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IMG_4502Hi Dear friends. Reporting live from a cloud of Cherry Blossoms in the Pacific Northwest…… I want to begin by sending big gratitude to you all for sticking with me here at HTHG. I want you all to know that my vision for this space is a strong as ever, and I am really trying to focus energy towards involving my community of readers more into the content of the blog.

That said, I encourage all and any of you who have inspired hair stories, photos, ideas, theories, remedies, anything……..Please consider sharing them with us. You can email me pitches for stories and posts at howtohairgirl@gmail.com. The goal here is to create space where people feel comfortable sharing and excited and inspired by other’s stories.

Since I quit my day job, I have indulged myself in creating distance between myself and an urge to be practical or trend-following when it comes to hair. If you haven’t noticed, I have been pinning crystals into hair and hand painting designs in people’s hair, all in an effort to break loose into new realms and encourage others to think outside the box creatively. It is time for a renaissance of hair and styling and creativity, and we want to help lead it through the hair industry, beauty industry, and into the mainstream. There is so much that has already been done, but there is even more that hasn’t:)

Today, I am sharing some of the things that help me feel inspired to keep creating interesting hairstyles. IMG_3668

The Grape Hyacinth that pop up overnight, and blanket every green patch of grass all over the city of Seattle with their sweet blue loveliness. I used some to perk up a braided collar on Birch.IMG_3667

Then, I combined them with a few large crystals (because crystals make great hair rollers;) and a big succulent hen plant. IMG_4569

I found an insanely cool hat in my mom’s closet. She thinks it came from either Guatemala or Chiapas……It is woven straw with a wildly vibrant tail of dyed ribbons. She let me have it. When I put it on my head, I felt like the pony I always knew I was. Several  of the ribbons were quite tattered and ready to break soooooooo………


I pulled them off and braided them into Birch’s Fishtail braids, and wrapped them around her head. Festival hair inspiration anyone?IMG_4524IMG_4762

I felt very restless around the New Moon, which was on April 7th. Naturally, a perfect time to make a few floral mandalas using all the beautiful petals and flowers around right now. I am thinking about starting to teach a floral mandala workshop because I believe so strongly in the power of the mandala making process in sparking creativity and connecting us with the earth. It is my medicine and I want to share it. Anyone interested?IMG_4740IMG_4536

Nexties, I have been feeling super neglectful of my short haired and curly haired babes. This is only for lack convenience and models who want to let me play with their hair. I am putting it out there into the world…….Who wants to be America’s next top curly haired and/or short haired HTHG model? Until then, Here is some inspiration from last years post on the Fro-Hawk and the Floral Garland Craft DIY and hairstyle.

Lot’s of love and great hair vibes your way. Oh, and also, have you gotten your Free Your Hair Brush yet?

xoxo, HTHG



Hair Musings.

Hello Dears. I put together some of my favorite hairstyles and musings from the past few weeks, all are done by me unless otherwise tagged:) Enjoy!

IMG_3844Couldn’t stop staring at Jayne’s Colorprinted hair from our workshop at Edo. Gah!

IMG_3787Yes, the Free Your Hair brush has launched! Get yours today from the Free Your Hair shop>IMG_3812

Our eldest daughter Marley is a shooting star with rainbow hair.IMG_3805

Selah Sparrow just turned 5, and is really into drawing in her eyebrows with green halloween makeup.

IMG_3788Remember the Floral Afro from last year?IMG_3747

Hair Macrame? Yes, it is a thing. Well, at least I am trying to make it a thing. Practice, practice, practice.

IMG_3591More Woven hair, because it is so fun to do.

IMG_3723A braid collar? Yes, that too is a thing, according to HTHG.

IMG_3605Yes, I am proud of my Free Your Hair Brush rubber stamp. It’s all about the details…….

IMG_3704These babes, because they were both on my mind, so I decided to share a photo.

IMG_3702I just loved this Colorprint Scheme.

IMG_3643I gave away this hand painted Colorprint clip-in Hair Weft to a very lucky someone on Instagram…..Follow me for more giveaways and musings:)IMG_3828

Showstopping curly bangs, by Guido Palau for Interview mag. Litterally made my heart stop when I saw them.

xo, HTHG










Color Inspo, HTHG style.

Hi babes. Since I started blogging 4 years ago, I have never had less than 3 post scheduled into the future. You see, I never stop having ideas for posts. In fact, most posts turn into 3 and before you know it I am completely drowning in content that I am wanting to share with you. I told my friend Jayne today that I might be a little bit obsessive about getting ideas out of my head and into the blog.

Today, I write to you from absolutely real time, no posts ahead of me…. just here and now. sharing photos from the last few weeks because I find myself for the first time EVER without any scheduled posts. Maybe this is a psychological breakthrough for me, as I begin teaching for the first time and start to come out of my shell a bit into real time, introversion aside, just sharing in real time, face to face with other artists and stylists.

