Beard Journey.

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I want to thank Jason from for pitching me this informative and witty post. I get so many pitches, and most of them are inauthentic and not at all aligned with the content I strive to share. This post, and the way Jason reached out, reminded me of the tireless work I did when I first started blogging, writing from the heart while trying to appeal to the masses and then stepping out of my comfort zone to ask other bloggers if they would share my work. It is not easy to put your words out there, but it is important. Thank you to Jason, and to all the bloggers how said yes to me:)

We talk a lot about hair journeys here at HTHG. Today, we learn a bit about the facial hair journey……..

Life of a Bearded Man

The bearded man awakes and walks to his bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror; he likes what he sees. His face is obscured in the most glorious way, by a thick, full, almost shrub-like beard. He begins his beard care routine; after all, magnificence takes time and effort. He leaves his dwelling for the day, confident in himself and optimistic about the day ahead. For he knows that he likes himself with a beard, and so does everyone else.

The life of a bearded man is….just…different. It is hard to explain to the ‘unbearded’, but it is my duty to try. People must know.

Growing a Beard

Growing a beard seems like a simple thing…

It will happen on its own if you ignore it right?

Just stop shaving right?

Wrong, so very wrong.

Growing a beard is a journey, an adventure even. It takes work, and it isn’t easy. If it were as simple as not shaving when you get up in the morning, everybody would have a wonderful and masculine beard. Yes, even the women (maybe).

The initial phase is different for everyone. However, it is usually characterized by itchiness and discomfort as your face grows accustomed to being hairy. This phase can be hard, but there are ways to stop the itch.

You will be tempted to give up and shave. I urge you, don’t! You must persevere to the next stage.

Once the discomfort has passed, you will reach the mid-length phase and you will feel pain of a different variety. Much like a gangly teenager who has yet to grow into his body, your beard will appear ungainly and awkward as it passes from stubble to greatness. You must press on. It’s hard to see the beard at the end of the tunnel but it’s there. You will feel tempted yet again to shave, but heed me. Things will get better; you must have faith. There are many benefits.

Growing a beard is an undertaking. You must persist through the initial trials and tribulations. It takes patience and optimism. You must recognize the potential of your face, and believe in the beard yet to come. However, once the beard that has been promised graces your face, you will find yourself a changed man.

Living With a Beard

Obviously, the first thing that changes when you grow a beard is you. You will gain the confidence one gets from knowing that they accomplished something great. There is a reason that beards have been a symbol of masculinity, power, prowess and wisdom since forever. Certainly, it is not the only indicator of a man being a true man, but it is the most striking and obvious.

The content of your character is important, but outward appearances do matter. It is much easier to act manlier if you look the part. Once you look like who you want to be, it is much easier to feel like that person. A beard can be a catalyst for change; a flag that signals childhoods end or evolution into a better, more complete you. The bearded man enjoys self-esteem and even better physical health.

You are not the only who will experience a beard-induced metamorphosis. The people around you will change as well. They will notice the change in you and treat you accordingly. Do not be alarmed when you begin to receive a deluge of compliments on your face fur; admiration is a natural reaction. Bearded men are regarded as more capable and reliable. First impressions are crucial to forging relationships, and the bearded man cuts a striking and confident figure without appearing young and inexperienced.

Of course, there are more, tangible, benefits to possessing a beard. Women are scientifically proven to find men with facial hair more attractive. Even a feminine face can increase its attractiveness to women by adding hair. Beards are considered the most desirable by women for long term relationships. The beard signals to them that you are mature and able to provide for your partner and family. If a woman seeks a real man, the beard will inform her that her search is at an end.

Unfortunately, not all will react positively to your beard. Some people fear change and will fear what you have become. Some concerns come from the right place, your friends and family will worry that you are not the same. They will learn in time that you’re still you, only a better you. Worse though, are those who are threatened by your new masculinity. Perhaps it is jealousy, or maybe they are put off by masculinity in general. Worry not. You cannot save them all, and you shouldn’t try. Your beard is for you.

