ShamPHree Body…..#pitcrew spray and BBP balm!

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7U6A9154Hey babes. I am excited to finally announce the launch of 2 Limited Edition ShamPHree body products, in a collaboration between HTHG and Nu Essence oils. As you know,  the concept of the ShamPHree line is to promote sustainability, self honor, personal awareness, and positive choices in your beauty and personal care routine, and today I bring you 2 unisex products that go right along with those values.

#pitcrew body deodorant spray

This simple blend of essential oils in a base of ethyl alcohol and distilled water will kill the funk and leave you smelling fresh and wonderful for days. #pitcrew is scented by  NuEssence perfumers, using oils and resins extracted in the ancient Egyptian tradition. It smells incredible.

The scent used in #pitcrew is called Kara….It is inspired by the ancient Egyptian Princess, with notes of sandalwood, myrrh, artemisia, morrocan rose, egyptian jasmine, and orange flower. #pitcrew is now available at 3.7 oz in the ShamPHree shop.

7U6A9194BBP conditioning balm for the beard, bush, and pits.

BBP balm is a creamy solid blend of beeswax, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, and honey, scented by NuEssence perfumers using oil extracted from resins and herbs in the ancient Egyptian tradition.7U6A9171

The scent is Pan, guardian of the nature spirits. A unisex scent, it is an intoxicating blend of vetiver, myrrh,dammar, rose, benzoin,pine, cedar, fir, musk, civet, and olibanus

It is very softening and leaves a subtle shine, and has light-weight body hair taming properties..

BBP balm is now available in the ShamPHree shop.

Want both for yourself or a gift? I am now offering a gift pack of both #pitcrew and BBP in the shop for a limited time.

Check em out, babes. You won’t be disappointed:)

xo, HTHG

Dungeon Braids

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DSC06488DSC06489Hey babes. This hairstyle was fun one that I did on my friend Sarah this Summer. The fun thing about it was that it was very experimental and different than any other hairstyles I have done in the past. The hairstyle reminded me of something a female knight might have rocked back in the royalty days, maybe slaying dragons or freeing slaves or something.

Or maybe some kind of tribal style? I dunno. What do you think when you look at this hairdo?

DSC06461DSC06470I basically did 3 different french braids, one down each side, and one straight down the back. I secured the ends with clear elastics, and then I realized there was no where to tuck the ends into…..The braids were too tight and unforgiving.

This is the point in the creative process where my mind shifts to plan B…..Make it work.

DSC06481DSC06476I folded the very ends (tails!) under once and then used creatively placed bobby pins in neat rows to overlap and secure the ends of the braids against the head in no particular order….I just sort of criss-crossed em.

The finished product was a tightly braided maze of braids that looked cool because of her stark ombre, with bobby pins as function AND fashion. (I am embracing this trend.)

Sarah promptly looked in the mirror and told me to please start over because she felt like a weird pin head:) Obvies not the hair-do for those with small head complexes. So I took it all out and braided a bunch of moss into her hair like a mohawk instead.

xo, HTHG


Dustbowl Purple. Low commitment-high impact color!

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IMG_1295IMG_1292Hey babes. Do you like those smokey dusty shades of purple and pink hair that you are seeing lately? Are you afraid to try it because of the level of commitment it takes to make it happen and to keep it up? Me too. So I did the scared-y cat version and created a lovely dusty purple on my hair that lasted all of 4 washes. And now I am ready to do it again!

I have been asked this question many times…..“Can I dye my hair blue/purple/pink/red without bleaching it first?”

I’d like to answer that question with a metaphor. Can you draw with a blue crayon on brown paper? Or a red crayon on black paper? a pink crayon on yellow paper? The answer is yes. But your crayon colors will be muted.

The reason is that when using a veggie dye like Manic Panic, Special Effects, or Pravana, you are just covering the hair with a reflective coat of color molecules. Your true hair color will still be there, lurking underneath like the paper with crayon marks on it.

If we all had white paper for our crayons, our pictures would be bright and bold. But as I learned as a child, you can create different moods by using crayons on different colored paper;)

This is why people often have their hair bleached prior to a veggie dye. To create that blank white slate….But as we all know, bleaching our hair is costly, high maintenance and damaging.

IMG_1273So, applying this rule to my hair, I decided to put veggie dye over it without bleaching it first. I mixed up some Special Effects Virgin Rose with Pravana Violet and Pravana silver and applied it to my mostly natural hair (I have a light ombre-highlight that I do on myself occasionally.) The results were great!7U6A73107U6A7467

Things to consider when coloring your natural hair with veggie dye

The lighter the hair, the more you will see the color. With darker hair, your color may only show as a cast in certain lights, which can still look super cool.

Highlighted hair, either natural or pre-colored, looks super cool when you put bright colors over it, because you get that mix of dusty and bright, and it fades out nicely.

Veggie dye will not last long in your natural hair. The darker and brighter the color you use, the longer it will stay.

Apply the color very thick! trust me on this one. If you are afraid you don’t have quite enough color to cover all of your hair, mix in some conditioner. Apply it to your dry hair and follow the directions on the package!

The great thing about veggie dye is that you can’t over-process it. It has no chemical process…..Just adds color!

For more DIY hair color, check out the do’s and don’ts of DIY coloring!



My Fair Ladies Flower Festival Hair

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Here are the flower-hair best of’s from the country fair this year. I especially love the chick on the bottom who very proudly was topless and covered in body paint and wanted her hair flowered too:) Tutorials coming soon for several of these hairstyles. 7U6A3303 7U6A3143 DSC06564 7U6A3274 7U6A3172 7U6A3224 7U6A3056

7U6A3284For the basics of wearing flowers in your hair, check out this post!









ShamPHree Nu Essence scent collaboration!

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IMG_0949I have exciting news to share about the future of the ShamPHree shampoo-free hair care and lifestyle line. And it involves scenting magic.

7U6A4102Here is a quick story. 15 years ago was my first time at the Oregon Country Fair, the west-coast’s most exclusive marketplace for independent old-time crafters and makers.That first year, I walked past a craft booth that was shrouded in afghani tapestries, incense wafting out of it in soft spicy clouds. I looked towards the booth and a pair of icy blue eyes drew me in.

I bought incense from the Nu Essence booth that first year. And every time I burned it, I remembered the intoxicating spicy smell and those icy blue eyes. Every year since, I go back for more incense and oil from Kirk, the mastermind behind Nu Essence. Kirk has studied ancient Egyption methods of oil extraction, blending and incense making for years. He travels the world, finding spices, resins, and essential oils to use in his mixtures.

7U6A40857U6A4083When I first met my husband Jonathan in Arkansas, he wore a scent in his ginger beard that knocked my socks off from first whiff. Turns out, it was Nu Essense India spray, a gift to him from his ex girl-friend who had met Kirk in New Mexico years before. It is a small world, and the nose knows best.

This year at the country fair, I talked to Kirk about using his scents in ShamPHree hair products as a collaboration. He loved the idea.

So, here we go, babes. The next round of products in the ShamPHree line will feature the intoxicatingly sexy earthy unisex scent oils of Nu Essence. They will take you to a different place, a place where you want to just roll around smelling yourself.

Stay tuned!

xo, HTHG