My Psychedelic Valentine, Hair Color Story and ColorPrinting.

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IMG_1528-1Hey babes.

It is officially the season of color returning to our lives, as we welcome Spring and re-birth and warmth. To help celebrate, a little pop in your hair color can be a fun way to blend in with the flowers better.

With Spring and Love as our inspiration today, here is a quick Psychedelic Valentines Day Hair color love story for you. To my great pride, Marley our almost 9 year old daughter has taken a liking of psychedelic music of the 60’s and 70’s, which began with a long car trip and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. (RIP Paul Kantner)

She told me a while back that she would like me to attempt Psychedelic Sunset inspired hair, which we did last weekend. It was the most time that her and I had spent together one on one in months, and it felt great to just chit chat and giggle together while I painted her hair blue and she watched in the mirror with great excitement. IMG_1224

















I applied her blue color all over working in small sections, adding a block of melted color to the mid-strand of each section. This block was magenta fading into pink, then peach, then yellow and back into blue…..It created the sunset vibe.

With Valentine’s day coming, and also crazy hair day at school, we decided at the end to stencil in some hearts on a strip of her hair. Here is how I did it using the ColorPrinting method.….. (we used an extension for this one, but here is how I would have done it in her actual hair)IMG_1315

Begin by sectioning off a horizontal strip of hair about 1/4 of an inch deep. Situate the strip of hair just under one side of her part so it could be under her layers peeking through, or with a proper sidepart, laying on the surface of her hair.IMG_1211

Lay the hair on a piece of foil, and combed it flat against her head.IMG_1215

Cut out 2 matching hearts in Adhesive Backed Vinyl. Peel the stickers off and stuck them carefully over the hair. Press them securely to the foil. Then, carefully outline the hearts with pink Manic Panic and a tiny paintbrush.IMG_1216

Then, paint around the outline with 2 other custom mixed pink shades and a larger paintbrush.IMG_1217

Next, go around again with yellow.IMG_1218

And finally fill the rest in with her base color, a custom mixed Manic Panic blue. During this entire process, let the colors overlap a bit as you apply them to melt them together……hence the green:)

Rinse the hair with cool water without removing the stencils. Once water runs clear, peel of stencils and rinse once more.

That is how to stencil a Psychedelic Heart into someones hair. Keep an eye out for more stenciling and original hair color art coming soon to HTHG.

Happy Valentines day!

xo, HTHG

Free Your Hair Shop *Sale*!

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IMG_0421Hi babes!

Hope you all are enjoying your Fridays and ready to dive into your weekends. I am sure we all have differing feelings about Valentine’s Day…….My feelings are mixed. It is my 6 year anniversary with my honey, and also my mothers wedding anniversary to her second husband Jim, who died 4 years ago on Valentines Day, so for us it is a day of both love and remembrance.

My wish for all you dear readers this Valentine’s day, besides just feelings of love in general,  is that you can look back on the last year and see a growing love between yourselves and your hair……That is the goal of the HTHG blog. To help this love grow:)7U6A8814

So for all of you, and your lovely hair…..I want to invite you to the Free Your Hair Shop for a big sale on all of our lovingly made hair products and remedies…..We want to get them in your hair, and make room for our next collection, inspired by all of you and your great feedback and your dedicated readership. Thank you all so much, and big love out in all directions.

Also, please share this post with your friends who need some hair love:)

P.S. Here is a little post I wrote for Huffington Post about Raising Children Who Love Themselves.

xo, HTHG


Kale: Super Food for Hair

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7U6A1817Yes it’s true my babes. Kale, especially Lacinato Kale (the darkest, heartiest leafiest kale!) is a potent superfood…..But you already know that right? In the Northwest, it is hard to miss the big deal about kale because people proclaim their love for it on their smart cars by putting bumper stickers that say I LOVE KALE and wearing t-shirts with the same slogan on them. And every menu at every restaurant in town features a kale salad.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.10.52 PMKale grows really well here, which is nice. It is a hearty plant in the brassica family, and we eat

Here at HTHG, we proclaim our love by growing it, eating it, and decorating our friend’s hair with it…….And by spreading the word of the potent Healthy Hair Growth Qualities of Kale. Here are 3 reasons to eat kale to feed your hair.

Folic Acid- B Vitamins support healthy cell function and aid in cell growth, and our hair depends on the rapid division of cells (mitosis) to grow (thanks, B Vitamins, for the extra boost!)

