Queen of Sunday Leafy crown DIY

IMG_2738You know by now that I am a lover of plants and flowers. I have worn flowers in my hair since I was old enough to pick em and have used plants and flowers as inspiration for all sorts of cool hairdos.

What you may not know is that I have a head full of ideas at all times. They pull on my pant leg begging for attention like a toddler. I cannot shake them off. This is partly why I blog. To get them off me and into the world at large. Many of them, like the swinging couch and skateboard/babystroller are very hair-brained (pardon the pun.)But occasionally, they work beautifully. Today, I called upon my Arkie Kitchen Innovation skills, and stapled together a crown of eucalyptus.

I walked by a eucalyptus bush and it smelled so good. I really wanted it on me. So I picked 5 or so of the smaller delicate off-shooting branches and brought them home. I scoured the house for thin wire or thread to tie them together with but to no avail. And then, I found an old stapler. I flashed back for a moment to my early years of scotch tape and staples. It all came back to me. With staples, you can do anything. And with that, I stapled together the branches into a lovely leafy fresh smelling crown that I am wearing as I type.

Now, you can do it too. Go outside and find the prettiest delicate branches you can. Take them home and staple them into a crown to wear around the house like the botanical Queen of Sunday.



Saturday Crafternoon: DIY fancy hair combs!

CombsI’ve already told you why I love hair combs so much and how I use them in my hair. Now I will tell you how I like to decorate them! Today is the day! Are you ready to craft some fabulous combs to adorn and secure your DIY hairstyle? Let’s do this.

Here is what you will need to create an arsenal of combs for every occasion;)

suppliesPlastic combs.        (I like Goody’s) Vintage buttons. Bows. Colored thread. Needle and thread. Thin brass wire. Silk flowers.

Now, get a couple friends together and let’s see what you come up with. Here is what Nikki and I came up with…..

DIY Vintage button combs!

We used glue on the large flat buttons, and wire wrapped the smaller buttons.nautical buttons buttons

DIY black bow comb!

We used a needle and thread to sew the bow onto the comb. Want more black hair bow inspiration? ;)

black comb

DIY silk flower comb!

We glued silk daisies onto the comb, using Ecoglue.


DIY colored thread wrapped comb!

We wrapped the spine of the comb with colored thread, then tied off the ends.

thread combsI don’t know about you, but I am beginning to think that hair combs are the best hair tool/accessory around. Equal parts fashion and function, It is no wonder that people have been wearing them to adorn and secure their hairstyles for thousands of years!
I am inspired! Let’s make some more combs! Do you have any great comb decorating ideas?


Vintage hair combs.

combsHow do I start this post? I can’t decide. Saying that I love vintage hair combs is an understatement. I guess I will tell you that I have been playing around with combs in my hair a lot lately, and I can’t quite believe that it took me so long to discover the power of a hair comb. We spend a lot of time fussing about with hair pins here at HTHG. Hair pins are to hair what nails and screws are to a construction site. I have discovered that combs are to hair what support beams are to a house. (My kindergartener daughter is learning about metaphors right now, so please excuse my liberal use)

To explain it more straightforwardly, combs are amazing for holding your hairstyle together. You can secure an entire elaborate hairstyle with just one comb if you place it right. This alone is great news.

But also, because combs are bigger than bobby pins, there is no hiding them so they  become a visual design element within the hairstyle. This is great news too because they are a gorgeous way to accessorize. Combs are one big part fashion, and one big part function.

I started collecting hair combs several months back while doing a photo shoot with my sister-out-law Darcy. She somehow seems to have every cool vintage thing imaginable stashed away in her house. This is what years and years of garage sale-ing does.

She pulled out a box full of BEAUTIFUL hair combs, ranging from what looked like the turn of the century era through the 1950’s. They were lucite and bakelite and true turtle shell, some with rhinestones, some with in-lay. Some carved, some painted. I almost cried because I wanted them to be mine. She said she got the box of them for 5$ at a garage sale. Oh, Arkansas and the treasures that are buried in junk. So I started looking around at antique malls and I found some pretty cool ones (pictured above). I also found a bag full of 100 year old finger wave clamps while on a hair comb thrifting trip.

This post is to prepare you for the coming months at HTHG. Don’t be surprised to see hair combs added to hair style tutorials. Don’t have any vintage hair combs? Buy new ones and decorate them! paint them with nail polish, wrap them with colored thread, glue buttons or beads to them, sew a bow on em. Put a bird on em. Bedazzle em. Get creative! Here are a couple ways to wear them…


As a little bonus to this post, I’m gonna throw in a tutorial for you. XO!

papa2Here is how to do it….

Start by sectioning off the  crown section and back combing it lightly.

Make a side part, then a section across the top of the head to behind both ears.

Do a french braid on each side of the part. Braid all the way down the free end of the hair.

Join the braids at the back of the head with a clear elastic.

Now, put the rest of the hair in a ponytail, and pull the ponytail holder down to the ends, just far enough so that you still have all the ends contained.

Now roll your ponytail upwards around your finger and pin your roll to the head from both sides.

Now add a comb at the top of your roll, where the roll meets the braids. Combs look best when they are placed in a meeting point between different design elements (braids and roll) Because they draw the eye right in. Stunning.


3 ways to rock a black hair bow.

black bowI recently bought this black hair bow clip from American Apparel to use in an upcoming DIY post. DSC00805I like the black bow because it is not too cutesy but it makes a statement. I was messing around with it and decided to share a couple of the easy hairstyles I came up with. I especially like the first one because you can see the bow from the front and the back.

The first look is a braid up the back and into a ponytail. Then I gave my ponytail a facelift, back combed it lightly, and pinned it into a messy bun. I clipped the bow right under the bun.

For the second look, I did a loose french braid from the middle of the back of my head to the base of my neck. Then I clipped all the hair at the base into a clipped-pony.

The last look is a lightly back combed french roll, with the bow on the side. Try em today!


DIY feather fascinator!

kueyrHere is a post for my crafty feather lovers! This is long over due. If you don’t already know, I love feathers. They are like hair in so many ways, yet so much more dramatic. I like to use color and texturizing techniques to make hair look like feathers. I like feather extensions, but not those played out ones from last year. Real ones like these. Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.55.22 AM

Feather fascinators are great because they are easy to make and you can wear them over and over again. They add a pop of color to your hair, as well as a gorgeous boho feel to long hair or 1920’s Great Gatsby feel to short hair. Try them with a finger wave for polished and dramatic vintage gorgeousness.

IMG_3948IMG_3977Today, I am going to show you how to make your own feather fascinators.

What you will need is a scrap of leather, some craft glue ( I love Ecoglue) scissors, and feathers. For these fascinators, I used a mix of Peacock feathers (the big blue and green ones, and the small green ones) Pheasant feathers ( The medium sized grey blue ones and the orange ones) and Chicken feathers (the whispy red brown ones.) You do not need to use these same feathers, but you should have an assortment of 3-5 different varieties to make your DIY feather fascinator.

IMG_3874I get my feathers from a no-kill feather company. They collect dropped feathers instead of killing birds for their feathers.

Are you ready for some feather designing? It is easier than it looks. As a general rule, you will glue your feathers onto your leather pad layer by layer. Go ahead, get creative!

Watch this video and learn. Then, get your girlfriends together for a Friday night Feather Fascinator party.



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