Cindy Lou who???

IMG_9988 IMG_9994Want to get your kids pumped for the holidays? Pipe cleaners.
are amazing for Cindy Lou Who braids. Just braid em on in, and then bend em however you want. They can also go crazy with accessorizing with pipe cleaners, which is fun.

xoxo, HTHG

In The Future, I see baby clips.

7U6A5719While gazing into the future the other days with my cool new Futureyes glasses, I saw my old Hole baby clips that I got when Hole released Live Through This. AllScreen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.02.24 AM of a sudden, I missed my baby clips so bad that it hurt. I knew in my heart that my once colorful and epic collection of tiny plastic hair clips was no longer existent and that I had carelessly let them scatter into the dark corners of existence as we passed through the nineties.

I read an article the next day that was something about ’90’s fashion statements that should stay in the 90’s’ and baby clips were on the list. ‘This is absurd!’ I choked into my coffee. Baby clips were the sweet sly smile on the big middle finger of the RiotGrrrl movement. They reminded us that we were still females, and had once in fact been innocent female children. Baby clips, like my Doc Martin boots, meant everything to me in the 90’s and I am completely in favor of them coming back.


I decided that it was time to dig around and see if I could round up some of those classic-style clips that we all remember. Between my daughters dress up trunk, some old purses, and Ebay, I found the following…….he triple daisy, ponies, the bow, dragonfly, the one that looks like corn, and a couple simple barrett style ones and a few other randos.

I gazed over my new baby clip collection with a heart bursting with pride and happiness as if I had just birthed kittens, and decided the only thing missing now was my sparkly nail polish. Something you should know about me is that I have an impractical obsession with sparkly nail polish and consider it an instant fix for anything boring or dull or scratched.

Here is a list of things that I have painted with sparkly nail polish.

-Bobby pins

-My blue vinyl Converse All stars that I decided looked too much like clown shoes. Nothing some sparkles won’t fix, though.

-My first snowboard. It was fully decoupaged with images from magazines and sparkles.

-Sunglasses. Just the rims!

-My first Nokia phone. Pink, and sparkly.

-The toes of my Doc Marten boots. They were really scratched up.

-My pencils and pencil sharpener. Duh.

-My lips once, as an ‘experiment.’ I don’t recommend it.

Here is a list of things that I have seriously considered painting with sparkly nail polish.

– My first car.

-My brothers face while he slept.

-My step-mothers everything, just to piss her off.

The 90’s were magic.

Needless to say, I painted sparkles on some of my baby clips, but not all of them. Mostly just the smooth barrett ones. Then, I arranged them all together and checked them out through the portals of my Futureyes glasses, just to marvel at their beauty.IMG_2170IMG_2169



Then, I spent a fun little half hour in the warm fall weather, arranging my hair with baby clips in different ways and getting excited to start rocking them again, in real life.

7U6A5675 7U6A5660 7U6A5607 7U6A5606    7U6A5621 7U6A5682 7U6A5665


Babes, can we bring back baby clips together here at HTHG? Do you still have yours? I would love to see them. Feel free to share your baby clip pics on Instagram and hashtag them #babycliprevival

I’m at @howtohairgirl. xoxo!

Leather-wrapped Jessa Braids, Festival hairstyle for the casual boho.

leather wrapped braidsIt took me a long time to finally give the HBO hit show Girls a second chance. My first impression was that it was unbearably superficial and annoyingly full of screechy, neurotic spoiled girls. Yuck.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 2.08.06 PMNow, though, babes, I am hooked. I love Hannah Horvath like my own best friend, and I just adore Adam. Marnie and Shosh crack me up with their obscene insecurities and warped views on life, and Jessa has a great bohemian New York woman vibe, and I dig her casual boho hairstyles.

On one early episode of Girls where Jessa becomes a nanny, she rocks this great leather-wrapped braided hairstyle that was so good. I had to recreate it for you! All you need is a couple of small elastics and some leather scraps (take a scrap piece and cut out 2 strips:) .

7U6A2788The full tutorial can be viewed at Latest-Hairstyles today!

Also, here is this look shown on shorter hair.


xoxo, HTHG

Flower Child…5 casual DIY ways to wear flowers in your hair.

floral HTHG I know. I know. More Flower Hair at HTHG. It’s just that……..Flowers are kind of the general seasonal theme for life right now. I’m not tired of them yet. Are you? If not, let’s put MORE flowers in our hair!