Fortunately, despite the negative attention you may get, the bearded man enjoys membership in a follicle fraternity like no other. All bearded brethren enjoy an unspoken bond of shared accomplishment and endeavor. Beard culture thrives in our day and age, and there are countless groups of beard enthusiasts out there are united in their love of facial fuzz.

It’s time for some practical stuff, having a beard will require some adjustments. For me the biggest one was learning how to eat and drink, it’s a skill that you need to learn. Here’s a video with some great tips. You will also need to care for it, a daily grooming routine is a must. Read on.

Maintaining Your Beard

The bearded man knows that facial splendor does not happen on its own. If you care for your beard, it will care for you and be a lifelong companion. You can’t just grow it and leave it.

Your beard is like a fine woman, it requires attention. Tender love and care for your beard involve brushing and combing, trimming and styling, shampooing and the application of specialized beard products.

You will need the help of several different beard products to keep your facial hair healthy and beautiful, just like you, usually getting a beard kit that contains all of them is cheaper and easier.

  1. Beard oil: One of the most important products.  It keeps your beard hair and skin moisturized and conditioned.
  2. Beard Brush or Comb: Brushing your beard is crucial for your beard, it helps untangling, spreading your natural’s oils throughout your beard and keeps your beard neat and clean.

It also trains your beard to grow in the direction you want it to grow.

  1. Beard Balm: Beard balm is similar to beard oil. Beard balms are used to condition and style your beard, there are balms that are better for styling and hold and balms that are better for conditioning.


Maintaining beard health and care is important, but you don’t have to go it alone. The bearded man seeks the help of professional barbers when time and money allow because he knows that the beard is too important to let pride get in the way, it’s also fun.


Hope this article helped you gain some insights.

Jason blogs at about everything manly – With a strong passion for men’s grooming and self-improvement of all kinds. Facebook follow here.


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Hello Friends

Are you interested in helping home-bound mamas everywhere shop more responsibly and support a little consumer activism? If yes, please read on…….And thanks for taking the time to hear me out.

I woke up the other day just feeling really pissed about many things, all of them basically rooted in fossil fuel extraction and the systematic oppression of life on the planet earth at the hands of…….wait, me???????

I know we all struggle with this, feelings of sadness and anger and frustration when filling up our gas tanks, feelings of helplessness at our own gross consumerism and carbon footprints on this planet. In our daily life, every step of the way, we are making choices that effect each other and the fragile systems that keep our societies and our earth in a quickly tipping balance.

 I, for one, am an Amazon shopper. I’m a mom, and a city-dweller who is caught up in the frenzy of trying to keep up the pace of life, providing for family and trying to do good in the ways that I know how. And shopping on Amazon instead of leaving my house to fight traffic to get to my local department store/small business is a major convenience for me.

But having been in a process of stepping back to observe myself and life around me since having a little baby, I see a really major and dangerous flaw in sacrificing my own values and the values of the collective in the name of convenience. I had been so caught up in it, I wasn’t even really that aware of just how much I was going against my own values, and how much shopping through Amazon was enabling that gross oversight.

Living in Seattle, we see the effects of Amazon in our lives beyond our own patronage of their business. We see how the soul of the city is slipping fast out the back door with the influx of folks moving in from other places, buying up homes and working their asses off for tech giants like Amazon.

Gentrification, traffic and slow retail sales for local businesses are just two side affects of this influx, to name just a few. There are probably a bevy of arguments for the good side of Amazon (used books are rad) but they are not of any concern to me today. Today, I have a specific request.

I entertained a few hours of boiling anger and rage against the machine.

I marinated a while in my anger and finger pointing. I lamented over and over how Amazon was killing my soul. I whined in the mirror about how I am powerless to the Buy in one Click button. I moaned over the misalignment of my values and my dollars, and how I feel so preyed upon by the conundrum of modern life and the sparkle and shine of ‘convenience’ and how convenience is not a value of mine. I stewed over the fact that I’m am quite sure that if you were to take a poll of this city, you would not find that convenience was anyones core value, taking precedence over things like Taking Care of the Commons (our planet earth) and each other. Yet we empower Amazon to perpetuate this misalignment for us by making it too easy to not buy.

