When Curly Friends do Each Others Wedding Hair

IMG_7021Hi dears! Today I am sharing a little fun and heartwarming project that I did last month in Arkansas with some dear lady friends at the river. Here is the story-

Christina was getting married in the Ozarks, to an Ozark man who she loves dearly and I was leaving town 3 days before the wedding (Cry!) so I wouldn’t be able to make it to do her hair and celebrate in the union of their sweet family.

So, we decided it would be a good move to teach her best friend Audrey how to do her hair for her. We met at the West Fork of the White River, near a lone goose who was clearly offended that we were around.

We set up our picnic blanket, and stripped down to our swim suits and set up shop. The goose hopped into the river to find a new place to hang.

Both Christina and Audrey are naturally curly women, with wild golden curls. We chatted a bit about what kind of hairstyle Christina wanted, and I gave her my bride hair shpeal which goes like this

For your wedding the most important thing is that you feel like yourself but at your very best and most elegant. So, let’s take your ‘usual’ hairstyle (a low loose bun on one side.) and fancy it up a bit. Can’t go wrong that way.

She was down with that. We decided which side to put her hairstyle on, knowing that we wanted it low and slightly off center. I

Now, for curly haired babes who are getting married, I generally like to leave the hair in it’s most natural texture without disturbing the curl pattern as I style it. Christina had a deep side part, and her heavy side falls naturally into a really lovely sort of fingerwave pattern when left to it’s own devises, so I planned the hairstyle to work around that, preserving that gorgeous natural feature of her hair that she loves.

I began by sectioning (gently) her sides, from the top of her head to behind both ears, pushing all the side hair forward of her shoulders and out of the way so I could build from the center of the back.

With all the hair in the back, I began a braid down the back, pulling the braid slightly to the side as I braided.

Halfway through the braid, I started at the top on one side of the braid, pulling the edges out to widen that side and create petal-like shapes on one side of the braid.  These ‘petals’ will run along the outer edge of the bun, creating a floral design.

I didn’t braid too tight, but also not too loose. I continued braiding to the end, then pulled the rest of the petals out all the way to the ends of the braid. I secured the end.

IMG_6915Then, holding the braid flat against her head, I wound the braid into a bun, pinning as I went, securing the braid to the head discreetely, with the ends tucked out of the way.

Next step, I created another braid on the light side of her part, pulling the petals out on the outer edge of the braid as I worked my way to the ends.IMG_6919

I secured the ends, and then wound that braid below and then up and around the bun, pinning it into place as I went. This made the bun bigger and more intricate.IMG_6925

Then, I created a third braid on the other (heavy) side of her hair in the same way, pulling the petals out of the outter edge as I braided. I secured the ends, then wound that braid into another small bun (flower) pinning it discreetly nestled up against the first bun. (Braided Rosebud:)IMG_6927IMG_6929

Then, I did my favorite little trick that adds volume to the back of the head…….Holding the buns tightly to her head with one hand, I used a bobby pin in the other hand to lift up the hair at her crown, threading it in underneath the hair at her crown and then lifting it towards me to create a bit of space, but without pulling too hard. I did this a few times around the back of her head to add a bit of oomf.IMG_6930

Then, she got flowered. Peony flowers and leaves and Queen Anne’s lace.

The whole while, Audry watched and asked questions to clarify……..Making sure she understood the directions so that she would be ready when the big day came.IMG_6960IMG_6958

Then, Audrey got a haircut in the wind (my favorite sort of challenge). All the while, the goose watched us from the river.

Hair Friends for Life.

The End.

xo, HTHG


IMG_7815Here is a photo from Audrey of the finished hairstyle the day of the wedding, complete with succulents. SO beautiful. Nice job ladies.



Straight Girls Guide to Going Curly.

DSC03942Have you spent your whole life faking straight hair, and keeping your wild waves and curls a dirty little secret?

This post, the Straight Girls Guide to Going Curly, is for all of you ladies who are ready to take the plunge into curly hair-ed life…..It is everything you need to know to help you transition and learn to love and care for your curly hair.

