Do you have a product, tool, or blog that you would like to promote to thousands of dedicated monthly readers?
Advertising with HTHG means being a part of an exciting and engaged community of people who are excited about natural hair, style and body empowerment, and DIY life.

HTHG blog currently gets between 250,000-300,000 page views monthly, reaching 20,000+ engaged followers daily via social media.
We make it our priority to work with sponsors who are relevant to HTHG’s content of great hair, innovative hair products and tools, DIY life, and natural beauty remedies.
HTHG invites you to be a part of this growing hair revolution by partering with us on promoted posts, videos, native advertising, and side-bar and text ads.

Here are our options for getting your brand onto HTHG.

Banner ads appear on the sidebar of all blog posts.

$175 a month for 200×200 side bar ad.

Text ads:

$50 per month on highest-traffic blog posts.

Promoted post:

$400 per post for HTHG to review your product, tool, or blog and write a featured post, including 3 photos of your choice, and any points of interest that you want added. The post will be on the HTHG homepage for a week, then remain in HTHG archives for the rest of time, driving customers from my blog to yours permanently. The post will be promoted on all HTHG social media, and reach thousands of quality potential customers.

Native Advertising Package-

$1000 for a cleverly written article which will bring your brand into the HTHG fold in a way that is compelling, engaging and relevant to our content and your product. Your post will remain on the front page of HTHG for 2 weeks, with links to and photos of your brand/products included.

After 2 weeks, your article will become a permanent page in the HTHG online archives, where it will continue to attract potential customers and send them your way.

HTHG’s Native Ad Package includes a social media blast, and a month long banner ad on the sidebar of all blog posts, as well as a banner ad on the blog homepage.

Promo video

$750 for a promo video/post. HTHG will film and produce a custom tutorial video featuring your tool or product. This video will be made into a post on the HTHG homepage for a week, and will be in the HTHG categories permanently. This video will be promoted on all HTHG social media. Click here for an example of our promo video option!

Social media blast-

$30 and HTHG will post your relevant photos or cause on Facebook and Instagram and link to you with a clever shout. Tweets and Pinterest shouts also available!

Brand collaboration

HTHG also is currently accepting guest-posts, and is available to guest-post on your blog if the partnership seems like a win-win. I love collaborating with brands on giveaways and photo shoots, so please don’t hesitate to email me with inquiries.

Here is a look at HTHG’s media kit.

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