#bethefair Flustered Artist Scarf Bun

DSC05672I would like to introduce you to Sarah. This lady is like a sister to me. Once, our friend Brette and I took her into the alley and threw eggs at her because she was being bratty. Later on, she pushed me down as I ran to steal second base on the baseball field.

We watched Cable Guy all summer long. We snuck into a Wu Tang show and danced on stage. We faught and made up. We laughed our asses off. We waited tables and barista-ed together. We shared our later childhoods and teenage years. We went through awkward stages. We made fun of our parents. We snuck out of the house.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.40.58 PMNow, Sarah and I live in the same town again. She finished apparel design school a couple years ago, and has a sweet little studio on Capitol Hill where she makes gorgeous custom things under the moniker ‘tenth&olive’. You can check out her designs here.

One thing I truly admire about her and her work is that she gets that fashion should always be functional. Her attention to detail and appreciation for quality work and material blend with her unique style esthetic to create unique and wonderful designs.

She is really clever when it comes to turning fashion into function……Example:

DSC05428Using scarves creatively. Check out these hair tutorials featuring Sarah.

Today, she brings you her own special scarf bun. A unique and totally cute scarf hairstyle idea.


Here is how to get the look.

Scarf bun!

scarf bun


1. You will need  a couple of bobby pins, and a long thin scarf.

2. Twist all the hair into a high bun. Secure with bobbies.

3. Take the scarf and locate the center. Drape the flattened out scarf directly over the top of the bun.

4. Hold the scarf on top of the bun with one hand while you begin to wrap one end of the scarf around the base of the bun.

5. Now keep wrapping both ends in opposite directions around the base of the bun.

6. Tie the ends of the scarf on the side.

7. Pin up any loose hairs.

Now you have an art studio worthy hairstyle ready to wear.



#DIYhair Friday! Hair Sticks.

stixThis one is for you, Alix Brown. Hair sticks are an essential styling tool for effortless and elegant hair styling options. About a year ago, I gave you a hair stick photo tutorial. 7U6A2703

Back then, my hair was shorter and my technique was simpler. Today, I give you Hair Sticks round 2, bigger, better, and more secure. AND, whilst brainstorming this tutorial, I thought it would be fun to do a DIY hair stick craft project……So, coming in late October I will show you how to easily make the scull hair sticks featured in today’s video! I can’t wait! Looking for handmade sticks? Check out this shop!

Enjoy. XO, HTHG

5 pretty ways to wear a ribbon in your hair.

Here is a fun guest post from HTHG reader Angela Johnson! She put together 5 inventive ways to rock a ribbon in your hair.






“Out of the ash / I rise with my red hair / And I eat men like air.” I’ve always loved this quote from Sylvia Plath’s Lady Lazarus, not because of the men eating part, but because it inspires me to get creative, and embrace whatever attitude I want to have about my hair.

Using ribbon in your hairstyles will help you achieve the look you want, while giving a powerful statement. Whether you are going for the sweet girl next-door or the vintage pin-up look, using ribbon has never been so easy.

Before you begin, you will need to collect a variety of ribbon sizes and colors. I like to buy bulk ribbon from HairBow Center, because well, let’s just say I’m obsessed with ribbon! I use it in my hair almost every day!

loose bun 1. Tie the ribbon around a loose, messy bun. This works best with mid-length to longer hair that has been straightened. I like to clip the bangs up (while still leaving some volume), then hide the clip with the ribbon. Finish with a firm hold hairspray. This is look is easy to achieve and adds a touch of glam and professionalism to any style.

Ribbons22. Tie a perfect bow around a half-up pony tail. This one is even easier than the last, so if you don’t have a lot of time, this one is for you. Spray some dry shampoo into the roots for extra volume and to absorb any oils. For a more glamorous look, curl the hair with a large curling iron before placing your ribbon over the hair tie. Finish with a medium hold hairspray to complete this angelic look.

