The Ultimate Bridal Party Hair Guide

Hello my dears!

Has anyone else noticed that this Summer was a total wedding explosion?

It seemed that every weekend had a wedding in it, the salon was a bustle with brides and bridal parties, and nerves were frazzled by many a anxious bride, while other brides were cool and collected as they watched their bridal hairstyle being built. The Pressure Was Officially On.

All this hustle and bustle about weddings got me thinking about putting together a little hair guide for brides, a place where a bride could browse for hair inspiration for herself and her bridal party…….And then send the link to her hairdresser OR, for the brave DIY brides who plan to do their own hair and/or have their maids do each others hair, complete with floral embellishments a’la HTHG’s Stone Fox Bride Floral Hair Coven with confidence and the proper instruction from yours truly.

Let me take a minute to profess My Bridal Hair Mottos:

When deciding on your bridal hair, and/or a hair scheme for your bridal party, choose styles that will allow you to still feel like yourself on your big day. Your wedding day hair should reflect your personality and make you feel like the most lovely version of who you already are.

Unless you are truly a buttoned up perfectionist, don’t strive for hair perfection. The most lovely wedding hairstyles are lived it, fuzzy, and perfectly imperfect.

Whether you plan to DIY your hairstyle or work with a stylist, make sure to do a run-through before your big day.

Before you begin planning your style, take the time to read HTHG’s Bridal Hair Do’s and Dont’s to help you prepare for the best wedding hair possible…..Trust us on this one.

With that said, I won’t waste further time……. Let’s find you a hairstyle that you love.

Here are 3 collections of HTHG DIY hairstyles fit for a bride and her maids, or even for a fancy wedding attendee…….Whether you are the one walking the aisle or not, you deserve to have great wedding hair. We get this. Because other people’s weddings are basically the only time we get to dress up in life.

The first collection of hairstyles has a classic vibe,


bride classic

*While most of these hairstyles link to actual tutorials, a scant few of them are just photos and a description to use for inspiration when DIY-ing your wedding style.

These first shots are of more classic bridal DIY hairstyles, some embellished and some not. They have a vintage feel to them and are timelessly gorgeous.

  1. Gatsby Bride (And more 1920’s Inspired Bridal Hairstyles)
  2. Classic Braid
  3. Valley of Roses Hairstyles
  4. Cupcake Buns
  5. Galway Curly Hair Milkmaid Braid
  6. Classic French Twist
  7. Princess Brettevier
  8. Infinity Braid
  9. Wrapped French Fishtail



  1. Magnolia Stone Fox Bride Braid
  2. Basket Braid
  3. Infinity Braid with Vintage Brooch
  4. Stone Fox Bride Braid
  5. Braid up the Back with Roses
  6. Wrapped French Fishtail
  7. Betsy Boss Braids
  8. Floral Hawk
  9. Punk Rock Cinderella
  10. Vintage Floral for Curls
  11. Air Plant Hair
  12. Modern Bride Braid

These styles are HTHG’s more modern bridal DIY hairstyles, with and without embellishment. These hairstyles are unique, interesting, something a little different for a bride who dances to the beat of her own drum.bridesboho

And lastly, our soft and floral boho bridal DIY hairstyles, for sheer romance and straight-up prettiness. ( We highly recommend fresh flowers in your hair, all the time;)

  1. Succulent Braids
  2. Flowering Mint Braid
  3. Japonica Braids
  4. Lovely Rita Bun
  5. Floral Afro
  6. Le Poisson de Paris Prom
  7. Summer Bride
  8. Spiritweavers Fern Braid
  9. Flowers in Her Hair
  10. Secret Garden Bride
  11. Stone Fox Braid Crown
  12. Stone Fox Floral Braid
  13. Floral Bride Hair Down Inspo
  14. Floral Bride Hair Down Inspo

We certainly hope that you find your wedding dream hair in this post, because there is nothing that makes us happier than connecting people with their dream hair, especially brides because we know how real it is to you and we get that your hair is your thing, and that it has to be unique, gorgeous, and perfectly you.

If you find this post helpful and hairspiring, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends:)

If you are interested in hiring HTHG to style and/or photograph your wedding party hair, please contact Roxie at howtohairgirl@gmail.

*All hairstyles and photography in this post by Roxie Jane Hunt/ Free Your Hair Creative Director




Bridal Air Plant Hawk

7U6A9858Hi babes! I had the pleasure of doing my friend Chelsea’s hair for her wedding which took place at The Wayfarer Farm on Whidbey Island……..Absolutely beautiful place for a Pacific Northwest wedding.