In the past couple weeks, we have talked a lot about flower crowns…..How to make them, and what to do with your hair while you wear them. Today we are going to get creative with different ways of adorning your hairstyles with fresh flowers and plants……Floral Hair Design. Blending the natural beauty of flowers and plants with our hair, and using it to accessorize and add color to our lives in a bold way!

I have to confess something. I am a flower snatcher. I don’t like buying flowers and so I innocently pick them at random, after glancing over both shoulders. I feel okay about it mostly, but at times I have a mini panic attack over the karma of snatching flowers and how it works exactly so……….I only pick them if there are many of them to spare, and I always try and sprinkle the flowers seeds ( If I can find them ) back into the dirt to replant them. I get a bit of a rush from the whole process and generally can rationalize why it is perfectly okay to do.

Whew! I feel a million pounds lighter after that confession. Anyhow, use your best judgement whether you want to pick flowers or buy flowers to use in your hair. Sometimes wildflowers in an abandon city lot are just as lovely as store-bought renunculous.

Before we get started, I want to also encourage the use of plants as well as flowers in floral hair design. Ferns, berries, air plants and succulents, grasses, etc. Use them with your flowers to garnish your hairstyle.

Preparing for Floral Hair Designing

7U6A6561You will need an assortment of flowers and plants, a brush, large and small bobby pins, clear elastics, and some texture spray.

When choosing flowers, get ones that look like they are on their way to a full bloom, instead of ones that are in fullest bloom already. They will last much longer and look fresher in the hair.

Once you have chosen your plants and flowers, you will want to groom them a bit. Strip off excess leaves and dead petals. Leave a couple inches of stem to work with. If you want to use leaves from the flower in the hair, strip them from the flower, preserving as much stem as possible. It is easier to secure flowers and leaves into the hair if they are separated from each other.

Decide where in your hairstyle your flowers will go…..Will you braid them in? Pin them in? Or simply tuck them behind your ear? Brush your hair out thoroughly to remove tangles, and spray in some texture spray for extra grip and lasting power.

Here are 5 ways to wear flowers in your DIY hair.

Braid em in! This first look is so simple! It is one small accent braid, tucked and pinned, and one big side braid!

For this look, choose flowers with long stems, as you will braid the stems into your accent braid. I chose onion flowers and babies breath for this one.

Begin the braid with a couple overlaps before you begin adding in flowers. Lay your first flower with the stem going downward in one of your 3 braid sections. The flower should sit directly on the braid. Overlap a braid section over the flower, and braid it right in, the stem becoming a part of that braid section.

Continue braiding with a few more overlaps, then add in another flower or plant in the same way. Continue braiding the stems into the braid and adding more flowers. End the braid when it is long enough to be pinned into the back of the head. Secure it with a clear elastic.

Now tuck the end of the braid behind some hair in the back and pin it discreetly. Bring the rest of your hair over one shoulder. Braid it loosely, secure the end, and deconstruct it.

birch onions

This next look is also achieved by braiding flowers directly into the hair. It is a french braided hairstyle, wrapped around the head and pinned into place.  I used small wild roses, colored gerber daisies, cosmos, and some random leaves to create a very colorful wildflower look.

To do this hairstyle, section off the underside of the hair,  from behind each ear across the back of the head. In the top section, begin a french braid on one side, adding flowers into the braid as you go.  Guide the braid around the back of the head, and braid the free end down on the opposite side of the back of the head. Secure the ends and then deconstruct the braid a bit.

With the remaining hair underneath, do a free braid all the way from the bast to the ends, adding flowers and leaves in as you go. Secure the ends and deconstruct the braid.

Now wrap the ends of the top braid around the front of the head, in the same direction that you braided it. Pin it in wherever it ends, then add more discreetly placed pins as needed to secure that braid into a crown. Wrap the bottom braid around the head in the opposite direction, tucking the tail of it under the braid crown, and pinning it into place.

Pull out random pieces of hair and pin in more flowers as needed for this lovely disheveled wildflower crown.

birch wildflowers

The ol’ tuck and pin trick is a super easy and pretty way to wear one large flowers like roses or dahlias in your hair. For this one, I used a large white Dahlia with a 3 inch stem.

For this hairstyle, make a single braid down the back and secure the ends. Wrap the braid into a tight bun, and pin it into place.

