Tourmaline Twists and Mineral Power!

IMG_1531Hey babes. Today I wanted to share a quick hairstyle I did on my daughter after we colored her hair with the Psychedelic Sunset using the ColorPrinting Panel Art method……and her color gradually faded to the perfect marbled Tourmaline Blue. Then, after obsessing on the beauty of her hair and the Tourmaline Mineral Stone for a while, I went down the rabbit hole of reading up on tourmaline health benefits. Click link for more info on the power of the mineral! 🙂IMG_1447

This hairstyle was very easy to do, once her hair had been thoroughly crimped ( Yes, I’m still obsessed with my Mini Crimper.) I think that these twists would work really well in curly/kinky textured hair with a lot of poof to it.

Here is how we got these super cool and organic looking hairstyle.IMG_1458

Part the hair down the middle. Take all the hair from one side of the part, and begin a twist on the side of the head, twisting backwards and guiding the twist towards the center part in back. (Here for twisting clarity)

Once all the hair from that side is twisted in, continue twisting to the ends of the hair. Pull the twist across the part to the other side, and use a large bobby pin to pin the ends to the head securely. Add more pins if needed……We only needed one pin for each side due to the fact that her hair had so much texture from the crimping that it wanted to stay wherever I put it!IMG_1454

Repeat the same steps on the other side, twisting the ends of the first twist into the second twist as you work your way back. IMG_1451Pull the ends of the 2nd twist across to the other side, tucking the ends under your first twist to hide them. Pin this twist into place.IMG_1448

Voila! Add more pins if needed to secure your twists.

Now channel the soothing and grounding watery qualities of the tourmaline mineral as you glide through your day with your Tourmaline Twists.

xo, HTHG


Kale: Super Food for Hair

7U6A1817Yes it’s true my babes. Kale, especially Lacinato Kale (the darkest, heartiest leafiest kale!) is a potent superfood…..But you already know that right? In the Northwest, it is hard to miss the big deal about kale because people proclaim their love for it on their smart cars by putting bumper stickers that say I LOVE KALE and wearing t-shirts with the same slogan on them. And every menu at every restaurant in town features a kale salad.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.10.52 PMKale grows really well here, which is nice. It is a hearty plant in the brassica family, and we eat

Here at HTHG, we proclaim our love by growing it, eating it, and decorating our friend’s hair with it…….And by spreading the word of the potent Healthy Hair Growth Qualities of Kale. Here are 3 reasons to eat kale to feed your hair.

Folic Acid- B Vitamins support healthy cell function and aid in cell growth, and our hair depends on the rapid division of cells (mitosis) to grow (thanks, B Vitamins, for the extra boost!)

Iron- Increases circulation to the scalp, helping to prevent hair loss and helping stimulate hair growth, while boosting and strengthening our blood supply ( Great for women!)

Sulfur-  Is essential to the protein production of hair, and increases the length of the Anagen (growth) phase of hair, helping hair grow strong and fast!

My favorite way to eat kale is like this:

HTHG’s Favorite Kale Salad

Pick some fresh leaves, BAM! rinse em and chop em up pretty small. Put em in a bowl, squeeze half a lemon on em, drizzle of olive oil, (BAM!) sprinkle of salt BAM!

Now, (here is why I really love this dish) wash your hands, and massage that kale, crushing it with your hands in working in your dressing. Zone out while you massage that kale. Think of all the people who told you not to play with your food and send them a little mental picture of your hands all over that salad.

Once it’s all mixed up and wilty, let it sit on the counter for as long as you want……It will begin the breaking down process immediately and as it sits it will soften and become easier to chew and easier to digest. (Yay lactobacteria!!!)

When you are ready to eat it, add other things like sliced red onion, roasted nuts, and cranberries. Everyone likes this salad, even people who think they don’t like kale.

Other ways to use kale are: Stick a couple leaves in a smoothie, make kale butter/pesto, and make kale chips (my kids love them!) put them in soup, or munch on em straight off the plant.

Eat kale, grow hair, live strong. 7U6A1813

Check out a little photo-tutorial of this Kale Braid by following HTHG on Instagram : @howtohairgirl

xo, HTHG

Tribe de Mama Guestpost: Earth Medicine for your Hair and Skin

witchHello dears. I wanted to take a minute to share a post I wrote for Tribe de Mama, a wonderful conscious mothering magazine that I read and really love.

