30 Second Dread Hairstyle

siddallDo you have long dreadlocks, and are you short on styling ideas? Check out this mega-quick and easy dreadlock up-do from HTHG, featured on the VAIN blog.……


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3rd Day Lazy Girl Vintage Hairstyle, Simply Twisted.

7U6A0608Hi babes. Here is one from the vault. This hairstyle was from last Summer, and I forgot all about it! I thought I would share it with ya’ll today, because it seems like the perfect easy DIY hairstyle to ring in the Spring. Lazy Girl Vintage 3rd Day Hair Twist………Bring it!

lazy g vintage2For this hairstyle, begin by brushing out your hair and parting it straight down the center.

Starting at the front hairline on one side, begin twisting the hair back, guiding the twist along the front hairline, and down the back of the head.

Continue twisting all the way to the ends of the hair.

Now take the end of the twist, and pull it across the back of your head, to the other side. Pin the twist to the head with a few bobby pins, straddling the twist and discreetly securing it to the back of your head.

Repeat this on the other side.

Pull the end of the twist across, and tuck it under your first twist. Pin it securely and discreetly into place. Add more pins as needed!

If you are having trouble figuring out how to pin your twists, please do check out this video:)

Click here for more Lazy Girl Vintage.


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Solstice Berry Crown.

DSC06874Happy Winter Solstice! Now is the time to drink mulled wine, laugh with loved ones, celebrate the sacred winter months where all appears to be quiet and dead, until you look a bit closer. It is time to set intentions and goals for the year.

I’m working on this goal setting myself, having reached some personal goals in the recent months. I admit that I feel a bit of inertia now, without a clear picture of what specifically to work towards. Sometimes the universe tells us in so many words to take a little break to honor the process.

Now is the time for wreaths of red berries around your head to adorn you and protect you. A simple twisted crown is perfect, with berries foraged from the alley and stuck into the crown by their stems. You will need some texture spray, a couple of bobby pins, and berries. If you are not familiar with twisting, and pinning twists, check out this video to help you.

From the Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles Series, I bring you the……

Solstice Berry Crown

Begin by flipping your hair upside down and spritzing it with your texture spray.

corrina1 and 2. Make a center part. On one side of the part, begin a twist that starts in the front and continues back and around the head. You will add in hair from the bottom side as you twist upward.

3. Continue the twist around the other side, gathering all the hair into the twist as you go.

4. and 5. Once you reach the other side, and all the hair has been twisted in, continue twisting down the free end as you wrap the end around the top, continuing the crown.

6. Tuck the very end into the twist, and pin it into place. Add a couple more pins around the twist discreetly, where it feels loose.

7 and 8. Gently pull out on the twisted crown to loosen it up. It doesn’t need to be tight.

Now stick in your berries, a small clump at a time, stem first. Add in a couple of leaves too:)

Style your hair while you sleep.

7U6A5789If you don’t already know, when it comes to my own hair I am a lazy-girl hair stylist to the max. I’ve got 2 young kids, a business to run, other people’s hair to do, things to make, cookin, cleaning, errands, art, and a social life. I don’t have a lot of extra time to spend on my own hair……This is one of the reasons that I love being shampoo-free! It has cut down on my hair fussing time so much, and made me appreciate my natural hair. 7U6A5809

There is almost nothing than I love more than going to sleep and waking up to a good hair day. Sound impossible? Think again. No-heat curls and waves are the perfect solution. Last month we talked a lot about rag curls. Before that it was pin curls.

And scarf roll curls. And Bike around town buns.

Today, I bring you an easy to do twisted hairstyle that works great on hair that is anywhere from jaw length to butt length, looks lovely, and leaves you with wonderful beachy waves for days. You can wear this style overnight to wake up to a great hair day, or you can wear them during the day for sultry nighttime waves.

Style your hair while you sleep.

no heatWhen your hair is damp at night, spritz it with texture spray or sea-salt spray.

Comb or brush out all the tangles, and grab a couple of bobby pins.

1. Part your hair straight down the center, all the way to the back of the nape of the neck.

2. Beginning on one side, start a twist at the front hairline. If you need help, check out this post for a video break down.

Twist all the way down one side, working hair from both sides into your twist as you go. Twist all the way to the very ends of the hair on that side.

3. Gently wrap that twist into a loose bun, all the way to the ends.

4. Pin your bun in place, using this tutorial for reference if you need help pinning your bun.

5. Repeat the twist on the other side.

6. Pin the second bun into place.


When your hair is dry and you are ready to take out your buns and reveal your waves, remove your bobby pins and unwind your buns.

Finger comb through your hair to loosen up the wave. Shake it out. You are ready to go, lazy lady.

xoxo, HTHG




The Euro Hive

7U6A8077Hi darlings. What do you think of this little number? I am so into this hairstyle on Rain’s turquoise hair. Not only is the color so perfectly mod but the classic bee-hived French roll just couldn’t be cuter. Not to mention her uber-modern euro hairy blue pits, right???? ( Pit-hair dying post coming soon;)

I realize that I have been focusing on tutorials for longer hair lately, but for all you shorter and medium-lengthed peeps…..I am here to tell ya that the next couple months on HTHG are dedicated to your hair and how to style it. And who better to teach you than medium-length haired me!

The Euro-Hive is the first of several easy twist and pin hairstyles to rock this fall. It is a great 2nd or 3rd day hairstyle to bring some glam to your lazy-girl hair. All you need to do it is a couple of bobby pins and some sea-salt texture spray.

7U6A9648I have come to discover that the key to good DIY hairstyles that last is salt spray, and I have used all of them. I finally formulated my own sea-salt texture spray just how I like it, with extra salt for texture, aloe vera for moisture, and green tea extract for grip…..and you can now purchase it here from the ShamPHree product shop! Put it in your styling kit with your boar bristle brush, comb, and large and small bobby pins and that’s basically all you need for great daily DIY hair.7U6A79257U6A7932

Before you style your hair, spritz your sea-salt spray liberally into your dry hair. Spray it from at least a foot away from your head so you get a nice light dusting, then flip your head upside down and shake it out, working through it with your fingers. Let it set for a couple minutes before you start styling.

The Euro-Hive

euro hive

Begin by following the above directions for applying your texture spray. Then with your boar-bristle brush, work through the crown of your head, gently back-combing the hair and ratting it up a bit.

Now take the entire top of your head/crown of the head section of hair in one hand, and smooth over the top of it, and twist the ends, creating the hive (poof!)

Carefully hold the twisted ends to the head, and pin them into the hair to secure the hive in place.

Now take the all the rest of your hair in one hand, and twist them while pulling them upwards into a roll against the head. Where the roll meets the pinned hive, fold the hair ends over, and tuck them down behind the roll.

Pin the roll into place, hiding the ends. Use as many bobby pins as you need to to secure the roll and ends against the head. Now pull down your lady-parts around your face.

I think that this hair-do would look super smart all dressed up with a cute little headband or vintage brooch or comb or fascinator to top it off.

Will you try this ‘do?

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xo, HTHG

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