The Side-Roll

7U6A6205Hello! Today, I am excited to introduce you to a vintage hairstyle made intentionally wonky. I am a fan of imperfection and asymmetry, so this is the HTHG version of a classic roll.

You can see a hairstyle like this one demonstrated on Youtube with a lot of preparation and involvement, and a lot of hairspray…..This here version is less fussy and way quicker. And you have my permission to not try and perfect it, but to practice it until you can at least get it securely in your hair, and then let it deconstruct itself a bit over the course of the day. It is a hairstyle that looks lovely when rough and lived in:)

This particular side roll was demonstrated on the stunningly lovely young Cameron, who has the look of a Viking Shield Maiden no matter what she does. Her hair is thick and fine, which is the hardest sort of hair to secure in a hairstyle like this. My secret weapon? Masterbraider, Duh!

When in doubt of your hair staying where you want it to, a pre-misting with Masterbraider texture spray is a must! why? because it has enough salt in it to give a whale a stroke. And it will make your hair into a material that moves like wool and can be molded into anything. master

This hairstyle is best done on medium-long hair. To begin with, prep dry hair with texture spray. Flip your head upside down and spritz it evenly all over.

Do some light back combing around the crown of the head to create a little volume and texture.

Create a grid of criss-crossed pins across the back of the head, slightly at a diagonal. It should begin roughly at one side of the nape of the neck, and end behind the opposite ear. This will be the scaffolding to hold up your roll;) Each pin should slightly overlap the last one so that your criss-cross is continuous.

Now, bring all the hair over one shoulder and gather it into a ponytail band, at the ends. The band should be about 3 inches from the very ends of the hair.

Begin to roll the ponytail upwards, tucking the ends in as you roll. Use both hands to carefully roll the ponytail all the way to the head. The roll should lay roughly on top of your criss-cross pins.

Now use as many bobby pins as you need to to secure the roll to the criss-cross pins. I suggest pushing your pins downwards through the hair on the head and through the inner edge of the roll, into the criss-cross pins….this will keep your pins hidden while securing your roll. It may feel like you have a ton of pins in your hair, that is okay! You need that scaffolding strong!

7U6A6010Use a few large bobbies to secure the sides of the roll…..I suggest pushing them against the head and straight into the roll horizontally from each side, grabbing the inside of the roll and attaching it to the head. see how that works in the picture above?

7U6A6006Here is another finished look of the roll, along with Birch’s Knotted Fishtail Bun from the same shoot.

Here is the Knotted Fishtail Bun decorated with flowers and berries.7U6A6143

You can decorate your roll with flowers or plants if you want! I totally think you should.

PS. Cats love this hairstyle too.


xoxo, HTHG

Herringbone with flowering mint.

Hello there. I wanted to quickly share this pretty hairstyle that I did on my dear Marissa Mei, who was attending a wedding one day and needed an impromptu hair-do. I happened to be on hand, and I’m always ready to jump into hair mode, because it is like a language that my hands speak.

7U6A89837U6A89927U6A90177U6A90207U6A90437U6A9057I did a soft herringbone braid, (fishtail!) which wrapped around the back of her head and continued down one side. Technically it was a french herringbone, (which just means you add hair from either side as you go in the beginning.)

My friend Corrina suggested I add mint into the braid, because there happened to be mint growing in the front of the house that we were at. It was beginning to go to seed, so there was a bit of flowering happening which added a lovely lacy touch.

After adding the mint and securing the ends of the braid, I used this trick to deconstruct the heck out of braid to soften it and give it a more romantic wedding-y feel. I had to go back in with strategically placed bobby pins to re-secure some of the mint after that!

Everywhere Marissa walked that day, the smell of fresh sun-kissed mint followed her like a shadow. She looked and smelled so lovely!

This tutorial was partially shot by Corrina, so a big thank you to her! You will see her one of these days on HTHG, probably with all kinds of fall colors in her hair.

xoxo, HTHG

Lovely Rita Flower Bun

7U6A2330Hey babes. Here is a pretty hairdo from the #fuckbouquets wedding hair shoot the my gals and I did for Stone Fox Bride and Refinery 29.

I wanted to share it because it is a super DIY hairstyle fit for a bride or bridesmaid or anyone for any reason, generally;)

The Lovely Rita Flower Bun is featured on my dear friend Sarah-Ann, designer at 10th&olive. sarah


This is a great hairstyle for short-ish to medium length hair in all textures! It involves a dutch braid that starts on one side of the head, goes across the back and down the opposite side. The end of the braid is wrapped into a bun and pinned into place.

Then, using assorted large and small bobby pins, I secured into the hairstyle fresh ranunculus, Air plants, assorted succulents, and alder leaf skeletons. Isn’t it nice? You should try it in your hair;)

xo, HTHG

Flower Child…5 casual DIY ways to wear flowers in your hair.

floral HTHG I know. I know. More Flower Hair at HTHG. It’s just that……..Flowers are kind of the general seasonal theme for life right now. I’m not tired of them yet. Are you? If not, let’s put MORE flowers in our hair!

In the past couple weeks, we have talked a lot about flower crowns…..How to make them, and what to do with your hair while you wear them. Today we are going to get creative with different ways of adorning your hairstyles with fresh flowers and plants……Floral Hair Design. Blending the natural beauty of flowers and plants with our hair, and using it to accessorize and add color to our lives in a bold way!

I have to confess something. I am a flower snatcher. I don’t like buying flowers and so I innocently pick them at random, after glancing over both shoulders. I feel okay about it mostly, but at times I have a mini panic attack over the karma of snatching flowers and how it works exactly so……….I only pick them if there are many of them to spare, and I always try and sprinkle the flowers seeds ( If I can find them ) back into the dirt to replant them. I get a bit of a rush from the whole process and generally can rationalize why it is perfectly okay to do.

