Holley and Savina: Dip dye and sign language.

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7U6A1018Holley is one of my closest friends. She is a magnetic and magical woman and I consider her a sister, a confidant, partner in crime, and a muse. She is the mother of 2 beautiful and captivating daughters Loretta and Savina, both with completely different special needs.

Holley stole my heart with her beautiful Roma eyes and her knee length black hair at first sight, and she has been a force in my life ever since. Please read this post about Holley, the Roma people and their hair.

7U6A1010 I am endlessly fascinated by Roma people, or “gypsies’ as they have been historically called.








Interesting fact here though……Calling a Roma person a gypsy is like any other derogatory racial slur. But in our culture, the word gypsy has taken on some kind of positive mystical archetype. The gypsy moniker has become so normalized that non-Roma women all over the place are calling themselves gypsies without realizing any cultural implications. The origin of the word has been buried in one of our worlds biggest cultural misunderstandings.

My Roma love story began for me when I was a 3 year old America born little girl living on a Fava bean farm in Portugal. I would sneak out of bed at night and watch the families in the Roma camp dancing to wonderful music late into the night out my little bedroom window, wishing I could be there and wondering why the Portuguese people around me seemed to dislike these amazing people so much. It was so hard to understand. It was my first little picture of massive cultural predjudice. Read about it, so that you understand.

7U6A0913Holley’s daughter Savina is almost 4 years old. She was born strong, bright, and completely deaf. As you can see, her lack of hearing does not in impair her ability to express herself! Ah the beauty of visual communication. Savina gets it.

I had the pleasure of coloring Savina’s hair for the first time last week. She wanted pink ends, so I used the last ounce of my Manic Panic Cleo Rose and did some easy pink dip-dye.


I didn’t have to bleach her ends first because like most little kids, her ends were naturally lighter from being a kid in the Summer sun for the last 3 months. It worked perfectly.

IMG_1662I put her hair in a high ponytail, and then just worked through it applying the pink piece by piece in the ends and laying it on foil. Want to try this on yourself or your kid? It is stupidly easy to DIY, here is the tutorial:)

Savina was so proud sitting there in the chair, trying to contain her excitement. She checked her little self out from all angles in the mirror from all angles.

After we rinsed her color out and it was time to take some pictures, I saw this awesome side of Savina that I hadn’t yet witnessed. She came alive in front of a camera……A completely fierce and independent spirit. Just like her mama.

After that, the kids played together for a while in their own awesome way. My girls never play quietly under any circumstances, but with Savina I witnessed this lovely quiet play that shocked me. The three girls sat on the floor together building with blocks independantly but with collaboration and sharing. It was so peaceful and sweet. In the other room, Loretta laid contentedly for a while in a nest that the girls had made for her. Loretta is a wonderful story for a different day. I will try to get my hands in her hair soon so you all can meet her, too.

As a mother, watching my children adapt to play without a common language is really cool. They don’t skip a beat. Playing is universal. Children seem to understand each other in a certain way that transcends language or experience.

I am looking forward to learning more signs with my kids in the future.

Among many of the amazing things that Holley does in life, pioneering an effort to change deaf public school policy in our city which has notoriously neglected the rights of deaf children and families is just one of them. Want to donate to a great cause or get involved with deaf policy? Check this out.

xo, HTHG

ShamPHree Man love: Man-PHree kit and products!

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Hey babes. When I say babes, FYI, I am always referring to both she babes and he babes. I’ve got some very dude-friendly new products in the ShamPHree shop that I’m excited to share. The first is a new Infused Vinegar formulated to treat dandruff and hair loss and leave the scalp super balanced and invigorated! 7U6A1182

It is called Hair and Scalp Tonic, and it is for anyone of any gender but it has a classically ‘male-ish’ scent.

ShamPHree Hair and Scalp Tonic is for great for thinning hair, sluggishly growing hair, very fine hair, and any ailment of the scalp. It is made with raw organic ACV, infused with calendula, burdock, rosemary, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, tea tree, cedarwood, pine, and fir.

The next exciting thing is the announcement of the Man-PHree kit. It is the basic ShamPHree kit, branded in a more masculine way, with the Hair and Scalp Tonic instead of the classic ACV.

