Question about hair breakage in a dry climate….

Hi there! I just found your website and LOVE it! Thanks for your hard work! I am hoping I can pick your brain on a number of topics, ranging from no-poo, to Q-redew, to DIY wedding hair.

I have been no-pooing for almost a year now. My hair is long and naturally wavy, but I’ve always had problems with it being super dry, with ends that break easily. When I moved to Boise, ID back in 2007, my waves disappeared (it’s really dry here), and shampoo/conditioner just made everything worse. Therefore, I was prompted to no-poo. My hair is definitely much nicer than it was, but I still have problems with breakage. Do you have any suggestions on how to minimize breakage? I try to do a conditioning treatment (coconut oil/eggs/avocado/honey/

whatever I have lying around) once every other week, and that seems to help a bit. Other ideas are very welcome!Also, Have you used and do you like the Q-Redew? Because my hair is awesome when it’s raining/humid, I thought this may be a good tool for me, though it’s really pricey. I don’t use any products, so having a nice hairstyle that’ll stay would be great.

Ok, last question. I am getting married next august, and would like to have a hairstyle that is up for part of the day, and down for part of the day. It’d be great if it could play up my waves/curls, is no-poo/product friendly, and would stay in for the whole time…I know, it seems like a stretch, but I thought you of all people would be the best to ask!

Also, I haven’t tried this, but I’ve heard that quince seeds mixed with water act as a natural hair gel. I’ll try it and get back to you.

Thank you so much in advance for your advice and help. I so much appreciate it, and it’s great to have found another person who rejects the throngs of products and perceptions of what a  woman in our society should be. Thank you, with all my heart.

Hey! thanks for writing:) THe one thing I have learned about split ends and breakage is that a regular trim is CRUCIAL. I do mine ( ponytail layers cut) every 6 weeks ( I trim of just barely on the very ends) If your hair is long though, you might have an inch or more of split ends that need to be removed. The key is to cut them above where they are split so they don’t continue to split. Then, keep up with the coconut oil treatment. One thing that Im loving lately is this
To restore moisture, strength, and curl to dry hair. And YES to the q-redew!!!! perfect for waves in that dry air.
As far as a DIY hairstyle for your wedding that you can wear up or down, something like this one
just let the last part down after the nuptuals.Also, this one is great….
hope these help steer you in the right direction!

Hi Roxie,Thanks for all the great ideas! I am definitely going to try the Lanolin, and just today, I did a coconut oil treatment last night, and this morning, cut back on the amount of BS and ACV  I normally use. Today, my hair is thicker-looking, curly, and definitely looks much nicer. I also am going to experiment with the hairstyles you suggested.

Thanks so much!

Bobby pins not staying in place?

Jenn writes…….

Love, love, love your page! Have a question & hope you can help me, how do I keep bobby pins from sliding out of my hair? I’ve tried your tutorials & if I’m doing a twist or a bun, the pin just starts backing out almost immediately. I have long hair (to the middle of my back) & the only product I use is chi oil when I straighten it. I use matrix sleek look shampoo & conditioner. Is it making my hair too slick? Do I need to go to Sally’s beauty & pick up a more heftier pin? Thank you for your help with this!-Jenn

Girl, you need some jumbo bobbies. I think they will change your life. I’m a big fan of the goody 3′ bobby. Tried and true. Let me know if that doesnt do the trick.

HTHG hair consultation, Fine haired mama of 3 inquires….

Adrienne writes…

‘I just stumbled upon your blog and I had to tell you how much I really appreciate it!  I think I’ve spent at least an hour watching your videos & reading…. I wish you still lived in Seattle – I’d make an appointment asap to have you work your magic.  I really appreciate that a lot of your styling techniques involve natural products – don’t cost a fortune, and are vintage inspired.

My hair curse is that I have super super fine hair.  I love the idea of bangs… but not sure they would work with my face.  Do you ever give hair advice? Say… someone sent you a picture… or skyped… and you had a vision, and then they could take that into their hairdresser?  Or do you ever make it back to Seattle?

