Mother of Dragons braids

7U6A3134Therese wanted a braided pile on top of her head to go with her awesome t-shirt. She quite literally is the mother of 2 dragons, Coleman age 6 and Hunter age 3.

It was a fun hairstyle to do on her shoulder-length hair…Lot’s of little deconstructed braids, piled and pinned with flowers on top.7U6A3139 She looked so lovely and regal and also with a hint of ‘don’t fuck with my dragon babies’

I think that this is a lovely fall look, for dragon mothers and non-dragon mothers alike. I encourage you to try it. It is a great one for 2nd or 3rd day hair, because it looks very intricate but is actually quite simple…..

Mother of Dragons Braids

7U6A30827U6A30857U6A30917U6A30977U6A30997U6A31087U6A31137U6A31437U6A3125For this hairstyle, I began by making a center part. I sectioned the front off from behind each ear, across the top of the head.

I braided both sides in loose braids, and secured the ends with clear elastics. Then, I deconstructed both braids.

I overlapped one braid across the top of her head and pinned it to secure it. Then I over lapped the other one over the first. I tucked and pinned the ends of both braids out of sight.

Then, I split the back section in to three equal parts, , vertically.

In the middle section, I did another loose braid, secured the end, deconstructed it, and pulled it up and over, pinning it into the first 2 braids, with the ends discreetly tucked underneath.

Then I braided the last 2 sections, secured the ends, and deconstructed them. I pulled one of them up over and pinned it on the top, ends tucked in. I did the same with the last braid.

The key with this hairstyle is to manipulate the braids and build the hairstyle in a way that makes it looks like a mess of braids with no end, so get creative with the winding and piling, tucking and pinning.

Add flowers at the end to finish the look;)

You can get this awesome Mother of Dragons t-shirt here.
xoxo, HTHG

Partymom Braids

7U6A4211Brette Howard is this……Part goddess, part dude. Part mom, part daughter. Part rocker, part dreamer. Part Yes, part Kate Bush. Part PMA, part Partymom. Part Whatever Dude, part chipped beef on toast. Part Montana, part Seattle, part San Fransisco. Part friend part sister. Part yin part yang. So many parts. Throw all parts on a cutting board and chop em up with a hemmer Knife. Put chopped parts in a cast iron pan under the broiler for 10. Open the oven and inside you will find a spirit made of fierce Saggitarian wildfire riding on the back of a wild ass pony. Step back and let it out.

This is my Brette metaphor. She has earned the term Partymom, as well as Be The Fair mother because she came up with the term, and she is building the empire. I, her friend of many years, am watching and cheering, endlessly inspired and amazed. 7U6A4183 7U6A4206 7U6A4195 7U6A4218 7U6A4214

For this hairstyle, I parted her hair down the center and did an edgy dutch braid down each side, leaving a long-ish tail and then securing the ends with clear elastics and tucking a flower in one of the elastics. I tried to make the braids very close together. That is why this double braid looks cool and different;)

Then, I deconstructed the heck out of those braids using this technique.

xoxo, HTHG

The Braid-Hawk

braid hawkHi braiderbabes. Want to know how to turn your Pentacostal Sunday School Teacher looking braid into an edgy braided-mohawk? The full tutorial for this ‘do is up on today, so check it out and please share it with your friends!

xoxoxoxox, HTHG

Dungeon Braids

DSC06488DSC06489Hey babes. This hairstyle was fun one that I did on my friend Sarah this Summer. The fun thing about it was that it was very experimental and different than any other hairstyles I have done in the past. The hairstyle reminded me of something a female knight might have rocked back in the royalty days, maybe slaying dragons or freeing slaves or something.

Or maybe some kind of tribal style? I dunno. What do you think when you look at this hairdo?

DSC06461DSC06470I basically did 3 different french braids, one down each side, and one straight down the back. I secured the ends with clear elastics, and then I realized there was no where to tuck the ends into…..The braids were too tight and unforgiving.

This is the point in the creative process where my mind shifts to plan B…..Make it work.

DSC06481DSC06476I folded the very ends (tails!) under once and then used creatively placed bobby pins in neat rows to overlap and secure the ends of the braids against the head in no particular order….I just sort of criss-crossed em.

The finished product was a tightly braided maze of braids that looked cool because of her stark ombre, with bobby pins as function AND fashion. (I am embracing this trend.)

Sarah promptly looked in the mirror and told me to please start over because she felt like a weird pin head:) Obvies not the hair-do for those with small head complexes. So I took it all out and braided a bunch of moss into her hair like a mohawk instead.

xo, HTHG


3 minute hairstyle for 3rd day hair. Simple Fishtail, DIY

Hello friends. Today I want to share with you how a very simple fishtail braid can be perfected with just a little deconstructing. In 3 minutes or less, you can have a 3rd day hairstyle that looks great from all angles.

First offnix, watch this video and learn how to fishtail braid. It is really much easier than you


Do a fishtail braid down the back, stopping half way and securing the braid with a clear elastic. There should be very long ends hanging out.

Deconstruct the braid by pulling the edges apart to widen and flatten and soften it. Start at the end of the braid and work your way up. Now to finish off the look, pull down small pieces of hair around the face, and put on your best pair of Nikki J earrings.

xo, HTHG

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