Welcome to the Free Your Hair Parlor

Hi Babes! Today I want to give a special thanks to my friends Flor and Zinn at Wired and Stoned for shooting and producing this little video.

They came over and we had a lovely chat about hair and business and creativity and Instagram, among other things! I got to play with Flor’s hair, which was a real dream. I feel like they really captured my little creative space with truth and captivity.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to speak a bit, although my own voice makes me cringe, on things so close to my heart…… And then get to share it with you all!

Check out Wired and Stoned Youtube for lot’s of great DIY’s for Dreads and the Makings of Adornment.

Enjoy, xo, HTHG/ Roxie Jane Hunt



VICE The Creators Project Interview

Hey babes. I wanted to share a link with you to an interview I did with Hannah Stouffer for Vice The Creators Project. I had a great time writing about my creative beliefs and process (full disclosure I totally love being interviewed because I have so much to say in regards to hair and art and expression, as y’all know.)


So here it is, and the photos displayed are of work I did specifically for this interview, a little challenge and creative stretch. Bubbles, Moons or Jupiter, and Bitchin Eye.

xo, HTHG

Studio Love and Creative Inspiration in Sacred Space.

IMG_1137This post is for all of you creative people who have considered renting a space to incubate your creative life but have had a hard time rationalizing paying for it.

About a year ago, several girl friends and I decided to rent a studio space which I like to affectionately call the BabeCave. Located on the top floor of a very old warehouse building in Seattle’s old Ballard, our lofty funky space sits up above Market Avenue, with great light on the north wall, the Puget Sound directly to our west, the ship canal to the south, and downtown Ballard to the east.

This space is old, dusty, funky and cheap…….We lucked out to find it. We had scoured Craigslist and local listings, put calls out on facebook, toured shitty overpriced spaces all over town before we found the BabeCave, which was finally found as a result of one of us driving past it, seeing a for rent sign, and calling the number on the sign. We snagged our spot, moved right in.

IMG_1134I had years of reservations about renting a studio and committing to using it. As a mother and partner, it was hard to think about being away from home more than I already was due to my job. As someone trying to build a small business, I had a really hard time committing the extra money to studio rent for something that would require sheer creative play time without any direct profit. It seemed totally irrational and irresponsible. But with the right girlfriends to share the space with and help me get over my fears, we went for it.

IMG_1131We moved in plants, desks, shelves, racks of vintage clothes, sewing machines, fabrics, metalworking gear, couches, lights, hair stuff, you name it. Everything we would need to create. We decorate it how we wanted it, we made a beautiful mess of it together with our interests and hobbies and esthetics.

And I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have used the shit out of that studio, and found myself making things which had been tugging at my sleeves for 15 years or more, setting in motion a creative flow which has extended into all parts of life, and learning how to create with the freedom and acceptance of making a mess around me and just going with it. We even made it a monthly meeting space for a group of women exploring the non-denominational realms of magic and spirituality.

I have found that having sacred space to create has been priceless.

Renting a space dedicated to creative and spiritual endeavors was a true lesson in getting over fears about finding both the money and the time to make the investment worth it. It was committing to my own creative life in a way I never had before knowing that there would be no real profit beyond experimentation that would come from the BabeCave.

IMG_1133Renting the space was itself an experiment in seeing if my own creative play time was worth the lack of extra cash that was inevitable as an exchange for paying studio rent. It showed me the importance of having a sacred space to create.

And what I learned and what I want to share is that I would rather be poor and inspired, and with a creative space and outlet and room/time to play than have extra cash any day…..hands down. The BabeCave has been 100% worth it to me. And I encourage any of you who have been on the fence about allowing yourselves uninhibited creative time and space to go ahead and just do it. Find some friends and do it together.

At the end of this month, the building that holds the BabeCave will be torn down, and I’m mourning it already……Stay tuned to see what the hell happens as a result……..Still don’t know where all my stuff will go. Ha! Glad for the last year in the BabeCave. Thanks ya’ll for being here:)

xo, HTHG


A Cup of Tea and a Tour of my Normal Messy Life

7U6A2185Hello! Hi! I’m Roxie. It is so very nice to meet you:) Come on in. No, no you can keep your shoes on. That mat is just for my kid’s muddy boots. Go ahead and hang your jacket up and let me show you around!

I am so happy to have you here, after all these years of sharing a sort of limited part of my life at HTHG……..Welcome to my home, my workspace, and a little look into my regular old life! I am glad to share it with you.

Friends, I wanted to take a minute to show you around a bit. I have realized in the last year how easy it is to make assumptions about the state of another’s lifestyle based on what they share via the internet/social media……And with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to give a bit of an authentic tour of my life on a quiet, normal day.

Give me just a sec while I put some tea water on……Need to use the bathroom? (did I remember to clean it??? Yep. Did. ) Great. Do you feel like a cup of tea?

7U6A2158I’ve been making this really yummy blend lately…..hibiscus, mint, nettle, usnia and rosebuds. Sound good? Great. Do you take honey? Alright, perfect. This honey comes from my grandma’s brothers family farm outside Glacier Park MT. They have a general store called Beaver Slide Dry Goods….Sell yarn and honey and soap and things. Great little shop……Check it out if you have a chance! Best honey I’ve ever had. 7U6A2128

Here is my little transitional parlor salon, where I do dry-cuts on my clients while we build out the shop behind our house into a real life salon!!!! I can’t wait to show you:) Here is what is left of the Free Your Hair Earth Collection! Was such a fun project to make hair products using only earth-based ingredients and share them with friends and clients. Check them out! Yes absolutely! Try them! Yep that is me in the sweatpants!