If you are standing on the edge of curls, we commend you for having the bravery to jump off the flat-iron fight. We stand in solidarity! Rock those curls, girls.

Thanks to Refinery29 for running this article, y’all are the best. Hop on over and check it out:)

xo, HTHG

Talking Hair with Hairromance

IMG_3518Hey babes. Today, I am excited to be able to share with you an interview with a woman who has really played a hand in inspiring my journey as a Hair blogger. Meet the effervescent and lovely Christina Butcher, blogger at Hairromance, published author of Braids, Buns, and Twists, Queen of Pinterest, and naturally curly Aussie fox.

IMG_3521Christina was gracious enough to share with us a bit about her journey to loving her hair, as well as her favorite hair tips, tricks and products. I am so pleased to be featuring her on HTHG, because she is a badass hair loving lady with some serious skills in teaching others to love their own hair. And that is what HTHG is all about! So Christina, thank you for doing all you do for us and our hair sense:)

Hair Romance - messy curls 2

 You talk about the one haircut that changed your life. Tell us more about what the cut looked like, how it was different than other cuts, and why it changed your hair game.


I didn’t grow up with curly hair. It just appeared during puberty and I really didn’t know how to deal with it. My mum had short hair and wasn’t much help with hair. After cutting all my hair off (a super short pixie!) I felt so free from my hair. It was as I decided to grow it back that I became best friends with a hairdresser who really understood curls. When my hair was a few inches long he told me my hair was curly and I was shocked. He gave me a simple box layered cut that was quite rounded in shape. It was life changing as I could easily style my hair and achieve great curl every day. It really encouraged me to love my hair and started my hair romance.

You know a thing or two about embracing natural curls. What have been your biggest and greatest hair discoveries as a naturally curly woman?


I used to be worried that my hair was dry but it’s natural for curly hair to have a dry texture. The huge bonus is that I don’t have to wash my hair as often and so I can save myself so much time. I sleep with my hair pineapple’d on top of my head and can make my curls last for days. When they get too messy, braids save the day.

I know your hair can get major big, and I know you love big hair. What are your favorite tricks for achieving hair as high as the heavens?

I love volume powder. It’s a game changer with hair styling for me. I love it to add some height to curly hair (which can lay a little flat naturally). I also use it to fatten up my braids. A little sprinkle of powder on the finished style lets me pull out the hair wider so it looks thicker.

For those who don’t like using a lot of product, I have a simple trick for when I’m air drying my curls. I part my hair in a deep side part on the opposite side to the way I wear my hair. Then when my hair is about 80% dry, I flip it back over to the right side and you have so much more volume on top. 

 What is your current hair routine/regimen?

I wash my hair every 3-4 days (sometimes a little longer!). I use a sulphate free shampoo and always do a hair treatment. I’ll comb my hair while I condition my hair and then gently squeeze out any moisture and let my curls air dry. I alternate between a mousse or curl cream depending on what I’m testing for the blog. If I’m in a rush I’ll use my diffuser to hurry the drying process along. I finish with a few drops of oil or a serum to tame the frizzies.

Fortnightly I also do an oil treatment (Darshana) on my hair.

 Who is your all-time hair idol?

Probably Gwen Stefani. Her hair is amazing and she never has any regrowth. It’s a platinum miracle.

 What haircut currently gives you major envy?

I would love super long mermaid hair but the maintenance would be such a pain. I also love a blunt bob with a fringe but it just won’t work with my hair. 

Do you have any advice for someone who is perpetually frustrated with their hair?


Getting to know your hair is the first step. You have to get to a place of acceptance as to what your hair really looks like. Understand that all magazine photos are photo-shopped and that most, if not all, celebrities are wearing hairpieces and have way more time than you to style their hair.

Then start practising styles that you can do in your hair. Build up an easy hair-drobe of hairstyles that you can wear any day. 

Stop comparing and start loving your hair. I promise that your hair will love you back.

 Do you have any hair tricks that have been passed down from your mother or grandmother?


Sleep on a silk pillowcase. It’s softer and smoother than cotton and you’ll wake up with less frizz in the morning.

