Pre-poo. Protecting your ends.

Hello and happy spring!

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 7.49.29 AMI recently participated in a skill-share class at Vain, where I chose a couple of tricks to share with my incredibly talented and inquisitive colleagues. The skills I shared were ponytail ombre/ how to get this kind of color,

How to do this braid, and how I am obsessed with the pre-poo.


What is pre-poo?

Conditioning hair before you shampoo/ShamPHree as an end-protecting measure.

Ever hear someone say “My hair just grows to a certain point and then stops?”

Ever tried to grow your hair out and it just doesn’t seem to want to grow past a certain point? Let’s call this the breaking point.

My hair has been at it’s personal breaking point for over a year now. It finally dawned on my that once my hair reaches collar-bone length, it wants to start splitting at the ends.

I have many female clients at Vain who are from India. Many of them were taught to condition their ends with oil before shampooing. This is contrary to what we are taught in our culture, right? I tried it out. My hair has grown 2 inches without needing a trim. That is an absolute first for me!

You can extend the breaking point of your hair by taking some extra end-protecting measures…..Here is how.

liquid goldGet you favorite hair oil or deep conditioning treatment ( NOT PROTEIN, PEOPLE!) Moisture. Like oils, butters, etc. I use Liquid Gold Hair Butter which is a mix of coconut oil and shea butter.

Before shampooing/ShamPHree-ing, flip your dry hair upside down and apply a pea and a half sized amount to your dry ends. Run your hands together tightly over your ends section by section to coat them. Just focus on the last 2 inches or so.

Now, go about your regular shampoo/ ShamPHree routine. Your ends will soak in the oil and protect against any stripping and drying that can happen from cleansing the hair. Use nice warm water to drive that goodness into your ends.

Pre-poo is a game-changer,




Introducing ShamPHree Infused Beauty Vinegar…

Flowers and hair get married with beautiful results. Introducing Infused Beauty Vinegar!

7U6A9987 Hi dears. I am really really jazzed about a couple different things right now. The first thing is that I am officially Auntie Rox to baby Sebastian James Barajas (Bash for short.)

The next exciting thing is that Spring is upon us, and I am chock full of inspiration for pretty hair posts featuring FLOWERS. I’m obsessed with hair and flowers together. I’ve worn flowers in my hair since I was fresh out my mama and I will never stop. I posted about it a couple years ago and it seems that all of the sudden, flowers are an en vogue and acceptable everyday hair accessories.

IMG_8579And I’m not talking about flower crowns. I’m talking fresh wild flowers, picked off of bushes, worked into braids, buns, and pinned into the hair all willy nilly. Sometimes it takes the world a minute to catch on to the most obvious beauty statements.

IMG_8589Flowers, like hair, grow naturally wild and beautiful. Especially if you care for them. They are an organic manifestation of vitality. hair and flowers work together, magical things happen.

I have some exciting news about flowers and hair at HTHG. I have spent the last year experimenting with infusing flowers and herbs and using them in my hair. I have tried different combinations with different results. After some trial and triumph, I have achieved Total Babe Hair with the combination of my favorite beauty herbs and flowers infused in organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar.7U6A0474

Ladies and Gents, I present to you ShamPHree Infused Beauty Vinegar, an Infusion of ACV with chamomile, hibiscus, burdock, horsetail, peppermint, and lavender and essential oils of rose, orange, and sage.

For the hair……

vin4This powerful natural beauty remedy can be used in your ShamPHree routine for added shine, body, and strength in the hair. It is INCREDIBLE for curly, coarse dry hair and brittle ends.

It is also a wonderful conditioner for finer hair that gets weighed down easily because it smooths the cuticle and adds shine without leaving any buildup on the hair.

Dry scalp issues and dandruff? Your days are over with Infused Beauty VInegar.

To use it, I mix it with water in my ShamPHree bottles and apply it to my hair, let it sit a couple minutes, and rinse.

For the face…….

I use it as my after cleansing facial toner to refine and brighten my skin and it makes an immediate visible difference.

For the body……

I add a couple of cap fulls to my bath to sooth and revive my skin. It is great for treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and itchy dry skin.

Since I perfected the recipe, this Infused Beauty Vinegar has become a staple in my overall beauty routine.

7U6A0345ShamPHree Infused Beauty Vinegar is now available in the ShamPHree shop.

