My brother’s awesome Ghanaian wedding, and fixing a ducktail.

I attended my brother Jack’s wedding last weekend. It was a wedding ceremony performed by his brides family, the Acquayes. They are a charming and wonderful Ghanaian family who know how to laugh, cook, eat, dance, and party. I love my sister-in-law, and was really glad to meet her family.

I was also excited to see what kind of cool hairstyles I would encounter at the after-party, and I was not at all disappointed. Lots of natural hair, curls, kinks,braids, twists, itty-bitty afros, locks, beautiful hair all around. I was mostly inspired by how interesting some of the shorter hair styles were.

Here are some of my favorite hair photos from the wedding. 7U6A86607U6A83417U6A86837U6A84587U6A8571

















7U6A8666Before the wedding, I cut my brother’s hair. He has coarse, curly thick hair and he wanted to try something different. His hair was a bit longer then usual so I was able to do a little hipster hangover, using shear-over-comb on the sides to get it nice and short. I cut the edges sharp and precise to polish the look up. It really worked on his curls! He looked like a total stud. 7U6A8357 7U6A8359

Also while I was there, I cut my sister’s hair. She is 8 months pregnant and growing out a cute pixie cut. I took a couple pics to demonstrate how I took care of her duck- tail












A duck-tail is the inevitable floppy mullet that happens in the back of a growing out pixie. I basically treated it like a tiny little shlob. It looked so much better. I bet it will make birthing easier to not have a duck-tail. I can’t wait till I have a baby nephew. I’m hoping to be with her and her husband for the birth! San Francisco here I come!

Yay for weddings and new babies in the family!

7U6A8458Also, want to know my go-to 5 minute wedding up-do? It is this one, done on beautifully thick asian hair. Here is the tutorial for it.


xo, HTHG


Bridal hair bliss.

NellandAndyWedding[FinalJPEGs]-57I have to share this bridal bit of hair lovelyness that I did for a wonderfully sweet and low maintenance bride that came to see me at Vain.

She came in a couple months beforehand for hair do practice, and we tried out a couple of soft braids. IMG_5222 IMG_5221She decided that she liked the dutch braid best.

I agreed. Do you? the Dutch braid is the first photo.This haistyle was simple and soft and polished and  gorgeous on her one-shoulder sheath wedding dress. Such a stunner. The hair style was a couple of steps……She came in with second day hair (Perfect for wedding up-do’s!) NellandAndyWedding[FinalJPEGs]-131

I sprayed her with a prepping spray for structure. Then, I flat iron-curled her hair in small sections. Then, I lightly back-combed the crown. Created a loose dutch braid across the back, and secured it on the side with criss-cross pins.

Then I pin curled all the loose hair on the side into a low messy bun. Did some accent curls on the side. Sprayed the heck out of it, and glued down the side curls with a curling iron, lightly running it over the sprayed curls. The heat and spray acts as a glue;)

For brides-to-be who would love this hairdo but your hair length will not allow you, there are now available hair extensions at that you can make use to add more length to your short hair.

xoxo, HTHG

A season of HTHG Brides, and bridal party Do’s and Don’ts.

I told you before that I do everything I can to avoid having to do bridal hair. I was kind of being dramatic. I will do bridal parties if

A. I know and love the bride.

B. They seem incredibly low drama/ low maintenance and pay well.

C. The inevitable bridal photos are worth the job. The wedding concept inspires me. I am a sucker for any opportunity to take pictures of pretty hair.


This summer, I did a couple bridal parties. One was for a dear friend. She was a beautiful, simple, low drama bride and I styled her hair and her daughters hair in soft curled up-dos with accent braids.

The other bridal party was for a dear friend of a dear friend. It was a bride and her 3 beautiful thick haired and hilarious sisters. I am a sucker for sister hair. I gave them each a unique style……The bride got elaborate pulled apart braids and a low bun. One sister got a soft braid. One got a french twist. The pregnant one got a bump to match her bump. Flower girl got a flowery french braid. Here are my Summer HTHG Bride photos……..Lots of soft braids, loose curls, natural height, volume, and texture, and muchas flowers because you can’t be a bride without flowers!

Which one do you like best?

Here are a couple of tips for brides and hairstylists of bridal parties.


