Braids and Ivy crown at the Gumwall

7U6A8681Hey babes. Here is hairstyle #3 from the Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles feature series. It is basically 2 french braids that turn into fishtail braids, overlapped and pinned in the back and finished with a crown of Ivy. This is the hairstyle to get you in the festive spirit.

This shoot was fun because I got to hang out at the Pike Place Market on a gorgeous clear day with Nikki Jacoby, my sister wife who is also my favorite jewelry designer in the world. We shot this tutorial at the gum wall, which is a wall in an alley that is covered with chewed up gum. It smells like my childhood and looks like a psyhcadelic vortex.

For this look, you will want to forage a couple long strands of Ivy. They should be about 2 feet long each. Take one of them and wind it once around your head, then wind the end around the beginning so that it becomes a complete secure loop. Use your other 2 strands of Ivy to wind around the first one, until you have a crown. Tuck the ends into the wound stalk to secure them.7U6A8852

For the hairstyle, begin with a texture spray like Masterbraider to add some grip to your braids. It will help them stick, and keep them in place once they are in.nikki

Now part your hair down the middle. Begin a french braid down one side of the head.

Once you reach the base of the neck and have all the free hair braided in, gather all 2 braid sections into a ponytail and split it in half, so you have 2 sections instead of 3. Start a fishtail braid down the free ends of your french braid. Secure the end with a clear elastic, and pull the fishtail braid apart a bit to deconstruct it and give it some more texture.

Repeat all of this on the other side.

Now take a braid, and pull it across the back of the head, keeping it low so that it follows the curve of the head around the hairline. Tuck the end of it into the french braid on the other side, and pin it discreetly into the braid so as to hide the end and the pin. Add more pins discreetly to the wrapped braid, securing it into the head.

Take the second braid and pull it down and around the first one, overlapping it and tucking the ends into the braid on the other side. Pin this braid in securely as well.

Now pull at your lady parts to soften the look, and put on your Ivy crown. Rock this do’ to your company party, and drink a little bit ( or a lot) too much wine.

xoxoxo, HTHG


Beauty Berry and Fir Braids.

Beauty berry and firHi babes! Welcome to hairstyle #2 in the Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles feature series.

This one is a charming little half-up hair do featuring scrunched braids, with foraged Beauty Berries and greenery from a Douglas Fir.

This hairstyle is best done on medium to long hair. You can use whatever greenery and berries you can find around your neighborhood for it.

To begin with, spray your hair down with a texture spray like this one. BTW, after working with Masterbraider wave spray, Corrina the lovely model in this tutorial said……

“This Masterbraider is the product I’ve been waiting for my whole life. My hair feels so thick and looks amazing!”

Glad you love it, lady. It really is magic for fine and slippery hair.

Prepare your greenery by cutting it into small pieces that can easily be pinned into the hair.

Begin the hairstyle by criss-crossing 4 bobby pins in the very back of your head. This will give you something to pin the berries and fir and braids into;)

Use bobby pins to pin in your plants securely to your criss-cross pins. Keep adding plants until your arrangement looks balanced and pretty without being to big or heavy.

Now, on one side of your head, take a large section of hair, including all the hair from your hairline, and make a braid. Once you reach the ends, pinch 2 of the strands from your 3 strand braid between the fingers on your dominant hand, while pinching the 3rd strand between the fingers of your other hand.

7U6A8964Holding the one strand in place, pull your 2 strands upward towards the base of the braid, scrunching it towards the head. It will create a cool looking braid that you may never knew existed. Well now, on your head, it officially does;)

Now, gather your 2 short strands in with your one long strands, and adjust the braid so that it is long enough to reach across to the back of the head, with an inch or so to spare. Pin the braid into your criss-crossed pins, covering the pins that secure the berries and fir.

Repeat this on the other side. Pin your second braid over the first one, covering any bobbies, and pinning into the criss-cross pins, not across the top of the braid. The key is to hide those pins as well as you can.

Voila! Perfect hair for your upcoming Solstice Party.

xoxo, HTHG


French Braided Pony with Maple Leaves.

7U6A6358This is the first hairstyle from the HTHG Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles feature series!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.49.04 PMPhoto cred.