Chelsea had come to see me at VAIN for a run-through of the hairstyle where we hashed out what she wanted and I figured out how to build it. She was going for something that would add a touch of rock ‘n roll to her very beautiful Cinderella farm wedding vibe, and she knew she wanted Air Plants incorporated into the style, (She is the woman behind Terrarium Trader😉7U6A9747

I wanted to show y’all how I did this style to illustrate the importance of having a plan when doing bridal hair, and of taking your time to build the scaffolding of the style first so that the look will be sturdy, and how that sets the base for a beautiful and long lasting wedding hairstyle.

First off, I need to take a minute to shout out to Dylan at VAIN for making Chelsea’s haircolor so dreamy and also to Shannon W at VAIN for doing a fantastic job on makeup, and for accompanying me on the trip up to the Island, and then of course Chelsea’s lovely mother and sisters who were with us in those crucial prep-time hours leading up to the ceremony. chels

Here is how I created this beautiful bridal hairstyle for Chels.

Tools: Crimper, comb, sectioning clips, boar bristle brush, large and small bobbies, hair pins, hair spray.

Time to start preppin.

I began by sectioning out her mohawk, which was basically 3.5 inches wide down the center of her head, from the front hairline to the nape. I clipped off both sides, out of the way for now.

Then, working down the length of the mohawk section beginning in the front I alternated between fishtail braids and crimped section.

Beginning at the front hairline, I took a section of hair that was about an inch and a half deep, with a clean parting, and I backcombed the hair from the back side at her roots, creating a nice thick base of volume in the front. I made sure to smooth down the front of her hair. Then, I fishtail braided this section and secured the ends with a small elastic. I layed the braid forward and out of the way.

In the next section below the braid, I parted out a second section of the same 1.5 inch width. I used my crimper on a high setting from her roots to her ends in this section.

Below this section, another section of the same width. This time, split the section vertically and created 2 smaller fishtail braids, for variation.

Another crimped section of the same width below that.

Another single fishtail braid below that.

Another crimped section.

One last braid.

You still with me? Good.chels2

Time to start building.

Okay, starting in the front, deconstruct your first fishtail braid by pulling it apart at the edges, widening and softening it.

In your crimped section, back-comb it tight and right.

Work your way down your mohawk section, deconstructing every braid, and back-combing every crimped section. Be sure that when you are back-combing, you make sure that the first inch of hair from the roots gets the tightest stack. This will make it easy to pin your hawk together tightly.

K. Now, starting in your first crimped section, take the entire section in your hand and roll in and tuck it in some creative manner, towards the scalp, creating a textural nest of hair with the ends tucked in and hidden. Use large pins to pin the nest into the head. Pin from several angles to secure.

Now repeat this with every crimped section. If you want, you can split the sections into smaller subsections, creating several small hair nests within that section. This will create a more intricate texture.

When you are done pinning in your crimped sections, it is time to braid your side sections. Take one section in your hand, and brush it straight back over the ear, at a diagonal with a boar bristle brush, as tight and smooth as you can. Gather it as far up on the side/back of the head as you can as if you were going to ponytail it. Now, with the hair in your hand loosely , walk around the bride to her opposite side. You will be braiding this section in this direction, called over-direction, over the top of her head. Fishtail braid this section tightly. This creates the nice smooth flat sides, but with more braid at the crown to build with! Now deconstruct your braid, and repeat on the other side.7U6A9760

Now it is time to get creative constructing with your braids. Beginning in the front, wind and tuck your first braid around and into your first hair nest. Keep in mind that it should look gorgeous from the front, back and both sides.

As you use your creative eye to wind each braid into and around your nests, pinning them securely and tucking in the ends, be aware of keeping the style balanced shape wise, and texture wise. Also, remember that once you have the hawk fully created and pinned into place, you can always go back and tug and pin it more as needed to keep shaping it to where you want it.

Pin your braids in and around your nests to perfection, building a beautiful tall, striking hawk of textural intricate looking hair piled together.

7U6A9705Fuss with it, add more pins, poke, prod and pull. Pull down some tiny baby hairs on the sides (Ladyparts!) and then spray the hell out of it when you and the bride are satisfied. Add Air plants along each side to garnish.




Bridal Hair for Spring/Summer 2015

Emily from Peroxidefox brings us her thoughts on bridal hair for Spring/Summer 2015, inspired by Free People.