Take the flower, and feed the stem into the base of the braid. Use a large pin to pin the stem into the hair to secure it. birch bun


7U6A6863For the next two hairstyles, I secured the flowers by first creating a criss-cross pinned grid of bobby pins where I wanted the flowers to go. It makes it easier to add multiple flowers into one area securely.

for these looks, I did the hair first, then the criss-cross pins, and pinned flowers in last.

I used a large rose, small rose, an airplant, and some babies breath.

For this first hairstyle, follow the  Rattlesnake Braid tutorial steps to get the cool looking twisted halo ‘do. Then criss-cross pin across the front of the braids on the top. Pin your flowers and plants into your criss-crossed pin grid. Lovely!

birch rose

This is the Scarlett Letter Braids with criss-cross pins across the back, above the braids, and air-plants and succulents pinned into it. Super easy and cool looking. You can also make an air plant air clip to pin in at the end instead of criss-cross pinning.

birch airplantts

What is your favorite floral hair look from this post? I would LOVE to see your experimental floral hairstyles! Please email them to me at

xoxo, HTHG

3 Flower-Crown Worthy Tiny Dancer Hairstyles for Summer!

It is no secret that I am way into flower hair here at HTHG. Not as a trend, but as a rule. Fortunately, it is the cool thing to do at the moment! I love it when the timing works out like that.

Whether you are a Bride or not, this summer is about flowers in the hair. Flower crowns are an easy way to rock floral hair because you can make them yourself with flowers, a headband, and a hot-glue gun, or you can buy them pre-made with fake or real flowers.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.39.10 AMFake ones last forever, obvies. But real flowers are better because they are real, babes. Real. Don’t be a poser. You are way better than that.

Okay to be fair, though, there actually are some cool faux-flower crowns out there. Check out these beauties.  And Stone-Fox-Bride makes lovely flower crowns with fresh flowers, dried flowers, AND vintage silk flowers.The crown pictured is from the Stone-Foxes and it is dried-flower perfection!

The crown in this tutorial was made lovingly by the talented florists at Flora in Fayetteville, AR where I shot this tutorial. They talked me into having dear antlers added into it like Dora Lange, the dead girl from true detective….I was hesitant and kind of creeped out, but something told me to go with it. Now I wish I would have gone with the bigger ones!

7U6A3880Okay….. you got yourself a flower crown. The next step is to figure out how to wear your hair. Flowing braid-waves can’t be beat if you are feeling the hair-down vibe. But if you want something a little more done-up looking, try one of these…..

3 Flower-Crown Worthy Summer Hairstyles

7U6A4015This one is a simple pinned knot with the ends hanging loose. Super easy for medium-long hair of all types. I’d love to see this one done in curly hair! They key for this hairstyle is playing up the natural texture, which can best be done with an amazing wave and texture spray like Masterbraider.

Start with 2nd day hair. Spray in texture spray and tousle the hair a bit. Split the hair down the middle in the back, and take half in each hand. Tie a loose single knot at the nape of the neck, pinning it into place discreetly with a large bobby pin.
The pin should grab a bit of the knot from the top, sliding downward through the base of the hair securely. Add another pin from the bottom, sliding upward through the base. Now put your crown on and rock it hard like it’s 1969 in San Francisco and you are a tiny dancer. b2

7U6A3975This next hairstyle is also a great one for medium-long hair of all textures. It also requires a bit of texture spray for braiding grip and max texture. This one is pretty because it is long and flowing in the back, but you can still see the braids on the sides under your crown.

This hairstyle involves doing a half french braid across one side of the head, stopping at the base of the head and pinned with a large bobby pin, leaving the ends free. The pin should grab the last overlap of the braid and pin into the base of the braid, sliding in behind it. Repeat on the other side. Make sure to keep the braids low so that they are visible beneath your crown!

brookie17U6A4094This last one is 2 loose braids, obvies. Remember, we are on Haight and Ashbury right now, babes. And your name is Starchild.

Basically, do a braid on each side, not too tight. Leave a couple inches at the ends.

Now take a small bit of hair from the loose ends and wrap it a few times around the ends to tie off the braids. Secure the ends of your wrapped piece into your braid ends with a Snag-Free Hair Elastic.

Now, pull down the wrapped piece a bit to cover the elastic. Does that make sense? The goal is to hide the elastic behind the wrapped hair. Deconstruct your braid a bit to give it that lived in look.b3

Now get out there and rock your flower crown hair. If your friends have been skeptical of this whole ‘tiny dancer’ thing, they won’t be when they see your beautiful and cleverly done hair.

xoxo, HTHG

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