Cobra gets bangs. Becomes a lady.

7U6A2666  Cobra the snake. Aka, Simonne the baby. Shining almost 2 year old star, shredding the baby/toddler line and roping it like a rode warrior. Daughter of Bethefair mother Brette Howard. More than a friend to me, more like a sister.7U6A3515

Cobes got her first haircut. I had the honor. I gave her bangs, then a little up-do with a clip. She became a lady that day;)

Got a baby ready for their first haircut? Here is my DIY video for it. xo



Curtain Bangs, DIY!

7U6A2162I am on a journey of growing my hair out. This journey has lasted 20 years of my life. I have had bangs my whole life except for a short stint when I was 7 or 8. Now, my bangs are (mostly) grown out into what I like to call Curtain Bangs. It feels weird. My forehead is large and getting wrinkly and I feel like a woman, officially.

Sometimes I miss my bangs. Bangs make me feel young and fresh and style-y, most of the time. Other times my bangs make me feel like a 11 year old horse-loving pre-teen with curly bangs and stretch pants. Other times, my bangs make me feel like Prince Valliant.

My long-ish bangs got to a point a while back where they were begging me to let them join the party with the rest of my hair. Something wasn’t working anymore. I knew it was time to connect my bangs to my hair and let them get to know each other. Hello, Curtain Bangs. Let’s pretend for a second that I am Kate Moss ( I like this game.)Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.09.56 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.34.12 PM

…..’My beautiful bangs are so long they sweep my eyes in such seductive and perfect ways. I am so glad to be me today!

2 weeks later………..I’m ready to reinvent myself once again! I’m getting tired of my seemingly endless teenage years. I’m over these bangs. Someone call Oscar, my hairdresser! Tell him I am ready for magic! Jeezus I need some more wine. Or………wait a minute. I bet this is an easy fix…….Surely there is something on Youtube that can help me fix my bangs myself.’

This video will show you how to turn your long bangs into Curtain Bangs. Then, you can grow them out seamlessly on your own.

Need some growing-out bang styling ideas? check out this post. Find more DIY bang videos here andin the HTHG shop.


Add some BANG to your bangs with a Shine Line.

shine lineAs a part of my necessary mid-winter hair lightening, I recently felt the need to do something with my bangs besides cut them. This time of year, my face feels pasty, my hair feels drab, and it makes me a little bit sad. Also, I have been having shiny bang envy because of Kate Middleton Jessica Whats-her-name and the cute girls with bangs on The New Girl.  Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.59.41 AM

So, I gave myself a Shine Line in my bangs, to make em glow. And I want to share the process with you because it was super easy to DIY, and It made me feel instantly brighter and shinier.

Here is how I did it.

Start with a color bowl and brush, a clip, tail-comb and a couple foils. Choose a hair color that is slightly lighter than your natural. I used bleach and 10v.

Make a parting across the front of the top of your head that is parallel to your bang line, but a couple inches behind your hairline. See the little picture I drew.


The parting should intersect the entire bang section from temple to temple.

Because I have bucket bangs

(curved around the eyes like a bowl ) , I used a curved parting to create my Shine line.

Clip the rest of the hair back.

Now you will slice foil across that parting as thin as you can. Use as many foils as it takes to reach almost from temple to temple, leaving out the hairline. Does that make sense? Here is a video that breaks down DIY foiling.

Let the color process. Peek into the foil to determine the desired lightness, then wash the hair. Comb it out, and check out your bangin’ new shiny bangs.

What is your bang trick?



HTHG’s favorite bangs and DIY bang kit giveaway!

PicMonkey CollageBangs are the most powerful way to transform your face, accentuate your eyes, and add style to your haircut. The right style of bangs can really work wonders!

I am a huge believer in bangs, and cutting them yourself. It is a fun way to really take control of your look in between trips to the salon. I have never had anyone but myself cut my bangs.

Contrary to what you might hear other places, there is a bang style to fit any face and hair type. Maybe you have been told that you wouldn’t look good with bangs or you have had a bad bang experience…..Don’t let that scare you away from experimenting! Let this little bang guide help guide you in the right direction towards your perfect bang style.

Bang breakdown

1. Curtain bangs…..These are basically grown out bucket bangs. Curtain bangs have a nice face slimming and elongating effect.They are great for lower hair lines. They are long and blend nicely around the face. They are a good option for people who are afraid of bang commitment because they grow out without any fuss at all. To get these bangs, Follow HTHG’s bucket bang tutorial, but cut them nice and long.

