The Floral Afro, and More Wedding-Hair Inspo for Natural-Textured Babes.

7U6A4471The Floral Afro is going to be major this Summer. That is our official prediction:)7U6A44137U6A4580

About that Floral Afro, and more floral-inspired DIY hair styles for natural-textured hair including the Floral Fro-hawk 7U6A4236

7U6A4320and a charming vintage inspired floral ‘do……..HTHG for Offbeatbride, check it here!

#DIYhair Friday! 3rd day up-do for curls and waves.

IMG_1326This hairstyle saves my hair on the 3rd day in between ShamPHree-ing. I usually will rinse my hair in the shower on the 3rd day, and let it dry curly. My hair is somewhere in between curly and straight. If I let it dry naturally and scrunch it, it will be quite wild and curly but not pretty ringlet curls. More like waggly waves, as I like to call them. With rogue ringlets in the baby hairs around my face so I look like I have fuzzy little kid hair. This is the perfect time for an up-do that adds some pretty and polish to my otherwise generally frazzled mom look;)

p.s. It also rocks my world because when I take this style down, my hair is polished and wavy from the twists. Love it.

 3rd day up-do for curls and waves!

3rs day updo

Here is how to get this look. Keep in mind that this hairstyle is meant to be semi-loose and messy so don’t worry about making it perfect.

1. Make a center part in your hair. Twist back a section of hair from one side, and pin it at the back of your head.

2. Repeat on the other side.

3. Make sure that your twists are even.

4. Take about a 3rd of the free hair from one side, and twist it.

5. Wrap it into a loose bun and pin it to secure it.

6. Repeat on the other side.

7. Take the rest of the hair in the center and twist it into a bun and pin it into place.

8. Tuck in any loose hairs, and ad more pins if needed. Put a pretty clip or comb in your up-do to give it some bling.

No rock that 3rd day hair!



4 lovely up-dos for curly hair


Naturally curly hair is like a wild animal that should not be put in a cage. It should be fed healthy things, not stripped of it’s natural defenses.

But don’t be afraid to style that beautiful animal into a beautiful but polished mess of curls and bobby pins.

That said, I am excited to share with you 4 lovely up-dos for curly girls.

When styling curls, I like to work with the natural curl. Generally this means nothing too tight, and with lots of soft and romantic texture. So naturally, loose twists and braids and big messy buns work beautifully.

Here are 4 simple and beautiful DIY hairstyles for curly hair.

1. Simple double twist-back, a pretty half-up half-down hairstyle.

Start by prepping hair with a smoothing shine product like Liquid gold hair polisher.

Make a side part.

Starting at the hairline on one side of the part, take a small bit of hair and twist it towards the top of the head. Add a little bit of hair from underneath and twist again. Work your way towards the back of the head, taking a bit of hair from underneath and twisting it in.

Once your twist has reached behind your ear, and includes all hair from your front hair and temple area, pin it securely with criss-cross bobby pins.

Now do the same thing on the other side. You should have all the hair around your face pinned back into your twists, and curls falling naturally in the back.


2. Vintage inspired twisted curly side bun

For this simple curly hairstyle, Start by prepping hair with a smoothing shine product like Liquid gold hair polisher.

Make a side part. On the heavy side of the part at the hairline, start twisting upwards towards the top of your head. Add a bit of hair from underneath and gently guide your twist around the side of the head and across the back, to the opposite side of the back hairline.

Continue twisting to the very end of your twist-tail. Wrap the tail into a loose bun and tuck in the end. Pin the bun securely in place.







3. Low curly messy bun

Start by prepping hair with a smoothing shine product like Liquid gold hair polisher.

Pull all the hair into a low ponytail. I did mine slightly off center, so that it could be seen from the front, but you can center it if you want.

Take a chunk of curls (approx 1/8th of the hair) and twist it all the way to the end. Twist it into a coily-messy little nest and pin it to the head so it stays.

Do this throughout the whole ponytail creating a messy yet polished bun!










4. Braided curly beauty

Start by prepping hair with a smoothing shine product like Liquid gold hair polisher.

Make 2 loose braids down the back and secure them with elastics.

Pull one across and around the base of the other one, and pin it into place.

Pull the second one across and pin it around the base of the first one.

Make sure you tuck the tales in for continuity.

Want more braided curl inspiration? Check out the Galway milkmaid braided tutorial.

Are you a curly girl? what’s your go-to curly hairstyle?


Scarf roll on curly hair- Faux-faux bob

This is a super cute look. The Scarf Roll on curly hair-Fax-faux bob Here is a demo of the scarf roll.

When done on a head of curly hair, it creates a perfect faux-bob! Kinda looks 1920’s flapper-ish.

This look was done using a long thin scarf. I created the roll, then wrapped the scarf around the top of the head, and tied it at the back, above the roll. Try it!


5 minute curly updo- Galway milkmaid

Here’s a pretty one fer ye. It’s a loose braid that starts at the front with a side part and works it’s way around the head.

The tail of the braid then tucks into the top and is pinned to secure it.

On curls, it’s better not to pull anything too tight, because you want to work with the natural texture and body so don’t worry about being too precise.

This look would also look great with the garnish of flowers, some sort of crown, a necklace, or a milk maids cap and a metal pail.

Want to perfect your french and dutch braiding technique? Check out this post.

If you are a DIY bride, make sure to check out my 5 steps to fab wedding day hair guest post to get you ready for your big day.


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