When Curly Friends do Each Others Wedding Hair

IMG_7021Hi dears! Today I am sharing a little fun and heartwarming project that I did last month in Arkansas with some dear lady friends at the river. Here is the story-

Christina was getting married in the Ozarks, to an Ozark man who she loves dearly and I was leaving town 3 days before the wedding (Cry!) so I wouldn’t be able to make it to do her hair and celebrate in the union of their sweet family.

So, we decided it would be a good move to teach her best friend Audrey how to do her hair for her. We met at the West Fork of the White River, near a lone goose who was clearly offended that we were around.

We set up our picnic blanket, and stripped down to our swim suits and set up shop. The goose hopped into the river to find a new place to hang.

Both Christina and Audrey are naturally curly women, with wild golden curls. We chatted a bit about what kind of hairstyle Christina wanted, and I gave her my bride hair shpeal which goes like this

For your wedding the most important thing is that you feel like yourself but at your very best and most elegant. So, let’s take your ‘usual’ hairstyle (a low loose bun on one side.) and fancy it up a bit. Can’t go wrong that way.

She was down with that. We decided which side to put her hairstyle on, knowing that we wanted it low and slightly off center. I

Now, for curly haired babes who are getting married, I generally like to leave the hair in it’s most natural texture without disturbing the curl pattern as I style it. Christina had a deep side part, and her heavy side falls naturally into a really lovely sort of fingerwave pattern when left to it’s own devises, so I planned the hairstyle to work around that, preserving that gorgeous natural feature of her hair that she loves.

I began by sectioning (gently) her sides, from the top of her head to behind both ears, pushing all the side hair forward of her shoulders and out of the way so I could build from the center of the back.

With all the hair in the back, I began a braid down the back, pulling the braid slightly to the side as I braided.

Halfway through the braid, I started at the top on one side of the braid, pulling the edges out to widen that side and create petal-like shapes on one side of the braid.  These ‘petals’ will run along the outer edge of the bun, creating a floral design.

I didn’t braid too tight, but also not too loose. I continued braiding to the end, then pulled the rest of the petals out all the way to the ends of the braid. I secured the end.

IMG_6915Then, holding the braid flat against her head, I wound the braid into a bun, pinning as I went, securing the braid to the head discreetely, with the ends tucked out of the way.

Next step, I created another braid on the light side of her part, pulling the petals out on the outer edge of the braid as I worked my way to the ends.IMG_6919

I secured the ends, and then wound that braid below and then up and around the bun, pinning it into place as I went. This made the bun bigger and more intricate.IMG_6925

Then, I created a third braid on the other (heavy) side of her hair in the same way, pulling the petals out of the outter edge as I braided. I secured the ends, then wound that braid into another small bun (flower) pinning it discreetly nestled up against the first bun. (Braided Rosebud:)IMG_6927IMG_6929

Then, I did my favorite little trick that adds volume to the back of the head…….Holding the buns tightly to her head with one hand, I used a bobby pin in the other hand to lift up the hair at her crown, threading it in underneath the hair at her crown and then lifting it towards me to create a bit of space, but without pulling too hard. I did this a few times around the back of her head to add a bit of oomf.IMG_6930

Then, she got flowered. Peony flowers and leaves and Queen Anne’s lace.

The whole while, Audry watched and asked questions to clarify……..Making sure she understood the directions so that she would be ready when the big day came.IMG_6960IMG_6958

Then, Audrey got a haircut in the wind (my favorite sort of challenge). All the while, the goose watched us from the river.

Hair Friends for Life.

The End.

xo, HTHG


IMG_7815Here is a photo from Audrey of the finished hairstyle the day of the wedding, complete with succulents. SO beautiful. Nice job ladies.



Floral Inspiration for Curly Hair


Hello. How are you all doing?

Today, I bring you floral inspiration for your naturally curly hair.

I used my Floral Hat-band Tutorial to create little floral garlands with wild roses and hawthorn flowers. Then, I incorporated them into some simple hairstyles to add a extra dose of pretty and detail.

headbandsI have had so much fun making floral garlands this Spring and Summer and I totally encourage you to get a needle and thread and play around with plants and flowers that are growing around you. Make something to tie around your head, your hat, or your neck. Their is nothing better than wearing flowers;)braid up

Little bonus tutorial here……For the look seen on Liz, we did a braid up the back, secured it at the top with bobby pins and let the rest of her hair be completely free.


With a rose garland and some foliage, and a leather motorcycle jacket, she defied every possible category and stunned the shit out of me with her beauty. And that is just how I like things to be:)

Have fun, get creative, surround yourself with flowers, and defy social constructs. These are my lessons for today.

xoxo, HTHG

Cyndi Lauper Waterfall Braid for Curly Hair

7U6A6182Hi dears. Do you remember when we talked about the waterfall braid last year? Waterfall braids are french braids that you only add hair to from one side, instead of both. And on the other side, each time you overlap, you drop your strand and grab a new one from right under it. Check out this tutorial for clarity. audy

I love this hairstyle because I really dig the asymmetrical vibe, but it is still soft and not too severe. This hairstyle looks so cool on curly, big hair so I say, let it be wild. 7U6A6147

To get the look, you will need 2 bobby pins and your braiding fingers.

Begin like you are doing a french braid, with 2 small pieces of hair at the front of your hairline. Overlap them a few times.

Now, do a waterfall braid straight down the back of your head, adding to one side, and dropping and swapping your sections on the other side. If you need extra waterfall braid clarity, check this.

When you reach the back hairline, use your bobby pins to secure the base of the braid to the head. Let the ends hang free, and sweep all the hair on one side over one shoulder and rock it like Cyndi Lauper.

xoxo, HTHG

The Side-Puff, a quick curly do.

Hi curly and natural textured babes. Here is yet another little quickie hairstyle to rock when you are feeling otherwise hair un-inspired.

This hairstyle works for all types of curls and textured hair types, and can be done on hair that is about 4 inches and longer.

lizYou will need 5 large bobby pins for this hairstyle, and about 2 minutes of time. Do you have your twisting fingers ready?

Begin by taking a rough section of hair on the top of the head. Holding it by the ends, give it a twist, a full rotation and a half, and then hold it against the head. Pin it securely into place at the back of the head.

Now take a largish section of hair from one side (the opposite side that you want your puff on.) Twist it back and pull it across the back of the head, towards the other side. Hold the twist against the head and pin it into place, leaving the ends of it free to curl.

On the other side, just tuck your hair behind your ear, or pin it back if you want. Arrange all the hair on that side into a nice round puff. Add a flower if you want:)


xo, HTHG


Quick Curly Beehive



Hey curly mamas! This quick and dirty little beehive for natural curls is beyond easy to do, and fantastic for dirty hair!aud

To get the look, you will need several bobby pins. Say 6 to be safe. And I suggest using the largest ones you can

Begin by roughly sectioning off the top half of the head. Don’t try and be too neat;) Holding the entire section out, begin to twist it in one direction. Bring the twist to the back of the head, and hold it there firmly. Push it gently upwards against the head, to create more volume and give it the ‘hive.’

Use bobby pins to secure the twist to the head.

Now, letting the ends of the twist fall in with the rest of the hair, take all the hair into one hand, and twist it upwards like you would a simple french twist.

Hold the twist against the head, and carefully tuck the ends behind the twist and out of the way.

Pin the twist securely, being as discreet as you can and hiding those pins. Here is more on that;)!

Add a little floral headband if you want, or a ribbon or something.


xoxo, HTHG

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