7U6A1162Lastly, I’ve got a Man Package for your bearded boy buddies which is the Hair and Scalp Tonic and a BBP balm for a discounted price!


Any of these three options would make a great gift for your boyfriend who is concerned with the state of his flaky, itchy scalp, or your brother who needs help free-ing his hair in general.

Did you hear the news yet about ShamPHree Free Domestic Shipping?

Yup. Not a rumor. Also, FYI, 10% of every sale gets donated to a great cause. Check it out here!

xoxo, HTHG

Pit hair, feminism, and conscious positive choices.

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7U6A4351Hi dears. Please check out this guest post that I did for Offbeat home+life about my hairy pits, and my views on feminism and conscious positive choices. This post is very dear to me, and I’m thrilled to share it with you in hopes that it can encourage and inspire more thoughtful and positive choices.

Yours Truly, HTHG

Featured non-profit: Support a good cause with ShamPHree.

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7U6A2533Hi babes! I am really excited to announce that as of today, 10% of every ShamPHree order will be donated to a different non-profit organization every month. Giving back to the community is in line with the core values of HTHG and the ShamPHree line, so it just became absolutely clear to me that this is an essential part of my business plan.

Every month at HTHG, a different non-profit focusing on the empowerment of women, social equality, the arts or the environment will be featured here on the blog with a short introduction and link so that you can learn more about them. At the end of every month, a check will be sent from HTHG head-quarters straight to the office of that month’s featured organization.

I am proud and humbled to have the opportunity to help out causes that I feel are in line with the HTHG value system in this small but determined way, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you, my dedicated readers and ShamPHree shop customers toward a common goal of a better world for our children.

This months featured non-profit is called Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.

They are a Bay-area based non-profit that I am drawn to because they support people from all walks of life in creating businesses and jobs by taking their dreams and ideas and helping realize them from start to finish.

I believe very strongly in the power of small businesses within communities. We need people from a range of backgrounds, with new fresh energy and a different perspective to help change our current economical and social American paradigm.

“The mission of Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center is to empower and increase the entrepreneurial capacities of socially and economically diverse women and men, and thereby strengthen our communities through the creation of sustainable new businesses, new jobs, and the promotion of financial self-sufficiency.”

There you have it, babes. Help a good cause while you honor and pamper yourself with the ShamPHree Fine Natural Hair Care line.

Mother of Dragons braids

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7U6A3134Therese wanted a braided pile on top of her head to go with her awesome t-shirt. She quite literally is the mother of 2 dragons, Coleman age 6 and Hunter age 3.

It was a fun hairstyle to do on her shoulder-length hair…Lot’s of little deconstructed braids, piled and pinned with flowers on top.7U6A3139 She looked so lovely and regal and also with a hint of ‘don’t fuck with my dragon babies’

I think that this is a lovely fall look, for dragon mothers and non-dragon mothers alike. I encourage you to try it. It is a great one for 2nd or 3rd day hair, because it looks very intricate but is actually quite simple…..

Mother of Dragons Braids

7U6A30827U6A30857U6A30917U6A30977U6A30997U6A31087U6A31137U6A31437U6A3125For this hairstyle, I began by making a center part. I sectioned the front off from behind each ear, across the top of the head.

I braided both sides in loose braids, and secured the ends with clear elastics. Then, I deconstructed both braids.

I overlapped one braid across the top of her head and pinned it to secure it. Then I over lapped the other one over the first. I tucked and pinned the ends of both braids out of sight.

Then, I split the back section in to three equal parts, , vertically.

In the middle section, I did another loose braid, secured the end, deconstructed it, and pulled it up and over, pinning it into the first 2 braids, with the ends discreetly tucked underneath.

Then I braided the last 2 sections, secured the ends, and deconstructed them. I pulled one of them up over and pinned it on the top, ends tucked in. I did the same with the last braid.

The key with this hairstyle is to manipulate the braids and build the hairstyle in a way that makes it looks like a mess of braids with no end, so get creative with the winding and piling, tucking and pinning.

Add flowers at the end to finish the look;)

You can get this awesome Mother of Dragons t-shirt here.
xoxo, HTHG