Did I tell you I am teaching a workshop on the Colorprint technique tomorrow at Edo salon in San Francisco? I am so excited and just a little nervous. I am hoping that this will be the first workshop of many, so please wish me luck and hold courageous space for me in your hearts tomorrow.

Color inspiration from the last few weeks are………CB021E87-56DD-40F6-A745-233FE1828312

Plants and flowers from the San Juan Islands. I made a mandala (hashtag search #filthandbeautymandala on instagram  for more:)

IMG_3547Magnolias against a blue sky. Duh.IMG_3518

The incredible print patterns on Kehinde Wiley’s paintings.IMG_3538

The Seattle Gumwall. Everyone bitched and moaned when the city decided to clean the gum off (apparently they do it every few years) but the gum is back with a vengeance.IMG_3744

Spring flowers on a walk around the neighborhood. 5 year old Selah and I make floral designs together on Tuesdays.IMG_3816

The Brugmansia plant in my friend Brette’s back yard in San Francisco.

IMG_3822The epic amount of Manic Panic hair color that spilled in my suitcase on my way to San Francisco. Yes, that’s right. Every single one of them unscrewed themselves and spilled, causing a veritable rainbow of mess. #chargeittothegame

Love y’all,  thanks for reading! HTHG


Studio Love and Creative Inspiration in Sacred Space.

IMG_1137This post is for all of you creative people who have considered renting a space to incubate your creative life but have had a hard time rationalizing paying for it.

About a year ago, several girl friends and I decided to rent a studio space which I like to affectionately call the BabeCave. Located on the top floor of a very old warehouse building in Seattle’s old Ballard, our lofty funky space sits up above Market Avenue, with great light on the north wall, the Puget Sound directly to our west, the ship canal to the south, and downtown Ballard to the east.

This space is old, dusty, funky and cheap…….We lucked out to find it. We had scoured Craigslist and local listings, put calls out on facebook, toured shitty overpriced spaces all over town before we found the BabeCave, which was finally found as a result of one of us driving past it, seeing a for rent sign, and calling the number on the sign. We snagged our spot, moved right in.

IMG_1134I had years of reservations about renting a studio and committing to using it. As a mother and partner, it was hard to think about being away from home more than I already was due to my job. As someone trying to build a small business, I had a really hard time committing the extra money to studio rent for something that would require sheer creative play time without any direct profit. It seemed totally irrational and irresponsible. But with the right girlfriends to share the space with and help me get over my fears, we went for it.

IMG_1131We moved in plants, desks, shelves, racks of vintage clothes, sewing machines, fabrics, metalworking gear, couches, lights, hair stuff, you name it. Everything we would need to create. We decorate it how we wanted it, we made a beautiful mess of it together with our interests and hobbies and esthetics.

And I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have used the shit out of that studio, and found myself making things which had been tugging at my sleeves for 15 years or more, setting in motion a creative flow which has extended into all parts of life, and learning how to create with the freedom and acceptance of making a mess around me and just going with it. We even made it a monthly meeting space for a group of women exploring the non-denominational realms of magic and spirituality.

I have found that having sacred space to create has been priceless.

Renting a space dedicated to creative and spiritual endeavors was a true lesson in getting over fears about finding both the money and the time to make the investment worth it. It was committing to my own creative life in a way I never had before knowing that there would be no real profit beyond experimentation that would come from the BabeCave.

IMG_1133Renting the space was itself an experiment in seeing if my own creative play time was worth the lack of extra cash that was inevitable as an exchange for paying studio rent. It showed me the importance of having a sacred space to create.

And what I learned and what I want to share is that I would rather be poor and inspired, and with a creative space and outlet and room/time to play than have extra cash any day…..hands down. The BabeCave has been 100% worth it to me. And I encourage any of you who have been on the fence about allowing yourselves uninhibited creative time and space to go ahead and just do it. Find some friends and do it together.

At the end of this month, the building that holds the BabeCave will be torn down, and I’m mourning it already……Stay tuned to see what the hell happens as a result……..Still don’t know where all my stuff will go. Ha! Glad for the last year in the BabeCave. Thanks ya’ll for being here:)

xo, HTHG


Sisters of the Crimper: Crimp Art

IMG_0161Babes, a quickie today, just to Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.12.46 PMprofess and share my love of using a mini-crimper to create intentional texture without having to create insane 80’s clown hair.

All you need is a spritz R+Co Vicious Hairspray, and a Mini Crimper……..And your own creative mind;) You can make lines, you can criss-cross them, you can even create geometrics.




How to do it?

Determine where you want your crimp, spritz it, comb it straight and neat, and firmly crimp it, then rock your Crimp Art like you invented the idea.

xo, HTHG


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