Thanks for being on the interwebs!’

So then I asked her to send a pic and answer a couple basic questions about herself……Here is what she wrote.

‘ Here’s a picture – not great, but it might give you an idea… I’m a mom of 3, very tired, and just started working full time.  I’m supposed to look “professional” – which seems hard when you are a mom of 3.  I have baby fine hair (stress the word baby)… some color in there (just used henna the other day to cover a dye job that had roots).  I’ve started using hair powder, which I really like – just because it gives my totally limp hair a little bit of body.  I haven’t tried the pine tar shampoo, but if you think that works better, I can give that a try.

My 2 standard haircuts have been a pixie & a bob… I like the 1920s style bob… super simple… but I might just be low on ideas.  I’m up for anything :)  Also… you mentioned eye brow consultations somewhere on your website… any advice would be appreciated… I’m basically a 37 year old who never learned all those girly tricks, and am just starting now.
I can start growing my hair so I can book a visit with you when you get here! (unless your advice is to shave it all off)  Yay!’
So, I thought about it for a while, and this is what I am going to recommend. A haircut like this pixie/bob hybrid works wonders on fine hair.
It is a shape that suits all faces, and tends to grow out really nicely. It is also very low maintenance, and easily wearable without much styling at all.
With some short and choppy asymmetrical bangs, it can look soft and  polished with a bit of an edge. Adrienne could definitely rock this hairstyle with her hair at the length that it is, but with another inch or so of growth it would be PERF.
On a different note, I think that baby fine hair should be handled with care product wise. You do not want to strip it too much with harsh shampoos, because your scalp-oil glands will overproduce with a vengeance, making hair oily and limp. Most products tend to be just too heavy for baby fine hair. I would definitely recommend considering switching to the no-poo technique.
And also, do try the pine tar. Hair powders are great. I have heard that corn meal works well for zapping oil and adding texture and lift.
Eyebrows? hard to say. I would have to see them a little closer. Book an appointment with me in February, and we will talk about then. Hope this helped a bit!


Virtual DIY hair consultation, blending roots to ends.

asking about a color consultation? I have olive skin tone, but usually quite light do to short summers, brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I bleached my hair all summer, and it is totally fried now. I have been letting it grow out, hopeing to gain some strength back, and now I have bleached hair and dark roots, I would like to ease back into my natual color, without wreaking my hair any further.

thanks, kat

Okay Kat. Sounds like you want to go back in the direction of your natural color. This should be easy to do with very minimal damage at all. Enter: Demi-permanent color. This gentle option will deposit color, but it will not lift it ( You can’t lighten your hair with it) but you can add darkness or brighter tones with it. It initially will be a nice solid rich color after you first use it, but will fade gently to something more translucent. This makes it perfect for helping blend roots and ends without creating roots all over again. When you use it on bleach, it will hold the color more than on hair that hasn’t been bleached generally. And, it is very low in abrasive chemicals and often adds tons of shine so it is great for using on frazzled hair.

So, apply this color (5g light-medium golden brown) all over, roots to ends.

You will have shiny, rich brown hair which is perfect for the fall. After a while, it will fade into more of a caramel-y ombre look, which will look great on you, and the root line will still be much harder to see. You should be able to just grow it right on out to natural this way.

Good luck, and please send me your after photo!


HTHG’s virtual DIY color consultation

Welcome to HTHG’s first ever virtual DIY color consultation!

Here is an email from Katie…

First off, I want to thank you SO MUCH for your blog. This is probably gonna sound really dramatic, but it’s really changed my life. I stumbled across it while looking for some casual bridal hairstyles for my wedding next year. Growing up in a house with all men, I never really fussed with my hair (and never really knew where to start, even when I wanted to try cute new ‘dos). But you’ve really inspired me, and for that I can’t thank you enough!