I thought of all the times I type in what I am looking for, and 25 of the same things pop up. And I don’t know which one to get so I just press ‘buy now’ blindly, in what feels like a small violence to my own inner truth.

And then I remembered something I have been telling my kids a lot lately. Complaining without action is called whining. And I am a whining white woman of great privilege. I am a part of the problem on so many levels. And it is up to me, as a concerned consumer to raise a flag in a free market system if I want to see a solution.

If you are still here, reading, thank you and I love you. Here is my solution, which is a drop in the bucket and a small ask for accountability of a corporate giant, with the larger intention of changing the AMAZON conversation from one of CONVENIENCE to one of CONSCIOUS CONVENIENCE, one tiny step closer to a collaboration of CONSUMER, ENVIRONMENTAL AND CORPORATE EMPOWERMENT.

I want a ‘ Shop Local’ section of AMAZON, a place where local business can stay afloat with the support of Amazon through a searchable category that will direct consumers to shop for their items closer to home.

I want AMAZON to design a function which allows us to see the original geographic source of our item, so we can choose our items based on proximity to us, saving the fossil fuels that are used in shipping, freight, trucking and refridgeration/climate control. I want to be able to make informed choices when using the platform of Amazon to make purchases. I think it would be a win/win. 

I contacted AMAZON yesterday, through their contact me page, which began as a text conversation. They quickly offered a call-back, and I spoke for an hour with a kind woman named Abby who listened, and pointed me in the right direction. I am now awaiting an email back from higher-ups in the company. Abby said she would start a file of quandaries and complaints about our inability to shop more responsibly buy purchasing more locally.

Today, I invite you to contact Amazon and ask them to Keep it Local. 

Please call Amazon customer service today at 1-888-280-4331. Press 0. You will be connected to a real person. They tend to be very helpful and cheerful, and good listeners, from my experience. Don’t be afraid. 

Tell them you are a concerned shopper who would like to be able to be shop more responsibly through their platform by choosing to shop more locally. 

Tell them you want to see a ‘ Shop Local’ section of AMAZON, a place where local business can stay afloat with the support of Amazon through a searchable category that will direct consumers to shop for their items closer to home.

Tell them you want AMAZON to design a function which allows us to see the original geographic source of our item, so we can choose our items based on proximity to us, saving the fossil fuels that are used in shipping, freight, trucking and refridgeration/climate control. I want to be able to make informed choices when using the platform of Amazon to make purchases. I think it would be a win/win. 

Then, share this information with your friends. Share it on social media with the hashtag #amazonkeepitlocal

Encourage people to call in. We can totally do this. Let’s use our voices to help us use our dollars more responsibly. Amazon is fully capable of this, and is in a position to lead the way so its up to us to steer them in the right direction. 


Thoughts? Advice? Experience? Please share. 

Free Your Hair Offerings

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My services are offered with 20 years of learning behind the chair and an incredible depth of creative insight and intuition to deliver a personal transformative hair experience. My aim is to craft identities that are, intentional, authentic and embodied, so that you feel yourself and comfortable in your own hair, with your hairstyle that lets you tell the story of who you are.



My cuts are done with an organic understanding of hair textures, and grow out beautifully requiring minimal styling. They are shaped around your unique self, your lifestyle, and your personal taste.

Most cuts are done on dry hair, as it falls in its natural state.


Please inquire more by emailing me at

Community Haircuts


For a more economical haircut that is just as great but costs less, organize your community and I will come set up in someone’s house and give haircuts on a sliding scale from $50-125 for a minimum of 5 folks. You provide snacks and someone who loves to hold babies so I don’t have to pay for childcare:)



This beautiful, seamless color technique is great for low maintenance enhancement of your natural color. I use a very low-chem French clay-based bleach to intuitively paint on soft lighter tones to illuminate your natural color and help texture come alive. This technique is great for all hair colors and types, and it grows out beautifully and requires minimal maintenance.