Bridal hair has always been a source of inspiration for my hair styling. The evolution of big day styles work in parallel with runway trends, adjusting them and romanticizing them until they’re perfect for the bride-to-be.

Long, languid lengths were a big part of many Spring/Summer collections, and bridal hair has followed suit. But this development seems a big shift from the traditional adorned updos and perfect curls, and for some, loose hair on one’s wedding day seems to casual for such an important event.

Free People’s recently released bridal collection photos are a beautiful example of how loose hair can still retain a glamorous feel. Keeping a style looking effortless yet put together at the same time is an art, and they’ve certainly perfected it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.39.21 AM

Via Free People


Barely there bends, piece-y layers, and natural colouring really make this style, but don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. In some ways, effortless hairstyles require more work than your regular bridal updo. There isn’t any exact formula, and each styling experience is different. You work with the hair, enhancing it, instead of manipulating it into something completely different to it’s natural state.

Whether engaged or not, bridal hair is an important source of inspiration for your summer styles, and they’re a great way to make catwalk trends more accessible and transitional to us mere mortals. So next time you’re stuck for ideas, you might want to check the catalog.

Much love,


This was post brought to you my blog, Peroxidefox. You can read more styling tutorials, reviews and haircare tips on my blog, here.

xo, HTHG and Peroxidefox

The Floral Afro, and More Wedding-Hair Inspo for Natural-Textured Babes.

7U6A4471The Floral Afro is going to be major this Summer. That is our official prediction:)7U6A44137U6A4580

About that Floral Afro, and more floral-inspired DIY hair styles for natural-textured hair including the Floral Fro-hawk 7U6A4236

7U6A4320and a charming vintage inspired floral ‘do……..HTHG for Offbeatbride, check it here!

The Side-Roll

7U6A6205Hello! Today, I am excited to introduce you to a vintage hairstyle made intentionally wonky. I am a fan of imperfection and asymmetry, so this is the HTHG version of a classic roll.

You can see a hairstyle like this one demonstrated on Youtube with a lot of preparation and involvement, and a lot of hairspray…..This here version is less fussy and way quicker. And you have my permission to not try and perfect it, but to practice it until you can at least get it securely in your hair, and then let it deconstruct itself a bit over the course of the day. It is a hairstyle that looks lovely when rough and lived in:)

This particular side roll was demonstrated on the stunningly lovely young Cameron, who has the look of a Viking Shield Maiden no matter what she does. Her hair is thick and fine, which is the hardest sort of hair to secure in a hairstyle like this. My secret weapon? Masterbraider, Duh!

When in doubt of your hair staying where you want it to, a pre-misting with Masterbraider texture spray is a must! why? because it has enough salt in it to give a whale a stroke. And it will make your hair into a material that moves like wool and can be molded into anything. master

This hairstyle is best done on medium-long hair. To begin with, prep dry hair with texture spray. Flip your head upside down and spritz it evenly all over.

Do some light back combing around the crown of the head to create a little volume and texture.

Create a grid of criss-crossed pins across the back of the head, slightly at a diagonal. It should begin roughly at one side of the nape of the neck, and end behind the opposite ear. This will be the scaffolding to hold up your roll;) Each pin should slightly overlap the last one so that your criss-cross is continuous.

Now, bring all the hair over one shoulder and gather it into a ponytail band, at the ends. The band should be about 3 inches from the very ends of the hair.

Begin to roll the ponytail upwards, tucking the ends in as you roll. Use both hands to carefully roll the ponytail all the way to the head. The roll should lay roughly on top of your criss-cross pins.

Now use as many bobby pins as you need to to secure the roll to the criss-cross pins. I suggest pushing your pins downwards through the hair on the head and through the inner edge of the roll, into the criss-cross pins….this will keep your pins hidden while securing your roll. It may feel like you have a ton of pins in your hair, that is okay! You need that scaffolding strong!

7U6A6010Use a few large bobbies to secure the sides of the roll…..I suggest pushing them against the head and straight into the roll horizontally from each side, grabbing the inside of the roll and attaching it to the head. see how that works in the picture above?

7U6A6006Here is another finished look of the roll, along with Birch’s Knotted Fishtail Bun from the same shoot.

Here is the Knotted Fishtail Bun decorated with flowers and berries.7U6A6143

You can decorate your roll with flowers or plants if you want! I totally think you should.

PS. Cats love this hairstyle too.


xoxo, HTHG

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