Crimper Magic

crimp magicHi there. Yesterday at VAIN, some fellow stylists were talking about cool things you can do with a hair crimper. I was inspired.

I grabbed a TIGI Travel Mini-CrimperScreen Shot 2015-04-25 at 3.33.24 PM (my favorite one!) and Megan, who has incredible long silky hair.

I sectioned out a panel of her hair, flat ironed it, sprayed it lightly with KM Session Spray, and started playing around, making diagonal crimps, and then criss-crossing them with more diagonal crimp.

This magic happened. I think there will be more crimping fun in the future around here.

In the meantime, if you don’t already have one, then get yourself a little hair crimper and start playing around.

xoxo, HTHG

Pippi Longstocking, Positivity, and Having Fun.

7U6A8412All over the world,Pippi Longstocking has inspired generations of girls to have fun and to believe in themselves. She can shoot a revolver and sail on the seven seas. She is both cheeky and kind; always standing up for the weak and oppressed. Pippi is assertive, and has superhuman strength (inside and out), being able to lift her horse one-handed. She frequently makes fun of unreasonable adult attitudes, which reminds us every day to not take ourselves so damn seriously! She never wants to grow up and is a great inspirational hero for womyn of all ages, colors, and sizes everywhere! Pippi reminds us to HAVE FUN.
We wanted to write about Pippi to honor all of our Pippi Longstocking strength inside of us. Pippi is fun because she breaks with conventional ideas about how girls should behave – and also, perhaps, makes fun of adults’ gender roles in the process. She herself is not as concerned about her appearance as many other girls and women. Pippi is definitely not an object, and evidently not prepared to succumb to the cosmetics industry, either. There is a sign in a shop window in the small town where she lives that reads, ‘DO YOU SUFFER FROM FRECKLES?’ Pippi doesn’t. She is not interested in the anti-freckle cream on offer but nevertheless goes into the shop to make her position clear. ‘No, I don’t suffer from freckles’, she declares. ‘But my dear child’, says the startled assistant, ‘your whole face is covered in them.’ ‘I know’, says Pippi, ‘but I don’t suffer from them. I like them. Good morning!’

Thanks to the incredible Corrina Yu, general badass, author and model from HTHG’s Urban Foraging Series. This post was written by her, and it was her idea, and she has so many more great ideas to share with us here, so watch out;)

If you haven’t read The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking book, get it here:)

xoxoxox, HTHG and Corrina Yu

Glitter Dandruff. The Next BIG Thing for Hair.

Dandruff is an over self-diagnosed condition of the scalp which nearly none of us actually have. Many people suffer from ‘dandruff.’ Many more people suffer from glitter.

Glitter has been deemed the ‘Herpes of Crafting’ because once you see it in your craft kit, you are likely to never be able to get rid of it. Generally, people who don’t like glitter REALLY don’t like glitter, because chances are, they have had a bad experience. Maybe they have been infected with it against their will (My waiter the other night had a sparkle on his cheek, unbeknownst to him, which glimmered and gleemed every time he spoke.)

Wearing glitter is a great way to unnerve uptight people in social situations, because it makes them afraid that you might get too close and accidentally touch them. It is also a fantastic way to decorate any and everything, especially if you want to disguise small mistakes…….Messed up nail polish, scratch on your car, scuffed boots etc.

I happen to love glitter. Here is why…..When there is something that you really can’t avoid drawing attention to, glitter will always both attract the eye by sparkling, and distract the eye by diffusion. Which makes Glitter Dandruff the perfect way to distract from ‘dandruff’ or grown out roots.

Here is how to get Glitter Dandruff.


Begin by getting some loose glitter, like this kind ( my favorite for crafting and hair.)

Now find a willing friend to glitter-bomb you. 7U6A8814

Dump a tablespoon of loose glitter into their hands.

7U6A8784Stand back, lean your head over towards them.

Have your friend go “1,2,3 BLOW!”7U6A8798

Wait a couple seconds for the glitter to settle in. 7U6A8800

Now go about your day, shining like a diamond. And if the haters hate, give em a nice big sparkly hug.7U6A8828

More on glitter here.

xoxo, HTHG




Fierce Braids #4: And what PMS feels like.

7U6A2382Black Cloak BraidsDo you ever have days where you feel 100% off your game and you can’t focus and your mind appears to be slipping between layers and dimensions of time and space without your control? I am having one of those days today. Technically you can call it PMS but I prefer to think of it as a mystical state of womanhood that goes way beyond my monthly cycle.

I am supposed to be writing an article for Huffington Post about ‘Taking Back Your Beauty!” which I am actually really excited about…….but…….today is just not the day. It’s a self-imposed deadline anyway.

I feel incredibly nostalgic all of a sudden, missing my slowed-down country life. Maybe I will pick up a copy of Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks, a great book by one of my all-time favorite authors, Donald Harrington. Check him out if you want a mystically sordid and juicy look at rural Ozark life.