$150 and up

Please inquire more by emailing me at

Ritual Haircut

This service is a haircut with intention. We weave the haircut experience into a beautiful ritual of setting intention, scalp/crown massage, aromatherapy and magic. The ritual haircut is an initiation for whatever part of you needs it at the time……It is a shift in consciousness and a self-honoring experience that will help all who receive it begin to weave ritual into their lives in surprising ways and deepen their own self-care experiences. Done close to the new/full moon, this service holds the most power. This service is an hour and a half.


Please inquire more by emailing me at


I offer a full transformation cut/color experience for those who are ready to shed their chrysalis and become their full butterfly self. This service is wonderful for initiating letting go and starting fresh, in times of great life changes.

This service is customized to your tastes and your unique story.

*Requires an initial consultation, price included in total of this service.


Please inquire more by emailing me at

Braids/ Styling

I offer braids and styling to brides, maidens, men, children, anyone who wants to walk through a special day with an inspired and beautiful creation of hair to wear. Adorning the crown with a hairstyle helps us call upon our highest and most powerful selves and is a wonderful addition to any special event.

I have a very special love for floral hair styling, which blends the artistry of the hairstyle with the subtle magic of fresh flowers to create inspired designs that make incredible statements.

Please inquire more by emailing me at

Self-Care Ritual Crafting

Creating ritual around our haircare and self-care is a powerful way to transform daily life by inspiring deeper connection, mindfulness and gratitude. It is taking a routine and infusing it with intention and magic to create small rituals that will illuminate daily life with light and beauty. This service is an hour and a half of hands-on consultation and experimentation and you will leave with the tools you need to create your own self-care rituals for life.


Please inquire more by emailing me at

Custom Formulation/Consultation

I can help you create the perfect hair color, nourishing hair oil, braided hairstyle, DIY haircut. You name it. This is the world I live in, and I am here to help empower you with the knowledge and hands-on skills to rock your own haircare just the way you want to.


This is an hour and a half service.

Please inquire more by emailing me at


I am hear to teach all that I know. What do you want to learn? I do classes, one-on-one, workshops, retreats. Please inquire by emailing me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Roxie Jane Hunt


Interview With My Witch Self

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Friends, I have asked many women in the past few years what the word ‘Witch’ means to them, and what it means to be a Witch. This has been in an attempt to better understand my own feelings about the Witch, which have been swirling in a spiral, un-worded for my entire life, waiting to be brought to light. I decided it was time to interview myself on the topic of the Witch, because I am finally  feeling comfortable and clear in my own and views and experience to be able to apply it to language to be shared.

As you likely know, I have a 4 month old baby which makes it hard to find the time to write, and believe it or not, I sat down to write this with a full 3 hour block of time with which to focus. I have literally not given anything besides my children that amount of my own self in years. And it feels so good. 

So, that said, thanks for being here and reading this. My hope with this series is to get more people thinking and talking about The Witch, and more witches to step forward and claim their power. Because witches, we need you now.

I think that now is a really big time for women from all walks to connect over shared oppression and heal together. This is not to discount the importance of women from different backgrounds and histories of oppression to differentiate their own unique experiences…..That is hugely important too. I just think that we have a powerful point of connection between all of womankind, and all of humankind for that matter, to deeper understand each other’s traumas and hold each other up in our collective healing. And I believe that The Witch discussion fits right into that. So, here, my Witches, are my thoughts.

What does the term Witch mean to you?

To me, A witch is a woman who understands the implications of drawing her deepest personal power from listening and following her inner wild, and is unafraid to wield that raw power. A witch is a woman who understands the balance of lightness and darkness, the duality of all things and the incredible spectrum of possibility within them. A witch is sensitive to the subtleties of the most subtle energetic shifts, and has the ability to listen very deeply, read between the lines. A witch reads the signs as they are unveiled.

