Hair plants

IMG_2064Soon after my move to Seattle, I was feeling poor (as in broke) and lonely for house plants and living decor in my house. We had decided to leave our house plants in our house in Arkansas for our renters to enjoy and spare ourselves and our leafy friends the extra hassle of shipping them. I was sad to leave them behind.

Without much money to spend at all, but with a burning will and desire to create living pieces of plant-y art I packed my 2 year old into her car seat and headed towards the Re-store. I can easily get inspired by surrounding myself with other peoples weird discarded junk.

I ended up getting several old light fixture covers. I specifically needed ones with a lip around the edge so that I could wrap wire around them and easily hang them up. I also got 18 gauge wire, and a couple 3 ft long scraps of chain. Then, I headed to the Indoor sun shop for some tillandsia plants.

airTillandsia, also called air plants, are very popular non-parasitic plants that grow without soil and require very little water. This makes them great for low impact house plant-ery and hobby terrarium designers. They look dainty and ornate and other-worldly yet they are very hearty and virtually impossible to kill.

Why am I telling you about air plants? Because they are so freakin cool and because you don’t have to put them in soil, you can do very non traditional things with them like pack a light fixture full of them and hang them from your ceiling and spray them with water now and then or you can glue them to burlap and make a gorgeous wedding crown with them that will live on past your 10th anniversary.

Or you can put them in your hair, which is what I was most excited about.

So, after making my air plant and succulent light fixture planter things, I made some air plant hair clips. I wear them frequently and feel just fantastic with a living and breathing plant on my head, adorning my hair and helping provide me with clean oxygen to breath.

Hair plants

DSC03535For this project you will need some 18 gauge wire, a big bobby pin
and 3-5 small tillandsia like this small pack of air plants.

Here is how to make these beauties…





1. Start by cutting off a 9 inch piece of wire.

2. Loop one end of the wire around the butt of the bobby pin. Twist it together to secure it.

3. Now poke the wire through the base of one of your pants.

4. Gently wrap the wire once through the teeth of the bobby and around the wavy side of the pin.

5. Now poke the wire through the base of a second plant. Wrap the wire through the teeth and around again to secure the second plant.

6. Repeat with a third plant.

7. Now make sure your plants are situated so that they sit in a line on top of your bobby. Bend the wire and manipulate them gently until they lay just right. Wrap the end of the wire several times around the end of the pin to secure the plants, then snip off the end of the wire.

Now try any of HTHG’s DIY hairstyles and finish it off with your hair plants. May I suggest any of the Infinity hairstyles?



The headband twist…..check it!

DSC02193This is a perfect summer hairstyle. I’m a big fan. This hairstyle is demonstrated on just above the shoulder length hair, using a 10th&olive headband and 1 bobby pin.

This hairstyle is great for the beach, farmers market, music festival……Anywhere where effortless style is appreciated. And, *bonus*

Your hair will be perfect beachy waves when you take this style out.

Click here for the tutorial.


Scarf braids: The holy grail

DSC03768 DSC03750DSC03741So it took a while for me to catch on to this trend. I was not entirely feeling it for a while. But then I did the Sail away braid and I loved it. A couple days later, I happened to have my house to myself for several hours which literally never happens. I felt absolutely free and untethered. I played with scarves and braids all damn day. It took me a while to find my groove with scarf braids but I feel as if I hit my personal holy grail by the end of the day.

You will need a long silk scarf like this boho silk scarf wrap for these looks. You also might need some earrings like the ones I am wearing ( My holy grail of earrings) by Nikki J.

Here is how to get the look.

Scarf braid look 1.

This is a half up hairstyle that involves making a small french braid on either side of the head, incorporating a scarf into the braid, and then tying them together in the back and letting the free scarf ends hang loose.

PicMonkey Collage1. Start by making a side part. Center the scarf on your head, about an inch behind your front hairline.

2. Take a small section of hair from either side of the braid. These 2 pieces along with your scarf will make up your 3 braiding strands.

3. Start your braid, and begin adding in hair with each overlap. Be careful not to pull the scarf off center.

4. Work your french braid back until you reach the point just above and behind your ear. At this point, your french braid turns into a regular braid.

5. Braid the free end until you get to the very ends of your hair. Now pin your scarf braid to the very back of your head.

6. Repeat on the other side with the other end of the scarf in another french braid.

7. Stop your french braid above and behind the ear and then braid down the free end.

8. Attach your second braid to the back of your head by criss-crossing another pin over your first one.

Now situate your scarf ends and rock your flow-y scarf-y retro boho  hairstyle this summer.

Or maybe you want something more polished and less hippie. If you do, then continue on with the holy grail….

Scarf braid look 2.


So pretty, right? And pretty easy, too. I love how this hairstyle shows off just a hint of color from the scarf without being too dramatic.

Here is how to do this one.

1. Start by doing scarf braid look 1.

2. Tie the ends of the scarf into a flouncy bow.

3. Take all the hanging loose hair and neatly twist the ends while drawing the hair up into a basket like shape. Use your fingers to tuck the scarf bow into the basket of hair. The scarf acts as your hair rat, which is awesome!

4. Now wind the ends of the twisted hair into a bun and pin it discreetly into you previously criss-crossed bobbies (see step 8 of look 1.)

Pretty from all angles. Are you inspired? Need more scarf inspiration?

xoxo, HTHG


Sunday crafternoon…..Crystal hair pins

christal clipsI’m really excited to share with you this fun project that I just sort of stumbled upon while staring at a tiny bag of crystals that a friend of mine in Arkansas found for me in the Mt. Ida crystal mine. The crystals were perfect and sparkly and tiny and I wanted them in my hair. And what is the best way to put random objects in our hair?? Glue them to bobby pins! You can attach almost anything to a bobby pin and stick it in your hair.

DSC00205I brought my crystal pins along for my Nikki J promo shoot, in case we needed them to complete our Deco-Star Wars Witchy theme.

What do you think? Pretty cool, right?

DSC00211For this little project you will need clear drying glue ( I love Eco glue) a scrap of leather, 2 bobby pins, some scissors, and some very small rough crystals.

Wear your Crystal Pins in any boho-inspired hairstyle for added earthy gorgeous bling.

Here is how to do it. Happy crafting! XOXO.

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