What are your favorite up-and-coming companies in the hair biz?


One of my faves is Original and Mineral. They’re an Australian company with a focus on low chemical formulas but they don’t skimp on the look and feel of their products. They’re eco-conscious and their products really work. I especially love 7 Day Miracle and Frizzy Logic. I also use their ammonia free permanent colour on my hair.

 Do you have any exciting creative projects that you are working on for the blog this year that you would like to share?


I’m in the planning stages of a new book all about curly hair! It’s about time that curly girls had more examples of really curly hair and hairstyles they can do. I’m sick of seeing straight hair curled and then called curly.

Sing it, girl!


(Photo from the Braids for short hair tutorial)

Where and how do you find inspiration for all the lovely hairstyles that you invent?


I’m often inspired by necessity – like part of my hair looks ok but the side is a mess so I’ll create a new side braided style. I also look to fashion weeks for new trends that I can adapt for real girls. Pretty much I just love playing with hair!


Christina, a big thank you from all of us for your HTHG feature!!!!


Here are 2 of my favorite Hairromance tutorials….

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.53.56 PM

And the Side braided hairstyle (I LOVE her colors here:)

 A little side note…….Want to start a beauty blog? Christina is featuring Beauty Blog School on Hairromance, so get in now while you can. She is a wonderful teacher.

Side braided hairstyle (I LOVE these colors:).

Check out Christina’s braiding e-book

Her DIY bride hair and makeup book


And my favorite, her beautifully printed hairstyle book, Braids, Buns and Twists.

xoxo, Hairromance and How-to Hair Girl

The Beauty of Frizz, Words with Alexis Robinson

Babes, meet Alexis. She is an extraordinary Seattle hairstylist, co-owner of a lovely little salon called Coven. I had the pleasure of working with Alexis for a couple of years on and off at Vain, and she has wowed me from the very beginning.IMG_3398

This woman creates absolutely beautiful hair styles. Her bobs made me weep, and her soft and perfect honey-glazed balayage’s made me sweat with hair envy.

She was incredible to watch work, because she seemingly triple-booked clients while doing impossibly great hair…..All while keeping it mentally together enough to be both very professional and perfectly her magnetic and lovely self. And any hairstylist knows that pulling all this off at one time is nothing short of a miracle.

Alexis, If you are reading this, I want you to know that I salute you as a woman and a hairstylist. And I also know that it is not easy. And pulling it off like you do makes for some mini-mental explosions followed by 2 minute power naps in the back room. To say the least. You are a badass.

I asked Alexis a bit about her hair the other day, wanting to get a bit of her story. She talks on her natural hair, fighting the good hair fight, and loving her frizz. Here she is!

Alexis Robinson, Frizz Lover and Hair Genius.

I decided years ago that fighting frizz was a losing battle. Mostly because, I kept losing that battle. Part of embracing my natural hair texture wasn’t radical. It was just easier.

I tried for years to relax, flat iron, and wrap my hair and I just realized it never looked the way I wanted it to. It was never going to be silky smooth or free flowing.

It looked and felt a bit like a Brillo pad, and it never had that movement that I saw on television or movies. And the time it took to create a truly covetable hairstyle on my own head took HOURS. Let’s be real. I would rather sleep in! ( I’m a little lazy.)

My hair should be allowed to get wet! I was just never ‘that kind of girl.’ People told me I was ‘brave’ (which is silly) for cutting all my hair off and just starting from scratch. But it just made more sense to me.

I found more confidence and beauty in my own giant natural hair, and things got easier. I now encourage my frizz! Sometimes I make it fuzzier, and that is when I feel the most beautiful! I won’t be tamed, and neither will my mane!

If you are in the market for a new hairstylist, and want to be wowed and immediately sold for life, look up Alexis Robinson at Coven. If she is even taking new clients. And just an FYI…..Jenny, Emily, and Drew at Coven are equally as wonderful as Alexis. So good luck choosing!

xoxo, HTHG


Way cool curls. A ShamPHree Interview with Naturally Curly Chelsea

IMG_0544Chelsea is another Vain front desk superstar. She is the one with the flawlessly wild curls that run the color gamut from pink to white to chocolate brown and back again. She is a whip-smart babe with a sense of humor, an even keel, and great style.