  • Show your stylist photos of your wedding dress and maybe a wedding pinterest board that you have created so they have a feel for your wedding esthetic.
  • Give concise and simple directions to your stylist so that she can be there on time.
  • Make sure there is coffee brewed for styling time.
  • Always bring more bobby pins than you think. And ALWAYS have big bobbies on hand.
  • Have a great playlist with lots of Ginuwine, Salt ‘n peppa, TLC and R. Kelly because they are everyone’s jam!
  • Second day hair is best for styling!
  • Have snacks on hand.
  • Tell the bride she looks beautiful. Perfect. Whatever. Make her stop obsessing.
  • Tell jokes, recount the bachlorette party…..Anything to keep things light.
  • Have someone mixing light cocktails, but make sure the bride eats a snack.
  • If there is a pregnant member of the wedding party, give her extra height and volume. This will make her feel more proportionate.
  • Here is a list of pre-wedding hair tips to remember if you are a bride!


  • Don’t think for a minute that you can get away with bridal hair without hairspray. I don’t care how big of a hippie you are.
  • Don’t make the bride cry.
  • Don’t bring young kids unless they are a part of the ceremony.
  • Don’t sit down in the stylists chair with wet hair.
  • Don’t play any soft romantic or folk-y music. Keep it upbeat.
  • Don’t load your hair with products pre-style.
  • Don’t cut or color your hair the day before the wedding.

Do you have any to add to the list? Please shout em my way.

Here is a bonus tutorial for you of my favorite Summer Bridal hairstyle of the year……….

Summer Bride Braids, 2013


This hairstyle is the one in the center of the collage…..It is a very bold and intricate looking braided up-do.

It is quite simple to achieve. If you can do a dutch braid, you can do this hairstyle.

Here are the steps…..Begin by splitting the head into 3 offset vertical sections. The partings should go slightly diagonal so that the bun is offset.

Do a dutch braid down each section. Secure each end with a clear elastic. Now work your way carefully up each braid starting at the ends, pulling the braid apart to widen and flatten it. Do this 2-3 times on each braid until they are quite flat and short.

Now starting on one side, wrap the ends of the braid into a low side bun. Pin it to secure it. Take the ends of the middle braid and wrap it around the bun. Pin it discreetly. Now take the end of the last braid and wrap, tuck and pin it under the bun. It should look like all 3 braids are becoming one spiral bun on the side.

Add flowers, pin, tuck, and spray!

Want to see last years Summer bride braid?



#DIYhair Friday…..Knotty bride!

DSC02951Happy DIY hair Friday! This weekend is for the DIY brides, bridesmaids, and really anyone who likes the look of this hairstyle and has hair shortish to medium in length.

The Knotty Bride is another knotted hairstyle, with 3 pinned knots and lots of whisp and whim. I even finished this look off with kale flowers because, well, why not? Every knotty bride needs kale flowers.

knotty bride with kale flowers

Want to know how to do it? Check it out.

knotty bride1. Section off the sides of the hair, from the top of the head to behind each ear. Twist the two side sections in each hand.

2. Tie them together behind the head. Then tie them again to make a knot.

3. Pin the knot to the head discreetly, with a bobby pin through the base of the knot, upwards.

4. Take another section from each side, behind and below your first sections. Twist them in each hand.

5. Tie them into a knot and pin as you did with the first knot.

6. Take the remaining hair, and split it into 2 sections. Twist these sections in each hand.

7. Knot them, and pin them.

Now decorate your ‘do with the flowers of your choice!

If you are a DIY bride, make sure to check out my 5 steps to fab wedding day hair guest post to get you ready for your big day.


#DIYhair Friday……Secret Garden braids.

garden brideHere is a pretty garden-y braided delight. This look is perfect for a bride or bridesmaid, flower girl, or just any renaissance woman inspired occasion. You will need a pretty crown, headband, or pretty necklace to tie around your head.

This hairstyle works on hair that is as short as a jaw-length bob, and as long as your mid back and on all hair types. For best results, first mist the hair with my favorite texture spray for natural pretty waves and then use one of HTHG’s no-heat curl tutorials,.

This hairstyle involves making small braids and then wrapping them around your headband or crown.

Here is how to get the look!Garden bride crown

1. Start by putting on your crown. Take a small section of hair from the front on one side. Braid it all the way to the ends.

2. Now wind your braid once around your crown.

3. Now take another small section of hair from behind your first one. Braid in the ends of your first braid into a new braid.

4. Wind this braid around your crown.

5. Take one more section behind your 2nd braid. Braid in the ends of braid 2, and then wind this last braid around your crown. Let the free end hang down the back.

6. Repeat these steps on the other side.

6. Now, take both free braid ends in the back and braid them into a free hanging braid. Secure the end with a clear elastic.

7. Pull apart the sides of the free braid to loosen and mess it up a bit.

If you want you can stick a flower into the clear elastic in the end to hide it and finish off the look with even more pretty-ness. Now go and find your secret garden and don’t tell anyone where it is! EVER!

If you are a DIY bride, make sure to check out my 5 steps to fab wedding day hair guest post to get you ready for your big day.XOXO.

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