In the Fall and Winter, our sidewalks are littered with dead leaves. We can smell their earthy smell when they get ground into puddles on the pavement after it rains, and we track them across our living room floor when we forget to take off our boots.

There is a quick window of time when they are fresh and vibrant and on the ground and not softening into brown soil in the mud. If you are lucky enough to live close to a maple tree, go see if you can forage some leaves for this tutorial. There just might still be fresh and pretty ones on the ground. For this tutorial we used leaves from a Japanese maple tree. If you can’t find good leaves, use some other pretty foraged greenery to decorate your braid;)

french braided ponyThis hairstyle is best done on longer hair, as there must be a long-ish ponytail available to braid.

Start with a low side pony, secured with an elastic.

At the base of the ponytail, take 3 small sections of hair, and begin a french braid at the top of the ponytail.

Continue adding in small sections of hair as you work your way down the tail. It is just a french braid! Nothing fancy;)

When you get to the end, secure it with a clear elastic.

Now, remove the elastic at the top, and loosen and widen the braid a bit by pulling at it from the edges.

Stick foliage into the braid by the stem, pull them through as far as you can. If you can, tuck the stem under a bit of hair behind the braid, to snag it into place.

xoxo, HTHG

Mother of Dragons braids

7U6A3134Therese wanted a braided pile on top of her head to go with her awesome t-shirt. She quite literally is the mother of 2 dragons, Coleman age 6 and Hunter age 3.

It was a fun hairstyle to do on her shoulder-length hair…Lot’s of little deconstructed braids, piled and pinned with flowers on top.7U6A3139 She looked so lovely and regal and also with a hint of ‘don’t fuck with my dragon babies’

I think that this is a lovely fall look, for dragon mothers and non-dragon mothers alike. I encourage you to try it. It is a great one for 2nd or 3rd day hair, because it looks very intricate but is actually quite simple…..

Mother of Dragons Braids

7U6A30827U6A30857U6A30917U6A30977U6A30997U6A31087U6A31137U6A31437U6A3125For this hairstyle, I began by making a center part. I sectioned the front off from behind each ear, across the top of the head.

I braided both sides in loose braids, and secured the ends with clear elastics. Then, I deconstructed both braids.

I overlapped one braid across the top of her head and pinned it to secure it. Then I over lapped the other one over the first. I tucked and pinned the ends of both braids out of sight.

Then, I split the back section in to three equal parts, , vertically.

In the middle section, I did another loose braid, secured the end, deconstructed it, and pulled it up and over, pinning it into the first 2 braids, with the ends discreetly tucked underneath.

Then I braided the last 2 sections, secured the ends, and deconstructed them. I pulled one of them up over and pinned it on the top, ends tucked in. I did the same with the last braid.

The key with this hairstyle is to manipulate the braids and build the hairstyle in a way that makes it looks like a mess of braids with no end, so get creative with the winding and piling, tucking and pinning.

Add flowers at the end to finish the look;)

You can get this awesome Mother of Dragons t-shirt here.
xoxo, HTHG

Partymom Braids

7U6A4211Brette Howard is this……Part goddess, part dude. Part mom, part daughter. Part rocker, part dreamer. Part Yes, part Kate Bush. Part PMA, part Partymom. Part Whatever Dude, part chipped beef on toast. Part Montana, part Seattle, part San Fransisco. Part friend part sister. Part yin part yang. So many parts. Throw all parts on a cutting board and chop em up with a hemmer Knife. Put chopped parts in a cast iron pan under the broiler for 10. Open the oven and inside you will find a spirit made of fierce Saggitarian wildfire riding on the back of a wild ass pony. Step back and let it out.

This is my Brette metaphor. She has earned the term Partymom, as well as Be The Fair mother because she came up with the term, and she is building the empire. I, her friend of many years, am watching and cheering, endlessly inspired and amazed. 7U6A4183 7U6A4206 7U6A4195 7U6A4218 7U6A4214

For this hairstyle, I parted her hair down the center and did an edgy dutch braid down each side, leaving a long-ish tail and then securing the ends with clear elastics and tucking a flower in one of the elastics. I tried to make the braids very close together. That is why this double braid looks cool and different;)

Then, I deconstructed the heck out of those braids using this technique.

xoxo, HTHG

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