Bearded Lady Twists

7U6A3639Hello! How is everyone? Are you enjoying the end of Summer? Have any of you tried out any of this years Bethefair Hairstyles here at HTHG?

The last one from this series for 2015 is the Bearded Lady Twists, which are a modern take on the Bearded Lady Braids from 2 years ago:)

This time, the hairstyle is demonstrated on Brette Howard, using a Nikki Jacoby Hair Comb instead of hair sticks…..And Bearded Lady Twists are an absolute dream for dirty hair! So rock them on the 3rd day to keep your style fresh and jamming when you don’t have time to wash and dry.twists

This hairstyle works for hair slightly below shoulder length and longer.

Begin by sectioning off the entire top of the head, from behind one ear straight across the back to the other ear.

Take all the hair from the top section in one hand, and twist it several times as you wind it into a bun on top of your head.

Secure your bun with a hair comb, hair stick, or bobby pins.

Now, take all the hair from below in one hand, and begin to twist it, pulling it out from the head in one direction as you twist. Now, guide the twist up and around your bun in an ‘S’ shape, which it should want to do naturally. If it isn’t working, try winding it in the other direction.

Wrap the end of your twist around your bun, tucking and pinning it into place under the bun, to secure the second twist. Add as many pins as you need to make sure your twists are very secure.

Looking sharp, woman. #bethefair

xo, HTHG



2 Easy Fair Hairstyles from #bethefair 2015

7U6A3533Hi babes! I’m here with a couple quick tutorials, in between posting for Filth and Beauty (blog officially launched!!!!!) conducting hair experiments, and hanging out with my kids.

Today, I’m pleased to share these hairstyles that I did at this years Oregon Country Fair, an event that is so dear to my heart that it gets it’s own HTHG category, #bethefair.

These hairstyles are both done on super dirty hair that is the perfect combination of greasy and dusty (Why we love festival hair so much;)

twistsThis first on, on Nikki, is just 2 french 2 strand twists, on either side of a center part. The ends are secured with clear elastics, and then one twist is pulled across to the other side and pinned under the twist, tail tucked out of the way.

The end of the second twist is rolled into a bun in the center, tail tucked under, and bun pinned securely and discreetly with bobby pins.

I love how the gorgeous texture of this twisted hairstyle, and how it looks with the contrast between her blonde hair and natural roots:)


This second hairstyle is just 2 dutch braids down a center part, situated close together. The ends are secured with elastics, and then the braids are deconstructed.

The end of one braid is pulled across and tucked under the other braid, pinned discreetly into place with bobby pins. The end of the second braid is pulled over the first braid, tail tucked under and pinned into place.

When camping or enjoying your Summer outdoors, longing for your hair to be pretty but out of your way, call upon these #bethefair hairstyles.

Hope y’al are enjoying yourselves!

xoxo, HTHG

Blonderella, Glam Cinderella by Tanya Ramirez

IMG_7682When I first started HTHG, I was kindly welcomed into an online community of hairdressers and hair bloggers at Latest-Hairstyles. These woman inspired and encouraged me to share my voice and my knowledge on the subject of hair, and I am forever thankful.

One women in particular, by the name of Tanya Ramirez, really grabbed my attention with her style of hairdressing. She was the cutting-edge of the Latest-Hairstyles community, her tutorials featured bright hair color and inspired hairstyling concepts. I have followed her now for years now, constantly loving her style.

As a passion-driven stylist, Tanya Ramirez thrives on the versatility of hair. Creating snazzy color and designing cool cuts is what the Los Angeles native loves best. She’s been featured in Modern Salon and The Colorist Magazine for her unique hair coloring skills.

Tanya’s specialities include gorgeous blondes, vivid and dreamy pastel tones, color correction, custom-blended hair extensions and dry haircutting.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.42.54 AMI reached out to Tanya Ramirez recently to see if she would be interested in contributing and she graciously shared some of her favorite recent hairstyling photos and videos with us. This first one is a rock’n’roll Blonderella  – a Cinderella inspired haircolour/cut/style video. The look is inspired by #EVVIart #GlamCinderella.

The Updo is super easy to do but makes a big impact!

I recommend checking out more of Tanya’s work ASAP whether you are a stylist of a DIY hair enthusiast. She is a talented creative woman and a great teacher. And if you are in the LA area, visit Tanya to unleash your spirit and discover the transformative power of hair that tells your story. Get untamed!

Tanya is located at:
Untamed Instincts Hair
Salon Republic
West Hollywood, California.

Learn more about Tanya’s work here.

Follow Tanya:






Fly Girl Crimped Faux-Hive

7U6A1655Hey babes. Can ya tell I’m into crimping hair?

Crimping the hair is such a fun way to add texture and body. It is a great way to add detail to a hairstyle, and also to create actual designs within the hair.

Today, we are going to do a super easy hairstyle that resembles a beehive but is actually just a french twist with long ends, and a headscarf.

To get the look, start with crimped hair.

Do some light back-combing at the crown of the head to create a bit of volume. 7U6A1568Section off the top section, from above each ear, straight across the back of the head. Gather the entire top section in the back, give it one twist against the head. Use a long bobby pin to secure twisted section to the head. Use criss-cross pins if needed. 7U6A1569 Now, take all the hair in one hand ( including the ends from the top section) and twist it into a chignon, pulling it upwards against the head. Pin it into place against the head, letting the ends hang forwards over your back-combed top. 7U6A1583

Arrange the forward-hanging ends over your faux-hive, letting them be sort of wild. Pull down hair around your face to add some more texture and framing.7U6A1583

Now, use a headscarf, if you wish. Starting in the back, wrap your scarf gently around your Faux-hive. Tie the ends, or tuck them in.

Try this hairstyle when you need something a little classy, and a lotta fly girl.

xoxo, HTHG



JBF Rolls

7U6A96517U6A9644Hey babes. This is a hair tutorial that came from last months Gender Bender shoot.

It is a soft and lovely mussed upeditorial-vibe double french twist hairstyle, demonstrated by Rain on her pre-crimped, melon-colored hair. #whatababe

Let’s call them JBF rolls.

Here is how to do them.

rain dutch babyBegin by spritzing your hair with a sea-salt texture spray to build body and grip. You don’t have to pre-crimp your hair for these, but it does add a nice poofy textured effect. Here is a crimping tutorial, just in case.

Make a center part.

Starting on one side, take all of the hair at the base of the hairline and begin twisting inwards towards your center part. As you twist it, pull it upward so that it lays against your head.

Use a couple of bobby pins to secure your french twist to your head. Here is a closer look at the mechanics of a french twist, if you need it……….

Either tuck the ends into your roll on top of the head, or leave them out and back-comb them for the look featured below from the front.

Now, do the same thing on the other side, twisting the hair inwards and up, securing it, and either tucking in the ends. Pull out your lady parts, and be sure not to fret if it seems loose or messy. That is the beauty of JBF hair.











The look above has been finished off with some heavy back combing in the ends of the hair that comes out of the top of the rolls, instead of tucking them into the roll. This is a fun and easy alternative, and definitely brings more interest to the look from the front, if you want something bigger and more surreal, and less soft and romantic.7U6A0062 7U6A0041

7U6A9705P.S. Doesn’t Rain make a hot ‘dude’? and also a lovely ‘lady’? Cross-dressing is fun. We at HTHG suggest that you try it. Hope you like the tutorial!

xoxo, HTHG

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