The post is about a lovely ritual to treat the hair and skin, inspired by the Nomadic Saamii tribes of Northern Europe who used the elements of the earth to heal and treat, combining generational plant wisdom and potent spirituality to craft their rituals.

I am really enjoying researching and learning about different self-care rituals from different cultures. I feel really strongly about the importance of self care, (especially for mamas!)  and creating our own self-care rituals with intention and mindfulness, giving heed to the healing powers of our natural world. I want our daughters to witness my journey and internalize the gift of caring for and honoring themselves.

I hope you enjoy this post:) I sure enjoyed writing it and performing it with my girls.

If you are a mama searching for a place to belong among other conscious mamas, I invite you to follow @tribedemama on Instagram, and subscribe to the mag.

xo, HTHG

Hair Rituals for The Local Rose

witchHi my dears! Wanted to share a piece that I wrote for Shiva Rose’s lovely blog The Local Rose. I had the pleasure of meeting Shiva at last years Spiritweavers, having been a reader of hers for several years and am so happy and honored to share my words with her readers, and with you all here at HTHG.

The post is called Hair Rituals, and it is inspired by a lifetimes worth of stories about cultural rituals related to hair that I have collected from women in the salon……I wanted to use the stories of ritual to help guide a more thoughtful approach to hair care.

Please Enjoy! xo


Staining Hair with Plant Pigment…. Natural Dye Experiment

IMG_6176-2Ever since my Natural Fiber Dying class at The Spiritweavers Gathering last Spring, I have been OBSESSED with figuring out how to dye hair with plants. IF people have been dying natural fibers with plants for thousands of years, shouldn’t we be quite close to finding more natural alternatives to hair-coloring? We all know about henna, right? But there has to be more straightforward ways to use the pigment in plants as a way to add color to hair, in a bigger way than “enhancing highlights…..” I’m talking, let’s dye your hair green with plant blood.

The endeavor of natural fiber dyeing combines 4 of my favorite things…….Nature, Science, Art, and Craft.This is what drew me into the experiment. As of today, I have gotten this far…….Succesfully staining hair green with Spirulina and acid-yellow Tumeric. Unsuccessful was the beet. Next time, Hibiscus powder (or perhaps cranberry?) for my pink, and black walnut husk for a darker hue.

Here is how we conducted our natural fiber hair-dying experiment.

First, I got myself a very light-haired model, my daughter Mars. I also used my own hair, which is light on the ends, to see if plant color would grab to it (it did!) As is true with any direct dye’s, light hair will show color better.

I got myself some Beet Root Powder, Spirulina Powder, and Turmeric Root Powder which I found at my local apothecary. These powders can be found on Amazon by clicking the links:)

Then I got my Alaffia- EveryDay Shea- Moisturizing Shea Butter Conditioner, which I use as a base for all my experiments which require a creamy conditioner. I love this stuff because it works great, it is affordable, and the company is so incredibly cool. Check em out!

I got 3 bowls, 3 color applying brushes, a hair clip, a comb, and a few sheets of foil.

IMG_6181-2I mixed a tablespoon of each powder with 6 pumps of conditioner, blending thoroughly with a color brush till the colors were creamy and consistent.

colorThen, I painted the color on thickly to strips of Marley’s blonde hair in foils. I sealed up the foils, and then I scrunched the remaining Turmeric conditioner into my hair. We went about our business, me processing peaches we just foraged at a nearby neighbors yard, and Marley dressing up in a Santa Claus outfit that she made out of paper. Simple pleasures!

1/2 an hour later, we both rinsed our hair, and let it dry. Here is how it turned out…..

IMG_6216IMG_6233As you can see, Marley’s hair really picked up the yellows and greens, not the pink at all. I think perhaps that beet root powder was not finely ground enough, thus harder to penetrate the hair with pigment. My ends were a literal acid yellow, which tickled the shit out of me.

What would I do different next time to get a more saturated color? Probably add heat to the mix by clamping the foil packets with my flatiron on a low heat setting. I think that would help the color bond to the hair. And then, I would follow up with a Beauty Vinegar rinse to seal that color in tight;)

This experiment has been super fun, and we both smell like exotic herbs. Our hairs are shiny and bright! We will DEFINITELY continue playing with this concept, mixing new pigments and herbs till we get this thing figured out……And we will keep sharing what we find:)
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xoxoxox, HTHG


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