So now, my question:
I’ve colored my hair in the past, but nothing super drastic. I was wanting to do my own dye job/foil highlights, but wanted to know a professional’s opinion on color theory. I’m about 90% sure I’ve got a cool skin tone (or possibly neutral, leaning on the cool side). I’ve got very dark brown hair (most people think it’s black, but it’s dark brown) which is quite grey at the roots, and dark blue/grey eyes. I started going grey at 17 and now it’s taking over…but it’s more of a silver, I suppose. I’ve got pale skin which, when I hold a white towel next to it, looks more pinky than yellow. My veins are blue and purple.
So, what colors for dye and highlights would you suggest? Here’s a photo that I took a few weeks ago, so you can see the current treatment (with my roots growing in too). I would really appreciate your help!
Dear Katie,
Hi! thanks so much for visiting HTHG:) I’m thrilled that you have found it helpful! Now, let’s talk about your hair. My first question is if your hair is all its natural color right now. Then, if you would kindly sum up your lifestyle and personal style in a couple sentences so I can know in what direction to steer you hair-wise.
Next question is if you are wanting to make a bold color statement and do something different, or stay within your natural tones for something more understated. Loud or quiet hair ;)?
Last couple of questions, Kate. Are you wanting to lighten things up a bit, darken up, or brighten it with more rich color, or just blend your sparkly silver roots with the ends? Thanks:) Im Excited for you and your hair.
The last question is if you are cool with me turning this little consultation into a HTHG post. Thanks again for the inquiry, and please let me know if you ever have any tutorial requests;)
HTHG, I would probably say something bold, as long as it’s flattering. Unfortunately my work says I have to stay with “natural” colors, but that doesn’t mean MY natural color…just means blue is off the table (and believe me, that made me cry inside when I heard that, I’ve dyed my hair every color under the sun and I miss those days sometimes!).

As for lightening/darkening/etc, I’d say either lightening or brightening. I don’t think I’d like to do anything blonde though, as it would look really weird on me. Thanks :)
Awesome. Im gonna think and visualize on this one for a bit and ill get back with ya:) HTHG
Sounds good, can’t wait to hear back from you! :)
So here is what I understand based on our emails back and forth. Kate is a cool toned, casual but funky lady who has dark brown hair with a bit of silver and blue eyes. She has a bit of color on her hair that she did herself, but it has faded a lot. Judging by her picture, it blends pretty well and works with her natural coloring. She is wanting to add something that will brighten her up a bit, without going in a blonde direction. She is newly inspired to experiment with different styles and colors and is excited to DIY her color. Because of her job, she can’t get as colorful as she would like, but she definitely wants to do something with a bit of pizazz.
Sounds like she is getting married soon, so I’m going to err on the side of starting without too much of a bang to give her room to experiment a bit more.
Katie, I’m going to suggest that you get your color tools ready and go with with HTHG’s face framing foil to begin with. If you have a friend to help with the back, go with HTHG’s favorite foil trick ever for a bit more coverage. I think a color like 7RC and 8V mixed equal parts would be really pretty as your foil color. It is kind of a coppery rich light brown/dark blond color mixed with a really cool blonde that will add a nice pop and bring out the blue of your eyes without being to warm for your cool complexion. Don’t be afraid of the word blonde, these colors won’t lighten your naturally dark hair to as light as they appear on the shelves. It will just lighten a little bit. Mix these colors (available at Sally beauty online) with 20v developer and apply in your foils. Then, if you decide you want to take it to the next level, section off the nape of your hair from the top of both ears across the back, and put 5RV and 20V on the whole underside from roots to ends. This will deepen the look with a pop of violet red and a bit of a darker contrast. Way HOT!!
Thank you so much Roxie! I shamelessly promoted your pages on facebook and can’t wait to try out your recommendations. I’ll send you some after photos when I get the cash together and get it all done. You’re a freakin gem!

Good luck, Katie. And please send us an after photo!
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