A witch channels her own healing path to heal others. A witch is a bridge between worlds and she knows it.
A witch appreciates life’s great mysteries without trying to solve them, because a witches wisdom comes from within, an unnamed wellspring of knowledge that keeps flowing. A witch believes in the animation of things. A witch sees where the web is thinning and weaves it back together. A witch remembers. A witch knows how to use intention and alchemy to shift consciousness at her own will. A witch feels it all, at once. A witch lives in relationship to the natural world around her, walking in deep connection to the elements and the seasons and the living world in plants.
How would one know that one was a witch?
As a really young child, a radical school teacher taught me a song that humanized and demystified witches and sort of turned my simple child mind inside out by shedding light on the oppressed and demonized female-witch-archetype that we are taught as children to fear. This taught me very young to seek light in the shadows.
somewhere along the line, I lost the ability to ignore the stirrings of my own heart any longer, and began to embrace my own shadow and dig into hidden sides of myself that were begging for attention, namely the part of myself that felt forbidden and magical and deeply wedded to the earth.
There have been moments along the way, like rediscovering the nettle plant, bleeding into the earth, learning how to listen in stillness to the inner voice, mapping my dreamworld, beginning to trust the part of me that knows and doesn’t know how or why she knows, understanding how I use my own abilities to heal others, and singing around fires with other women, where the Witch has become more and more awake inside me over time.
I knew for sure I was a witch when I started to be able to look around identify other witches.

Talk about intention and manifestation…..How do they work together, Can you recall the first time you experienced their power in action?

YES! I love this question. When we learn to work with intention, we begin to magnify our power to create what we want in the world around us. Intention can be seen as energy applied to a particular direction for a particular reason. It can be seen as a prayer, or a wish, or a vision that we want to see through to fruition. Intention requires a vehicle to travel to its destination which is  manifestation or creation……The birth from an thought into reality.

How do we become the vehicle for our own intentions to manifest? Through the process of creation. There are a million and one ways to manifest our intentions, and I invite all to find the ones that work for you. Creating rituals around our intentions are a great way to build the energy up around them to help them carry through. The process of creation is a very powerful vehicle to infuse with intention and manifestation.

When I work with color, and mix color with from the primary colors, I am effectively creating something raw and magical that is begging for intention to be woven into it. Whoever gets that raw, magical color in their hair becomes the vehicle. This is how I use intention in my daily work.

During the consultation before hair color, I decide what the intention is that I want to pass to my client and help them weave into their lives. Sometimes, they have their own intention. As I mix the color, I think about this intention and during the creative process of formulating their shade, the intention informs the color, and the color becomes the intention. This is all in an effort to help my client manifest whatever it is they are needing in their lives. Maybe it is more patience. Maybe it is humor, or sexual energy. Maybe it is quiet. Maybe its a new job. It can be as specific as you want it to be.

I do this when I make mandalas from plants and flowers. Each one has an intention, sometimes for me, sometimes for you. Somethimes for the earth, sometimes for itself, and sometimes for the collective. As I think about this intention, while I design a mandala, the two become one, and the mandala becomes the vehicle of manifestation.

I set an intention every time I brush my hair. Anything can be infused with intention and magnified towards manifestation. You have to find your vehicle.

Here are a few examples of times when I began to understand how Intention and manifestation work together. One illustrates the power of the creative process. One illustrates the power of our mind/body.

As a child, I was hellbent on creating my own family after my parents divorced. I knew just what I wanted it to be like. I felt like I already knew my daughters. I drew them, painted them, told stories to myself about them. I had every intention of manifesting them in reality as an adult. Every time I created something, they were in my mind. And then, finally, I created them. I tell my daughters now…….If you really really want to change something, create something, let go of something, become something, imagine it, draw it! paint it! It builds energy and momentum in a positive direction towards what you want.

Another lesson that still feels very profound to me was during a time when learning to snowboard was the most important thing in my world. It was all I thought about. When the season ended, I was lost and depressed because I had not mastered a toe-side turn, which, if you are a snowboarder, you know is a crucial step in being confident on your board. I had had what felt like a very frustrating and tangible mental block AKA fear of failure and lack of confidence that had kept me from progressing through that step and I was so mad at myself and felt actual despair about it.

