A babe that rocks her hair so hard it hurts.

gwenDon’t speak. I know just what your sayin. So please stop explainin. Don’t tell me, cuz it hurts. Gwen rocks her hair so hard it physically hurts.

Gwen Stefani wins the HTHG lifetime achievement award for the category ‘has the most fun with her hair.’

Here is to many years of Gwen’s hair, and many more to come. Thanks for the great tunes, the transformations, the inspiration, and most importantly, the hair.

Which Gwen hairstyle do you like best? I have to say, I loved her blue hair back when she was all into wearing bindi’s and being just a girl in the world. I loved her music in the Sublime days, and the Harajuku days. I loved her style in her long-beach chola days of dark lip liner and gold chains. Love me some Gwen.

xo, HTHG

Macklemore’s Same Love haircut.

mackMacklemore’s Same Love haircut is sexy. It is sharp as a tack. It is an homage to the hairstyles worn by men way back in the day, but with the perfect amount of cutting edge. And it looks just as good on a chic as it does on a dude.

And guess what? This haircut is just a short, pushed back version of the Hipster Hangover.

What I like most about the Hipster Hangover is that can be worn at different lengths on all hair types for perfect hipster androgyny.


Michelle Williams is rocking it with more length on the top. She styles hers so that the top comes forward and to the side to frame her sweet little face.Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 12.17.46 PM

Miley Cyrus is also rocking it. Hers is generally styled up into a pompadour.

This haircut is so incredibly easy to do. You do not need to encourage your dude to go to the salon for this one. You can give it to him yourself. Or to her yourself. Whichever one it is. Same love. ( Have you seen Macklemore’s Same Love video?)

The point is, the Hipster Hangover is a perfect beginning DIY-ers short haircut. And, it just so happens that your dude needs Macklemore’s haircut.

Here is how to do it………Watch this video and follow the directions, making the following changes……Using your clippers, ( Need some? try the Wahl 24 piece clipper and hair cutting kit) cut the under-section with the smallest guard. Cut the top section slightly shorter than demonstrated in the video. You can even use your clippers with a 3 guard on the top, and here is a little tip……use the little lever on the side of your clippersScreen Shot 2013-06-04 at 12.32.02 PM and put it on the higher setting for the front inch or so of hair on the top section, and then put it on the lower section for the rest of the top section. This will give the top some graduation from shorter in back to longer in front.

Then, to get Macklemore’s look, wet your hair and brush the top back with a boar bristle brush like the Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Paddle Brush
and some pomade. Hot!!


Girl crush hair.

foxI have a girl crush.

What is it about Robin Wright? Maybe it is because she played Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride. Maybe it is her graceful features and fantastic acting. Maybe it is the fact that in the new Netflix Series called House of Cards, Robin Wright nails the role of Clair, power-woman and wife of sly politician Frank Underwood. This show is like the political current day version of Mad Men, and she is the Joanie.

I’m thinking it is her sexy little boy/WW11 army general haircut that I am so hot for. There is something about that haircut. I’ve got it bad for that haircut.

Betty Draper, are you there?

I love January Jones as Mad Men’s Betty Draper. Her perfectly polished style and impossibly frustrating but endearing personality creates a great character to watch on this fantastic drama series. I channel her in a sweetheart bun tutorial, as well as with Grandma Suzi’s pin curls. But this? This hairstyle that she wore to the 2012 Emmy awards? I don’t understand. Cutting edge-casual? oops we missed a piece? a gust of wind on the side that didn’t get enough hairspray? Granted, she looks great because she could pull off anything. But I would have styled her hair differently. What do you think??

For more on Mad Men hair, check out this post!

Mad Men hair

I am mad for Mad Men. I am Madly in love with the Men of Mad Men ( mostly just Don Draper.) But mostly, I am madly, madly in love with the hair in Mad Men. Can you tell I’m obsessed by the sheer number of links to DIY hair posts that I have written and hair tutorials inspired by Mad Men on HTHG??? Check em out to get your Mad Men hair flair. Let’s talk about it.

Don Draper inspired men’s hair trends back to the early 60′s with perfectly neat and sculpted classy man haircuts, not a hair out of place.

(Pomade or brilliantine and a boar bristle brush is the key)







Betty brings it with the perfect polished blonde, set in shiny soft vintage waves, or up in a sweet, shiny bun on top of her head.








Joanie brought a new meaning to the word ‘Redhead’ and I can’t tell you how many clients of mine request her perfect crimson shade. And don’t even get me started on her fabulous 1960′s french twists and mini-bouffants. 






The perfect sleek bob of Megan’s has never gone out of style. A great tutorial for how to get Don and Megan hair can be found at www.latest-hairstyles.com!







And sweet, innocent Peggy. She really comes around and shows her balls in the last season. I was glad to see her ditch the curly ponytail for a more mature bump-n-flip.

I love these characters and I wish I was one of them. I covet their clothes, hair, and furniture. If I was in the show, I would be Megan. Who would you be?????

Here is another cool article in the New York Times about Mad Men hair.

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