Hair Color Mist!

IMG_5920Hi Darlings. I want to share today a technique that I have played around a bit with recently, beginning here……. The concept is adding a pop or kind of a watercolor wash of color in the hair by mixing your direct veggie color ( I used Manic Panic for this:) with water and applying it in the hair with a spray bottle. Hair Color Misting!

What I have found is that it creates a great marble-y sort of effect, and is a perfect DIY for either brightening up your existing color on the fly, or  just adding some fun temporary shade to rock for a few weeks.

As I have been experimenting with color recently, I have found that the veggie dyes, when applied to pre-lightened hair, really lock in nicely to the hair, in many cases rinsing almost clear as if the hair has swallowed up all the pigment and left only conditioner behind. This, to me, shows that we have come a long way in formulating color that lasts longer without bleeding!IMG_5903

This technique works best on pre-lightened or very light natural hair, but can be used on darker hair too, to create more of a cast of color and less of a pop:) I found that the pinks and purples show up much more than the blues, when sprayed in.

As you can see, I used this technique on level 8 natural hair, with slightly lighter ends.

IMG_5892-1I encourage all to experiment with the Color Mist technique and make it your own!

How To Color Mist


  • For this DIY, I mixed a tablespoon of pure color (Manic Panic Cleo Rose, Pimpin Purple and Bad Boy Blue.) to each 5 oz spray bottle, and then added about 2 oz of water, and shook the hell out of it.
  • Then, I sectioned off a rectangle of hair on top of my models heads, just isolating the hair around their natural parts, about 3 inches wide, from the front hairline to the back of the head, so that their natural color would fall evenly over their misted color.
  • Brush the rest of the hair straight down into natural fall, and make sure to have a cape or towel over your/your model’s shoulders:)
  • Begin to spray your selected color directly into the hair, starting with you mister a good 6 inches back  to get the feel for the amount/distribution of color that each mist gives.
  • Continue spraying the color into the hair with one hand, using the other hand to work that pigment into the hair. Use your artistic eye and intuition to lead you in continuing to spray in color where and how you want it.

For this tutorial, after working in the color with my hands, I allowed it to dry naturally in the hair without rinsing. Because there wasn’t much actual saturation with the color in the hair, just a light misting, it didn’t seem necessary to rinse the color out.

The end result was lovely, and it was so easy to do. I totally encourage you brave hair color DIY-ers to try this option out this Summer when you want a little low maintenance/commitment color in your hair. I was so pleased with this fun process!!!!!

And, because the color it watered down, it’s really hard to botch it, so great for color experimenters.

Also, I posted a quick video of the Color Misting technique on my Instagram, so check it out for a visual:) It is under the hashtag #colormist

May your hair be bright and colorful!

xo, HTHG

Impressionist Garden Hair with Flora.Forager

IMG_2486Hi babes. I am really excited to introduce you to a woman who’s creative work I admire in a big way…….I had the pleasure of connecting with Bridget Beth Collins AKA Flora.Forager through Instagram, after swooning over her insanely beautiful floral art for months. Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.54.50 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.55.08 PM

Floral Designs and Mandala by Bridget Beth Collins/Flora.foragerScreen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.55.54 PM

The timing of our IG connection was perfect…….She had been wanting to experiment with color in her hair having never done it before, and I was dying for a reason to paint flowers into someones hair! PNW female artists and floral enthusiasts unite!

I asked her to send me photo inspiration for her Colorprint color scheme. Here is what she sent.IMG_2497

An Impressionist Hair Garden? I couldn’t wait to experiment. I spent a few hours playing with extension swatches and a color scheme, painting flowers into hair.IMG_2234

IMG_2292She came over a week later, and walked in my door with a beautiful smile and fresh flowers from her garden in hand. IMG_2475She was a little nervous, as a first time color-er. She wanted to be sure that her Colorprint would be both colorful and subtle. Perfect! That is the beauty of the Colorprint technique. It is perfect for artists and first-time colorers.

We spent the next few hours together, chatting about art and business and our children and playing with hair. We found that we have so much in common. We were born 2 weeks apart! Both creative Capricorn mamas who forge our own paths. And, as it turns out, we live a mile away from each other. It was really a true delight getting to know her. I highly recommend checking out her work, at Flora Forager.…..I would describe it as brilliant, organic, creative, completely unique and highly inspired. A true delight.

IMG_2490IMG_2483Bridget left that day with an Impressionist Garden in her hair, and a smile on her face. It had been such a pleasure to get to know her a bit, and do some art in her hair. IMG_2480

IMG_2545She sent me a photo a few days later, of her hair color subtly blending into her natural hair like the underwings of a butterfly.

Thanks you, Bridget for being such an inspiration and sharing your beautiful art with the world. We can’t wait to see what you do next! It will undoubtedly be incredible.