Ribbons43. Weave a smaller ribbon through your braid. Once you have the braid done, just lift it up and use a bobby pin to secure the ribbon near the base of your neck. Pull the ribbon through each hole in the braid, sort of like lacing up a shoe.  This is so easy and you end up with a messy, bohemian look. Try it with a French braid if you are feeling skillful.

hairribbon4. Use a ribbon as a headband, but spice it up by also wrapping it around a braid. This will work for hair shoulder length and longer of nearly any texture. Start the french braid near your ear and keep braiding loosely until you nearly reach your other ear, then tie it into a pony tail. Next, take the ribbon at it’s center and place it behind your bangs and underneath your braid / ponytail. Wrap the ribbon around the hair tie and make a bow for a modern yet sophisticated look.

katesRedRibbon5. Transform into a pin-up girl with a vintage looking ponytail. If your hair is naturally wavy, scrunch it with some mousse and diffuse dry. For hair with tighter curls, you may want to blow dry and use your iron to get loose curls. Curl your bangs under or wrap longer bangs to create the fake fringe look. Put up hair into a pony at the crown of your head. Choose a thicker, red ribbon that matches your red lipstick. Tie a loose, big bow and get ready for to accept some compliments.


Angela Johnson loves crafting, scrapbooking and playing Barbies with her four year old daughter. When she is not exploring her creativity with ribbons and bottle cap crafts, she writes and reads poetry.

Hair plants

IMG_2064Soon after my move to Seattle, I was feeling poor (as in broke) and lonely for house plants and living decor in my house. We had decided to leave our house plants in our house in Arkansas for our renters to enjoy and spare ourselves and our leafy friends the extra hassle of shipping them. I was sad to leave them behind.

Without much money to spend at all, but with a burning will and desire to create living pieces of plant-y art I packed my 2 year old into her car seat and headed towards the Re-store. I can easily get inspired by surrounding myself with other peoples weird discarded junk.

I ended up getting several old light fixture covers. I specifically needed ones with a lip around the edge so that I could wrap wire around them and easily hang them up. I also got 18 gauge wire, and a couple 3 ft long scraps of chain. Then, I headed to the Indoor sun shop for some tillandsia plants.

airTillandsia, also called air plants, are very popular non-parasitic plants that grow without soil and require very little water. This makes them great for low impact house plant-ery and hobby terrarium designers. They look dainty and ornate and other-worldly yet they are very hearty and virtually impossible to kill.

Why am I telling you about air plants? Because they are so freakin cool and because you don’t have to put them in soil, you can do very non traditional things with them like pack a light fixture full of them and hang them from your ceiling and spray them with water now and then or you can glue them to burlap and make a gorgeous wedding crown with them that will live on past your 10th anniversary.

Or you can put them in your hair, which is what I was most excited about.

So, after making my air plant and succulent light fixture planter things, I made some air plant hair clips. I wear them frequently and feel just fantastic with a living and breathing plant on my head, adorning my hair and helping provide me with clean oxygen to breath.

Hair plants

DSC03535For this project you will need some 18 gauge wire, a big bobby pin
and 3-5 small tillandsia like this small pack of air plants.

Here is how to make these beauties…





1. Start by cutting off a 9 inch piece of wire.

2. Loop one end of the wire around the butt of the bobby pin. Twist it together to secure it.

3. Now poke the wire through the base of one of your pants.

4. Gently wrap the wire once through the teeth of the bobby and around the wavy side of the pin.

5. Now poke the wire through the base of a second plant. Wrap the wire through the teeth and around again to secure the second plant.

6. Repeat with a third plant.

7. Now make sure your plants are situated so that they sit in a line on top of your bobby. Bend the wire and manipulate them gently until they lay just right. Wrap the end of the wire several times around the end of the pin to secure the plants, then snip off the end of the wire.

Now try any of HTHG’s DIY hairstyles and finish it off with your hair plants. May I suggest any of the Infinity hairstyles?



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