2. Asymmetrical bangs. These bangs are funky and edgy and fun to wear. They suit all face shapes, and look especially good with above-the-shoulder length haircuts. They grow out nicely into side sweeping bangs. Follow HTHG’s Asymmetricall choppy bang tutorial to DIY ‘em.

3. Kitten bangs. Meow! for the bold lady, these dramatic pointys are very fun to wear and look great with darker hair colors. They work well on straight hair. HTHG does not yet have a tutorial for these bangs. They are kind of hard to perfect. Slow and steady is my advice;)

4. Choppy bangs. These bangs are nice and feminine. They can be very slimming for the face if cut from a narrow section, and they can also widen and open up the face nicely if cut from a wide section. They work really well for higher foreheads.They tend to grow out easily because there are no hard lines. They are great for curly haired ladies who want to wear short bangs. Follow HTHG’s choppy bang tutorial to get these babies.

5. Blunt bangs. These are nice and dramatic. The hard line is a nice contrast for softer face shapes. They can give thin hair a thicker appearance. Best on straight hair. Use your Purrrfect bang kit to get a perfect line.

6. Betty bangs. For the vintage loving ladies out there. Feminine, sexy, and dramatic. These bangs combine a hard line with sloped shape so they really will work on all face shapes. They look great on women with low hairlines. They work best on thicker hair, wavy hair. Follow HTHG’s Betty bangs tutorial to get em.

7. Bucket bangs. Like Zooey Deschanel’s bangs?. These bangs form an arch around the eyes, drawing attention directly to the eyes. They are slimming and elongating for the face, and they look very seductive. They grow out into curtain bangs. They look best with below the shoulder length hairstyles. Follow HTHG’s Zooey bangs tutorial to DIY them.

8. Side bangs. These bangs are very easy to wear for all hair types and face shapes. They are very versatile, they grow out great, and they are super easy to DIY. Use your Purrrfect bangs kit to DIY them!

Purrrfect Bangs DIY bang kit giveaway!!!

Here is my exciting news for the day. Are you ready for this? I have 2 of these kits to giveaway! What are they? Everything you need to cut your bangs at home, over and over again. The kit includes sharp shears, a comb, an instructional guide, and a clever little template gadget that will ensure bang cutting perfection.

How to enter? Like HTHG and Purrrfect bangs on Facebook, and share the Facebook post. I will choose 4 random winners a week from today. Best of luck and I can’t wait to see your new bangs!



4 cool ways to style your growing-out bangs.

bangsHTHG has put together her 4 favorite ways to deal with her bangs as they grow out….I present to you 4 cool ways to style your growing-out bangs.

The first one is The 1940’s pin-up bang! Here is another priceless bang trick to add to your tool kit. It is great for bangs that are about to the eyebrow or longer, and perfect for dealing with growing out bangs that won’t behave. You can do this if you don’t have bangs, as well.

This great bang trick will add a 1940’s pin-up flavor to any hairstyle. You will need a couple bobby pins. It is basically just a bit of back-combing and one big pin-curl.

Here is how to do it.

Start by sectioning out the bang area. Give the whole section a light back combing. Now take all the hair in the bang sectioning close to the ends and gently roll it once so that it makes a circle, and tuck the ends underneath. Now hold it against the head and scooch it up a tiny bit towards the front hairline to add a little lift to the front. Bobby pin the pin-curl to the head, straight across it.


Now, you can roll the sides back if you want, do a ponytail facelift, or just wear it down. Experiment with using the quick pin-up bang trick with other styling possibilities.



Next up is the simple twist-back. I like begin with a deep side-part and start the twist on the heavy side and twist it down the side adding a bit of hair as I go. Once I get almost to the temple, I bring the twist slightly back so that it curves. It’s prettiest this way!  Then I pin it into place. Here is the tutorial for this easy bang trick.








Next, my lovelies, is a little bobby pin look. I love the idea of using bobby pins to make a style statement. Here is a cute and different way to pin your bangs down. I like a deep side part with this look as well. Take 5 bobby pins and pin them close together to make a seamless fake no-bangs look. It reminds me of photos of my mom in the 70’s ( My 2nd favorite hair era)








And lastly is this pretty boho-ish braided bang style. I like to continue the braid all the way to the ends and pin it back to finish the look. Here is the tutorial for this look….

What do you do with your bangs when you get tired of them? I have been growing mine out for 7 years and they are still bangs!!!

For more on how to grow out your bangs, check this post out.

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