I make it in small batches, so get yours today before it runs out. You will love it:)

Infused Beauty Vinegar is the first beauty remedy I am releasing from a line of 3 simple, natural ShamPHree hair lifestyle products. So stay tuned for more exclusive ShamPHree natural hair care solutions!

Get your 16 oz of natural hair and skin vitality today for $18.95 in the ShamPHree shop. #freeyourhair


xoxo, HTHG

Hair teas and the three H’s of healthy hair.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 3.31.31 PMWomen (and men!) have been using herbal hair rinses or ‘hair teas’ for thousands of years, dating back to the Pharoahs.The Pharoahs were masters of immaculate adornment and luxurious self care. We have all heard the stories of Cleopatra bathing in milk and honey to preserve her skin.

Scientists have confirmed that the herbal and botanical knowledge of the Pharoahs and other ancient civilizations is vast and very accurate. Herbs and remedies from the plant kingdom have been effectively used to treat everything from dry skin to kidney failure to demon possesion! With “primitive’ science and a bit of mysticism and spirituality woven in, these practices have been carried down through generations through story-telling and Shamanism and Ayurvedic practices.

Herbal hair rinses are used as basic cleansing and conditioning hair remedies. Since before shampoo or even soap were around, herbs have played a very important role in beauty and cleansing routines.

Today many women for-go shampoo and conditioner for herbal hair tea rinses with great results. Check this article out for some more wonderful hair tea recipes.….A different type of ShamPHree!

Today, I am going to share with you a bit about my own experimentation with herbal hair tea rinses.3hs


Here is how I have been using them……I make my teas and I use them to mix my ShamPHree instead of water. I get the cleansing and balancing of BS and ACV, and the power of whatever herbs I choose to use steeped in my ShamPHree water for mixing. The outcome…..Wonderfully scented and pretty colored ShamPHree with the active benefits of herbs for my hair and scalp.

How to make herbal hair tea

7U6A3537Do you know how to make tea? DUH! boil water. Pour over herbs. Let steep.

For this project, I made a hibiscus honey tea in one jar…..

A tablespoon dried hibiscus and a tablespoon of honey. Roughly 8 oz water.

And horsetail tea in the other…….

A tablespoon of dried horsetail, roughly 8 oz of water.


Let them steep for an hour.

Then, strain them into bottles and use them as finishing hair rinses in the shower OR mix them into your ShamPHree bottles and ShamPHree as you normally would.

*You will want to keep your ShamPHree tea and and herbal hair tea refridgerated:)

Tea your hair! And for more on herbal beauty infusions, check out Total Babe Hair infused Beauty vinegars for your skin and hair.

For more on the benefits of honey, check out this post and DIY hair and skin masque tutorial.

*Goddess* Strength and Growth hair tea kits are now available in the ShamPHree Shop!



Total Babe Hair: Infused Beauty Vinegars.

vin6I have to admit something. I shot this post a long time ago, and have been using infused beauty vinegars in my hair for quite a while. I like them so much that I was afraid to share them because I didn’t want anyone stealing and taking this idea and developing it into a sell-able product before I had a chance to do it myself.

But then I thought, ‘How-to hair girl, you get over yourself. You will never be able to execute every idea into a marketable reality. You HAVE to stay true to your mission. Share information and ideas for free and the rest will follow.’ So, I’m sharing it. And I encourage you to share it too. And some day, you might see ‘Infused Beauty Vinegars’ for sale in the HTHG store. You heard it here first;)

So, you all know that I use Apple Cider Vinegar as my conditioner as a part of my ShamPHree routine. I have also been a user of medicinal herbs for years to treat all sorts of things from bug bites to intestinal parasites. So I thought, why not take the words of the ancients, and start using herbs in my beauty routine. I started doing my research.

After experimenting a bit and writing this post about herbs for hair and beauty, I blended up a couple of herbs and essential oils and soaked them in Apple Cider Vinegar in the sun, in an open jar covered with a scarf. I made one for fine and fragile hair. One for balancing the hair and scalp and treating dandruff, and one for straight up soft, supple, moisturized, beautiful hair. ( Naturally Curly peeps, are you listening?) I now use the Total Babe Hair Beauty Vinegar infusion every time I ShamPHRee and I am telling you, It is a rose colored hair dream. I also totally use it daily as an post-cleansing toner on my face. This stuff is wonderful.