Whew! I feel a million pounds lighter after that confession. Anyhow, use your best judgement whether you want to pick flowers or buy flowers to use in your hair. Sometimes wildflowers in an abandon city lot are just as lovely as store-bought renunculous.

Before we get started, I want to also encourage the use of plants as well as flowers in floral hair design. Ferns, berries, air plants and succulents, grasses, etc. Use them with your flowers to garnish your hairstyle.

Preparing for Floral Hair Designing

7U6A6561You will need an assortment of flowers and plants, a brush, large and small bobby pins, clear elastics, and some texture spray.

When choosing flowers, get ones that look like they are on their way to a full bloom, instead of ones that are in fullest bloom already. They will last much longer and look fresher in the hair.

Once you have chosen your plants and flowers, you will want to groom them a bit. Strip off excess leaves and dead petals. Leave a couple inches of stem to work with. If you want to use leaves from the flower in the hair, strip them from the flower, preserving as much stem as possible. It is easier to secure flowers and leaves into the hair if they are separated from each other.

Decide where in your hairstyle your flowers will go…..Will you braid them in? Pin them in? Or simply tuck them behind your ear? Brush your hair out thoroughly to remove tangles, and spray in some texture spray for extra grip and lasting power.

Here are 5 ways to wear flowers in your DIY hair.

Braid em in! This first look is so simple! It is one small accent braid, tucked and pinned, and one big side braid!

For this look, choose flowers with long stems, as you will braid the stems into your accent braid. I chose onion flowers and babies breath for this one.

Begin the braid with a couple overlaps before you begin adding in flowers. Lay your first flower with the stem going downward in one of your 3 braid sections. The flower should sit directly on the braid. Overlap a braid section over the flower, and braid it right in, the stem becoming a part of that braid section.

Continue braiding with a few more overlaps, then add in another flower or plant in the same way. Continue braiding the stems into the braid and adding more flowers. End the braid when it is long enough to be pinned into the back of the head. Secure it with a clear elastic.

Now tuck the end of the braid behind some hair in the back and pin it discreetly. Bring the rest of your hair over one shoulder. Braid it loosely, secure the end, and deconstruct it.

birch onions

This next look is also achieved by braiding flowers directly into the hair. It is a french braided hairstyle, wrapped around the head and pinned into place.  I used small wild roses, colored gerber daisies, cosmos, and some random leaves to create a very colorful wildflower look.

To do this hairstyle, section off the underside of the hair,  from behind each ear across the back of the head. In the top section, begin a french braid on one side, adding flowers into the braid as you go.  Guide the braid around the back of the head, and braid the free end down on the opposite side of the back of the head. Secure the ends and then deconstruct the braid a bit.

With the remaining hair underneath, do a free braid all the way from the bast to the ends, adding flowers and leaves in as you go. Secure the ends and deconstruct the braid.

Now wrap the ends of the top braid around the front of the head, in the same direction that you braided it. Pin it in wherever it ends, then add more discreetly placed pins as needed to secure that braid into a crown. Wrap the bottom braid around the head in the opposite direction, tucking the tail of it under the braid crown, and pinning it into place.

Pull out random pieces of hair and pin in more flowers as needed for this lovely disheveled wildflower crown.

birch wildflowers

The ol’ tuck and pin trick is a super easy and pretty way to wear one large flowers like roses or dahlias in your hair. For this one, I used a large white Dahlia with a 3 inch stem.

For this hairstyle, make a single braid down the back and secure the ends. Wrap the braid into a tight bun, and pin it into place.

Take the flower, and feed the stem into the base of the braid. Use a large pin to pin the stem into the hair to secure it. birch bun


7U6A6863For the next two hairstyles, I secured the flowers by first creating a criss-cross pinned grid of bobby pins where I wanted the flowers to go. It makes it easier to add multiple flowers into one area securely.

for these looks, I did the hair first, then the criss-cross pins, and pinned flowers in last.

I used a large rose, small rose, an airplant, and some babies breath.

For this first hairstyle, follow the  Rattlesnake Braid tutorial steps to get the cool looking twisted halo ‘do. Then criss-cross pin across the front of the braids on the top. Pin your flowers and plants into your criss-crossed pin grid. Lovely!

birch rose

This is the Scarlett Letter Braids with criss-cross pins across the back, above the braids, and air-plants and succulents pinned into it. Super easy and cool looking. You can also make an air plant air clip to pin in at the end instead of criss-cross pinning.

birch airplantts

What is your favorite floral hair look from this post? I would LOVE to see your experimental floral hairstyles! Please email them to me at

xoxo, HTHG

HTHG’s Bridesmaid Floral Hair Coven in Refinery 29!

7U6A29367U6A28747U6A29397U6A35917U6A29437U6A30737U6A33447U6A28477U6A34447U6A32867U6A29307U6A34477U6A34387U6A33877U6A33297U6A30257U6A28267U6A19107U6A32307U6A3375Want beautiful DIY floral hair for an upcoming summer wedding? Check out this fun collaboration post with HTHG and Stone Fox Bride!

The photo shoot for this post was a collaboration between myself and basically most of my best lady friends. Liz Lashes was my co-art Director/ Photographer.

Therese Lefebvre did all the makeup and styling (With garments from Lucky Vintage!)

Nikki Jacoby did all the jewelry ( Obvies!)

Models were the LOVELY Holley, Birch, Jules, Hana, Beth, and Sarah. The whole thing was a dream.

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