Every day in the off season, through the Spring, Winter and Fall of that year, I imagined myself doing a toe side turn. I saw myself doing it, I imagined what it felt like to do it, and what it felt like to finally bust through that block of my own fear. When the next season started, I jumped on my board and had mastered the turn in my head, and on the mountain. This was a major moment of clarity to me……I had the power in my mind and imagination to create my reality how I wanted it. Didn’t feel like witch craft at the time, but did feel like magic and it taught me the power of using my intentions to manifest.

How do you think that a collection of witches is magnified in power to an individual witch?

In the same way that intention magnifies manifestation, intention magnified by numbers magnifies manifestation by number. This is why covens are a thing. This is why gathering with other like minded people to create change is so exhilarating and wonderful……We see our intentions begin to swirl around and take their own shape and course. They become sometimes larger than all of us combined!

This is why we really need to put our minds and hearts together right now, in this world.

Where would you direct a woman who is interested in exploring her inner witch for the first time? (books? Plants? etc)

Look to the dark to understand the light.

Into her own shame, fear, anger and darkness. Into the wild. To the places inside her that make her feel alive. To Persecution. To her dreams. To plants like Nettles and Mugwort. To Amanita. To Foxglove and other shamed/dangerouns plants. To the elements. To the Stars. To songs, and sharing her voice. To other witches. To her ancestry, to the history and folklore and botanical world of her ancestral landscapes.

How do the facets of our souls (shadow side, sun-lit side, good, evil) effect the process of owning our power?

I believe that we cannot use our powers wisely and purely without really digging into the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. Of course we never stop learning about our own selves and our own blind spots, but I think we need to really strive to understand, integrate and embrace those parts of ourselves constantly to be able to fully own our power to heal, BECAUSE we cannot heal ourselves without healing those hidden parts of ourselves and therefore we cannot effectively heal others without healing those parts of ourselves.

What traumas do we carry? What are our triggers and why? What of this trauma is actually ours, and what do we carry from others like our mothers and ancestors? Where in our physical bodies does our trauma live? What can we do to soothe ourselves without hurting others or masking our feelings?

Sometimes it feels too big to understand and accept our own dark mystery, and accepting that integration can be as simple as just forgiving yourself and agreeing to hold and love your own dark self for one more day……..There is power there.

Why do you think it is so hard for some of us to own our power, speak to the woman who knows she has it but is afraid to use it.

Well for one thing, we remember in our DNA how dangerous it is for us to be powerful, due to worldwide persecution and witch burnings at the hands of centuries of partriarchal systems of oppression. We remember. I think that is the biggest reason. Because it is fucking huge.

I think today, in our society, their is a strange sort of thing happening where ‘magic’ and ‘witchcraft’ is being both commodified in a major way, and jeered at and shamed for the Woo factor, which feels to me a bit like the 21st centuries version of Witch Trials.

Woo Woo is, according to the Urban dictionary …….any belief not founded on good evidence, the poorer the evidence the more Woo Woo the belief.

To me this is basically a way of saying that anything that can’t be explained doesn’t exist and shouldn’t be considered. And every witch knows that this is a very limited, dangerous and close-minded way of thinking about ourselves and the world. There is so much power in the mystery but we are afraid of being shamed for understanding that fact and believing in it.

What is one concrete way we can empower women to own their witch powers?

I thing that there is so much power in teaching young women about the magic and mystery of their bodies, their cycles, and how they are connected to the cycles of the earth. Teaching young women how to care for themselves, body mind and spirit. Helping them celebrate their unique qualities, bodies, hearts, minds. Bring back Rites of Passage. Creates safe spaces for these important learnings to be nurtured, and get as many generations involved as possible. I truly think this will help raise a generation of kind, strong  and aware women who respect and value themselves and each other and the earth. Empowering women leads to a better planet, all around. This seems like a great place to bring more healing and awareness.

Witches, we need you now more than ever to keep believing in the greatness of the mystery, and to spread that light drawn from the deepest darkness. Keep spinning your webs and over time, they will become one……. the greatest web ever spun, to reconnect and heal the frayed and thin worn parts of the collective back to vitality.