Why infuse? Because you get all the benefits of the herbs concentrated into liquid form. Infusions last a long time and retain potency, especially when vinegar is used, because it happens to be a natural preservative!

It is also good to note that if you use any oils in your hair like coconut or jojoba, you can certainly infuse them with herbs in the same way.vin5 You can even make sun-tea beauty infusions just using herbs and water.

What you will need for your infusion……….Herbs. Mason Jars. A cloth or scarf. Essential oils. A fine mesh strainer. A funnel. Bottles to store your vinegars. (I recommend refrigerating them, BTW.)

How to infuse your Beauty Vinegar for your hair and skin

vinPut all ingredients into a large mason jar. Pour over Apple Cider Vinegar ( I used about 8 oz for each infusion. ) Cover with a cloth and set in the sun for 3 days. Strain into a bottle, cap it, and use it as you would normally in your ShamPHree routine.vin2

Total Babe beauty infusion

For soft, healthy, shiny, rosy hair. Great for dry, coarse, curly, dull, and color-treated hair types.

5 drops of rose essential oil.

1 tablespoon dried hibiscus.

1 tablespoon dried rose buds.

1 tablespoon dried chamomile.

1 tablespoon dried calendula.

t tablespoon of honey

Inner Strength beauty infusion

For fine, fragile, stressed, brittle hair types.

5 drops of pine or rosemary essential oil

1 tablespoon kelp powder

1 tablespoon dried burdock root

1 tablespoon dried horsetail

Tonic beauty infusion

For itchy, flaky scalp and oily hair types

5 drops of tea tree essential oil

1 tablespoon dried lavander

1 tablespoon dried rosemary

1 tablespoon dried chamomile

1 tablespoon dried mint leaves

7U6A0345This project is so useful and fun, It is worth planting a small garden or planter with your favorite beauty herbs so they are always on hand! Have fun infusing, and let me know how it turns out.

Infused Beauty Vinegars are now available in the ShamPHree shop! Check em out.

xoxo, HTHG




Mason Pearson. The golden child of brushes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 1.33.44 PMAsk me my #1 hair grooming tool. Ask me what useful hair accessory I would be most lost without. Go ahead. It is my Mason Pearson brush and it is more precious to me than gold.

I am a product and gimmick skeptic. I rolled my eyes for years at the thought of spending more than $15 on a brush. How could it be any better than any other brush? But then I overheard someone I know and trust absolutely ranting and raving about the brilliance of the Mason Pearson brush. So I went for it with my last tax return.

Mason Pearson is a brush company out of London that established in the late 1880′s. They design and hand make cellulose cushion brushes with boar bristles and perfectly smooth easy to hold handles. These brushes are absolutely unrivaled.

I use mine several times a day. My Mason Pearson brush has taken the place of any heat and smoothing hair product that I would have once used to tame my unruly mane. Instead of shine spray or drops, a couple of swipes with this thing distributes my healthy natural hair oil into my ends, leaving a smooth, shiny, seamless finish. It is an absolutely essential part of my ShamPHree routine.

I use it in the salon to finish up-dos. I brush my kids hair with it. My kids brush their own hair with it. Do you hear me?!?!? My kids brush their own damn hair with my Mason Pearson brush because their young and innocent minds can feel and see the superiority of it. They stand in the mirror brushing their whisp-y spider web hairs and smiling at themselves.

Today, I want to share a little brush and powder trick I use often. This little trick comes in handy when I feel like I am due for a ShamPHree but I want to stretch it out a couple more days. It freshens my hair, smooths it, gently cleans it, and evens it out from root to tip. It is how I powder my hair without the mess.

I take my M.P. brush. I take my NEB hair powder. I sprinkle powder on the brush, and I thoroughly brush my hair. Done!

mason p

For this post, I contacted Mason Pearson to see if they wanted to send me a brush to offer you all as a giveaway. They were not interested. I guess they know they are the shit. I am glad for them. They are a golden company with the highest of standards.

I wish I could offer one to you. I want you all to experience the genius of this company and the beautiful hair that it delivers to you by your own hand. I will keep working on em. In the mean time, buy your Mason Pearson brush here.
They are not cheap, but they will be your golden brush for life and you can tell them all your hair secrets and they will never tell a soul.

xo, HTHG

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