Are you interested in your own one-of-a-kind Colorprint Hair design? I am now taking orders for custom hand painted clip in extensions, and also appointments for Colorprint custom hair color design.

xo, HTHG

Colorprint Hair Dreams

DSC09464 (1)Babes, I have spent the last 2 months in the studio, playing with color and hair and
paintbrushes. I developed a technique, based on ideas and dreams of hair color concepts that have been percolating in my head since I was a kid playing with my My Little Ponies, and finally took the time to experiment.
I am thrilled to share the HTHG Colorprint technique, which involves pre-lightening a panel of hair which becomes the canvas, somewhere on the head where it will peek through, and creating original inspired art within that canvas using conceptual color schemes, a variety of small paintbrushes, veggie dye and stencils. This technique is a great option for people who don’t want to dye all their hair, but want a colorful pop of something special and unique within the layers of their hair, whether it is curly or straight, long or short.DSC07315 (1) DSC08961 (1) DSC09019 (2) DSC07422 (1) DSC07489 (1) DSC09125 (1) DSC07278 (1) DSC07493 (1)
DSC07537 (1) DSC09569 (1) DSC08453 (1) DSC08385 (1) DSC08058 (1) DSC07669 (1) DSC07239 (1) DSC07596 (1) DSC00066 (2)
DSC07571 (1)

I am now offering salon education on this technique, as well as custom work on both clip-in extension hair for those who want the option of wearing their colors when they want, as well as a full service for all hair types. Contact me at for inquiries and bookings. Send me photos ofyour favorite flowers, prints, color schemes, and we can discuss your custom Colorprint hair design.

Consider this technique part of a hair craft revolution, where hair becomes art and inspiration is limitless.

xo, HTHG

The Full Moon and the Lunar Prism

Today’s post is a creative manifestation of a newfound connection that I have been exploring with the moon and her phases. This year has been a journey of tuning in, and paying attention to the subtle shifts of focus and energy in accordance with the full moon/new moon, and noticing the effects that they seem to have on me.

Last year, I wrote about the Lunar Method and growing your hair with the moon, which was just the beginning of this exploration. Since then, I have determined that the full moon brings me outward energy, expansive creativity, connection with other people, growth and vitality.

IMG_1729The new moon brings me inward, where the process of birthing new ideas begins, I tap into a greater, deeper consciousness and wisdom, channel my inner wise crone, I feel more tired and stagnant, sometimes restless, my skin feels dry and wounds heal slowly.

A deeper awareness of this his beautiful ebb and flow has brought me so much peace in the last year:)

In honor of the full moon, I experimented with Colorprint stenciling and painting the full moon onto a panel of bleached hair in the under-layers of my friend Julia’s hair. We used silver Tinge Pastel color conditioner initially to tone the panel to a dusky cool blonde, and then mixed many different Manic Panic shades to create the colors of the fiery night sky.

It turned out both luminous and colorful, like a Lunar Prism.…..just how we wanted it. Here is a little video of the process:)


My Psychedelic Valentine, Hair Color Story and HTHG Colorprinting.

IMG_1528-1Hey babes.

It is officially the season of color returning to our lives, as we welcome Spring and re-birth and warmth. To help celebrate, a little pop in your hair color can be a fun way to blend in with the flowers better.

With Spring and Love as our inspiration today, here is a quick Psychedelic Valentines Day Hair color love story for you. To my great pride, Marley our almost 9 year old daughter has taken a liking of psychedelic music of the 60’s and 70’s, which began with a long car trip and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. (RIP Paul Kantner)

She told me a while back that she would like me to attempt Psychedelic Sunset inspired hair, which we did last weekend. It was the most time that her and I had spent together one on one in months, and it felt great to just chit chat and giggle together while I painted her hair blue and she watched in the mirror with great excitement. IMG_1224

















I applied her blue color all over working in small sections, adding a block of melted color to the mid-strand of each section. This block was magenta fading into pink, then peach, then yellow and back into blue…..It created the sunset vibe.

With Valentine’s day coming, and also crazy hair day at school, we decided at the end to stencil in some hearts on a strip of her hair. Here is how I did it using the ColorPrinting Panel Art method to make a little love scene in her hair.….. (we used an extension for this one, but here is how I would have done it in her actual hair)IMG_1315

Begin by sectioning off a horizontal strip of hair about 1/4 of an inch deep. Situate the strip of hair just under one side of her part so it could be under her layers peeking through, or with a proper sidepart, laying on the surface of her hair.IMG_1211

Lay the hair on a piece of foil, and combed it flat against her head.IMG_1215

Cut out 2 matching hearts in Adhesive Backed Vinyl. Peel the stickers off and stuck them carefully over the hair. Press them securely to the foil. Then, carefully outline the hearts with pink Manic Panic and a tiny paintbrush.IMG_1216

Then, paint around the outline with 2 other custom mixed pink shades and a larger paintbrush.IMG_1217

Next, go around again with yellow.IMG_1218

And finally fill the rest in with her base color, a custom mixed Manic Panic blue. During this entire process, let the colors overlap a bit as you apply them to melt them together……hence the green:)

Rinse the hair with cool water without removing the stencils. Once water runs clear, peel of stencils and rinse once more.

That is how to stencil a Psychedelic Heart into someones hair. Keep an eye out for more stenciling and original hair color art coming soon to HTHG.

Happy Valentines day!

xo, HTHG

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