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Here is a fun DIY hair story! Rya was one of my models for Hair Transformations. She is a HTHG reader, who went for it with her new Joewell 6 inch shears, and DIYed her cool daughter Janie Mae’s hair into a funky asymmetrical bob! hats off to the both of you!

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Gilly’s cut

Here is a fab DIY haircut for adults and kids called the shlob, with asymmetrical choppy bangs on a little girl named Gilly.

Easy, cute, clean cut on her fine straight hair.

Kid’s first haircut

Every parent wrestles with the idea of cutting their precious child’s hair for the first time. Many little boys are mistaken for little girls, while little girls form dreads in the back of their baby fine hair and run around like rainbow children.

There is nothing wrong with this at all, however, there comes a time when all kids need their first hair cut. Not to change their look, but rather to remove dead ends and clean it up a bit. For curly haired children, it will make the curls shinier and bouncier. For fine haired children, it will make their hair look healthier and shinier.

Trust me. A little goes a long way. And combing hair is so much easier when dead ends are gone. I love cutting little kid hair. You kind of have to boost them up about the idea first. Get them stoked on it. Then, give them the power to tell you what they want. Make it their idea, not their parents.

Many times they will want something impossible. I had a little boy bring in a picture of a mastodon. I’ve had requests for Repunzal. Ive heard “Spikes” from many little boys who picture themselves quite literally with metal spikes coming out of their heads instead of hair. The trick is to make their little requests possible in any little way that you can. Trim em up, and then twist their hair into spikes. Throw some product in there! Give it a wacky part. Show them that they can have fun with their hair by changing their look a little bit.

This breeds kids that love haircuts:)

This ‘Kids first haircut ‘ video will be available to my Premium Subscribers in the coming weeks.

Androgyny is cool for kids!

This special girl, Aarilyn, was completely ready and deserving of a hairstyle that was all her own. She knew just what she wanted, she had a photo to show me, I went to work, and she got what she asked for.

(Once again, I can’t help myself with those colored hotheads extensions on kids!!) It’s funny to watch trends spread around school age kids. It’s like wild fire. I just love getting to crown a kid with a trend setting hair ‘do and watch them get to be The Cool Kid for a little while.

Do you want to give your child a wildly adorable and androgynous hipster hairdo? This cut can be done following my Little boy ‘do tutorial.


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