toxic chemicals to fight off their curl, or glue it all together with plastic based products to keep it manageable. Many of them have had their hair shredded by a stylist who either didn’t listen to them, or didn’t have any idea how to cut curls. When they finally come around to taking my advice of not shampooing their hair, not brushing or messing with it, and not filling it up with junk, just letting it be, they realize that they have been fighting a losing battle their whole lives and are able to let their natural curls be as they are. This is a very life changing experience for these women. I’ll take a minute to thank my fabulous curly clients and the folks at www.naturallycurly.com.

I would like to use this example of breaking free of belief systems to illustrate the importance of offering people alternatives to conventional beauty practices. People need to know that they don’t need a lot of money, skill, products, or people telling them how to be, to have good hair. There are other options. This is where I come in.
My plan is to provide a comprehensive educational blog dedicated to teaching and empowering people to do their own hair themselves, do their friends hair, and make their own educated decisions regarding their hair. I want to create a resource and outlet for people to ask questions, watch videos, share ideas, and gain the confidence to experiment.

To begin with, HTHG offers custom hair consultations, as well as easy- to- follow step by step how-to videos of haircuts, colors and styles for men, women and children. Also, a directory to purchase basic needed tools, links to DIY style blogs, and an open forum for people to ask questions and share ideas and experiences. I want people to share photos and how-to hair experiences so we can learn from each others DIY hair triumphs and mistakes!

To put it simply, I believe in humans, hair, and going for it. Ive got some tricks up my sleeve and I want to share them with you. So here goes! lets make some hair dreams come true;).

Thanks for visiting How-to hair girl.


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