Holiday Berries and Short Hair Braids.

7u6a9933Braiding short hair can be hard, but there are many ways to make it work. I am a big fan of  the Accent Braid, which is basically a small braid that is encorporated into a hairstyle, adding detail and texture to something otherwise pretty basic.

In short hair, a small braid can go a long way to make you feel like you have more options…..I urge you to experiment!

Today’s little holiday hairstyle incorporates a basic French braid, with two very basic little twists, pinned together despite the little hairs that didn’t make it in……And don’t fret about those little hairs that don’t quite make it. They add softness to the style:) Here is a step-by-step.picmonkey-image

  1. Create a French braid down the center section of the back of the head, leaving out the hair on either sides. The section should be roughly from behind one ear, to behind the other.
  2. Secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic. Then, flip the end underneath, tucking it inside the braid to make it disappear. Secure it with a bobby pin.
  3. Take all the hair from one side, and twist it together, bringing it towards the back of the head. Pin it into place over the base of the braid.
  4. Repeat on the other side, overlapping the first twist if possible. Secure with more pins.

Take some time today to wander your neighborhood, seeing what is growing…..We are abundant with colored berries this time of year in the PNW……..Rainbow colors in an otherwise very gray existance!

Tuck berries or greenery into your hairdo. This is a great way to fill in gaps, and to adorn your crown for the season.

img_7515For a meditational rainbow foraging treat, check out #hthgcolormeditation on Instagram and find the first post….Follow directions!

For more botanical inspiration check out #filthandbeautymandala

Here for more foraged braids.


xo, HTHG



French Twist for my Shorties.

french twistHi my dears! I want to share this little hairstyle that I shot a few months ago, back when my blue nangs were bangin.

I was having a hopeless hairday when my hair just felt so short, and I felt helpless to wear it any other way then just down and blah. I decided to challenge myself to see if I could pull off the worlds little-ist short hair french twist……And to my suprise it looked quite cute, especially after I added a little vine-y floral touch to it. (duh!)

To get this look on short hair, the trick is to split the hair into 2 sections, one on top of the head, and one underneath.

7U6A6304The top section is twisted and pinned from the top downwards, and then the bottom section is twisted and pulled up and over the ends of the first twist, and then pinned snuggly into place to create the look of one twist. I had to use many pins and do quite a bit of tucking……That is where the little flowers came in handy, to hide all the pins;)


P.s. I Color my nangs with Turquoise Tinge:)


Voila! xo

Urban Foraging for Winter Hair: Short Hair Twists

7U6A6125Hello Hello!

This is a simple go-to styling option for shorter hair, a hairstyle I fall back on very often because of its easy loveliness. I especially love this hairstyle for very dirty hair days, because it takes a bit of grit to get these twists to stick, especially when your hair is on the shorter side.

A spritz of sea-salt spray and a sprinkle of texture powder is also a perfect way to prep your hair for this style.

*A little tip: If you have hair that is chin length or shorter like mine, your twists may not entirely join each other very seemlessly, in which case…….Pinning flowers or greenery to distract is the PERFECT solution:) In this case, I used a small Doug Fir bough and Deadly Nightshade Berries to give it a festive vibe.

Short Hair Twists

twistsDetermine what ever part you would like to use for this style. I personally like a deep side part, so I end up with some volume at the top of my head.

On the heavy side of your part, begin a twist at the front hairline, twisting up and under, holding the twist against your head while you add hair in, directing your twist back to the center of the back of your head.

For clarity, check out this video.

Once you reach the back of your head, use a strategically placed bobby pin to secure the twist to your head. (again, check out the above video link to clarify!)

Repeat the same steps on the other side, securing your twist at the back of your head.

If your hair is long enough, overlap your second twist and nestle it in right above your first, pinning it slightly under and out of the way so that the the twists appear to connect together:)

Add flowers if you want. I personally want you to, but that is just me;)

Love my little undercut? I got it cut and bleached a few months ago because I was bored (duh;) and I have been using Tinge Pastels on it to play with the color in a really fun, low commitment way. Try it? I totally recommend it!

xo, HTHG


Blue Rose Braids, for Short Hair and Handmade Gifts from HTHG!

7U6A5831 (1)Hey babes! A few months back, I dyed some vintage handmade paper roses, using earth-based dye, as an experiment.

They turned out gorgeous, and I have been rocking them in my hair ever since!

I decided to feature them in the Free Your Hair Shop this holiday season, as a handmade gift option to inspire your friends and family to decorate adorn their heads, have fun with their hair, and honor themselves!

These baby blues can be bought in packages of 5 here, so get yours while they last:)

7U6A5737Here is a little tutorial featuring our little roses, to get you excited for sticking them into your own hair, stem first, and rocking them this winter.

Blue Rose Braids

blue rosesBegin by sectioning off a very wide strip down the center of the head. It can be a rough section, I think that this style looks best without clean partings.

Do a french braid down your center section.

Secure the end with a clear elastic, then tuck your little end up and under, behind your braid. Use a bobby pin to secure the braid end underneath.

Now, create a second french braid along one side, picking up all the hair that falls from your top braid. Braid it towards the back, and secure the end with a clear elastic. Tuck and pin this end out of the way like you did the first.

Now create a third braid on the other side, securing tucking and pinning the end under.

Add blue roses for garnish, sticking them directly into and under your braids by their stems to decorate your hairstyle.

7U6A3225Love how these braids+roses look with my little blue undercut? Color is courtesy of Tinge Pastels Turquoise Conditioner.

xo, HTHG

Short Hair Braids for Summer

7U6A2505Hey babes. Short post to share some short hair braids I did recently. In a time of short-bob boredom, it hit me that I still had braiding options so I busted out some half-up style french braids that actually looked pretty cute. I plan to do some more polished short hair tutorials soon, but for now, peep these. 7U6A2468

This first hairstyle I stole from my Barista at Zoka Coffee in Tangletown. She rocks the short bob and braid and it looks so cute on her. To get this look, I began a french braid at the front hairline in my bangs, which were BARELY long enough to even consider cooperating. I began adding small sections from either side, back and forth.

When I got half way back, I gathered the ends of my french braid into a tiny messy little bun, by ponytail-ing it once, and pulling it halfway through the second time. Kinda cute, right? And super easy to do.

7U6A2616The next short hair braid started above one ear, with a french braid. I guided the french braid across the top of my head, ending it above the opposite ear. I continued braiding down the ends, and secured the tail with a clear elastic. 7U6A2641

Then, I flipped the tail of the braid underneath the french braid, tucking it under and out of the way. I used a bobby pin and a strategically placed dogwood flower to secure the braid to the head.7U6A2695

7U6A2778I am here to tell you short haired babes, you do have many styling options. More to come;)

xoxo, HTHG

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