Ah!!! Yes! and the Bebiotin. I take mine every day!~ Have you tried them yet? Great for hair and skin.7U6A2135

Tea done steeping? Taste okay? K. Follow me!

7U6A2211I am so glad to have you here, did I already say that? How is your day going, what’s new? Hungry? There is a smoothie in the fridge, my husband Jonny made it this morning, he puts all of life in his smoothies…..gets us off to a great start. This morning it was pineapple, berries, chaga, yogurt, Diatomaceous Earth, spinach, Healthforce Green Powder ( I swear this stuff will keep us alive forever) SUN POTION Ashwagandha and rice milk.


 Here is were we eat meals, we try to eat together every night, and often have a guest or two. Both Jonny and I love to cook, and we generally don’t use recipes…..kind of an intuitive art around here, cooking is;) Kids like to cook as well. We have them plan a meal every once in a while.

We hold hands around the table and sing a Scottish song together before we eat, song passed down from the McVickers on my maternal grandma’s side. I grew up singing grace at every supper and I thought it was so corny. Now I kind of love it. Ha!7U6A2181

Right this way! yep. Taking you to my favorite part of the house, past the guitars (my beloved Gretsch and my sweet little practice guitar gifted to me from my mother Out-law (Marley, our 8 year old’s dad’s mom.)7U6A21707U6A2178 In Arkansas, I played guitar and sang in a band called The Rox. Miss those days.

……and on to the bookshelves. One of my favorite parts about my Jonny is his fantastic taste in books and his beautiful book collection. They came with him when we shacked up, and I adore them (and him.) My personal collection is slowly growing and I am supremely proud of them. Jonny is ten years of book collecting ahead of me, you see.

The photo on the top right is me as a baby, held by my namesake Dr. Jane Goodall, who is a friend and mentor of my mother’s, and the bottom left there behind my late step-mothers is a ceramic jar with boobs on it that I made a week before my first daughter was born.


I share a closet with our daughters Marley (8) and Selah (4). They are both at school today. This closet houses my Gunne Sax dress collection, which is a major source of happiness for me whenever I think of them, sitting in the back of my closet just waiting for me to wear em. Almost all of my best clothes come from Dina’s Great Finds.

If you are ever driving between Seattle and Portland, do yourself a favor and stop at Dina’s, in Chehalis. It is a Sacred Church of Vintage Treasures. Yep. Clothes, furniture, art, housewares, tools. Everything.7U6A2102

I really adore and treasure my jewelry collection. Please don’t judge it by the way it is organized! It’s just that the collection has outgrown the display, thanks to artists like Nikki Jacoby, April Rose of Rainbow Kimono and Adina Mills who have all fueled my growing obsession with statement pieces. 2016 will be the year of organizing my jewelry better.7U6A2146

7U6A2108Ooooof. The Bathroom. Remember how I said I loved to try new products but am trying to simplify my cabinets? Yeesh. This might look crazy but it is actually an improvement.

I recently came up on some Herbivore Botanicals facial products. Holy haul! Jonny and I mask all the time now. I can’t get enough. I’m a bit of a self-care junkie. Owl’s Botanicals Rose Hydrosol Mist, La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Oil and Salt Spray, and Beaver Balm from Sound Botanicals, and of course, my Mason Pearson brush.

In my shower, always my ShamPHree Free Your Hair bottlesHairstory New Wash, Ozark Herbal Creations Oil Facial WashSound Botanical’s Soaps and my Eminence Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, which I use twice a month (NOT when I’m premenstural! Yikes. Burn!) It’s basically a naturally derived chemical peel.

Want an apple or banana? I’m a total fruit bat. Always have fruit hanging from places. We do a lot of fruit snacking and juicing. The Northwest is great for us in the form of fruit abundance, although this isn’t the season for it. We did harvest kiwis the other day though, at our favorite park in town, Meridian Park. Try one? Or have an Apple! 7U6A2182



How you doing? Need more tea water? Come on…..I’ll take you upstairs to my apothecary and my alchemy den/guest bedroom upstairs landing. It’s all squished together! Still not sure how to make it all work;) This house, as you can see, is not big.7U6A2131

So yep, up here under this skylight is where I mix and infuse. I’ve got all my herbs drying, flowers soaking, and powders settling in 5 gallon buckets. I think of this area as my herbal hair Pharmacy, where I can custom mix hair remedies for clients and friends. It really comes in handy, and It brings me great joy. Need anything? How about an end-mender, and a stimulating oil to help your dry scalp? That I can do. I’ll send you home with a tea blend too, as long as were here:)

7U6A2188Well, the only thing left now is the big cement slab in our back yard where we are building the woodshop/salon/Hair B&B. Can’t let you leave without seeing that too. Watch your step, it gets slick out here! For now, the slab is home to our fire pit and cider press.

See my Spirit Tree in the back ground, on the left? That Douglas Fir is the first thing I see every morning when I open the curtains. I just adore it. Next time you are here, the building might be built, and you might be in my chair getting your hair done! I certainly hope so.

Lots of love, and thank you so much for visiting and letting me show you around my rather messy, normal un-fancy life. Don’t forget your oils and your tea! 

xo, Roxie Jane Hunt



Why I Love my Job. Interview with HTHG’s Roxie Hunt

7U6A2857Hi dears. I thought you might like to check out this fun Interview that my gal Liz Lashes did with me, HTHG, for an assignment from Payscale, Career News.

I enjoyed answering these questions because they really made me think about why I do the things I do career-wise, and how unconventional my path has been.

I enjoy doing hair and writing about it and photographing it so much! And I also adore the process of production and development, from blog to products to collaborations and way beyond! Thanks so much for being a part of it:)

Read on.

xoxo, HTHG

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