7U6A8955I was thrilled to chat with her a couple of months back about her experimentation with DIY beauty and her quest for a more simple, healthful lifestyle. She was curious and excited to try going ShamPHree and it has been awesome to watch her and her hair troubleshoot their way to DIY awesomeness.

Chels graciously agreed to share her ShamPHree Journey story with us on HTHG, and I am excited to be able to feature her…..A fabulously naturally curly gal, as one of our exclusive ShamPHree Interviews.

Ladies and Gents,


Way cool curls: A ShamPHree Interview with Naturally Curly Chelsea.


7U6A8926What do you call yourself? Personal branding statement? ( super-human, undercover brother, mr. fix it?  Something corny? you can get creative or not:)


DIY extraordinaire, beauty industry superstar, succulent enthusiast, cat lover, veggie-juice mixologist


When did you start your ShamPHree journey?


It’s been about two months now.


What inspired your switch?


 Not only is it cheaper than conventional shampoo/conditioner options, but it’s also more natural and better for the environment, too!  No nasty chemicals going back into the water system I have to feel guilty about.


Did you have an adjustment period before you were sold on it? If so, how long and what was it like?


There is definitely an adjustment period that I was not expecting/prepared for.  ShamPHree is a journey, but I learned that it is well worth it.


The trickiest part for myself was getting the ratio of BS to water correct.  I only wash my hair once a week so I had a few weeks when I first started ShamPHree-ing that my curls disappeared completely.  Product would only make the situation worse (by weighing my hair down and making it a sticky mess), so I had to deal with my 80’s fro until the next washing.  Then I had to try and remember how to change up my formula for better results.  I used some natural conditioner (Deva Curl One Condition) after the vinegar rinse a few times so my hair would have some curl to it, since I was not using products.


After about a month and a half, I finally figured out the mixtures that worked for me, as well as how often I needed to ShamPHree.  This process would probably happen much faster for someone who washes their hair more often.  The time period before I got these mixtures/processes sorted out was agonizing.  My hair was probably still detoxing all the bad products, so I stuck with it.  But it wasn’t easy.  For someone who works in the beauty industry, not knowing what your hair will be doing each morning was certainly frustrating.  But I also felt compelled to keep going, wanting to be a part of the ShamPHree movement, bettering my hair and the environment at the same time!


ShamPHree has become a lifestyle that I share with anyone that asks about my hair (which happens often with my crazy curly locks).  And I couldn’t be more proud of getting to a place where I can comfortably ShamPHree and enjoy the results, and share with others, too!


What changes have you seen in your hair/scalp that you like since going ShamPHree?


I can go a lot longer without washing my hair, as oil no longer seems to build up at my roots/scalp.  I love the tingly feeling of the baking soda rinse.  You can really feel it working!  Overall my hair feels stronger and is shinier than ever.


 Have their been any surprises?


I was surprised by the results of adding in a vinegar only rinse every other time I ShamPHRee.  So I’m only using BS every other time I “wash” my hair.  The vinegar rinse cut out any oily build-up, and brought back quite a bit of curl.


What would you tell a friend who was on the fence about going ShamPHree?

I consider myself pretty in tune with my body, recognizing food intolarences or deficiencies with ease.  This took some time, practice, and trial and error.  But now I can enjoy food without questioning what it will do to my body.  The same can be said for ShamPHree.  It’s a system that allows you to mix your way to the perfect hair!  Be patient, and be attentive throughout the process.  It is worth it.


 Has your experience with going ShamPHree inspired any other positive changes in your self-care routine/ life in general?

I would say this process has been complimentary to my healthful, environment lovin’, DIY lifestyle.


Anything you want to add about ShamPHree, hair, life in general?


Less really is more when it comes to your hair.  Keep it freakin’ simple (for your sanity and the health of your hair).

Thanks Chels, Keep those free curls rockin!!

xo, HTHG

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