But first, I will tell a little story.

In Arkansas, outside of the little Ozark town that I lived in for 7 years, there was an old road called Black Oak Road.

To me, this road was shrouded in mystery. It may have been because it had such a powerful cool name. It also could have been the haunted folklore that went along with the area, or maybe just the stark rural-ness of it.

Black Oak Road was a 10 minute bike ride from my house, and it shocked me to see how quickly the townie landscape turned to deep country. Where the pavement turned to gravel on Black Oak Road, time slowed way down, and all the sudden I found myself in a past century altogether.

I tell this story because I picture a girl with these featured fierce braids living in an old stone house on Black Oak Road.

Here is how to do the Black Oak Braids.

Remember lace braids? Where you french braid the hair, but you only add hair in on one side instead of both sides? This hairstyle is just essentially 2 lace braids. Super-duper easy. That has been the theme with the Fierce Braids Series……Hairstyles that look complicated but are actually quite simple to do:)

The Black Oak Braids are best done on medium to long hair, and I always recommend using a sea-salt texture spray before embarking on a braid. Masterbraider is my favorite, and you can get it here:)

Begin by parting the hair down the center.

Starting one one side of the front hairline, begin a braid as if you were going to french braid the side. When you begin adding in hair, only add it from above the braid, not from the hairline side. So you are adding in hair every other overlap.

As you add hair in, guide your braid straight downward. The braid itself should fall against the face, unattached on the hairline side.

Your last add-in section should be a vertical parting that lays roughly behind your ear. Then, stop adding hair in and braid your way down the free end of your section. Stop a couple inches from the ends, and secure with a clear elastic.

Now repeat these instructions on the other side.

Once you have completed both braids, overlap them across the back of your head.

From underneath, stick a large bobby pin through the braids and secure them to the head. Let the ends hang free.

Channel a mystical woman from a forgotten time. And be easy on yourself. Take time when you need it. Eat a cookie or somethin’ if you want.

BTW, in trying to explain what ‘PMS’ is like to my Jonny, here is as far as I got.

Imagine that you haven’t slept well in days, and you accidently lock yourself inside an old phone booth. You are sweating and on the verge of panic. From inside the phone booth, everything sounds grating and harsh. The smell offends your senses. You can see out, but it is blurry because the window-ed walls are scratched up and all scuffed so nothing is very clear. You know that people can see you in there, but they can’t hear what you are saying, so they assume that you are

A. a crazy person


B. Just fine and don’t need their help.

You rationally know that you will get out of there in one piece but you can’t logically form a plan of escape. So you just breathe and wait for it to end and try not to make any sudden movements.

Anyone out there have a more positive way of framing PMS? Please share.

If you don’t experience PMS symptoms consider yourself either lucky or out of touch with your body……….But just WAIT till you have children. If you plan on not having children, that is great, you will miss out on an insane rollercoaster ride of hormones. Power to ya, either way 😉 Fist bump.

xoxoxox, HTHG

Fierce Braids 3, The Blood Eagle Braid.

7U6A2286bloodeagleHi babes. Welcome to the 3rd installation of the HTHG Fierce Braids
Series. This hairstyle is a modern and fierce take on a classic french braid, but with a herringbone/fishtail technique.


I called it the Blood Eagle Braid because it resembles a rib-cage, and that makes me think of a particularly gruesome episode of Vikings that made me almost have to stop watching the show forever.


So, channeling our inner imaginary Fierce Norse Warrioress, let’s break down the Blood Eagle Braid. This one works best on long hair, but can definitely be done on medium length hair. Some texture spray will help you control the braid, and as always with herringbone braids, the smaller sections you use for your overlaps, the cooler it will look in the end (and the longer it will take to do!)


Begin by sectioning out a bit of hair along the front hairline to start your braid. Split it in half, and start a fishtail braid by taking a bit of hair from one side, and overlapping it to the other side, then doing the same thing on the other side. Make sure to keep a firm grip on each side as you work.. (here for more in depth how-to of a fishtail braid:)


When your fishtail braid is a few inches long, add in hair to either side of the braid, as you would with a french braid. Maintain your 2 braid sections, now made bigger by the addition of hair from either side. Begin fishtail braiding again with your bigger sections.


After the second segment of your braid gets to be a few inches long, add more hair to each side again, and then continue fishtail braiding with your now-even-larger sections.


Continue your fishtail braid for a few inches, then add more hair to either side. Continue with this pattern until you have added all the hair in, and you reach the nape of the neck. Then continue fishtail braiding halfway down the ponytail.


Gather the ends into a small elastic, and then take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Pull the end through the elastic, behind the braid.


Do you feel like a queen? I certainly hope so.

BTW, herringbone=fishtail. Also, I almost called this braid the Herring-Boner because it looks so cool, it gives me a non-sexual female braid-boner.

xoxox, HTHG

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