Iron- Increases circulation to the scalp, helping to prevent hair loss and helping stimulate hair growth, while boosting and strengthening our blood supply ( Great for women!)

Sulfur-  Is essential to the protein production of hair, and increases the length of the Anagen (growth) phase of hair, helping hair grow strong and fast!

My favorite way to eat kale is like this:

HTHG’s Favorite Kale Salad

Pick some fresh leaves, BAM! rinse em and chop em up pretty small. Put em in a bowl, squeeze half a lemon on em, drizzle of olive oil, (BAM!) sprinkle of salt BAM!

Now, (here is why I really love this dish) wash your hands, and massage that kale, crushing it with your hands in working in your dressing. Zone out while you massage that kale. Think of all the people who told you not to play with your food and send them a little mental picture of your hands all over that salad.

Once it’s all mixed up and wilty, let it sit on the counter for as long as you want……It will begin the breaking down process immediately and as it sits it will soften and become easier to chew and easier to digest. (Yay lactobacteria!!!)

When you are ready to eat it, add other things like sliced red onion, roasted nuts, and cranberries. Everyone likes this salad, even people who think they don’t like kale.

Other ways to use kale are: Stick a couple leaves in a smoothie, make kale butter/pesto, and make kale chips (my kids love them!) put them in soup, or munch on em straight off the plant.

Eat kale, grow hair, live strong. 7U6A1813

Check out a little photo-tutorial of this Kale Braid by following HTHG on Instagram : @howtohairgirl

xo, HTHG

Natural Adornment from the Omo Valley Tribes

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Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.48.09 AMAdorning the hair and body is something that we talk a lot about here at HTHG because we understand this form of expression to be both powerful and healing. Engaging with our natural world and honoring and caring for our bodies is what we want to encourage here, which is why I am taking the time to share the photographs of German Photographer Hans Silvester, who has visually documented the incredible natural adornment of the tribes of the Omo Valley.

People in connection to the natural world is an incredible way to express both art and tradition. The adornment customs of the Surma and Mursi tribes who live in the Omo Valley on the borders of  Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan, express this connection in a stunningly unique way by using bright mineral paints with plants and artifacts from the natural world to adorn themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.49.21 AM

Here is a quote from Hans about why he is fascinated with the customs of these people.


“what’s most important for me is saving, in some way, as much as possible of this truly living art, which is mobile, changing, subject to infinite variation, and whose constituent elements are simple and form a link between man and nature. It seems to me that our modern painting found the purpose of these elements, this simplicity, and used it as its foundation.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.48.39 AM

What I really wish is that I could ask questions of the Surma and Mursi people themselves and get a sense of the meaning and origins and beliefs behind the decorations of their bodies. Or maybe it is purely an just an art form of complete experimentation. Either way, I feel so drawn to it.


Messy Nessy Chic reports: ……Because they are a nomadic people without permanent architecture on which to express their art, they use their bodies as their canvases, embellishing their skin with mineral pigments from powdered volcanic rock and dressing themselves in “textiles” obtained from the natural world around them.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.55.24 PM……It’s also reported that visitors to the region are seeing the artistic traditions of the tribes being exploited for tourism, fueling fantasies of exoticism. Other photographers have expressed their disappointment at witnessing a “fancy-dress parade”, performed solely for the benefit of the visitor who pays for the privilege of photographing it.Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.55.05 PM

Doesn’t this make our mainstream western views on fashion and adornment seem kind of silly and uninspired? The Surma and Mursi tribal people make me want to wear only flowers on my body for the rest of time.

Read more on the people of the Omo Valley here.

xo, HTHG

Hair Weaving

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7U6A1704Basic weaving, as I understand, works with a warp and a weft, the weft being the cross-fibers which run horizontally, and the warp being the fibers which run vertically.

7U6A1712Hair weaving, a recent experiment, involved me setting the warp hairs first, and then alternating my weft over under over under, all the way across, and then under over under over with the next weft. It was not very easy, required a lot of coordination and counting, and set me into a state of suspended meditation as I worked, in the cold evening air of early January on my patient model, Birch.7U6A1742

I was going with the process, no real attachment to the final look. All I knew was that I wanted to weave her hair like a cedar basket, and then decorate it with my newly made Rosehip Garland and hair pins. Check out this weaving video, as well as the Rosehip Garland DIY.

Also, I invite you to the Free Your Hair shop to check out our organic line of small batch, made with love beauty products which are 30% off for the next week.

xo, HTHG